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The Unexplained With Howard Hughes

Join Howard Hughes as he explores the world of the unexplained, live from London Howard has been in conversation with some of the world's most renown mediums and paranormal investigators, more information is available on The Unexplained website - where you can join the mailing list, contact Howard and more!


Edition 760 - Dr David Whitehouse
Author, astronomer and acclaimed broadcaster Dr David Whitehouse tackles the hottest current space topics. We ask if we'll find alien life in the cosmos, has it been here already, are we prepared for an asteroid impact, what happens next with the material from Bennu? And there's much, much more...
66:28 01/10/2023
Edition 759 - Lauri Loewenberg
A slightly shorter edition than usual. Accomplished and engrossing dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg - as featured on a call-in segment of the tv show... Are your dreams the "washing machine of your psyche"... and do they contain deeply important messages?
43:10 01/10/2023
Edition 758 - Sarah Bax Horton
London-based Sarah Bax Horton has spent years researching London's most infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper... His killing spree - targeting women - started in 1888. Over the decades many people have been suggested - but the killer was never caught, even though, apparently, a prime suspect was known to police and investigated. Sarah Bax Horton identifies the man she thinks carried out the crimes, backed by detailed evidence. "MURDER DETAILS INCLUDED - LISTENER DISCRETION ADVISED*
63:59 24/09/2023
Edition 757 - UAP Update
Recently there has been the NASA UAP News Conference and the showing of alleged "alien mummies" in Mexico. I discuss these events with Congressman Tim Burchett, Steve Bassett from the Paradigm Research Group and astronomer and author Dr David Whitehouse... And I ask will we ever get "disclosure?"
53:03 24/09/2023
Edition 756 - Kevin D. Randle
US Military Veteran Kevin D. Randle is a ufologist and highly respected researcher on Roswell. He's just updated his important work on “The Washington Nationals,” a series of stunning UAP sightings and encounters in and around the US capital in 1952. (Book published by Flying Disk Press. In the light of what is happening in 2023, we discuss this remarkable case and ask if there are similarities to today's situation.
46:59 19/09/2023
Edition 755 - Lorraine McAdam
Lorraine McAdam, in Cumbria, UK, waited a lifetime to write her true story of encounters with what she calls “strange beings”. She wrestled with the question of what they want with her – but now she has decided to reveal what she has been through for decades in a book/memoir - “Phantoms in the Night or ETs?”.
62:24 19/09/2023
Edition 754 - Fr. Malachi Martin
The late Father Malachi Martin was a Catholic priest and exorcist in New York and perhaps Art Bell's most memorable radio guest. I talk with ex-CIA man Robert A. Marro who knew this enigmatic person and his deeply unusual work as an exorcist and fighter against evil.
50:00 09/09/2023
Edition 753 - Liz Cormell
On this edition paranormal investigator Liz Cormell...just confirmed as the fifth Guest Speaker on The Unexplained Live cruise 2023,with Marella Cruises. She joins Andrea Perron,Dr David Whitehouse,David Rolfe and Malcolm Robinson in our North American East Coast odyssey from October 22nd. Liz - who is also a "witch" and psychic - worked as a police forensics investigator...Next year she launches her own paranormal tours. She has many amazing stories to tell and a clear, methodical approach. **Cruise details and a special micro-website link on my recent Podcast Special Edition**
67:53 09/09/2023
Edition 752 - Calvin Parker - A Tribute
We regretfully announce the death of Calvin Parker - whose life was changed in October 1973 in one of the most famous and notable "abduction" incidents in the history of Ufology. Calvin died a week ago - his family wished for this news not to be released until after a family memorial service on September 2nd in Pascagoula, Mississippi. In this edition you will hear the recollections of Calvin's friend and publisher Philip Mantle from Flying Disk Press - then you'll hear the full interview with Calvin from 2018. RIP Calvin - a humble and decent man who had a truly extraordinary experience.
107:19 02/09/2023
Edition 751 - Stephen Chong
Stephen Chong in Queensland, Australia had a very different near death experience - and it caused him to write a book - "The Afterlife - A Journey" about dying and what happens beyond it. He says the book was effectively "channeled" through him.
63:27 02/09/2023
Edition 750 - Nicole Tito
Chicago-based Nicole Tito has been investigating ghost cases for more than 20 years...Her new book tells her story...explains EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and the "Estes Method"of communicating with "spirits" We discuss the book "Estes Method and EVPs" and get Nicole's tips for ghosthunters and detail equipment that can be used. Plus we hear some fascinating real location recordings.
62:15 26/08/2023
Special - Unexplained Cruise 2023
It's here! - The Unexplained Live 2023 - with Marella. You loved last year's cruise in the Mediterranean - this year we have more fabulous locations and spellbinding Guest Speakers. From October 22nd we cruise on the Marella Discovery from Florida up the East Coast of the US and on to Canada - visiting places including Newport Rhode Island, Portland, Boston - and Sydney and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our Guest Speakers for you to see, hear and meet are Andrea Perron from "The Conjuring" marking that movie's 10th Anniversary (joining us for the day in Boston), superb Dr David Whitehouse - author and astronomer, David Rolfe - who made the world famous film about the Turin Shroud and acclaimed author/broadcaster/researcher Malcolm Robinson. *Plus one more Speaker to be confirmed. Full details and dates are here - (*REMEMBER TO USE THE SPECIAL BOOKING CODE "PODCAST100" for a £100 discount per booking - valid till September 30th) See you at sea!!
07:34 23/08/2023
Edition 749 - Cruise 2023 Announcement / Malcolm Robinson
Special Edition - featuring Malcolm Robinson - one of the guests on The Unexplained Live 2023 Cruise - with Marella Cruises. Full details of the amazing and excellent Guest Speakers and the fabulous ports of call will be announced SOON. On this Edition we unveil the 2023 Cruise - and Malcolm Robinson talks about his new book "Paranormal Case Files of Great Britain..." *The Cruise is provided by Marella - Howard Hughes hosts the events.
66:53 20/08/2023
Edition 748 - Extended Pascagoula Special!
A new and SPECIALLY EXTENDED version of my tv feature with Philip Mantle and Irena McCammon Scott on the 50th anniversary of the Pascagoula alien abduction case in October 1973. This includes the full version of my August 2023 interview with Maria Blair - who says she and her husband Jerry were also taken that night. You'll also hear Sheriff Diamond, for the first time broadcast the Calvin Parker hypnosis session and a very rare recording of Charles Hickson. *This edition is an extended 80 minute version of material aired on tv - for podcast listeners only.
80:10 20/08/2023
Edition 747 - Tony Healy
Veteran Australian Yowie researcher/author Tony Healy in Canberra - a conversation about some of the 300 amazing cases in his new book "The Yowie File".
86:34 12/08/2023
Edition 746 - Jeremy Corbell Update
From the tv show, an important update from investigator and film-maker Jeremy Corbell on the UAP story. Also Harvard Professor Avi Loeb who established the Galileo project...
34:01 12/08/2023
Edition 745 - The Case That Shocked America
Rebecca F. Pittman has written "The Murdaugh Murders" about a case that shocked America. For more than a year, a big question revolved around the fatal shootings of the wife and son of disgraced South Carolina personal injury attorney Alex Murdaugh - Who killed them? **LISTENER DISCRETION ADVISED – MURDER DETAILS DISCUSSED!**
59:06 05/08/2023
Edition 744 - UAP Update
After the July 26th Washington UAP Hearing - from the tv show... the views of UFO author/researcher Preston Dennett, Chrissy Newton from The Debrief - who broke the David Grusch UAP revelations , Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute and Professor Bart Kosko... He discusses the UAP story and gives his insights on AI and LLMs... (*Please note there is some very mild audio interference on the sound feed from Bart Kosko)...
55:21 05/08/2023
Edition 743 - UAP Hearing 26/07/23
A wrap-up of the astonishing Congressional Oversight Committee UAP Hearing, 26th July ,2023. In the words of of one Congressman - "We made history here" I talk with Steve Bassett , Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group who has campaigned for three decades on this issue - Steve was at the Hearing, in Washington DC. What happens next? We get Steve's overview..
66:57 27/07/2023
Edition 742 - Mark Christopher Lee
This edition features British Indie-band founder Mark Christopher Lee - from the award winning "The Pocket Gods" - He talks about his paranormal experiences, his work in creating music that has made worldwide headlines and his new documentary "Aliens vs Gods" - where he asks questions about what happens to religion of we get "disclosure"?
54:09 23/07/2023
Edition 741 - UFOs/Charles Manson
This is the whole first hour of the recent radio-only show (Jul 16 , 2023 ) many of you have been unable to find on the station's website. It features Nick Pope - UAP update, Cal Cooper -Parapsychologist, Kelly Jaakola - Dolphin expert, Ivor Davis - Veteran British Hollywood reporter and expert on the 1960s Charles Manson cult-murders.
54:40 23/07/2023
Edition 740 - Philip Mantle - Pascagoula - Extended!
**Exclusive - extended conversation includes extra material** ...Philip Mantle and Irena McCammon Scott's new book on the Pascagoula alien abduction of October 1973 is due out in September. It includes much fresh information and a lot of data unseen for nearly fifty years. This excellent book is from Philip's Flying Disk Press.
71:03 16/07/2023
Edition 739 - Margalit Fox
"The Confidence Men" is the spellbinding tale of two servicemen - one British and one Australian - who pull off a daring prison escape during World War One - using pure deception - and a Ouija Board! It's a story involving lies, paranormality, deep terror and comedy... Margalit Fox is a superb storyteller and researcher.
51:19 16/07/2023
Edition 738 - James Szubski
A new guest - remarkable researcher and outdoorsman James Szubski who studies mysterious phenomena reported regularly in Washington State, USA through reports that come into his "Margie's Outdoor Store". They include Bigfoot, UFOs, a huge local big cat species, orbs, missing time experiences and much more...
69:56 10/07/2023
Edition 737 - Guest Catchups
Some items from a recent tv show - including Professor Avi Loeb on his mission to Papua New Guinea on the trail of a "mysterious meteor", Space latest with Dr David Whitehouse, Spy writer and historian Nigel West on Hitler's alleged "escape submarine". Plus the legendary Tony Healy in Canberra, Australia with the latest on his Yowie research...
60:31 10/07/2023
Edition 736 - Christopher Jordan
Sound engineer, paranormal researcher and musician Chris Jordan on his belief sound can alter our mental state, move objects and perhaps bridge the gap between this "realm" and others...
67:00 02/07/2023
Edition 735 - UAP Update
Three guests from recent tv shows...Acclaimed researcher, podcaster and film-maker Jeremy Corbell on a proposed US law-change that might bring amazing revelations about "back engineering", Doug Poppa who visited the Las Vegas family who say they encountered an "alien," And - recorded just after the David Grusch revelations - Stephen Bassett from the Paradigm Research Group...
45:35 02/07/2023
Edition 734 - Mike Godfrey
Mike Godfrey is CEO of top international internet security company Insinia. We talk about AI, the internet, hacking trends - and his favourite subject Simulation Theory. Are we all part of someone else's technical creation?
67:09 25/06/2023
Edition 733 - Ross Coulthart/Whitley Strieber
Investigative journalist Ross Coulthart on the massive fallout from the David Grusch revelations... Plus acclaimed author Whitley Strieber on his new "alien" book "Them"...
55:20 25/06/2023
Edition 732 - Marcus Allen
The amazing Marcus Allen from Nexus magazine - with a lot more time than he gets on the tv show - We discuss many topics including the recent UAP revelations, AI and truth, whether we went to the Moon and Ancient Egypt...
83:59 18/06/2023