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Conor sits down with some of the biggest celebs ever to chat about films, TV shows and what's on streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, and more, all from the UK's children's radio station Fun Kids.  You'll never be bored again!


Mario Kart Tips and Tricks!
This week on Stream it Conor has some tips and tricks to master Mario Kart and become the very best at racing your friends. Plus Pete from Mega Mag is here with some gaming expertise on Mario Wonder and Conor has his top 3 film and tv recommendations for you!See for privacy information.
13:48 09/01/2024
Conor's 'Keep an' eye out for' of 2024!
Happy New Year! Here are the top 10 movies you've go to go and see in the cinema in 2024! From Snow White to Despicable Me and everything in between, it's going to be a good year on Stream It!See for privacy information.
07:25 02/01/2024
Conor's Top 5 releases of the year!
Conor has Christmas sorted with a jam packed Christmas episode for you! We're recapping the very best films, tv shows and games that have come out in 2023! Everything from Super Mario Bros to FC24! Not one to miss!See for privacy information.
29:19 26/12/2023
Conor, Christmas and Kung Fu Panda 4!
Conor has Christmas sorted with a selection of Christmas classics you HAVE to watch over the festive season! Hear from the cast of The Famous Five and Quentin Blake's Box of Treasures! Plus we spoke to the geniuses behind Kung Fu Panda 4! It's a jam packed Christmas episode for you! See for privacy information.
27:42 19/12/2023
WONKA with Calah Lane and Jim Carter!
This week on Stream it, we're getting the inside scoop from the cast of WONKA! George met Jim Carter who plays Abacus Crunch and we find out whether Calah Lane who plays Noodle prefers Caramel or toffee... Plus Conor is taking us back in time to the other movies in the Wonka universe!See for privacy information.
19:51 12/12/2023
Christmas Cats!! Tabby McTat!
This week on Stream it is all about Cats! Or more importantly, Christmas Cats. Hebe got chatting to the geniuses behind the new Julia Donalsdson classic on BBC One, Tabby McTat and Conor has his top 3 picks you've got to watch! It should be a purrrfect show!See for privacy information.
20:11 05/12/2023
Disney's WISH and 3 Most Underrated Disney Movies!
This week on Stream it, we're exploring the new Disney movie WISH! Conor got chatting to the geniuses behind the film to find out all the secrets of Disney's 100 years of animation! We also have 3 underrated Disney movies for you to get stuck into AND Pete is here with some gaming knowledge for you too! See for privacy information.
19:30 27/11/2023
Gaming Special: EGX Gaming Event AND Conor's top games of all time!
It's a gaming special on Stream It this week! Producer Hebe went to EGX gaming convention and Conor is giving us his top 3 games of all time (that you should put on yoru christmas list! Plus Pete from Mega Mag is giving us some gaming recommendations!See for privacy information.
19:50 21/11/2023
Learn to Draw with Coop Troop!
We have another chicken themed episode for you this week! This time its the crazy world of Coop Troop on ITVX! Conor is learning how to draw Joe the egg thanks to his special guests AND he has three shows for you to watch if you love Coop Troop! Plus Pete is here as always with some gaming expertise!See for privacy information.
27:18 14/11/2023
Chicken Run 2: Dawn of the Nugget...Premiere!
This week on Stream It, we're delving into the world of Chicken Run! To celebrate the new movie, Chicken Run 2: Dawn of the Nugget, Hebe was on the red carpet of the premier chatting to all the creative geniuses behind the new film and Conor is going back in time to explore the history of Aardman Animation and all your favourite plasticine characters! Plus Pete is here to give us some gaming expertise too!See for privacy information.
27:23 07/11/2023
Halloween! Movie costumes, slime popcorn and Disney's Zombies!
It's a halloween special on Stream it this week! Conor has 3 halloween movies for you to watch that could give you some halloween costume inspiration. Our young reviewer Monique is telling us all about the Zombie films! Plus of course you need a spooky popcorn recipe for you halloween movie night!See for privacy information.
18:23 31/10/2023
Trolls Band Together: Conor the troll?!
This week on Stream It, Conor is finding out all about the new Trolls movie; Trolls Band Together. We hear from the stars behind all your favourite trolls, including Anna Kendrick and Camila Cabello! Conor also caught up with the director Walt Dohrn to find out all the secrets of the Trolls universe. Plus Conor's got three things for you to watch if you're a fan of Trolls! And of course Pete from Mega Mag is here to give you some gaming expertise too! See for privacy information.
23:51 24/10/2023
DISNEY100: THE EXHIBITION! Mickey Mouse, Frozen and Marvel!
Conor goes behind the scenes of a brand new exhibition that's opened at the ExCeL in London all about the past 100 years of Disney. He's exploring his top 5 pick from the exhibition and chatting to some VERY special guests!See for privacy information.
24:49 17/10/2023
FC24: Game tips, Fifa through the years and Mario Kart 8!
This week is a Fifa Special! Conor is joined by gaming expert Sean to celebrate the release of the new FC24 game and telling you all their best tips and tricks to win every match! We will be going back in time to explore the history of the game and of course Pete from Meg Mag is back with his advice, this week for Mario Kart 8.See for privacy information.
25:03 10/10/2023
MATILDA: Matilda the Musical through time!
This week is all about Matilda the Musical! Conor is chatting to our young reviewer Xander, and taking us back in time to explore the history of Matilda! Plus Pete from Mega Mag is here telling us about Minecraft Legends! See for privacy information.
21:59 02/10/2023
YOUTUBERS: Maddie Moate, Zelda and Youtube stars!
This week's episode is all about Youtube stars! Bex got chatting to Maddie Moate before she set off on her adventure up Mount Kilimanjaro, Pete from Mega Mag is telling us all about the newest Zelda game Tears of the Kingdom and Conor has three Youtube channels you've got to check out this week!See for privacy information.
18:25 26/09/2023
MUSIC: CBBC's Almost Never, Sonic the Hedgehog and music based tv shows
In this week's episode of Stream it, Conor chats to the cast of BBC iPlayer's Almost Never, Pete from Mega Mag is here to give us some sonic the hedgehog advice and Conor has his top 3 music based shows to watch right now!See for privacy information.
16:20 19/09/2023
GAMING: Roblox tips, Life changing games and movie games!
In this week's episode we're chatting all things gaming! Our resident expert Sean tells us about 5 games that changed his life and why you should definitely play them! Plus Pete from Mega Mag has some Roblox tips for you and Conor tells us his top 3 games based on movies!See for privacy information.
13:08 12/09/2023
BACK IN TIME: What was in the cinemas back then?
In this week’s episode we’re travelling back in time, looking at the films that came out this week 10 years ago, 20 years ago and even 50 years ago! Plus Pete from Mega Mag is here to give us his three best switch games you should be playing!See for privacy information.
12:31 05/09/2023
HAILEY'S ON IT SPECIAL: Hailey's on it and Pikman 4!
This week Conor is chatting to a young reviewer all about Disney's Hailey's On It! Plus Pete from Mega Mag is telling us about the new game Pikman 4 and Conor has 3 TV show or films for you to stream this week!See for privacy information.
13:52 29/08/2023
ADVENTURE: Zelda and Fred and Pete Treasure Tales!
This week is an adventurer's special! We caught up with Fred and Pete from Cbeebies Fred and Pete's Treasure Tales! Mega Mag Pete is giving us his top 5 exciting and adventurous Zelda Games! Plus Conor has his Top 5 films and TV shows to check out this week!See for privacy information.
13:11 22/08/2023
YOUNG STARS: Blue Peter, Aneeshwar and Top Playstation Games
This week is a young stars special! Dan spoke to Aneeshwar Kunchala from the Cbeebies show 'Steve and Aneeshwar Go Wild’ George got chatting to Phoebe the winner of the Blue Peter Amazing Authors Writing Competition! Pete joins us of course, to give us his top 5 Playstation games! AND I’ve got three awesome films and tv shows to keep you entertained this week! See for privacy information.
20:08 15/08/2023
MISCHIEF: Sooty, Sweep, Dave Spud and Roblox!
This week is a Mischievous Special! Sweep and Sooty join Bex in the studio. We hear from the creator of Dave Spud and all the chaos that goes on in the show. Plus we're joined by Pete from Mega Mag to get his top 5 Roblox games too! What a jam packed show!See for privacy information.
22:23 07/08/2023
IN CINEMAS: Barbie and Haunted Mansion!
This week's Stream It is a cinema special! We hear from the cast of Barbie on the pink carpet and George chats to the director of Disney's Haunted Mansion! Plus Pete from Mega Mag joins us of course to give his expert recommendations. See for privacy information.
24:12 02/08/2023
TEENS: Teenage Kraken and Teenage Turtles!
This week is all about the troublemaking teens! George is chatting to the stars of Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken, finding out their secret talents! Plus Conor caught up with Pete from Mega Mag and found out all about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem!See for privacy information.
16:13 18/07/2023
ELEMENTAL SPECIAL: The four elements battle it out!
This week is all about Pixar's Elemental Bex is chatting to the stars of the new Pixar animation all about bringing their emotional characters to life! Plus Conor has chosen a film or tv series to represent the four elements and battle it out to see who will be crowned the winner!See for privacy information.
17:04 04/07/2023
SUPERHEROES: Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse and super video games!
This week is a superhero special! Conor is giving us his top superhero films, Sean is telling us the best and worst superhero video games EVER and we're chatting to Pete from Mega Mag all about Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse!See for privacy information.
14:23 20/06/2023
MERMAIDS: The Little Mermaid and our underwater recommendations!
This week's episode of Stream It is an underwater spectacular! We're meeting the cast of The Little Mermaid on the red carpet to hear all about the new film! Plus Conor shares his favourite mermaid films and tv shows to keep you in the mermaid spirit! Including the brand new Young Kraken movie coming to cinemas soon!See for privacy information.
13:07 06/06/2023
DINOSAUR SPECIAL: Prehistoric Planet 2 and all new Dino Ranch on Tiny POP
This week's episode of Stream It is a roar-some dinosaur special. We're chatting with Mike Gunton and Tim Walker from the BBC Natural History Unit about a brand new series of Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+, narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough.  We're also looking at Conor's favourite dino films and TV shows of all time including the brand new series of Dino Ranch which starts in just a few days time on Tiny POP.See for privacy information.
18:36 22/05/2023
LEGO SPECIAL: What's LEGO Dreamzzz?
In this week's episode, Conor's finding out all about LEGO and their brand new show, LEGO Dreamzzz. Plus, Georgia's visiting a very special panel in London to chat about the brand new showSee for privacy information.
10:32 11/05/2023

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