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Who are the “Uglees”? Jamie and Stephanie are #SistersWhoPodcast! They use the Uglee Truth podcast to share their unfiltered and funny opinions about family, sex, men and more. The stories from their childhood and every day life are not average - their sisterly love and loyalty to each other isn't either. As for the two E’s in “Uglee”… it’s a term of endearment only sisters would understand.


Uglee Truth 668: Pokémon, Team Brenda and The Cape
Producer Dub sits in to hear Jamie talk about her new Pokémon Go friend and the recent passing of several celebs including Dr. Ruth, Richard Simmons and 90210 star, Shannen Doherty. Then, the Producer takes center stage. Wait until you hear this story! Thanks for listening.
27:24 15/07/2024
Uglee Truth 667: Exit Row, Ferris Bueller and Public Helium
Jamie recaps her and Producer Dub's first trip ever to Chicago. It was a Ferris Bueller type weekend filled with art, baseball and a really fancy dinner. And, of course, airplane adventures. Thanks for listening. Make sure to subscribe on your podcast platform so you never miss a show!
25:16 07/07/2024
Uglee Truth Sideshow: Top Chef Ends and Alone Begins
The Ugs are lighting some fireworks on this Sideshow episode by combining the finale of Top Chef Season 21 with the first few episodes of Alone season 11. Thanks for listening to our reality TV rants!
24:16 04/07/2024
Uglee Truth 666: Hot Ones 2024
In an evil coincidence, episode 666 coincides with our new July 4th tradition... an Uglee Truth version of Hot Ones. Producer Dub hooks Jamie and Stephanie up with varying degrees of hot sauce live on the show to see how they handle the heat. Thanks for listening and Happy 4th!
30:52 01/07/2024
Uglee Truth 665: Ice Breakers, Classmates and Horrible Things
We start this episode with a couple of awkward moments and it just descends into chaos from there as we share tales of old classmates and the terrible things we used to do to each other as latch key siblings. Thanks for listening HUgs!
21:47 23/06/2024
Uglee Truth 664: Baldwin, Swift and Lopez
It's been a hot minute since we caught up on the latest celebrity gossip. So we run with it and drop some Uglee takes on the latest from the water cooler! Thanks for listening.
16:47 17/06/2024
Uglee Truth Sideshow: Top Chef 21 Ep 7
It's our final Sideshow before the finale episodes of Top Chef Season 21. We are finally down to the final 3 chefs who are headed to Curacao for the final test of their skills. And the answer for how many times can we use a version of the word "final" in describing this episode is 5.. oh, 6!
15:43 14/06/2024
Uglee Truth 663: Reno, Whiskey and Omelettes
Producer Dub celebrates his "double-nickels" birthday in the Biggest Little City in the World. Listen in and laugh as Jamie shares all the adventure details with Stephanie and, of course, you - our loyal Honorary Ug! 
22:19 10/06/2024
Uglee Truth 662: Fasting, Cancer Hot and Fondling Flowers
Producer Dub sits in as Jamie and Stephanie allow him to be "on" the show (because it's his birthday) but he may only speak when spoken too.  Listen in as the Ugs talk about Jamie's 36 hour fast, the terrors of Sesame Street and get a lessen in molesting flowers so they'll bloom. Enjoy the show and wish Producer Dub a happy birthday!
25:19 02/06/2024
Uglee Truth 661: (Part 2) Perogies, Heavy Pours and Plane Poo
One episode could not contain all the adventures Jamie had travelling to Cincinnati so we broke it up into two parts. Here's even more stories from her first Midwest experience. Thanks for listening.
23:13 30/05/2024
Uglee Truth Sideshow: Top Chef 21 Ep 6
It's been a few weeks since Jamie and Stephanie have dropped an Uglee Truth Side Show for this season of Top Chef but that doesn't mean they haven't been watching... and judging harshly! Check it out so we are all caught up on the culinary shenanigans before this week's episode of Top Chef Season 21.
16:50 28/05/2024
Uglee Truth 661: (Part 1) Cute Surgeon, Air Marshal and a Flirty Server
Jamie forgot to hit record on their first attempt at this episode so, in true Uglee form, now you're getting #661 in TWO parts! Stephanie recaps her son's surgery and Jamie finally gets to share some of the fun travel details of her first trip to the Midwest! Listen now and watch for the continuing saga to drop in the form of Part 2 later this week. Thanks HUgs.
21:10 27/05/2024
Uglee Truth 660: Work Trips, Suprise Parties and Early Departures
Producer Dub sits in so he and Jamie can share the fun stories from their trip to Cincinnati that combined some work and some play - including a surprise party for a friend Jamie's never met in person. Listen in as they share travel thoughts and hilarious experiences from their visit to Ohio's Queen City! 
22:12 20/05/2024
Uglee Truth 659: Mother's Day with Jamie's Spawn
It's a Mother's Day episode with special guests who were created by Jamie, literally. Her grown children Tyler, MacKenzie and - for the first time on the podcast - Malia, take the mic to heave praise on their mother (at her request). Plus, famous family quotes as well as some infamous stories of not being able to make it to a bathroom on time help round out the show. Enjoy and Happy Mother's Day from the Uglee Truth!
24:56 12/05/2024
Uglee Truth Extra: Taylor's Version
It's the big moment you've been waiting for!  No, it's not another Taylor Swift album. But it is something just as good... it's the Ugs REVIEW of Taylor's latest, The Tortured Poets Department. Listen in as they share their favorite - and least favorite - songs and more on this Uglee Truth Extra!
20:12 07/05/2024
Uglee Truth 658: Ashy Bitches, Last Suppers and Homeless Bullies
On this episode, Jamie breaks one of Producer Dub's prized possessions plus the Ugs discuss skin care, their ideal final meal, sexy shoes and the fate of some of their bullies. Just another day in the luxurious confines of the Uglee Truth podcast. Enjoy!
28:12 05/05/2024
Uglee Truth Sideshow: Top Chef 21 Ep 5
Although this season of Top Chef has not been up to our usual standards, the hate watching is next level and the Ugs are here for it. Let's talk episode 5!
22:59 30/04/2024
Uglee Truth 657: Gravitational Pull, Adorable Docs and Black Nails
We might as well have called this the 'chilldhood trauma' episode. Whether it's inappropriate picnic dancing, little boy injurires or wine tasting with an attitude... it all comes back to how we grew up. Fortuately for all of us, we can look back now and laugh... which is why we have a podcast! Thanks for listening.
23:07 28/04/2024
Uglee Truth 656: The Giants, the Poet and the Wardrobe
Producer Dub - Jamie's husband - sits in for this show and is allowed to talk about baseball but NOT Taylor Swift. Plus, a change in seasons triggers another episode of 'I have nothing to wear'! Join us for this "Spouses Who Podcast" edition of the Uglee Truth!
16:59 22/04/2024
Uglee Truth Sideshow: Top Chef 21 Ep 4
The Ugs dish their thoughts on episode 4 of Top Chef season 21. It's still early in the competition  but Jamie thinks all the chefs are "mid" and Stephanie is not in love with this season's locale. That said, we can't stop watching! Tune it and catch up.
19:51 16/04/2024
Uglee Truth 655: Bachelors, Royals and Pregnancies
Who knows how they do it but leave it to the Ugs to make divorce, disease and hard pregnancies sound hilarious! Thanks for listening to episode #655 and don't forget to follow us on all the socials. #SistersWho Podcast
21:53 15/04/2024
Uglee Truth 654: Docs, Diddy and Fruit Salad
On this episode, the Ugs talk celebrity documentaries, the drama with Diddy and how they both suffer from exploding brain syndrome. Enjoy the show and don't forget to share some Uglee Truth with your feloow podcast lovers.
16:50 07/04/2024
Uglee Truth Sideshow: Bachelor Finale & Top Chef Premiere
The Ugs randomly came up with a new name for their reality TV recap episodes... SIDESHOW. Welcome to the first one where Jamie and Stephanie give their takes on the finale of The Bachelor and the return of their fave TV competition... Top Chef. Welcome to the sideshow!
14:55 01/04/2024
Uglee Truth 653: Shoulder Straps, Fake Names and Water Hoses
On this episode, the Ugs circle back on the Oscars since they hadn't discussed their favorite parts... fashion and music. Plus, an epiphany about how celebs name their kids and Jamie experiences an awkward moment from the other side. Enjoy the show and please share it with your fellow podcast fans!
17:22 24/03/2024
Uglee Truth 652: Airshows, Irritable Bowels and a Leo Sighting
On this episode, Jamie and Producer Dub go to an airshow and see the Blue Angels while Stephanie simply goes to work but manages to see Leo DiCaprio! Listen now and please don't forget to share the show with your sisters and friends.
15:57 17/03/2024
Uglee Truth Extra: Bachelor Recap 2
The Ugs are catching up on the last several episodes before Season 28 wraps soon. They may have lost interest but that doesn't mean they don't have opinions!
16:02 17/03/2024
Uglee Truth 651: Dueling Nostrils, Feared Creatures and Smelly Poo
Tyler, Jamie's oldest spawn and a fellow podcaster, sits in for Stephanie and proceeds to get called out on everything from his sleeping habits to his dream job as a Lighthouse Keeper. Plus a rousing (and disgusting) mother-son edition of 'would you rather' wraps up the show. Thanks for listening!
49:41 03/03/2024
Uglee Truth 650: Mr. Obsessed, Moving Violation and Mouth OIl
On this episode, Producer Dub hates being away from home, Jamie gets her photo taken (at a red light), the Ugs simply cannot share drinks and a little royal family news. All brought to you via the comedy stylings of the #SistersWhoPodcast! Thanks for listening.
51:29 24/02/2024
Uglee Truth 649: Samantha, the Tuttles and Griselda
The Ugs are back! On this episode, Jamie has a Sex in The City skin care moment and she and Stephanie talk child birth, crazy family history and their current binge-worthy show, Griselda. Thank you so much for listening to the #SistersWhoPodcast. Share the show with your friends!
41:02 19/02/2024
Uglee Truth Extra: Bachelor Recap 1
After having a blast recapping the Golden Bachelor, the Ugs decide to go all in on the drama and run it back. This mini series of Uglee Truth Extras will cover their thoughts on the 28th season of The Bachelor. On this first recap show, Jamie and Stephanie waited 5 episodes in so they could really get to know the contestants and the Bachelor so get ready for sparks to fly.
25:09 18/02/2024

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