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A Podcast of Geography and geospatial technologies


A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 699
News: Geographer Yi-Fu Tuan passes away FTC Sues data broker for tracking location information Newly published research shows Arctic lakes are drying up Hydrosat gets Tier 1 remote sensing license for thermal imaging Esri Small Nonprofit Organization Grant Initiative Geospatial Revolution: Mapping the Pandemic nominated for regional Mid-Atlantic Emmy    Topic: Geospatial Metaverse  NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH - AI, Metaverse, and Digital Humans   Events:  Earth Science Week, October 9th - 15th International Geoethics Day, October 13th, 2022 Geography Awareness Week, November 14-19th, 2022 GIS Day, November 16th, 2022
44:33 08/09/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 698
News: Landsat 9 hand-off Google fined in Australia  New USGS Director sworn in  Artemis 1 going to the moon on Aug. 29th    Topic: Geographic connections for back to school season   Events: ICPARS2022 International Conference on Precision Agriculture and Remote Sensing: 20-21 September, Toronto CA RGS-IBG2022: 30 August to 2 September, Newcastle UK and online
35:05 23/08/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 697
News: OSM turns 18 New Google Maps Functionality Critical Flaws in Chinese GPS Chip - US Government advises to stop using Xiaomi previews consumer-targeted smart glasses Storm chaser drones gathering data during hurricane season Rhine way lower than it should be (and way earlier than normal) UKHO Admiralty Maritime sunsetting paper charts after 222 years. SpaceX Falcon 9 launches with South Korea's first Moon mission Events:  ICMSEGARS2022: 09-10 December, New York
32:03 10/08/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 696
A look back at Landsat's 50 years on our 17th anniversary episode.
31:00 24/07/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 695
News: Esri UC - personal favorites FCC Proposes new definition for broadband OGC joins metaverse standards group FTC will address exploitation of location and health data First images from James Webb Space Telescope Topic: This week Jesse asks questions about time in geospatial Events:  Geography2050: 17-18 November, New York  GeoWeek 2023: 13-15 February, Denver AAG 2023: 23-27 March, Denver
48:34 21/07/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 694
News: Winners of the 2022 ArcGIS Online Competition for HS and MS students ArcGIS Pro 3.0 requires .net 6 Ed license now includes Drone2Map Standard QGIS 3.26 Smarty geocoding plug-in  Drone data on demand service Projection trading cards Topic: Web GIS is Modern GIS? - teaching GIS as web-based - where are we, what are positives/negatives, etc. Events:  geocom: 11 October, London
48:22 06/07/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 693
News: Xona testing GPS alternative demo satellite UK looking at PNT options Google’s “Dynamic World” app Google Maps add Air Quality Index on iOS and Android Apple Maps expanding Airbus expanding data access through OneAtlas GeoTech Center updating GTCM, get involved BRICS countries developing data sharing satellite system
23:20 24/06/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 692
News: The Great American Rail-Trail and US Bicycle Route System  Google ARCore Geospatial API Google’s new camera will fit in any car  NOAA Aids Largest-Ever West Coast Oyster Data Map Topic: How to address imposter syndrome and the value of an elevator speech   Events:  Teaching and Learning About the Anthropocene: June 21, Virtual Education Summit @ Esri UC: July 9–12, San Diego, CA Esri User Conference: July 11–15, San Diego, CA
49:43 09/06/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 691
News: Google Immersive View  Google’s Scene Exploration isn’t a landscape explorer…yet Close call for Sentinel 1A USGIF: new scholarships and working group to focus on diversity  Topic: This week we speak with Hannah Gunderman about the importance of data management for cultural geographers and qualitative data sources Events:  HxGN LIVE Global 2022: 20-23 June, Las Vegas CommercialUAV Expo: 6-8 Sept, Las Vegas GIS-Pro: 2-6 October, Boise, Idaho
45:05 26/05/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 690
News: Declaration on the future of the Internet  A new letter regarding Ligado  A Drone caught smuggling guns Topic: Webmaps MiniTokyo3D WV511 Monterey aquarium FlightAware Birdcast live bird migration map Chicago Crime Map Nasa Earth at Night #Onemilliontweetmap Human Atlas The National Map NOAA C-CAP Land Cover Atlas LandsatLook U.S. Census Interactive Maps San Diego Wildfire Emergency Map Haiti Earthquake Map OSM Show Me The Way Radio Garden
38:06 12/05/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 689
News: Trimble releases (re-releases?) Sketchup for iPad  Planet’s Pelicans Nature Conservancy partnership launches dynamic kelp map No More Anti-Satellite Missiles in the US Drone Blood Delivery Works in Rwanda Mapping signal interference between 5G and GPS To the moon ESA to test GNSS on the moon A KNaCK for the moon   Events:  Digital storytelling festival: May 10 - June 12, virtual State of the Map 2022: August 19-21: Florence, Italy
28:34 28/04/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 688
News: Arctic scientists work with indigenious tribal elders study Alaska Kotzebue ice  New appointments to NGAC Imagery market forecasted to continue to grow   Topic: What is geospatial today? The constant progression of the definition, focus, and industry    Events:  8th International Conference on Cartography & GIS, Nessebar, Bulgaria 20-25 June  WVAGP 2022 Conference: May 24th, Morgantown WV
42:45 07/04/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 687
News: GPS on Benchmarks program Yellowstone thermal vents mapped Newberry’s Crossings exhibit   Topic: Unexpected challenges in working with GIS  
43:06 31/03/22
A VerySpatial Podcas -_Episode 686
News: MWC GISCI Endorsement Designation Program NGA developing commercial imagery buying guide Goes-t Launch USGS Releases topoBuilder Tool for Custom Topographic Maps New collaboration between Rumsey Map Collection and Machines Reading Maps. mapKurator will scan text in 60,000 georeferenced Rumsey maps. Concerns about Russia targeting GPS, Communications  Hawkeye 360 Premise  
43:50 11/03/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 685
News: SpaceX loses several satellites  Koalas are an endangered species in parts of Australia  GISCI announces June exam date Topic: Isaac Brodsky, fourSquare talks about Unfolded’s hex tiles Try it out at Events:  GeoIgnite 22: 1-3 March, virtual Citizen Science Conference, 23-26 May, hybrid
33:41 24/02/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 684
News: Google's Firmina subsea cable will run from Myrtle Beach, SC to South America SpaceX Satellite Internet NOAA GOES T launching on March 1st Landsat 9 operational Nearspace 10cm available Public Labs ISS to be retired in 2030 GRASS GIS 8.0.0 released Endurance22 expedition sets to find's Shackleton's lost ship Topic: A few questions about this round of the Metaverse Events:  GISPro call due March 15 Trimble Dimensions+: Nov 7-9, Las Vegas
45:36 10/02/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 683
AVSP Episode 683 January 23, 2022   News: Sentinel 1B issues Tonga eruption 2021 was 6th warmest year 44 superdove satellites launched ArcGIS IPS GISP-R US 5G rollout delayed around airports Topic: We speak to Alastair Bonnett about his 2020 mass market book, Elsewhere, which looks at the role islands play, and touch on his new academic text, Multiracism.  Events:  GEOINT 2022 Symposium GEO Business 2022
55:25 30/01/22
Spatial Conversations - Interview about GeoEdC
This week Barb and Frank speak with Nicole Ernst, Associate Director of the GeoTech Center about the Geospatial Education Certificate (GeoEdC). 
21:55 22/01/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 682
News: CES2022 overview Topic:   Frank and Barb sit down with Rebecca Theobald for the second part of our recent series of discussions on redistricting.     Events:  HxGN Live Global: 20-23 June, Las Vegas Commercial UAV Expo: 6-8 September, Las Vegas
49:36 10/01/22
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 681
News: NOAA approves sell of 10cm data Geospatial Maturity Assessment report Topic: What is “your Geography”? What is your 'take on', 'approach to', path to “here” etc Events:  GIS Pro 2022: 3-6 Oct, Boise
40:11 28/12/21
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 680
Housekeeping: We will be receiving an AAG Media Achievement Award Topic: This week we talk to Dr. Emily Yeh of the University Colorado Boulder about her time as the President of AAG, the breadth of Geography, and the upcoming AAG Conference in NYC.  Events:  SatShow 2022: March 22-24, Washington, DC
39:44 15/12/21
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 679
News: NASA and ESA partner on collaborative tool and open data  Unity acquiring WETA tools DJI Mavic 3 Snapchat map continues to grow Lockheed Martin contract to build GPS IIIF satellites 15, 16 and 17 (SV15-17) Trimble creates three scholarships to honor Gladys West Topic: Project sustainability is an ongoing issue in digital (and analog) work as accessibility, technology, and data formats change overtime. This week we discuss some issues and offer some options to begin to address these long term issues.
49:52 02/12/21
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 678
News: SpaceX Crew-3 mission successfully launches and docks with ISS - CREW-3 MISSION - SpaceX - Updates COP26  Fugro New Generation of Unmanned Surface Vehicles Topic: Interview with Christopher Fowler, Associate Professor of Geography and Demography, Penn State University
37:41 16/11/21
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 677
News: Hexagon Power Portfolio 2022 QGIS 3.22 released NGA launched the Phase 4a of its MagQuest Challenge Landsat 9 proceeding through commissioning phase Topic: Geography Awareness Week 2021 National Geographic AAG AGS   Events:  GeoWeek2022, Feb 6-8, Denver, CO
27:40 03/11/21
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 676
News: GEOINT News: NGA plans annual reassessment of commercial remote sensing NRO issues BAA call for commercial remote sensing technologies Preview of NASA'a VIPER Lunar Rover Vautrin Lud Geography Prize goes to geographer from the National University of Singapore Topic: Geo certificates revisited GeoEdC Certification NatGeo Certification ASPRS Certifications GISP Certification GeoINT Certification RGS Chartered Geographer      Events:  DH2022: 25-29 July, Tokyo 
53:38 22/10/21
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 675
News: Landsat 9 launched Earth Science Week Geography Awareness Week  Topic: Local foods as a representation of Cultural Geography  Events:  Geography2050 November 15-19, Virtual
49:58 05/10/21
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 674
News: Amtrak scholarships Landsat 9 launch coming up Topic:   This week we ask some questions about the ideas surrounding data response and data preparedness for hazard events    
46:50 15/09/21
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 673
News: Greek Scientists want to name heat waves National Geographic and DeBeers partner on Okavango Eternal project  NASA debuts new interactive website for Landsat 9 ahead of launch  Next 3 GPS III satellites complete (sv06, 07, 08) Space Force’s Main Job - Protecting GPS Topic:   A quick discussion on the need for resilience in our technology and systems as highlighted by some recent issues.  Events:  URISA’s LEAP conference: Feb 1-3, Virtual AAG: Feb 25- March 1, in-person & virtual
33:17 03/09/21
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 672
News: Trimble providing venture funding Haiti Earthquake Census redistricting data available now Topic: Recreating landscapes - snapshots in time and space  Events:  UAS Summit & Expo: 13-14 Oct, Grand Forks, ND
53:05 20/08/21
A VerySpatial Podcast - Episode 671
This week we look back on 16 years and celebrate Barb's dissertation defense 
52:10 27/07/21