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Rick Khan is a Marketing, advertising, and Copywriting expert, content creator. All the episodes on this podcast are based on a day-to-day digital business that gets consistent leads and sales. When you subscribe you'll learn to stay above the trends, With a prime focus on Facebook advertising, email marketing, copywriting, and up-to-date marketing strategies.


How To Put WINNING Facebook ADs In Front Of Your Competitors Audience
Want to know how to create a proven WINNING AD and put it directly in front of your competitor's audience? if so, then this video will show you EXACTLY how to do this using three proven tricks. Following each of these Facebook ad tricks will help with your Facebook advertising research in the shortest time possible... ...And set your Facebook campaigns for success! Now, each step reveals different ways to breakdown all the elements to set your ads for success, with one of them is knowing how to decode your competitor's ads where I share more about this here: And for more about the future of Facebook targeting check this video here:  ------------------------------- Want an EXPERT Facebook Advertiser To Shortcut Your Campaigns Success WITHOUT paying expensive agency fees or taking long-winded courses? Then I'm going to invest in your campaign with our done-for-you ONE Campaign Kickstarter, where you can learn more here: 
08:35 22/05/2023
5 Top Ways To Beat The Facebook Ad Algorithms
Want to stay ahead of Facebook ads algorithms, or even better ahead of your competitors? Then knowing and understanding Facebook machine learning's evolution is crucial to your advertising success. You see, the old days of advertising on Facebook have changed so much since A.I have evolved. Facebook today has a different way of how it recommends you use its targeting and campaign setups that utilize its machine learning. But with that said. There are reasons to still use some old ways of advertising such as using interests to target where I show you how To Target Interests On Facebook Ads Post-IOS here: But, what's important is also how you set your goals with Facebook advertising where I show you How The RIGHT Facebook Ads Objective Changes EVERYTHING here: Now, it's important that you get your ads ahead of the competition if you want Facebook to give you the lowest cost per sale or lead... Here's a very powerful thing you must know in order to make sure you stay ahead: Resource from Episode: Facebook Ads Policy: ******************************************** Want me to personally set up, Write Your Ad Copy, Create The Creative, and Manage & Launch a Winning Facebook Ad Campaign? And If You Don’t Get a ROAS Then DON’T Pay a single penny? Learn more about an exclusive offer I'm giving away to 4 business owners below: ******************************************** Table Of Contents 00:00 - What Facebook Advertisers Miss 00:52 - Facebook Machine Learning Is Evolving 02:01 - What Is Facebook Machine Learning  02:42 - 1st top way  04:41 - 2nd top way  06:04 - 3rd top way  07:46 - 4th top way 08:38 - 5th top way 10:08 - Facebook algorithms for detailed targeting
11:15 06/03/2023
I Discovered The TOP Way To Target On Facebook Ads (Machine Learning Revealed!)
Want to know the top Facebook ads audience to target using Facebook's machine learning? Then this episode reveals why you should start using this targeting right now as the future of Facebook advertising is changing fast! You see. Facebook profits from its advertisers and the last thing it wants to do is lose you to its competitors. And with so many data issues Facebook has faced, there fixing their targeting and making it more advanced in the shortest time possible. And now... You can take advantage of their algorithms to target the top audience and let Facebook do the work.  But with that said does this mean Facebook interests are dead? NOT YET! And here's how to use Facebook interests: For more about learning Facebook's algorithms for targeting check this video out: But did you know there's a secret to finding the best Facebook audience to target? it's your competitor's audience! here is how you can find each interest your audience is targeting: ************************************** Are you ready to take your Facebook Ads to the next level? If so...we can discuss how we can get you fantastic results... With a 100% risk-free 30-minute Strategy Session below!  Get in touch with us here:  ************************************** Table Of Contents 00:00 - The Future Of Facebook Ads (IMPORTANT) 01:50 - What Is This Facebook Targeting? 02:28 - Misconceptions About the Quality Of this FB Audience 03:12 - Facebook Algorithm Revealed 04:59 - Is This Facebook Targeting Right For You? 07:39 - What About Facebook Interest Targeting? 08:24 - Final Thoughts 08:51 - The Most Important Facebook Interests To Use  
09:14 06/02/2023
Top Method To Create High Converting Lookalike Audience On Facebook Ads (Post-iOS)
For The On-Screen Tutorial Check Out The Video Here: Discover How to Create A Top Converting Lookalike Facebook Ads Audience Post-IOS. Since the fallout between Apple and Facebook... iOS users can now opt out of Facebook tracking. This has caused Facebook advertisers to lose so much data from their Facebook ads. And now most Facebook advertisers are challenged with underperforming ads... And find it difficult to use a good Facebook lookalike source. However, all is not lost! In this episode, I show you a method to create a high-converting lookalike audience that keeps all the data on the Facebook platform. It's a method that you can easily create for a laser-targeted audience… So that when you put an offer in front of these people they’ll be most likely to take that offer up at the lowest cost. Now, this method uses a strategy that uses Facebook's Broad Interest targeting where you can learn more about this in detail here: And as part of this strategy, I recommend you get as much data as you can with Facebook Interests where you can find out the New way to target Facebook Interests post-iOS:   But, the key to targeting on Facebook is about understanding the algorithm and learning to use inputs which I share more in detail here: ************************************** Are you ready to take your Facebook Ads to the next level? If so...we can discuss how we can get you fantastic results... With a 100% risk-free 30-minute Strategy Session below!  Get in touch with us here: 
11:15 23/01/2023
TWO Tricks To Target Top Converting Interests On Facebook Ads (HIDDEN Interests Revealed)
For the full on-screen tutorial check the video out here: Claim your $1 Trial using this link here: And you can use this discount code for 15% OFF: Rick15  Once you set this up... Get your FREE first Bonus Facebook DIY master class... And your second BONUS 7-step blueprint to turn your ads profitable... Simply message me with your trial or purchase at And If you're serious about getting the best results for advertising on Facebook... Then stay up to date about how to leverage machine learning and the latest tips and tricks by considering subscribing to my channel:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Who else wants to put their ads in front of the highest-converting audiences on Facebook? If so, then discover two tricks to find top converting Facebook interests that give you the highest conversions at the lowest cost. Specifically, you'll learn how to get Facebook ads to reveal your competitor's Interests... ...and how to find hidden interests that give you the lowest cost per impression. These hidden interests are found in a tool that the top marketers don't want you to know about. Check out the tool here:
20:46 16/01/2023
Triple Your Money With Every Dollar Spent On Facebook Ads CONSISTENTLY!
Want to know how to turn your Facebook ad campaigns into a cash-generating machine? And do it over and over again without any fluctuations? If so then this episode reveals THREE sustainable ways that will TRIPLE your Facebook ad profits to the next level. Because if you're finding that your Facebook ads fluctuate where one month you get incredible results... and another month ROAS drops through the floor. Or you're losing out more than you should on the front end of your Facebook ad spend. Then you'll always be in an endless loop, that makes you pull back on your ad spend and never get to the level you want. That's why doing these exact steps in this episode will help you to print money using Facebook ads... And keep your Facebook ad campaigns running consistently. Now KEY parts revealed in this episode is about using words to convey and persuade your message to your prospects where you can learn to persuade and write better in 30 days with these 5 exercises: Then, to put your Facebook ads in front of your best Facebook audiences, this video will show you how the Facebook algorithm works in 2023 and beyond: But part of what makes a successful Facebook campaign is knowing the right Facebook structure, where I reveal three Facebook structures that's perfect for the Facebook algorithm: And when you're ready to scale your Facebook ads to the next level after using these methods shown in this video, then check out how to test and scale your Facebook ads here:  To use the same email autoresponder I've been using for many years you can check it out here: Don't forget to claim your FREE book that reveals... How To Swipe And Paste 7 Steps To Ethically “Hack Facebook Machine Learning”... ...And Increase Your ROAS INSTANTLY, Without Spending More here: 
10:43 02/01/2023
The BEST Facebook Ads Audience Targeting Tutorial For 2023 (Algorithm Revealed)
When you’re ready to take your Facebook Ads to the next level. You can book a time to directly speak to me one-to-one here: Discover The BEST way to target Facebook Ads Audiences using signals that input into Facebook machine learning. Because targeting Facebook ads has changed so much over the years. And doing it the old ways such as focusing on Facebook's detailed targeting and Facebook custom audiences won’t cut it… …If you don’t know how to feed the algorithm. Facebook machine learning is the KEY to targeting audiences that get multiple conversions from your Facebook Ads. So specifically in this episode, I’m going to teach you how machine learning works with Facebook targeting using inputs that signal the algorithm.   But with that said… When you start to understand Facebook machine learning you can leverage Facebook interests where I show you more here:  And one of the top ways to put audiences into Facebook is using broad targeting and open targeting where I show you more about that here: However, the most powerful audiences are those who there already buying what you sell. Or in other words, your competitors audiences! Here I show you three tricks to find and target your competitors Facebook interests: And for more Facebook ads targeting check out how to use Facebook detailed targeting with these algorithm hacks here: 
13:59 26/12/2022
How To Hack & Target Your Competitors Audience On Facebook Ads
Claim Your FREE 7 Steps To Turn Your Facebook Ads Profitable Here: Discover the secret to Target your Competitors Audience On Facebook Ads. Because in this episode I’ll show you how you can shortcut your Facebook ad research by learning this simple way to get Facebook to show you what audiences your competitors are targeting. And here’s the thing. When you discover these new Facebook audiences… You’re going to learn how to take those high-converting facebook audiences and put your ads in front of them the RIGHT WAY. Where I show you more about Facebook targeting interests here:  And I reveal why I now stack my Facebook interests since post-IOS:  But with that said. Did you know when you understand how to leverage the Facebook machine learning you can find incredible ways to target audiences. Here’s exactly where I show you the top Facebook ads targeting hacks:  But at the same time, without using the correct Facebook structures you could be missing out on utilizing Facebook's algorithms in the right way. So here’s how to choose the correct Facebook objective for your Facebook campaigns: 
07:22 19/12/2022
How The RIGHT Facebook Ads Objective Changes EVERYTHING!
***Claim Your FREE 7 Steps To Turn Your Facebook Ads Profitable Here:  Did you know choosing the RIGHT Facebook campaign objective will help Facebook machine learning to make lead generation and selling EASY? Because since post-IOS Facebook machine learning has gotten super smart, and you can leverage their technology. So now more than ever it’s important to set up your Facebook campaigns that match the EXACT goal you're wanting to achieve. But which Facebook objective should you choose? Well, specifically in this episode, I’m going to reveal THREE top Facebook Ad structures and campaigns that will give you everything you need to work with the Facebook machine learning. Where specifically... I show you the Direct-to-Offer structure, Lead generation, and… A NEW Facebook structure that makes selling easy: And at the end, I’ll show you how to understand the metrics and numbers to work with each Facebook campaign. But, once you find the best Facebook structure for your FB Ads, then it's time to run your Facebook ads in the right way. here you can learn how to run the Facebook conversions if you're going straight to the offer: Or if you're running Facebook engagement campaigns learn more about this here: And if you're running a Facebook lead generation campaign then know this here: But what's important about generating facebook leads is to get HIGH-QUALITY leads where I show you how to do this here: Once you have this all down, then you're going to need to understand Facebook targeting where I have a full guide right here:  But a top converting audience comes directly from your competitor's Facebook interests, where I show you three tricks to find and target them here:
13:37 12/12/2022
How To Test And Scale Your Facebook Ads To The Next Level
For the full video check it out here:  In this episode, I’m going to show you how to test and scale your Facebook ads to the next level. So if you’re ready to take a winning Facebook campaign and scale it to the next level. Or, if you find that every time you scale your campaigns ROAS drops through the floor… And CPLs and CPAs skyrocket which makes you pull back on your Facebook ad spend.  Then this episode will serve as a road map for moving forward as you scale your Facebook ads.    So specifically you’ll learn… Facebook Scaling strategy for testing. How to scale WITHOUT increasing Facebook budget. What to do when Facebook ROAS drops when scaling. Now with that said, another way for scaling is to use Facebook interest scale. where you duplicate your campaign and target new Facebook audiences. and the top way to find your perfect audience is to leverage the Facebook AI where I show you more here: And finding and using your competitor's facebook interests is another powerful way to scale audiences where you can learn more here: Now, another way to scale your facebook ads is through facebook vertical scale where you can learn more here: 
08:23 05/12/2022
How To Hack Facebook Ads Targeting Using 5 Algorithm Exploits
The EASY way to find and target your best Facebook audience, is when you know how to use Facebook machine learning to match your message with your perfect Facebook audience. And when you do this, you’ll get the lowest cost for your Facebook leads and Facebook conversions. That’s why in this episode you’ll learn How To Hack Facebook Ads Targeting Using 5 Algorithm Exploits. Specifically, you’ll learn different hacks for you to use and leverage such as:  Facebook broad targeting and Facebook open targeting where you can learn more here:  And another fb audience hack is using detailed targeting with Facebook interests where you can uncover more here: And here's the thing... When you use fb interests you want to use the machine learning in the most effective way where you find what to do right here:  But one of the top Facebook audiences to target to show your fb ads to is your competitor's audience where you discover how to find and target them right here: 
10:51 28/11/2022
How To Generate High Lead Quality On Facebook Ads Without Spending More!
Claim Your FREE 7 Steps To Turn Your Facebook Ads Profitable Here:  If you’re getting Facebook leads, but they don’t convert into REAL sales, then I’m going to reveal THREE Tricks To Generate High-Quality Leads on Facebook ads without spending more! You see, Most Facebook advertisers find that they can generate low-cost fb leads, but don’t see the level of sales that they want from them. (When contacting these leads, they don’t turn into customers or clients) And if this is you… Then know you’re doing this wrong! Because your Facebook leads should be converting into sales since you’ve given something in exchange for value. But with that said. These three simple tricks will help give you the highest quality lead that will pre-frame your prospect to buy! And another way to help pre-frame your prospects to buy is to give results in advance so it builds trust, credibility, and authority.   Here you can learn more about how to use facebook’s algorithm to make selling easy:  And to put your ads in front of your best audience learn how to hack Facebook targeting with this video: But, if you’re using interests in your targeting make sure to know how to use them post-IOS in this video here:  Ready for more? How Would You Like Me To Personally Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple Your Business In The Next 12 weeks...For Free? I’m looking for a “dream” client that I can give a Custom Facebook Sales System to take your business and profit to the next level. If you’re that client, I will personally work with you one-on-one in your business to help you double, triple, or maybe even quadruple your revenue for the next 12 weeks. And if you decide that it’s not for you… Then take a FREE plan we’ll create together and implement in your business. Book a FREE strategy call session with me here:
09:13 21/11/2022
How to Make Selling EASY With This Facebook Ad Campaign Structure
Did you know you can get EASY Facebook conversions with the help from its machine learning? That's right! You can make selling easy when you structure your Facebook AD campaigns in a way that works with Facebook AI. But, when you're ready for more... Claim your FREE Book... That Reveals A Swipe And Paste “Algorithm Hack” To Make Your Ads Profitable In 7 Steps, Without Spending More On Facebook Ads here: Or, if you want me to personally work one-to-one with you to help double, triple, or maybe even quadruple your revenue with a customized plan, you can book a call with me here: 
09:11 14/11/2022
How To Spend Wisely With THIS Facebook Ads Budget Strategy
Do you want to know the best budget to spend on your Facebook ads? Then this episode goes through specifically what kind of Facebook budget you should use with your Facebook advertising... ...and how to utilize that in the best way, so you can spend your FB money wisely. Because the truth is. There is no set number of what you should spend on your advertising. Every business is different and you should use your budget in the best possible way. And you’re going to know what that number is for your business, and what type of FB budget you should use. and here's the thing. When trying to figure out your budget, some Facebook advertisers want to know if they should use a lifetime budget over a daily budget. Here is where you can learn which is best for you: Now, part of this strategy is about testing your Facebook ads where I go more into it here: And to help you find the best audience for testing your ads and help you scale with the best Facebook targeting options check this video here: But with that said. Finding your competitor's Facebook interests will be one of the best audiences you can target where you learn how to do that here: Now once you found your winning funnel with your Facebook ads budget and are ready to scale your FB ads, then scale with this video here:
06:29 07/11/2022
NEW Strategy To Test Audiences On Facebook Ads
If you’re looking for the best Facebook ad audiences to target, then Steal this new strategy – the #1 secret To Test Audiences On Facebook Ads. Now specifically in this episode, I show you the Facebook Open targeting control strategy, Facebook Interest testing analysis, and what to do when you find the winning Facebook audiences. Because the truth is. Finding and using Facebook interests in the old way, simply won't work. Instead, Stacking interests is key with the way machine learning works post-IOS, where I go into the full detail here: But, before you stack those interests into Facebook detailed targeting... How do you know if they will work? Well, part of this method will use a strategy to discover individual interests and a way to compare them so you can find EXACTLY your best Facebook audience to target. But, with that said... If you want to know how to optimize for the right campaign when you target your audiences I go into in more detail here: And to find the right interests for your niche and target them in the right way, you can learn how to do this here: Now here's the thing... If you want the Top way to target the highest converting audience then discover your competitor's interests with this method here:
08:05 31/10/2022
How To Write Sales Page Copy In 9 Simple Steps! (Part 2)
In this Part 2 of How To Write Sales Page Copy In 9 Simple Steps you’ll learn how to take everything in part 1 here: And start to write a high-converting sales page in the shortest time possible. Now part 1 of the episode showed you how to gather the correct information for part 2 of this episode. But, if you want a full deep dive into the copywriting research process you can check this video here: Now, Each step in this video shows you all the elements required to write copy such as… The offer, Headline, the Lead, and so much more. And with each step, you can use to write multiple sales pages over and over again. Because ultimately. Successful copy is when you get as many sales pages in front of your audience to test which works. And when you find a sales page that works. You’ll have your very own personal 24/7 sales machine that brings in cash like wildfire. Now, to help you further advance your copywriting skills. Here are 5 exercises to improve your copywriting skills whether you’re a beginner or advanced: And the most potent copywriting tool ever will be your swipe file, where I’ll show you how to build your swipe quickly in this video: And don't forget to claim your FREE sales campaign blueprint right here: 
14:43 24/10/2022
How To Write Sales Page Copy In 9 Simple Steps! (Part 1)
What if every time you write sales page copy you could do it quickly and increase the chance of it converting and cashing in over and over again? That’s exactly what happens when you know how to write sales page copy in a formulated process. You see, the truth is… Copywriting is a process! Just like the way you research your copy shown in this video: But, when you follow a process like this, you will be able to write over and over again writing many high-converting copy promos. And perhaps best of all... You’ll never have to stare at a blank screen thinking of what to write. Because most copywriters who have writer's block, or simply turn their copy into a giant mess, don’t understand that there is a structure and process they should follow. But with that said… One of the most important parts of copywriting is having a swipe file. Without a swipe file, you’ll never know how to write true converting copy. Here I show you exactly how to create a swipe file and everything you need to look for: Now, the best books on copywriting I suggest you read are… Great leads by Michael Masterton, scientific advertising by Claude c Hopkins, one letter persuasion by Blair warren. And to continue to improve your copywriting here are 5 exercises I recommend any beginner or advanced copywriter do here: 
11:46 17/10/2022
Top 5 Facebook Ads Targeting Hacks In 2022
Discover the Top 5 Facebook Ads targeting hacks to put your fb ads in front of your best audience. You see… If you’re finding that your Facebook Ads are underperforming, or you're getting the traffic, but you aren't seeing the level of leads and sales that you want. Then, This could be an audience message mismatch. Because, no matter how good your message or offer is, if you don’t show it to the right people, you’re going to waste a lot of time and money trying to get any conversions. That’s why I will show you these 5 fb hacks that work best in 2022. Each hack is designed to work with the Facebook algorithm to match your message with the perfect fb audience to get the highest fb conversions possible. And, do it at the lowest cost. Now, part of these hacks involves you using a technique of using broad keyword targeting where I show you more about this here: And for the best use of the FB algorithm make sure to have one ad set with facebook's broad Interest and open targeting within your ads where I show you more about this here: If you select specific Interests then this video will show you how to do this in the right way: But, still one audience you should be targeting is your competitors audience where i show you how to find and target them here:
09:43 10/10/2022
How To Use Facebook Ad Library To Find WINNING Competitors Ads
For the FULL on-screen tutorial check the video out here:  Discover How To Use Facebook Ad Library To Find WINNING Competitors Ads when you follow this strategy. You see… When using the Facebook ad library you have the potential to find different Facebook ads from your competitors. But, here’s the thing. How do you know if those fb ads are winning ads? Well, there’s a way to find out, where I show you the best method of discovering fb winning ads. And when you find these ads, I’ll show you EXACTLY what to look for so you can innovate the idea for your ads… So you can create a highly converting ad in the shortest time possible. And as a bonus, I’ll show you how to find even more competitors with their winning ads as well. Now here's the thing... When you create a winning Ad you want to find the best targeting options on Facebook... Where you can learn and find your competitor's audience here: And here's the NEW way to target on Facebook: But if you do facebook interest targeting then you're going to need to know this: But the key to crafting a facebook winning ad is in two things. ONE, Knowing your customer and having a swipe file to make the writing easy: And TWO, is in knowing how to test your creative: 
13:56 03/10/2022
How To Target Interests On Facebook Ads In 2022 (BIG Changes!)
For the Full On-Screen tutorial check the video on my youtube channel here: There has been a HUGE change with Facebook ad targeting since Facebook post-IOS. And if you’re still targeting Facebook interests the way you did pre-IOS. Then this way of Facebook targeting will get expensive and won't work in the same way. And then there’s the dreaded Facebook interest removal, where Facebook has removed multiple interests, even though the interests they’ve removed don’t make any sense. So what can you do about all of this? Well, there’s a way you can still use Facebook interest targeting where I show you the steps I take to use them effectively in this video. And at the same time... I go deeper into facebook machine learning where you can also learn to Leverage machine learning with broad targeting with this strategy: Then, if you want to know the top way to advertise your FB ads to the right audience... This will show you how to place your ads in a blue ocean so you can get the best price for your FB ads with the highest conversions, learn more here: Now here's the thing... When you find your interests I advise you to stack your interests and NOT separate them where I explain more about this here: But with that said... knowing your customer is KEY to finding the correct interests, and to help you build your avatar... You can Get Your FREE Customer Avatar Cheat Sheet Here: 
08:51 26/09/2022
How To Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns The RIGHT WAY In 2022
Discover the top methods to scale your Facebook ad campaigns in 2022….that take your fb campaigns to the next level. You see… If you’ve got a winning campaign, where you’re getting good Facebook ROAS. And you want to accelerate that growth in the shortest time possible… Then, you need to know these top methods, that you can replicate in your fb ad campaigns. But with that said… If you get this wrong, you could potentially ruin your fb ad results even when you try to scale it back. So each method shows you step-by-step to help you scale your Facebook ads the right way. But perhaps best of all... Includes a method to use new larger audiences where I show you how to find and put your competitor's audience in front of your Facebook ads: And one of the most popular audiences to use with Facebook machine learning is to use broad audience targeting where I show you more here: But what's not mentioned often is how Facebook uses a bidding strategy with it's advertising platform, and how you position your ads is KEY to getting the best results... I show you more about this here: 
08:45 19/09/2022
Facebook Ads Optimization And Delivery (Which Is Right For You?)
For The FULL On-Screen Tutorial Check The Video Here:  The easiest, quickest way to get the best performance from Facebook ads, is when you know how to use the Facebook Ads Optimization And Delivery drop-down option. You see… Choosing the right delivery in your Facebook ads is important to get right if you want the best results. Because if you get this wrong, you could see a big loss from your Facebook ad campaigns. So, which Facebook optimization is right for you? Well, specifically in this video I’m going to go through different Facebook campaign objectives, such as... Facebook sales objective, Facebook leads objective, Facebook traffic Objective, and Facebook engagement objective… To help you discover which Facebook optimization is right for you depending on different scenarios… So you can correctly deliver your Facebook ads, and you’ll get the best ROI for your fb ad spend. And once you've selected the correct optimization here you can set up your Facebook conversions campaign correctly: Or if you want to know how to set up the Facebook traffic campaign watch the full video here: However, if you're considering if you should first run the Facebook engagement campaign, you can learn more about if this Fb campaign objective is right for you here: And when you're ready to set up your Facebook engagement campaign watch this full tutorial here: 
06:39 17/09/2022
5 Algorithm Hacks To Increase Facebook Engagement Ads In 2022
Want to know how to get more reach, build social proof and Increase your Facebook Engagement in 2022? And, do it with the lowest cost, even getting sales and leads from it? Then this video is going to reveal how to hack the Facebook algorithm, by leveraging Facebook’s AI in a way you might not expect. You see… As Facebook evolves its machine learning, the way you create Facebook engagement posts is different from how it used to be. And I'm going to show you the simplest way how to work with the algorithm so you can get the highest reach at the lowest cost. But first… It's important to know if the Facebook engagement is right for you, where you can learn about this here: Because before I run the Facebook engagement objective... I always have a more extensive strategy to use the data for getting leads and sales... Here I will show you how to put this into action with the Facebook conversion objective to run alongside your Facebook campaigns: then to set this all up here's a video that will show you in detail the whole process: And if you want to learn how to create a Facebook engagement campaign check this video here:
12:43 12/09/2022
NEW Way To Target On Facebook Ads In 2022 (Game Changer)
For The On-Screen Tutorial here's the Full Video: Want to know the real secret to targeting Facebook ads in 2022 and beyond? Because, many marketers will recommend many different strategies such as Facebook conversion campaigns, Facebook interest stacking, Facebook lookalike audience targeting, and so on. But the truth is… None of this matters if you’re doing this ONE big mistake with your advertising. Where I reveal the BIG mistake and what you need to do to change your Facebook advertising immediately for higher Facebook conversions. This is a method that you’ll never find on any other video because THIS is a real game changer! It’s the true path to succeeding with your fb ads. And perhaps best of all... Anyone can do it! Because I show you the formula to get the best conversions when you target like this. But with that said... Once you get this formula down, you will need to use certain Facebook detailed targeting, where I show you more here: And then you can learn multiple targeting tricks once you get this method down with this: But one targeting option i recommend you try is using broad audiences, where i show you more here:
08:14 05/09/2022
Why You Should Stack Your Interest Targeting On Facebook Ads RIGHT NOW!
What All Facebook Advertisers Ought To Know About Facebook Interest Targeting In 2022. Since Post IOS Facebook marketing has changed so much over the past year. And what worked with Facebook interests in the past… Does NOT work in the same way in 2022 and beyond! And specifically in this video, I go through the reasons why you should stack your Facebook Interest targeting IMMEDIATELY. But at the same time… There is also more to think about when targeting with fb ads… Because your whole thinking shouldn’t just be about facebook’s detailed targeting but also other elements I discuss in this video. Now here's the thing... To leverage audiences on Facebook, you should consider using Broad and open targeting where I will show you how here: And if you want to know how to work with Facebooks machine for FB targeting, then learning these three TOP Facebook targeting tricks will show you how: But the quickest way to convey your message in your fb ads is by showing it to the hottest audience... Which is your competitor's audience! But how do you find their interested audience? I show you right here:
05:48 03/09/2022
How To Create A Lookalike Audience On Facebook In 2022 (BIG Update)
For the full on-screen tutorial check the video here: The secret to using Facebook Lookalike Audience post-IOS 14, the right way. Because since post-IOS, people have had the option to opt-out of being tracked by apple devices… That has had a significant impact on Facebook advertisers. And some of These fb advertisers have now moved away from using fb lookalike audiences. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Because now there is a NEW way to use the Facebook lookalike audience in 2002… Where I’m going to reveal… How you should leverage the Facebook lookalike in the NEW way in 2022 A full tutorial of how to create these Facebook audiences… And How to use these Facebook audiences in your Facebook Ads. Now, there are two different Meta sources when using Facebook lookalike audiences... And one of them being your sources. here you can create a lookalike audience of your purchase or email list, where i will show you how to do that here: Once you have your lookalike audience all ready to go, then it's time to put your audience in your ad set and setup your ad where you can learn to set up your conversion ad here: or if you're targeting an engagement campaign here you can learn how to do it in a new way in 2022: But, sometimes the Facebook lookalike audience isn't for everyone, instead knowing how to target in different ways such as broad audiences... Or finding your competitor's interests where you can learn three tricks how to do that here: Or even this Facebook targeting trick here:
14:50 29/08/2022
Should You Use Automatic Placements On Facebook?
What all Facebook ad marketers ought to know about deciding between Automatic placements vs manual placements. This is an important decision to make if you want the best ROAS. In this video, I’m going to break down which you should use and what results I get from using both. But ultimately after you watch this video you should have the confidence in choosing the correct placement. And here's the thing... Once you choose your placement, make sure to check out these three tricks Top tricks for Facebook Ads Targeting in 2022  
02:37 27/08/2022
5 Copywriting Exercises You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Write Like a Pro!
The sure-fire way to master the art of persuasive writing with these 5 copywriting exercises ANYONE can do! And perhaps best of all… Even if you’re a complete beginner… Do these 5 copywriting exercises for 30 days you’ll enhance your career quickly to land quality clients and charge more for your copywriting services. Copywriting skills are the KEY to success in any business, and the more you continue to do these copywriting exercises, you’ll also improve your business on a whole NEW scale. And part of being the best at copy is making sure you have a copywriting swipe file, this video goes in-depth on how to create your very own powerful copy swipe file: Now here's the thing... Before you create your very first sales page, it's super IMPORTANT to make sure you do your research first, here you can find out how to do copywriting research the right way! With that said, did you know there's a formula to use when getting traffic to your copywriting sales page? here you can learn how the process all works using this AIDA process: And here's a proven framework to make selling easy: 
09:47 22/08/2022
Three TOP Tricks For Facebook Ads Targeting In 2022 (Secrets Revealed)
These NEW Top Facebook targeting tricks will change how you advertise on Facebook in 2022. Because Facebook has removed many detailed targeting options that have changed the way Facebook targeting now works! And if you’re doing Facebook advertising in the same old ways, you will be paying a lot more for your leads and sales. But what can you do about it? Because many Facebook advertisers are seeing the Facebook interests that worked in the past, are no longer there… And even Facebook's lookalike audience is not working as well as it used to. That’s why in this video I’m going to give you the best three ticks to leverage your Facebook ad targeting in a way that works with Facebook's machine learning in 2022. Part of Facebook machine learning is all about Broader interest targeting where I go into a deep dive about this here: And getting the most from your targeting is to leverage the audience of your competitors where you can find them here: But what most Facebook advertisers are not aware of, are the audiences that are most likely to purchase, these are the most valued prospects where you can target them by doing this: Another point about targeting is to ensure you have the right hooks and angles in your Facebook Ad Copy... Where a trick to writing the best Facebook ads is when you learn how to innovate the ideas of your competitor's ads where I show you how in this video here: But at the same time, there are many other reasons why your ads might not be converting where I show you them here:  
08:11 20/08/2022
The BEST Way To Optimize Facebook Ads In 2022 (Post IOS Update)
For the on-screen results check the full video here:  The secret to Facebook's success is optimization. And if you want to know how to optimize Facebook ads, then in this video I’m going to show you the BEST way to optimize your fb ads for skyrocketing your conversions…. Even after post-IOS! And with that said… Specifically, I’m going to go through…the ONLY metrics you MUST focus on… I’m Going to show you My results and what you should look for with sales and leads... How to track your data in an unreliable Facebook dashboard. And at the end, I’m going to give you my recommendation on what you should do to get accurate data from Facebook ads . Once you learn this, you’re going to have a crucial skill for converting your Facebook ads into leads and sales. After learning this, learn how to put your ads in front of your competitor's audience with this: And if your Facebook ad results are still dropping after optimizing then you might have to test new ads where you can learn more about testing facebook ads here: 
06:43 15/08/2022

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