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What makes Love Island so successful? 35:45 03/08/22
Is Ireland heading towards another recession? 30:03 28/07/22
What do the recent extreme temperatures tell us about future Irish summers? 22:27 21/07/22
Will Dublin's metro actually be built this time around? 22:10 14/07/22
By Noteworthy: Is Ireland a dumping ground for poultry manure? 22:02 09/07/22
Why are energy prices still going up? 23:49 07/07/22
Why was Roe v Wade overturned and what does it mean for US laws? 33:43 30/06/22
What's the future of EU defence - and how does Ireland play a role? 32:38 21/06/22
Why is homelessness in Ireland on the rise again? 35:59 16/06/22
Why is it so hard to take action on mass shootings in the US? 31:49 08/06/22
What’s causing the chaos at Dublin Airport? 30:21 01/06/22
What is Sláintecare and how does it aim to reform Ireland’s health system? 34:12 27/05/22
Why isn't Ireland winning Eurovision? 35:16 19/05/22
What does the election result mean for the future of Northern Ireland? 32:56 12/05/22
In the age of disinformation and misinformation, how does factchecking work? 38:28 05/05/22
What is the situation like for people fleeing Ukraine? 28:39 28/04/22
Why is cutting turf so bad for the environment? 34:00 22/04/22
How are war crimes investigated and prosecuted? 34:42 14/04/22
Is there a revival of the Irish language underway? 31:00 07/04/22
What is the census used for? 28:42 30/03/22
How secure is Ireland’s food supply? 30:16 24/03/22
Is the internet bad for our brains? 26:13 16/03/22
What is NATO and what's Ireland's involvement in it? 32:02 08/03/22
What is life like for people in Ukraine, and for those who have left? 36:07 02/03/22
By Noteworthy: How is inadequate care impacting people with eating disorders? 21:36 01/03/22
Why did Vladimir Putin invade Ukraine? 39:10 24/02/22
By Noteworthy: Are public works on our rivers damaging biodiversity? 21:37 21/02/22
How did a truckers’ protest in Canada spread to other countries? 28:24 18/02/22
By Noteworthy: What can be done to improve Irish childcare? 27:26 15/02/22
What is driving Ireland's rising cost of living? 28:21 11/02/22