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London-based International Keynote Speaker and Pragmatic Futurist Andrew Grill looks at what's new and what's next, providing practical and pragmatic advice in each episode, where he is joined by global experts to talk about the near-term future. A futurist for over 35 years, Andrew will help you and your business stay ahead of the curve. Find out more at


S3 Episode 4: Bret Greenstein from Cognizant on Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence 38:21 10/05/21
S3 Episode 3: Sue Walter CEO of family members club, Maggie and Rose 48:12 07/04/21
S3 Episode 2: Gabriel Luna-Ostaseki on distributed working 34:07 29/03/21
S3 Episode 1: Tom Morley the Rockstar Activator 43:34 01/03/21
S2 Episode 9: Jeremy Thompson - Executive VP Huawei UK 35:01 06/08/20
S2 Episode 8: The Future of Podcasting with Podnews Editor James Cridland 48:03 10/06/20
S2 Episode 7: Advice for running a company or working in one during Covid-19 33:48 17/04/20
S2 Episode 6: Thriving in a time of uncertainty with Dr Lynn Gribble 24:54 23/03/20
S2 Episode 5: The Future of Professional Relationships with Andy Lopata 41:31 09/03/20
S2 Episode 4: The Future of 5G with Paul Scanlan CTO Huawei Carrier Business Group 33:05 24/02/20
S2 Episode 3: The Future of The Internet of Things with Ron Rock from Microshare 37:21 10/02/20
S2 Episode 2: The future of Podcasting with Minter Dial 24:10 27/01/20
S2 Episode 1: The Future of Cyber Security with Nick Coleman from IBM 38:38 13/01/20
S1 Episode 15: The Future of Disruptive Thinking with Nicole Yerson 34:23 02/12/19
S1 Episode 14: The Future of Cryptocurrency with Jeremy Epstein 27:06 18/11/19
S1 Episode 13: The Future of Content Marketing with Eric Fulwiler from 11:FS 20:54 04/11/19
S1 Episode 12: The Future of Retail with Julian Fisher 28:49 20/10/19
S1 Episode 11: The Future of your digital afterlife with Dr Elaine Kasket 33:52 06/10/19
S1 Episode 10: The Future of Data with Lauren Walker 36:27 22/09/19
S1 Episode 9: The Future of Open Banking with James Varga 29:09 08/09/19
S1 Episode 8: The Future of People Management with Dr Lynn Gribble 28:43 25/08/19
S1 Episode 7: The Future of Pitching for Success with Peter Hopwood 17:32 11/08/19
S1 Episode 6: The Future of Employee Communication with Ethan McCarty 31:41 28/07/19
S1 Episode 5: The Future of Digital Transformation with Tiffany St James 33:17 14/07/19
S1 Episode 4: The Future of Work with Dom Price from Atlassian 33:02 30/06/19
S1 Episode 3: The Future of Voice with James Poulter 39:59 17/06/19
S1 Episode 2: The Future of AI and Ethics with Minter Dial 23:32 03/06/19
S1 Episode 1: The Future of Communication with Martin Brooks 39:09 17/05/19