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Award-winning LBC presenter and best-selling author James O’Brien hosts a series of compelling conversations with fascinating people. These are revealing interviews with people who rarely give in-depth interviews, be it from politics, entertainment or news. Subscribe to get a new episode every Friday.


Mehdi Hasan
As with The Beatles, Adele and James Corden, Mehdi Hasan is one of the rare British talents to crack America. But he's profoundly depressed by the state of his adopted nation. The journalist speaks to James about the impact President Trump had on his daily life as well as his book, Win Every Argument: The Art of Debating, Persuading and Public Speaking
62:05 23/03/2023
Fred Sirieix
He's the nation's most loved maitre d and the first face seen by singletons looking for love of Channel 4's First Dates. But behind the friendliness and warm exterior is a man serious about service and hospitality. Fred speaks to James about his how his parents' career in the French health service made him the man he is today as well as his latest series, Fred's Last Resort which sees him train British contestants in the art of high-end hotel service.
64:21 16/03/2023
Carol Vorderman
She's best known for starring in Countdown, one of Britain's longest-running television game shows. But Carol Vorderman has managed to fit twice as much into her life as most of us. She speaks to James about her chaotic but loving upbringing, culture shock at Cambridge and new life as 'the country's most vociferous anti-corruption crusader'.
79:07 09/03/2023
Phil Wang
Comedian Phil Wang has decided he's got to start being silly in response to a world which he thinks is getting serious. Born in Stoke on Trent to an English mother, Wang moved to Malaysia where his father is from one week after being born. He speaks to James about going to a Chinese school, his views on empire and his new extended tour, Wang In There, Baby!
62:43 02/03/2023
Amanda Abbington
Actress Amanda Abbington, star of Sherlock and Netflix thriller Safe, speaks to James about her misdirected early attempts at dancing, the moment she realised she was an actor and the adrenaline rush of the stage. Her latest show The Unfriend is at London's West End Criterion Theatre until April 16.
61:12 23/02/2023
Neil Kinnock
He is credited with reestablishing the Labour Party as a mainstream, centrist political force after a period of hard-left internal conflict. Sound familiar? The former leader of the Labour Party speaks to James about his Welsh upbringing, enduring marriage and political philosophy.
65:56 09/02/2023
Terry Christian
Broadcaster Terry Christian grew up in a large Irish Catholic family in Manchester where not attending mass or university was out of the question. After dropping out of a chemistry course he didn't want to start, a young Terry caught the eye of a TV producer, kickstarting his presenting career. His big break came in the form of The Word, a youth-led and often anarchic TV show for Channel 4.
71:22 02/02/2023
Sir Tony Robinson
Blackadder legend Tony Robinson talks to James about the state of British politics, the power of meditation and the return of Time Team.
63:53 26/01/2023
Matthew Collins
Content warning: this episode contains descriptions of racial violence, racial slurs and suicidal feelings. By the time Matthew Collins was 15 years old, he was enthralled by the far-right and had joined the National Front. But after one particularly violent incident in South East London, Collins began passing on his secrets to the other side. Now an activist for the anti-fascist organisation, Hope Not Hate, he tells James his remarkable story.
71:44 19/01/2023
George Takei
The internment of Japanese Americans across the U.S. during World War II is not an obvious subject on which to develop a musical, however it is exactly what George Takei, Star Trek legend and social media icon has done. Now in his mid-eighties, Takei brings a show inspired by events from his own childhood to London’s Charing Cross Theatre. Tickets for ‘George Takei’s Allegiance’ are available now until Saturday 8 April.
65:45 12/01/2023
Tracy Brabin
Back in the day when she was best known as Tricia Armstrong in Coronation Street, Tracy Brabin did not shy away from national politics, appearing in Labour campaigns and using her stardom to generate interest in the political project. But it was the tragedy and brutal murder of her friend Jo Cox in Tracy's hometown which catapulted her into the Commons. Now the first Mayor of West Yorkshire, she speaks to James about her life and the shocking events in the aftermath of Jo's death.
65:24 05/01/2023
Alan Johnson
From union General Secretary, to Home Secretary to award-winning writer. By his own admission, Alan Johnson has lived a charmed life. He speaks to James about his tricky early years and political heroes. His book, One of Our Ministers is Missing is his latest spy thriller.
61:04 22/12/2022
Lisa Nandy
A quick glance at Lisa Nandy's family tree shows that politics runs through her veins, but when she first arrived in the House of Commons it wasn't an easy transition. She speaks to James about her life growing up in Manchester, her political ambitions and a very embarrassing job interview. Her book, How We Build a Country That Works is out now.
65:11 15/12/2022
Maria Ressa
Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa's pursuit of the truth has landed her in trouble with the most powerful man in her motherland: President Duterte of the Philippines. Ressa has racked up over 100 hours of potential prison time and multiple warrants for arrest. Her book, How to Stand Up to a Dictator is a story told from the frontline of the digital war, mapping networks of disinformation ranging from Duterte's drug wars to Britain's Brexit.
65:58 08/12/2022
Dr Gabor Maté
Dr Gabor Maté is one of the world's most revered physicians, specialising in addiciton, trauma, ADHD, stress and childhood development. As a young person, strangers would stop him in the street to remark upon his frightened-looking demeanour. Dr Maté believes he inherited trauma from his mother, a Hungarian Jewish woman trying to escape the Nazis. His book, The Myth of Normal is his first book in 14 years and seeks to understand and respond to the epidemic of physical and mental illness throughout society.
59:57 01/12/2022
Brian Cox
He’s most famous for his role in HBO’s Succession, playing Logan Roy, the ruthless, capitalist, pater familias at the top of media conglomerate, Waystar Royco. But the actor Brian Cox has lived on both ends of the wealth gap and his latest passion project, How the Other Half Live is a two-part television show exploring money itself. He speaks to James about his own upbringing and how it shaped him. How the Other Half Live was first broadcast on Channel 5 in November 2022 and is available to watch on the catch-up service, My5.
67:09 24/11/2022
Derren Brown
Ever since he arrived on our screens in the early noughties, illusionist Derren Brown’s dramatic television stunts routinely generated controversy, with complaints originating from sources as diverse as the GMB union, church groups and on one occasion, the police. But they were never upheld. Derren speaks to James about the humanity at the heart of his craft and what led him to it. His latest stage performance, Showman runs from December 9 2022 – March 18 2023 and is his most personal show to date.
62:50 17/11/2022
Martin Kemp
How does a shy little boy go on to perform to arenas brimming with thousands of screaming fans? Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet fame speaks to James about how his life was transformed by a local drama school teacher and how it led him to the dizzying heights of rockstar fame. Martin's book, Ticket to the World is a celebration of 80s culture from one man at the centre of it all.
62:30 10/11/2022
Introducing: Sweeney Talks
Hey listener, we’ve got a new LBC podcast that we think you’d like called Sweeney Talks with old-school reporter, John Sweeney. John is trouble. He's taken on Vladimir Putin, challenged Donald Trump, and after months of uncovering hard truths in Ukraine, he’s back. John is never silent about what he’s experienced. Sweeney talks, and in this podcast, so do his guests. John speaks to people like him, who are not prepared to be part of the silent majority. They refused to toe the line, and have found themselves in trouble. Big trouble. Activists, agitators, heroes… or villains. You decide. Listen and subscribe to Sweeney Talks on Global Player. Go to Global Player for exclusive bonus episodes where John offers candid reflections on what he's discovered during each interview, what surprised him and what we can learn from it all. Download it from the App Store or go to
01:47 07/11/2022
Adrian Chiles
Adrian Chiles has graced our television screens for over two decades. On this episode of Full Disclosure he discusses the pressures of being in the public eye, his Brummie background and his difficulties with alcohol. His latest book, The Good Drinker is out now.
72:30 03/11/2022
Noel Fitzpatrick
Noel Fitzpatrick is the face of Channel 4's hugely popular factual series, The Supervet. As well as a being a vet Noel has worked as an actor, appearing in Heartbeat and The Bill in the early 2000s. He speaks to James about his life and love for animals. He also speaks bravely to James about his experience of being sexually abused as a child.
64:14 27/10/2022
Sara Pascoe
Since she was 14 years old Sara Pascoe knew she wanted to be famous. Her passion for performing was realised after being sent to drama classes as punishment for a chaotic house party Sara hosted. The multi award-winning comedian's brand new and biggest live tour to date, Success Story runs from November 2022 - April 2023.
64:25 20/10/2022
Amanda Owen aka The Yorkshire Shepherdess
At one of the highest and most remote locations in England sits Swaledale hill farm where Amanda Owen tends to her thousand sheep and nine children. Despite having no agricultural blood, she has become the most famous farmer in the country, starring in Channel 5’s highest rated factual series, Our Yorkshire Farm. She is now the author of five Sunday Times Bestselling books, that latest of which, Celebrating the Seasons is out now in paperback.
62:40 13/10/2022
David Dimbleby
Moments of high drama in Britain's recent history are punctuated by the voice of one man. For nearly half a century, broadcaster David Dimbleby has led us through the shifting sands of general elections, referendums and royal deaths. He speaks to James about the magic of those moments as well as BBC impartiality and bedtime reading. His autobiography, Keep Talking: A Broadcasting Life is out now.
60:38 06/10/2022
Andy Burnham
Dubbed 'King of the North' at the height of the pandemic, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham speaks to James about why he sees the country of his birth as containing 'two Englands'. After growing up in a catholic Labour family in Aintree, Burnham went on to study at Cambridge but did not fit in. He tells James why.
57:42 29/09/2022
Ian McEwan
When he graduated with a master's degree from the University of East Anglia, Ian McEwan did his level best not to have a job. He is now recognised as one of the finest British writers of his generation. Born in Aldershot, McEwan spent his childhood crossing continents wherever his father, an army officer. was posted. His latest novel, Lessons is his most autobiographical yet.
71:30 22/09/2022
Emily Maitlis
When Emily Maitlis started reporting from Hong Kong as a young journalist, by her own admission, she wasn't very good. Since then she has interviewed some of the most powerful people in the world and her 2019 interview with Prince Andrew dropped a bombshell which led to the Duke of York having to give up his royal duties. She now presents The News Agents, a Global Player Original podcast.
65:24 15/09/2022
John Cleese
John Cleese is one of Britain's most celebrated cultural icons. The actor, comedian, screenwriter and producer is best known for Monty Python and for playing Basil in Fawlty Towers, co-written with his first wife, Connie Booth. With a career spanning over half a century, Cleese realised he could make people laugh before he'd reached his teenage years.
59:56 25/08/2022
Michael Rosen
Some of us manage to embody a youthful playfulness throughout our lives and the writer, broadcaster and academic, Michael Rosen is probably one of the best examples. He is one of Britain's best-known and most-loved authors, continuing to write books and poems which capture the imagination of children and adults alike. His latest book, Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles is out on 15th September.
68:54 18/08/2022
Figen Murray
For 23 years Figen Murray worked as a counsellor helping people to get back on track so that they could lead happier, healthier lives. But on the 22nd of May 2017 her life as she new it changed forever. Figen's son, Martyn Hett was one of the 22 people killed in the Manchester Arena bombing. Remarkably Figen decided to forgive his killer. She now campaigns for better security in public places, has graduated with a Masters in counter-terrorism and speaks to thousands of children about radicalisation.
58:16 11/08/2022