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Who are the “Uglees”? Jamie, Stephanie and Paula are sisters! They host the Uglee Truth podcast twice a week to share their unfiltered & funny opinions about family, sex, men and more. The stories from their childhood and every day life are not average – their love and loyalty to each other isn’t either. As for the two E’s in “Uglee”… it’s a term of endearment only sisters would understand.


Uglee Truth Leftovers #550: Food Coma, Sister Wives Over and Hair Loss
This time last year the Ugs predicted that Sisters Wives was "over". So much for that - haha. Enjoy some Uglee Truth Leftovers and we'll be back with an all new episode next Sunday. We're so THANKFUL for you HUgs. #SistersWhoPodcast
65:22 27/11/22
Uglee Truth 595: Puppies, Posteriors and Prison
Stephanie's got a new puppy, Jamie ponders the cleanliness of male butts and both Ugs discuss how they would fare in a women's prison. All this plus some Holllywood gossip and our terrible Tik Tok tatstes. Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to order the 2022 editiion of the Uglee Truth Holiday Coffee Mug at
54:32 20/11/22
Uglee Truth 594: Fan Base, Palooza and Jealousy
On this episode, Stephanie gets "outed" at work and Jamie reflects on the loss of a dear friend. Plus, catching up on Sister Wives drama leads to a diatribe on jealousy. Please enjoy the show and don't forget to order the new version of our Uglee Truth Christmas Mug in time for the holidays.
60:32 13/11/22
Uglee Truth 593: Hairy Tongue, Goldie Mom and Water Beds
First up on this episode... celebrity death (of course) followed by celebrity fashion. Plus, the Ugs ponder having Goldie Hawn as a mother and ask the tough question... what do you do with an old water bed? Listen, laugh and show a little love by following us for LIVE shows on Twitch.TV/UgleeTruth.
54:09 06/11/22
Uglee Truth 592: Pet Tech, Potstickers and Pedicure Porn
On this episode, Jamie has had just about enough of a particular vet tech and Producer Dub (aka, Jamie's husband who sits in for Stephanie) has his ultimate "I was today years old" moment. Plus, while dining at the upscale restaurant where their daughter currently works, they decided to have an Only Fans conversation which included a debate about toe nails... for sale. Have fun with this one HUgs and thanks, as always, for listening.
50:09 31/10/22
Uglee Truth 591: Hedges, Sleepovers and Poor Disney
Get ready HUgs, it's one of those episodes where you're just gonna have to try to keep up. We've got bad radio station names, the neighbor's hedges, JLo rom-coms, assholes, sleepovers, how poor people do Disney and so much more. Thanks for listening and don't forget to follow us at Twitch.TV/UgleeTruth so you know when the next LIVE episode will be.
65:02 23/10/22
Uglee Truth 590: Diseased, Drama and Dahmer
Name another podcast that will hilariously talk about Covid, polygamy and serial killers all in one episode. Go ahead... we'll wait. _________  Anyway, we hope you enjoy episode #590 and please drop us a review on your favorite podcast platform and follow us on social to keep tabs on all things Uglee!
56:00 17/10/22
Uglee Truth 589: Caretakers, In-Flight Entertainment and a Sister Spin-Off
As Gen Xers, the Ugs wonder if their generation has any desire to take care of aging parents. Plus, Jamie had several entertainment options during her London flights and, after some Uglee and Awkward Moments, we voice our approval for a Sister Wives spin-off! Thanks for listening HUgs!
47:01 09/10/22
Uglee Truth 588: Across The Pond, Try Guys and a Clown Nose
The Ugs did it again! We went live on Twitch for #588 and here's the result. Jamie recaps her trip to London, Stephanie is "on the nose" with her Uglee and Awkward Moment and so much more. Thanks for listening and don't forget to follow our channel at so you get notifications for our next live show (and you can chat with us!).
66:52 03/10/22
Uglee Truth 587: Man Packing, Disney Adults and Pot Roast
On this episode, men are absolutely terrible at packing clothes - especially for someone else. Plus, Jamie has some hilarious "would you rather" questions for Stephanie and one of the Ugs can't live down the time she was caught licking her plate. Thanks for listening and please review and support the show. Deets at!
50:10 18/09/22
Uglee Truth 586: Mean, Matchmakers and Movies
On this episode from the #SistersWhoPodcast, Stephanie finds out she yells all the time and Jamie is struggling with one of her reality shows not living up to its premise. Plus, the Ugs discuss men who age well and their first video rentals. Thanks for listening and supporting the show HUgs!
48:48 11/09/22
Uglee Truth 585: First Livestream
For the first time in our 10 years of podcasting, we livestreamed the show. The Ugs decided to keep it simple for their first try so no video this time ;) but it was a blast interacting with live listener chat. This is the recording of that livestream - unedited. Enjoy and watch our social media and new Twitch channel for the next time (
56:48 04/09/22
Uglee Truth Extra: A Fantasy Sports Bet
Both Jamie and Producer Dub participate in a couple Fantasy Football leagues together. One of them has been historically great and the other... not so much. As the season approaches, the #SpousesWhoPodcast decide to have a little side wager.
10:59 31/08/22
Uglee Truth 584: Fluffing, Facebook Jail and a Road Trip
The Uglee Truth is back after a brief vacay week. Producer Dub sits in with Jamie so she can ask him about a rumored pre-sex ritual men have, explain why she got socially suspended and to recap the desert road trip they took to visit the newest addition to the family. Thanks for listening!
50:26 28/08/22
Uglee Truth 583: Olivia Newton John, a Doll Funeral and Mother Britney
On this episode, the Ugs mourn the passing of an Uglee Icon and Jamie has a script idea for an espiode of Bob's Burgers inspired - of course - by a true childhood story. Plus we've got a couple celeb takes on Britney, Princess Di and more. Thanks for listening!
49:01 15/08/22
Uglee Truth 582: Wild Kingdom, Generic Groceries and Vabbing
On this episode... the Ugs may live in the 'burbs but wildlife is still an issue... from skunks to rabid hummingbirds. Plus, Stephanie is a bread snob and Jamie shares the latest "perfume" trend (it's gross). Thanks for listening - don;t forget to share and rate the show. Love you HUgs!
55:40 07/08/22
Uglee Truth 581: Ivana's Grave, Ben's Tears and Marriage Advice
Now that Stephanie is back, the Ugs finally get to discuss all the celeb drama that's been piling up. Plus, after a hilarious Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week segment, your favorite podcast sisters share marriage advice as Jamie and Producer Dub get ready to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. 
67:12 31/07/22
Uglee Truth 580: Comic Con, Goat Cheese and Jiminy Cricket
Producer Dub sits in so he and Jamie can nerd out on all the Comic-Con announcements and recap their bougie weekend getaway in Wine Country. Plus, the Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week where a certain producer-slash-husband almost face planted in a really busy airport.
46:57 25/07/22
Uglee Truth 579: Bad Beaver, The Bear and Emmy Noms
Any show that starts with bad beaver and ends with the flinging of utensils must be listened to, posthaste. Enjoy HUgs (that's honorary Ugs for you new listeners) and don't forget to support the show by shopping at our online beauty store!
48:50 17/07/22
Uglee Truth 578: Turbulence, Eavesdropping and Uber Black
Having fully recovered from their Hot Ones bonus episode, the Ugs are back to the business of being sisters and catching up on all things Uglee. Including some airplane adventures, people watching and even a little celeb gossip. Thanks for listening and telling your friends (and sisters) above the show!
50:00 10/07/22
Uglee Truth Extra: The HOT ONES Episode
Stephanie is obsessed with the show Hot Ones, a sort of game show where celebrities are interviewed while eating progressively hotter hot sauces... so she and Jamie decided to do their own version and it turned out hilariously hot. By the end, the sisters get humbled!
31:27 03/07/22
Uglee Truth 577: Red Eyes, Burying Grounds and Onion Sandwiches
Jamie and Producer Dub are on this show to share the many adventures of their first trip to Boston.  Spoiler alert... the visit itself was great but, with the exception of crashing, everything that could go wrong with air travel did. Come hear this craziness and more on this episode of the Uglee Truth podcast!
54:26 27/06/22
Uglee Truth 576: Solitude, Sad Squirrels and Over-Sharing
On this episode... your favorite podcast sisters need some solitude dammit! Plus - TV star diets, the Alone squirrel, the "no conversation" feature on Uber and so much more - with all the hilarious ramblings you've come to expect from the Uglee Truth. Thanks for listening!
64:39 19/06/22
Uglee Truth 575: Airplane Anxiety, Britney Jean Got Married and Break Ups
On this episode, both Ugs have exciting travel plans but they also have airplane anxiety. Plus, so much celeb news to share, specifically Britney Spears' wedding and Justin Bieber's face. And we've got HUglee and Awkward Moments too! Thanks for tuning in.
47:29 13/06/22
Uglee Truth 574: Birthday Week, B Television and Cherry Pits
Producer Dub sits in to help recap his birthweek getaway with Jamie who planned their adventure to a new kind of wine country. Plus, the #SpousesWhoPodcast share thoughts on the newest in TV including The Boys, Barry and "Ben" Kenobi (all B's). And, finally, we learn about Jamie's odd cherry habit... it's worth the wait.
59:42 06/06/22
Uglee Truth 573: Drunk Tears, Douchebag Diner and Top Gun Memories
Happy Memorial Day HUgs. New episode for ya complete with wine-soaked tears, a rich asshole at a fancy restaurant and even some childhood blockbuster movie flashbacks. Thanks for listening and recommending our podcast to your friends and family... especially your sisters!
40:57 29/05/22
Uglee Truth 572: Pinterest Purse, Rockstar Wedding and Celeb Court
On this episode, Jamie has a tip for men who struggle buying gifts and the Ugs dive deep into the celeb world with their takes on the Judds, Britney, Captain Jack Sparrow, Kanye and more. Plus, their Uglee and Awkward Moments of the Week. PS: Don't keep this podcast to yourself... share with others. Thanks HUgs!
41:46 22/05/22
Uglee Truth 571: Stand Ups, Plaster Penises and Fart Stories
As you likely guessed from the title, Producer Dub is sitting in. He and Jamie saw a couple comedy shows recently and they have thoughts on hecklers. Plus, Jamie shares the story of Cynthia "Plaster Caster" and also has some serious questions to ask her husband/producer. Hope you enjoy another #SpousesWhoPodcast episode! (Don't worry, Stephanie will be back for #572)
56:04 16/05/22
Uglee Truth 570: Musk, Moms and Mouth Oil
Happy Mothers' Day from the Ugs. We've got a great episode for you where we share our thoughts on Twitter, motherhood and our aversion to spit, drool and other "mouth oils". Plus we've got mom-themed Huglee and Awkward Moments too. Thanks for listening.
55:08 08/05/22
Uglee Truth 569: Travel Plans, Naomi Judd and Naked Neighbors
On this episode... Jamie and Producer Dub have finally locked down travel plans for their anniversary. Plus, the Ugs remember Naomi Judd and Stephanie gets a surprise in the snow during a weekend getaway. Thanks for listening HUgs, you're the literal best!
48:20 01/05/22