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Steven Pressfield: Battle Resistance, Master Your Craft, & Pursue Your Calling
Here to wax poetic on all things creativity, battling resistance, and answering your calling is wise master of the creative process Steven Pressfield, returning for his second appearance on the show (his first being episode #584). Steven is a prolific writer and thinker known for his profound insights into the creative process and the psychology of success. He has over 20 books to his name, and his works The War of Art, Do The Work, and Turning Pro have inspired and motivated millions of readers worldwide to embrace their creative compulsions and pursue their dreams with conviction and determination. Packed with actionable advice to inform your creative process, I have no doubt that Steven’s words will serve you no matter where you are on your creative journey. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: Thesis: Momentous: Seed: BetterHelp: Voicing Change II: Peace + Plants, Rich
121:11 26/01/2023
Chef Babette: Fit at 72, Self-Love & Life Transformation Through Food
A force of nature, Chef Babette is the chef and owner of Stuff I Eat, a plant-based restaurant in Inglewood, California. After weathering an extremely challenging childhood, years addicted to drugs and processed foods, and suffering from a myriad of health issues, Babette managed to get clean and transform her life wholesale. From going plant-based in her 40’s, to starting a restaurant in her 50’s despite no experience, to becoming the very model of fit and radiant at 72 years young, Babette is a living testament to all late bloomers that it’s never too late to change. This conversation is about all that and more. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: House of Macadamias: Salomon: Athletic Greens: Express VPN: Voicing Change II: Peace + Plants, Rich
105:45 23/01/2023
Rick Rubin: Modern Master Of The Creative Act
An absolute icon of modern music whose influence on culture has been nothing short of titanic, Rick Rubin is one of the greatest music producers of all time, noted for his unique—and some might say counter-intuitive—way in which he is able to help manifest the absolute best in every artist he works with. But lesser appreciated is Rick’s spiritual approach to artistry, explored in his newly released and completely transformative book, The Creative Act, which is all about cultivating the innate creativity that dwells within all of us. But more than that, creativity is a way of moving through the world. Enjoy. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: Seed: Calm: Momentous: Squarespace:  Thesis: Peace + Plants, Rich
96:09 16/01/2023
Coach of The Norwegian Train: Olav Aleksander Bu On The Science of Elite Performance
The co-founder of the companies Santara tech and Entalpi, Olav is a sports scientist and elite coach who helped to devise a protocol of testing and performance optimization, grounded in the scientific method, that is achieving undisputable real-world results as evidenced by the Olympic gold medals and championship victories of Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Iden. I had the honor to sit down with the Norwegian triathlon world champs Kristian and Gustav a few months ago. And while they earnestly answered every question I asked, I was still left wondering: what exactly is going on in Norway to produce such towering figures in the world of swim-bike-run? Here today, with the answers and practical training protocols, is the coach of The Norwegian Train himself. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: Athletic Greens:  Whoop:  Native: Peace + Plants, Rich
104:04 12/01/2023
Seth Godin On Creativity, Embracing Failure & Spreading Big Ideas
Today’s guest wants to give you the tools to get started, overcome creative blocks, and get your work into the hands of the people you most want to help. His name is Seth Godin. He's the author of more than 19 international bestsellers, an entrepreneur, a speaker, and a climate activist. Through his work, Seth seeks to turn people’s lights on, inspire them to action, and teach them how to level up. And in today’s conversation we discuss creativity, writing, understanding the distinction between marketing and advertising, the pitfalls of modern education, and his most recent book, The Carbon Almanac, a one-stop-shop on everything we know about global climate change. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: InsideTracker: LMNT: JOOVV: Athletic Greens:  Peace + Plants, Rich
115:10 09/01/2023
Special Forces Operators On Mindset, Veteran Mental Health & Extreme Challenges
My friend, coach, and frequent podcast guest Chris Hauth is joined by former Navy SEAL Ryan “Birdman” Parrott and former US Army Special Forces Alex Racey to discuss mindset tools for the new year, veteran mental health, the importance of doing hard things, and their impending 7x Project–7 marathons, 7 swims, and 7 skydiving jumps on 7 continents in 7 days. This conversion is equal parts inspiring and important, and I’m honored to share it with you all right now. So please hit that subscribe button, and enjoy. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: Athletic Greens:  Whoop:  BetterHelp: Birch Living: Peace + Plants, Rich
128:52 02/01/2023
The Best Of 2022: Part Two
As 2022 comes to a close and a new year beckons, we are presented with an opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months. Explore new aspirations. And set intentions for the year to come. Allow me to indulge this truth by introducing Part Two of my annual yearbook—an auditory anthology of the year’s most compelling conversations. Enjoy the best of the year. Guest List + Full Episode Links: RRP 692: Malcolm Gladwell RRP 723: Mel Robbins RRP 715: Casey Neistat RRP 718: Whitney Cummings RRP 695: Peter Attia, MD RRP 678: Gemma Newman, MD RRP 702: Dr. Gabor Maté RRP 714: Robynne Chutkan, MD RRP 703: Max Fisher RRP 660: Sylvia Earle RRP 701: Ken Rideout RRP 694: Colin O’Brady & Jenna Besaw RRP 705: Paul Conti, MD RRP 670: Earthling Ed Winters RRP 681: Chip Conley Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: Levels: Navitas Organics: Whoop:  BetterHelp: Athletic Greens:  Peace + Plants, Rich
112:40 26/12/2022
The Best Of 2022: Part One
As the year comes to a close, I want to take some time to appreciate the unbelievable library of conversations we’ve recorded over the last 12 months. To celebrate all of these amazing episodes, we indulge an annual tradition on the podcast, ending each year with a 2-part compilation of the finest excerpts from the previous 12 months of the show. Enjoy. Guest List + Full Episode Links: RRP 666: Andrew Huberman RRP 687: Lisa Bilyeu RRP 676: Terry Crews RRP 654: Lisa Miller, PhD RRP 677: Brad Stulberg RRP 657: Jacqueline Novogratz RRP 680: Dr. Will Bulsiewicz RRP 689: Camille Herron RRP 658: Harvey Lewis RRP 699: Susan Cain RRP 664: Simon Hill RRP 710: Julie Piatt RRP 686: Steve Magness RRP 673: Mentalist Oz Pearlman Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: Athletic Greens:  Whoop:  ROKA: LMNT: Peace + Plants, Rich
101:14 22/12/2022
Prophets Walk Among Us: Stories From Our Listeners Part II
Last year, we debuted a new episode dedicated to compilations of stories sent in by our listeners. The result was Prophets Walk Among Us: Stories from Our Listeners, an incredible achievement that showcased the talent, drive, perseverance, and inspiration of the amazing humans that comprise the RRP multiverse. And if you haven’t listened to that episode yet, I highly encourage you to do so. After calling for more stories and curating the best responses, my team and I are proud to present to you: Prophets Walk Among Us, Part Two. Heartfelt stories of real-life transformations, tales of perseverance, and wisdom earned submitted by listeners of the show. I sincerely hope you enjoy this episode. It was made with love, for and by you. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: Squarespace:  InsideTracker: Calm: Athletic Greens:  Peace + Plants, Rich
62:00 19/12/2022
Mel Robbins On Healing Anxiety, Marriage Therapy, & Igniting Transformation
Back for her second drop on the podcast (her first being RRP #630) is my friend, Mel Robbins. Mel is the mega-bestselling author of The 5 Second Rule and The High Five Habit and is branching out into my territory with the launch of her brand new podcast, aptly titled The Mel Robbins Podcast, which has skyrocketed to one of the top shows in the world. Today we go deep into Mel’s recent breakthrough in her struggle with anxiety, what she learned and experienced during therapeutic MDMA sessions, along with marriage therapy, parenting advice, mindset, and so much more. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: BetterHelp: Athletic Greens:  Express VPN: Ten Thousand: Levels: Whoop:  Peace + Plants, Rich
126:36 12/12/2022
Born To Run Free (For a Lifetime) with Christopher McDougall + Eric Orton
Reaching your athletic peak is a laudable goal. But ambition extracts a physical and mental cost. How do you break free from cycles of burnout and injury and fall in love with running again? Today we cover this topic and more with legends Christopher McDougall + Eric Orton. In this conversation we dive deep into the world and stories of Christopher's book Born to Run, as well as talk with Christopher's running coach, Eric Orton, about the practical – naturalistic – running drills, principles, practices and philosophy to become bulletproof to injury – and set you up for a lifelong love affair with running. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: Birch Living: ROKA: Salomon: InsideTracker: Athletic Greens:  Voicing Change II: Peace + Plants, Rich
135:00 08/12/2022
Dan Buettner On The Lost American Diet
The U.S. is one of the most prosperous nations on the planet—and yet, our country has never been more unhealthy. Here to offer us a fact-based prescription for living longer and better is the intrepid Dan Buettner. A true renaissance man, Dan is an investigative journalist, a National Geographic Fellow, a legit, boots-on-the-ground longevity expert, an in-demand public speaker, a serial entrepreneur, and a world explorer with three endurance cycling world records to his name. A New York Times bestselling author many times over, he’s a seemingly constant presence on the TODAY show, has appeared on Oprah twice, and has been profiled on every respected global media outlet, from CNN to David Letterman. Today marks Dan’s fourth appearance on the podcast, and he’s presenting a gorgeous new offering: The Blue Zones American Kitchen. A must-read primer on healthy living, it’s a cookbook meets road trip in which he excavates the history of American cuisine and food culture and unearths the original, indigenous American diet, which, let’s just say, is very Blue Zones. It is with great pleasure that I share Dan’s wisdom with you today. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: Seed: Native: Squarespace:  Outerknown: BetterHelp: Peace + Plants, Rich
109:00 05/12/2022
Kyle Gillett, MD: Hormones & Holistic Health Habits
Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers, signaling a slew of physiological processes, including your metabolism, mood, sexual function, and more. Here to help us understand this complicated endocrine language is hormone health specialist Kyle Gillett, MD. A dual board-certified physician in family medicine and obesity medicine, Kyle is an expert in optimizing hormone levels to improve overall health and well-being in both men and women. He earned his medical degree at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, practices at the Gillett Health Clinic in Olathe, Kansas, and is the host of The Gillett Health Podcast. In this wide-ranging conversation, we cover what hormones are, the key role hormones play in our overall health, and how we can leverage what Kyle calls the six pillars of health to optimize hormone health. Kyle explains how diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, sunlight exposure, and spiritual practice are more powerful than any medication or supplement out there. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: Athletic Greens:  Whoop:  Indeed: Levels: Stride Health: Navitas: Peace + Plants, Rich
166:40 28/11/2022
A Masterclass On Plant-Based Nutrition
For the past year and a half, we’ve been creating quarterly episodes centered on a singular theme offered as an RRP Masterclass. These compilation episodes are derived from multiple past guests, and today, we focus our attention on plant-based nutrition. To gain the greatest insight into this topic, my team and I mined wisdom from the most esteemed doctors and the foremost experts in nutrition science that have graced the show—individuals who have direct experience with the impacts of a standard American diet, treatment protocols that include lifestyle changes toward plant fuel, the impact, and reversal of serious cardiovascular issues. The full guest list with links to their full episodes is below. Guest list: #678 – Dr. Gemma Newman #664 – Simon Hill #410 – Dr. Dean Ornish #79 – T. Colin Campbell #522 – Dr. Michael Greger #150 – Dr. Garth Davis #507 – Dr. Michael Klaper #492 – Dr. Neal Barnard #140 – Dr. Robert Ostfeld  #589 – Drs. Dean & Ayesha Sherzai #349 – Dr. Joel Kahn #325 – Dr. Kim Williams #541 – Dr. Alan Goldhamer Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: InsideTracker: Matcha:  ROKA: Stride Health: Whoop:  Peace + Plants, Rich
108:40 24/11/2022
Whitney Cummings Is Doing The Work
Whitney Cummings is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor, producer, and podcaster. You may know her from one of her five hilarious stand-up specials, her sitcom 'Whitney', as the co-creator of the CBS show '2 Broke Girls', or as host of the 'Good For You' podcast. Whitney’s charm and wit is legendary. But underappreciated is her knowledge and experience with mental health and emotional well-being—qualities earned from working through anxiety and and codependency disorders. All of this and more is chronicled in her hilarious and vulnerable book, 'I’m Fine …And Other Lies.' This conversation centers on mental health. We discuss codependency at length—what it is and what it isn’t—building self-esteem, creating confidence, navigating relationships, and healing from childhood trauma. We also talk about animal welfare, equestrian therapy, 12 step recovery, empathy, the importance of forgiveness, and tons more. Whitney is a blast. This episode is epic. I hope you enjoy it! Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today’s Sponsors: Levels: Calm: BetterHelp: Athletic Greens:  Peace + Plants, Rich
194:08 21/11/2022
Tony Riddle's Natural Lifestyle Philosophy For Optimum Health, Happiness & Vitality
Here to rewild us and reconnect us to that which is most essential is barefoot ultra running phenom Tony Riddle.  Returning for his 2nd appearance on the podcast (his first being over 3 years ago on episode #463), Tony is a natural lifestyle coach who has devoted his life to studying what makes us human and how to live naturally in the modern world. Today we pick things up where we last left off in an old school, no video, audio-only conversation convened during my recent visit to London that goes deeper into Tony's natural lifestyle practices. Tony and I cover his various endurance feats and training, his unique coaching philosophy, and the principles that underscore his new book Be More Human, a bible for deconstructing the ways of living that aren’t serving us, and reconnecting with new ways of living that are more in sync with our human biology. Show notes + MORE: Watch on YouTube (audio only) Newsletter Sign-Up: Today’s Sponsors: Salomon: ROKA: Athletic Greens:  Birch Living: Levels: This conversation is packed with a battery of actionable practices and strategies to rewild and reboot your life. My hope is that you employ these strategies and they allow you to maximize your human potential. Enjoy! Peace + Plants, Rich
151:18 14/11/2022
Roll On: What A Decade of Podcasting Has Taught Me About Life
Welcome to the 2022 season finale of ‘Roll On’, our semi-bi-weekly version of the podcast where we indulge in some good-natured banter and ramble on matters of interest across culture, sports, politics, literature, art, self-betterment, and more. Today Rich and Adam talk endurance news, concerning politics, streaming selects, answer listener questions, and more. Rich also expands on the lessons he’s learned after ten years of podcasting and the wisdom he’s gleaned from some of the brightest minds on the show. Watch on YouTube Show notes + MORE: Newsletter Sign-Up: Today’s Sponsors: Ten Thousand: LMNT: BetterHelp: Daily Harvest: Native: Seed: **Special SriMu Offer: in a gesture of gratitude for listening and watching, Julie is kindly offering a special discount on her SriMu plant-based cheese. Visit and enter code RRP18 at checkout and receive 18% off. If you are ordering for Thanksgiving, make sure to place your order on or before November 13th, 2022. If you want it delivered in time for Christmas, the order deadline is December 11th, 2022. Enjoy! Peace + Plants, Rich
137:14 10/11/2022
Casey Neistat's Unrelenting Pursuit Of Interestingness
Here today fourth appearance on the podcast—(his last appearance was nearly eight years ago) is the godfather of YouTube, Casey Neistat. One of the biggest and most popular filmmakers on YouTube with over 12.5 million subscribers, Casey rose to fame through a daily vlog he commenced in March of 2015 when he began uploading a new video every single day, elevating the vlog format with next level storytelling & production value that consistently went viral & captured the fascination of millions. In addition to being a friend and occasional running partner, Casey is also an entrepreneur, an angel investor, a husband, a dad, and the director of a new documentary entitled 'Under The Influence', which chronicles the trajectory of a young YouTube creator named David Dobrik from massive popularity to disgrace and the ugly, broader truths of the creator economy that incentivized his demise. Today Casey and I dive deep into what it means to be an artist. We dive into the foundational principles of creativity, filmmaking, and storytelling. We talk about the difference between external versus internal validation and the rewards each brings. If you enjoy our conversation today, check out our earlier exchanges on episodes 73, 144, and 174. Watch: YouTube. Read: Show notes. Today's Sponsors: Athletic Greens:  Calm: Outerknown: Squarespace:  Whoop:  InsideTracker: Enjoy! Peace + Plants, Rich
93:04 07/11/2022
The Ant-Viral Gut: Robynne Chutkan, MD On Optimizing Immunity & Preventing Disease From The Inside Out
Multiple studies now confirm a dramatic link between the health of our microbiome and our ability to combat viral illness. Today we explore this connection, with tools to promote gut health, optimize your immune system & prevent disease. Our host for today's exploration is the queen of all things gut health, Robynne Chutkan, MD. Dr. Chutkan is a board-certified gastroenterologist serving on the Georgetown University Hospital faculty. She is the founder of the Digestive Center for Wellness, as well as the author of 4 books on the microbiome, including her most recent, The Anti-Viral Gut, which offers practical advice for optimizing diet, exercise, sleep, and time outdoors to boost the body’s defenses and our overall health. Appearing for the 2nd time on the podcast, my initial conversation with Dr. Chutkan 7 years ago (RRP #192) dove into the nuts and bolts of the microbiome: what it is, how it functions, and how we can care for it. Today we zoom in, focusing on the antiviral aspects of gut health, why it’s so important, and what you can do about it. We’ve talked a lot about the microbiome on this podcast, but this exchange is truly a masterclass within itself.  Watch: YouTube. Read: Show notes. Today's Sponsors: Whoop:  Navitas: Stride Health: Athletic Greens:  I’ve known Robynne for many years—she is such a delightful presence. It was wonderful to have her back in the studio. Her expertise in communicating this subject matter is truly unparalleled, and I am excited to share this one with you. Enjoy! Peace + Plants, Rich
140:40 31/10/2022
Gordo Byrn on Making A 1000 Day Plan, Small Promises, The 5:2 Rule, & Designing Your Best Life
In today’s panoply of role models, rare is the story of an everyman transforming his life wholesale—then sharing his process openly and honestly with humility and vulnerability. Today I convene with one of these aspirational, endurance veteran and personal hero Gordo Byrn. Gordo is someone who greatly inspired and influenced my endurance career and mentored me from afar in ways beyond my ability to calculate. This conversation, long in the making, is thus personally special. A former private equity investment banker, Gordo metamorphosed into an elite ultra-endurance athlete, a student of human performance, an endurance coach, and, mostly, a devoted family man. He’s also the co-author of the endurance bible 'Going Long'—an incredible resource for any and all athletes seeking to better understand and apply the principles of endurance. A Web 1.0 blogger and podcaste, Gordo's humble guidance and wisdom was a consistent presence during my heavy training years, a tradition he continues today on Twitter (@feelthebyrn1)—a platform he uses to share his experience on everything from endurance training to marriage, personal finance and parenting. Meeting Gordo was like meeting a lost twin for the first time, and this conversation was everything I hoped it would be. Watch: YouTube. Read: Show notes. Today's Sponsors: InsideTracker: Athletic Greens:  Indeed: BetterHelp: The Swedish superstar and multiple Ultraman and Otillo champion Jonas Colting calls Gordo ‘Tony Robbins in a Speedo.’ I agree with this statement, and after listening to this one, you will too. Peace + Plants, Rich
163:58 24/10/2022
Gustav Iden & Kristian Blummenfelt: Lessons From The Norwegian Train Reign
There are professionals. There are Olympians. But rare is the athlete who is so entirely and utterly devoted to sport in mind, body, and soul, that they exceed titles all together. Today I am lucky to host two of these extraordinary individuals: Norsemen Gustav Iden & Kristian Blummenfelt. In an unprecedented period of just 9 months, Kristian was crowned Olympic champion in Tokyo and bagged the fastest Ironman performance ever in his debut. After winning the 2021 70.3 World Champion title, this year Gustav had a spectacular 2022 debut victory at the Ironman World Championships in Kona—a race in which Kristian placed 3rd—emerging from Kristian’s formidable shadow and smashing the overall Kona course record with a blistering 7:40:24. On top of that, he rewrote the marathon course record with a 2:36;15 26.2.  Racing in tandem until the very end, Gustav and Kristian gave mindboggling, paradigm-crushing performances at the 2022 Ironman World Championship this year. It was an unforgettable barnburner of a race, and today we dive deep into the metrics and mechanics of that epic day. Watch: YouTube. Read: Show notes. Today's Sponsors: ROKA: UCAN:  Navitas: Whoop:  Final Note: If you dig this conversation, look out for my upcoming podcast with their coach (and mad genius) Olav Aleksander Bu, which will be released in the not-so-distant future. The Norwegian Train is in the house. Tuck into that aero position, hammer some watts, and enjoy. Peace + Plants, Rich
97:52 20/10/2022
Dr. David Spiegel On Mind-Body 'Tranceformation' Through Hypnosis
This is a conversation about the science, neurobiology and use cases for clinical hypnosis with the world’s leading researcher and clinician in the field, Dr. David Spiegel. Dr. Spiegel is the associate chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine, the director of the Stanford Center on Stress and Health, and has published over 480 journal articles, 170 book chapters, and a whopping 13 books on the subject of hypnosis and related topics. Hypnosis is unfortunately a loaded term, one I admittedly met with skepticism. But as you’ll soon discover, clinical hypnosis, as opposed to ‘stage’ hypnosis, is a genuine and efficacious therapeutic protocol that induces a unique brain state—one that can be leveraged to improve everything from sleep states to high performance. It can be a powerful tool against addiction. And hypnosis has proven efficacious in the alleviation of trauma-related symptoms such as anxiety, chronic pain, and more. In this episode, Dr. Spiegel explains hypnosis, distinguishes the ‘stage’ variety from the clinical definition, and dispels the many myths associated with the field. We discuss the many aforementioned efficacious use cases for hypnosis, and a process Dr. Spiegel calls 'tranceformation'.  Finally, we cover helpful tools for self-hypnosis, a simple test to gauge your own receptivity to hypnosis, and many other topics. Watch: YouTube. Read: Show notes. Today's Sponsors: Athletic Greens:  Levels: Calm: LMNT: For a special discount on the Reveri mobile app (iOs & Android), visit where you will be entitled to purchase a yearly or lifetime membership at a reduced price. I receive no benefit or remuneration from this offer. Please enjoy what I think you will find to be a truly fascinating, potentially life-altering conversation. Peace + Plants, Rich
117:54 17/10/2022
Julie Piatt On Why The Heart Will Never Fail You
How do you navigate transformation? What does it mean to live with integrity? And why is it important to cultivate intuition? Joining me today to grapple with truths big and small is my in-house spiritual guide, Julie Piatt—aka SriMati. My partner in every definition of the word, Julie excels across an impressive variety of disciplines. She is a serial entrepreneur. She’s the founder and CEO of SriMu, her plant-based cheese enterprise, and soon-to-be empire. She’s a musician. An artist. A designer. A devoted mother to four. Most relevant to today’s conversation, Julie is also a yogi and lifelong, devoted pursuer of spiritual wisdom, which she insightfully practices and instructs by way of her online spiritual community, Water Tiger. In this exchange, Julie shares actionable ways to celebrate your lived experience, amplify your awareness, and elevate your consciousness as we emerge from the pandemic and the multitude of experiences that period wrought. Julie also shares ways to inject entrepreneurship with spirituality. With the holiday season soon upon us, we also discuss how to gracefully navigate the emotional complexity of family gatherings. We conclude with valuable business insights from the front lines of growing her *not* cheese brand. Watch: YouTube. Read: Show notes. Special SriMu Offer: in a gesture of gratitude for listening and watching, Julie is kindly offering a special discount on her SriMu plant-based cheese. Visit and enter code RRP18 at checkout and receive 18% off. If you are ordering for Thanksgiving make sure to place your order on or before November 13th, 2022. If you want it delivered in time for Christmas, the order deadline is December 11th, 2022. I think you’ll come away from this exchange inspired, enlightened, and armed with a few tactics to infuse your life with more purpose, passion, and joy. Julie tends to have that effect on people. Today's Sponsors: Ten Thousand: ROKA: BetterHelp: Indeed: Salomon:  Peace + Plants, Rich
122:16 13/10/2022
François D'haene: The Ultra Spirit on Competition, Winemaking & Running Mountains
Meet François D’Haene. One of the greatest (some say the greatest) ultra-distance trail runners in the world, French superstar François is a former physiotherapist turned winemaker who has collected 36 victories and 51 podiums across some of the most prestigious and challenging races in the world. His palmarès include taking victory at UTMB an astonishing four times, a record only recently matched by Kílian Jornet this year. In 2017, François clocked the fastest-ever traverse of the 210-mile John Muir Trail. And in 2021, he won the Hardrock 100, one of the most difficult trail ultras, breaking the overall record previously held by Jornet. Beyond the glow of ultra superstardom, François keeps things simple—a lifestyle that prioritizes his family as a dad to three. And an approach to sustained excellence that values community, connection, and nature over race results and rewards. It’s this disposition—a rare balance many athletes of his caliber struggle to master—that I find most compelling. And it’s the focus of today’s fascinating exploration. Today we explore the elements of François’ mastery. We parse his humble and grounded approach to craft—and how this mindset has contributed to sustained success and career longevity at the highest level of sport. In addition, we discuss the principles that drive him, the details of his training regimen, the allure of nature, advice for tackling your first ultra, and many other topics. But more than anything, this is a conversation about the tension between the rigors of pursuing mastery and the value of important life experiences beyond the parameters of sport. Read: Show notes. I should say up front that François’ French accent can be a bit thick at times, but if you listen closely and aren’t tempted to increase the playback speed, you should be able to follow him just fine. Captions are available on YouTube if you want to capture every word. Today's Sponsors: Outerknown: InsideTracker: Native: Squarespace:  Athletic Greens:  Note: this conversation was recorded on June 30, 2022. On July 15, 2022, François placed 2nd at the Hardrock 100, 14+ minutes behind Kílian Jornet. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with François—may this exchange leave you equally enriched. Peace + Plants, Rich
107:00 10/10/2022
A Tribute To Hilaree Nelson
On Monday, September 26th, Hilaree Nelson—one of the world’s most accomplished ski-mountaineers and adventure athletes—tragically passed away while descending mount Manaslu in Nepal after summiting the 26,781-foot mountain with her partner Jim Morrison. She was 49. Named one of National Geographic’s 2018 Adventurers of the Year, Hilaree was an adventurer at the absolute highest level—a giant who summited, explored & skied some of the most exotic and treacherous mountain ranges on Earth and served as an inspiration, mentor, and role model to many. In tribute to her extraordinary life, this episode is a re-release of our conversation from 2018 (RRP 364). It’s about risk, fear, resilience, potential, and the allure of the outdoors. But mostly, it's about placing yourself outside your comfort zone—and what that can teach us about potential, the preciousness of life, and what it means to be truly alive. Watch on YouTube Original Episode 364 Show Notes Rest In Power, Hilaree. Rich
99:36 06/10/2022
John McAvoy: From Life Sentence to Life of Purpose
If you’re someone who actually believes that people don’t change, prepare for a major mindset shift.Meet John McAvoy. Returning for his 2nd appearance on the podcast, John is positive transformation rendered in human form—and his story is one of the most compelling, improbable, inspirational, and cinematic tales you will ever be privileged to hear. The McAvoy name might ring a bell for longtime listeners. He first appeared on the show a little over four years ago on episode #379—a conversation that ranks among the most memorable and impactful in the ten-year history of the show. For those unfamiliar, John is a former high-profile armed robber, one of Britain’s most successful career criminals and most wanted men. His reckoning was delivered in the form of a double life sentence (the 2nd of 2 prison stints) on the notorious Belmarsh high-security wing—a space he shared with extremist cleric Abu Hamza and the 7/7 bombers. To the rational outsider, John’s future was bleak. But a chance encounter with prison gym indoor rowing machine would ultimately change his life forever. In short shrift, John ended up breaking a cluster of British and World indoor rowing records while incarcerated, and upon parole, began forging a new life as a professional endurance athlete. Today, John is a Nike-sponsored Ironman athlete living in the Alps, a vegan (not my doing—I promise), and a stalwart mouthpiece for prison reform who has testified at 10 Downing Street. But above all, he’s a staunch advocate for the inherent power we all possess to course correct the trajectory of our lives, no matter how dire the circumstances. I was in London recently and couldn’t resist the opportunity to reconvene with this legend. This episode is old school—no video, just two guys vibing across a kitchen table. We pick right up where we last left off four years prior and dive even deeper into John’s remarkable story to further mine the extraordinary, latent potential we all hold to better ourselves. Watch: YouTube. Read: Show notes. Today's Sponsors: Whoop:  Birch Living: Express VPN: Daily Harvest: Seed: As you’ll soon discover, John’s greatest heist isn’t a bank—it’s his life. Peace + Plants, Rich
173:12 03/10/2022
Mastering The Mystical: A Deep Dive On Spirituality
For too long, the growing body of evidence showing that a spiritual practice is associated with better health and wellbeing has been dismissed by stoics and scientists. That is, until now. Welcome to our sixth masterclass episode, where we share big truths from some of my best podcast guests, honing in on a single theme or subject matter. Today we are diving deep on all things spirituality, sharing new perspectives, the latest scientific findings, some concrete and non-secular spiritual practices, and the value that an awakened state of being can add to your daily life. Whether you’re already part of a rich spiritual tradition or someone just beginning to seek a spiritual path, this one’s for you. I sincerely hope that after hearing all these perspectives on spirituality, you find yourself with an open heart, armed with new practices that can elevate your thinking and behavior toward a more spiritual consciousness—and ultimately, a more fulfilled life. If you’ve been inspired, then consider visiting the full, in-depth conversations with these esteemed guests. You can find links to each episode posted in the show notes below. Watch: YouTube. Read: Show notes. Today's Sponsors: Athletic Greens: Visit: LMNT: Try it out at: Indeed: Start hiring NOW at BetterHelp: Masterclass Series: Click here to listen to our first deep dive on the microbiome, here for our second on mental health, here for our third on addiction & recovery, here for our fourth on mindset, and here our fifth on longevity. The full episodes for all guests featured in this episode can be found in the show notes below. I sincerely hope you find this experiment helpful and instructive—and/or that you share the episode with those who could benefit from it. Enjoy! Rich
112:34 29/09/2022
Never Quit Before The Miracle: The Story of Anvil
Meet the masters of resilience. 80’s metal trailblazers: Anvil. For those of you who bristle at the thought of heavy metal, set aside that resistance. Give this one a shot with an open mind and heart. And thank me later—because the story of Anvil—and the filmmaker who captured their tale—is nothing short of remarkable. At 14, Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow and Robb Reiner made a pact to rock together forever. In 1982 they birthed a highly influential album that would inspire the likes of Anthrax and Metallica—and then proceeded to drop off the map, toiling in obscurity for decades while the bands they impacted rose to superstardom. Then, in 2006, filmmaker (and former Anvil roadie) Sacha Gervasi set out to find out what happened, discovering to his astonishment that 25 years later the band was still making music and remained steadfastly committed to the most impossible of dreams: making it big. Now this is a story, he thought. So Sacha grabbed a small camera crew and proceeded to follow the band as they persevered through obstacles, navigated a botched European tour, and recorded a thirteenth album. Despite rejection that would devastate the strongest among us, Anvil refused to give up on their dream—and never lost hope. Today we tell this surprisingly touching and remarkably inspirational story. And now, 50 years since the band debuted and 13 years after the rockumentary first premiered in 2008, the film is being re-released in 200 theaters across the US this week and later in theatres across Europe and beyond—a response to a new generation of enthusiastic young people who discovered and fell in love with the movie during Covid. Watch: YouTube. Read: Show notes. Today's Sponsors: ROKA: and enter code RichRoll for 20% off. Navitas: and enter code RICHROLL for 30% off. Calm: 40% off a Calm Premium subscription at Whoop: and use the code RICHROLL for 15% off. Levels: Learn more at Lips and Robb hold an unwavering conviction and extraordinary amount of courage that is nothing short of superhuman. They are inspiring examples of perseverance in the face of adversity, and I’m delighted to share their story. I hope you find it as touching and compelling as I did. Enjoy! Peace + Plants, Rich
147:08 26/09/2022
Paul Conti, MD: Face & Heal The Trauma That Dictates Your Life
Dr. Paul Conti is a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine. He completed his training at Stanford and Harvard, where he served as Chief Resident. He then served on the medical faculty at Harvard before moving to Portland, Oregon, and founding the Pacific Premiere Group—a clinical practice helping people heal and grow from trauma and other life challenges. Dr. Conti is also the author of Trauma, the Invisible Epidemic: How Trauma Works and How We Can Heal From It, which I feel strongly is required reading for everyone, particularly those of you looking to not only heal from your own trauma, and for anyone desiring to break cycles of generational trauma. This conversation is truly a master class on all things trauma. Dr. Conti begins by defining trauma, and explaining what trauma is and isn’t. We then look at the many ways in which unresolved trauma perniciously manifests in our lives, discuss the various ways in which the medical establishment fails us with respect to mental health, and explore a vision for how to improve it. And we close with tools available to effectively process, heal, and even prevent trauma from negatively impacting our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Watch: YouTube. Read: Show notes. Today's Sponsors: Salomon: and use code LOVETHEPAIN (exclusions apply). Whoop: and use the code RICHROLL. Athletic Greens: InsideTracker: Dr. Conti’s wisdom on this important subject is profound. This conversation is appointment listening. And it was an honor to host such a bright mind. Enjoy! Peace + Plants, Rich
137:20 19/09/2022
Roll On: Life Lessons Learned From 10 Years of Podcasting
Welcome to ‘Roll On’, the semi-bi-weekly version of the podcast where Rich Roll & Adam Skolnick indulge in some good-natured banter and ramble on matters of interest across culture, sports, art, literature, politics, self-betterment, and more. Today Rich reflects on what he has learned from his almost 10 years hosting this podcast, plus endurance news, recent episode recaps, streaming selects, listener questions and more. Watch on YouTube Show notes + MORE: Newsletter Sign-Up: Today’s Sponsors: Squarespace:  Athletic Greens: BetterHelp: Whoop: and use the code RICHROLL  ROKA: and enter code RichRoll  Peace + Plants, Rich
157:20 15/09/2022