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Sword and Scale is a true crime podcast covering the dark underworld of crime and the criminal justice system’s response to it. The first episode launched January 1st, 2014 and feature stories of murder, abduction, rape, and even more bizarre forms of crime. It’s the purest form of true-crime where the raw uncensored audio tells the story. Everything from 911 calls to court testimony, interviews with victims and sometimes with perpetrators give listeners a 360 degree look at the seedy underbelly of human nature and so-called civilized society. Told from an everyman's point of view, Sword and Scale goes beyond the news clips and the sensationalist headlines to hold up a mirror to the audience and ask, "Is it us versus them? Or are we just like 'them' too?" Sword and scale proves that the worst monsters are real.


Episode 258
Micheal Redlick was a high-powered sports executive in his mid-sixties living with his kids and much younger wife, Danielle. To onlookers, the Redlick family seemed to have it all, but inside their gorgeous multi-million dollar home, misery had been brewing for decades and it all imploded on January 11, 2018.
73:13 19/02/2024
Episode 257
Sue Taynor was worried about her 21-year-old daughter, Jessica Sacco. She was bipolar, depressed, and vulnerable, having just gotten out of a bad relationship. When Jessica moved into a one-bedroom apartment in Urbana, Ohio, she began to open her home up to people who were a negative influence on her. Soon enough, there were six people living in the small unit. By the end of March, 2012, there would only be five.
82:45 05/02/2024
Episode 256
Several elderly women appear to have died of natural causes, until March of 2018 when a 91-year-old woman survives a brutal attack. As the pieces come together, police are led to a man named Billy Chemirmir—but unfortunately, they may be too late.
53:57 15/01/2024
Episode 255
In August of 2014, a masked thief, dressed in black, walked away with nearly $20,000 from an American Eagle store in Fort Worth, Texas. Three months later, the assistant manager of that store was found brutally murdered inside her burning apartment. Were these completely separate crimes or were they somehow connected?
81:47 18/12/2023
Episode 254
In February of 2017, 28-year-old aspiring cosmetologist Shannon Graves went missing. Five months later, a young married couple in Campbell, Ohio had plans to cook dinner at home. When they opened their freezer, they unexpectedly found something that horrified them. They found frozen pieces of Shannon.
92:25 04/12/2023
Episode 253
In June of 2013, the dead body of 29-year-old Melinda Schaefer was found inside the leasing office of the Harvest View apartments in Baltimore County, Maryland. The murder scene was a complete blood bath, and due to the communal nature of the office, homicide detectives were not able to rely on DNA or other forensic evidence to solve this crime. They needed to use old-fashioned police work to find out who had murdered Melinda Schaefer and why.
70:51 20/11/2023
Episode 252
In July of 2010, 15-year-old Sidnee Stephens was a troubled teen with a history of mental illness and running away from home so, no one in her immediate circle was too worried when she went missing yet again. Then, her dead body was found in the town creek. The investigation into Sidnee's murder would be long and strenuous, but most of all, it would prove just how unbelievably cruel and shortsighted teenagers can be.
69:14 06/11/2023
Episode 251
In June of 2013, 24-year-old Sarah Staudte became very ill and ended up in a hospital. Sarah’s internal organs were failing, her brain was hemorrhaging blood, and her doctors expected that Sarah was going to die. Yet, nobody could figure out the cause of the problem. Eventually, police were called in to investigate. They learned that Sarah’s father and brother recently had similar health complications before dying. Soon, the unbelievable and horrible truth came out. Someone was slowly, methodically, and systematically killing off everyone in the Staudte family.
77:12 23/10/2023
Episode 250
Amber Lynn Coplin was a 30-year-old mother of four getting her life back on track and living happily. But on November 13 of 2014, her teenage son came home to find her dead. It was obvious right away who had done this to Amber, but the full extent of how she had been murdered and what her killer had planned would create shock waves of disgust through the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
63:02 09/10/2023
Episode 249
On Mother’s Day weekend of 2018, a hairdresser named Joleen Cummings was reported missing after she failed to pick up her kids from their father. Soon Joleen’s car was found in a Home Depot parking lot and the mystery behind her vanishing would open up a rabbit hole of insanity like never before. This was one of the craziest cases Florida had ever seen.
79:04 24/09/2023
Episode 248
Emily Noble suffered a lot of loss in the last decade of her life but she always persevered. She was physically healthy and took her mental health seriously too. She never faltered. That’s why when she went missing in May of 2020 everyone suspected foul play except her husband, the prime suspect.
73:22 11/09/2023
Episode 247
On the day before Halloween, sisters Ashlee and Lisa Rucker were shot in the head inside their Florida condominium. There were four witnesses in the apartment, but only one truly knew what happened. Soon the world would find out who was responsible for this heinous killing and the years of tension that built up to that final day.
67:25 28/08/2023
Episode 246
The Robinson family seemingly had it all in a small town in upstate South Carolina. They had a lovely house, burgeoning careers, and 5 wonderful kids. But when a tragedy struck the family in January of 2021 the whole world was confronted with what happens behind closed doors. The lives of Ariel, Austin, and their children would never be the same again.
67:12 14/08/2023
Episode 245
In June of 1996, 18-year-old Angie Dodge was found raped and murdered in her Idaho Falls apartment. For Idaho homicide detectives, this case was a big deal. Violent murders like this didn’t typically happen in their area, and they were determined to send someone to prison for Angie’s murder. Unfortunately, to the detriment and disgrace of their careers and to justice, they were willing to do just about anything to make that happen.
96:50 31/07/2023
Episode 244
Isabella Guzman was 18-years-old when she savagely murdered her mother. Isabella’s crazy court appearances and attractive face turned her into a viral TikTok sensation overnight and all eyes were on her. But Isabella had been on a downward spiral for years and it turned out that the mother she blamed for all her misery was the only one who truly wanted to help her.
69:06 16/07/2023
Episode 243
When police in Vancouver, Washington received a 911 call the morning of January 7th, 2007, they didn’t expect the caller to admit to a murder in the first ten seconds. Law enforcement would soon discover that the caller, 25-year-old Dylon Ray Peterson, was even more unhinged than he sounded on the phone. Thankfully, the young man was willing to share with them every detail of what he had done.
66:07 25/06/2023
Episode 242
An unexpected crime in central New York state by the unassuming David Renz would send a town into a frenzy and a man named Bill Cregg on a mission. When he cradled Lori Bresnahan in his arms as she lay dying he made her a promise to protect her little girl.
63:38 11/06/2023
Episode 241
20-year-old Amanda Plasse was a bright and bubbly modern-day hippy that lived alone in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Sadly, her life was cut short in late August 2011. Amanda was found dead on the floor of her kitchen. She had been brutally stabbed to death. The murder of Amanda Plasse remained unsolved for over two years, and the investigation led detectives to suspect a new boyfriend, an angry ex-boyfriend, and a jealous ex-girlfriend. It wasn’t until a hidden clue inside Amanda’s apartment led the police to a killer that no one ever suspected.
75:02 29/05/2023
Episode 240
Independence, Missouri has never seen much crime, let alone against middle-class churchgoers. When 42-year-old Randy Stone was found dead in his insurance office in 2010, the list of possibilities was endless. Ultimately, a ripped up note in the trash can would lead detectives down a promising path.
61:39 15/05/2023
Episode 239
Fire fighters responded to calls leading them to Chattaroy Road in Colbert, Washington during the early morning of May 26, 2015. Rushing to the blazing scene, they quickly learned this was no ordinary fire. A deceased female had to be dragged from a hole cut into the home, but where were the other three family members who lived there? One answer was found in a fire fighter’s helmet lying on the ground, and it didn’t belong to anyone on the current force. Instead it belonged to Lieutenant Terry Canfield. Everyone loved Terry, and no one would believe he was wanted dead - except for one person. His daughter.
60:38 01/05/2023
Episode 238
In February of 2020, Orange County deputies reported to an address in Winter Park, Florida, and discovered the body of an adult male in a suitcase. This incident appeared to be a tragic accident triggered by alcohol, but upon further investigation, a deeper evil was finally unmasked.
83:09 17/04/2023
Episode 237
Megan Rose Hiatt thought she had met her Prince Charming when a handsome, military man named Gawain Rush Wilson waltzed into her life and swept her off her feet. A year later her world would be changed forever. Today we tell a story of tragedy and survival.
75:11 03/04/2023
Episode 236
On March 11th, 2018, 15-year-old Kyle Bancroft and his younger brother invited two teenage friends to a sleepover at their home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. By about 1:30 AM the following morning, everyone had gone to bed, but nobody would get a full night’s rest. Around 4 AM, a knife-wielding manic decided to go on a bloody rampage, fully intent on stabbing everyone in the house to death, as they slept.
65:37 19/03/2023
Episode 235
A young pregnant mother goes missing in the chill of an Arkansas December night. The small town of Rison and surrounding communities are well known fishing and hunting areas, but they also hold some sinister secrets. Cherrish Allbright wasn’t the only person to come up missing . Who would be found, and who wouldn’t? Were the disappearances related, and more curious, was there evil in the town of Rison where humans are mistaken for deer?
56:14 06/03/2023
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13:23 27/02/2023
Episode 234
In 2018, 25-year-old Amelia Bissoon worked as a personal banker in Florida. In July of that year, Orlando detectives questioned Amelia about 50,000 dollars that she had stolen from one of her banking clients, but as the police continued interviewing her, it became clear that what they really wanted was information about a much more serious crime. They wanted to know what role Amelia had played in a recent and gruesome double homicide.
71:06 19/02/2023
Episode 233
Philosopher John Locke believed that we have no innate ideas; our minds are blank slates upon which experience writes. Modern geneticists argue that we are nothing but the stage on which a play written by our genes is performed. The nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest philosophical issues within psychology, and countless experiments tested which theory is correct. However, none have ever come close to explaining what happened to 65-year-old Nancy Noone and her twin children.
68:17 06/02/2023
Episode 232
When the body of 17-year-old high school student Kendrick Johnson was found in his own Lowndes County gym back in January of 2013, the whole nation took notice. The case was odd, the investigation seemed to have major holes, and Kendrick’s family was convinced that law enforcement was involved in a county-wide murder coverup.
79:27 23/01/2023
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02:48 01/01/2023
Episode 231
The world can be a scary place when you’re young. After her husband moved to a nursing home Barb Olson thought the scariest times were behind her. At 78 she still had an active lifestyle. Between church, driving friends to their appointments, and the gym she was always busy. She still made time for her children and grandchildren though. That’s why when Barb missed her usual Tuesday morning visit with her daughter, Judy, she began to worry. When she went to check on her that afternoon she would discover more about her family than she wanted to.
68:19 31/12/2022

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