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The Quote of The Day Show is your daily dose of inspiration, featuring the best-of-the-best speakers and prosperity teachers. Each episode spotlights an inspiring quote and 5-10 minute motivational audio clip to help you live a life you love. Featured speakers include Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, and more. Hosted by entrepreneur and money mindset expert Sean Croxton. Follow Sean on IG, Twitter, and FB at @seancroxton. Also, subscribe to his interview podcast, The Sean Croxton Sessions, on iTunes.


1968 | Dr. George C. Fraser: “Bring Something to The Table.”
Are you bringing anything to the table? Today, Dr. George C. Fraser encourages you to bring value, skills, and knowledge to the table. If not, you won’t be invited back. Source: LC17 | Dr. George C. Fraser | First Financial SecurityHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
07:06 16/07/2024
1967 | Zig Ziglar: “You’ve Gotta Climb the Steps, You Can’t Skip Em.”
Today, Zig Ziglar reminds you that your success is a result of taking the steps required to get there. You can’t skip them. Plus, find out the best way to get a raise at work!Source: Be, Do and Have More - Zig ZiglarHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
10:22 15/07/2024
1966 | Grant Cardone: “How Do I Promote Myself Today?”
Today, Grant Cardone explores the common reasons why most business owners fail to get the attention they need to serve their ideal customers. Plus, how it’s never been EASIER to get eyeballs on you and your business. Source: Grant Cardone Speaks To Insurance Agents At 8% Nation!Hosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
14:03 12/07/2024
1965 | Alan Weiss: “Dare to Be Different.”
On today’s episode, author and consultant Alan Weiss reveals the secret to standing out in a crowded space. Source: Alan Weiss - GLAC SpeechHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
12:26 11/07/2024
1964 | Myron Golden: “Find Out What Rich People Do Financially, and Do the Same Things.”
Myron Golden reveals his “2-sentence wealth formula.” DO THIS, and it’s almost impossible to not get rich!Source: Two Sentence Wealth FormulaHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
14:02 10/07/2024
1963 | Lee Milteer: “It is My Imagination that Has Created My Success.”
Author and speaker Lee Milteer reveals how using your imagination can be the most important element of becoming the most successful version of yourself. Source: Lee Milteer Speaks at the 2014 GKIC SuperConferenceHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
08:18 09/07/2024
1962 | Les Brown: “If You Do What is Easy, Your Life Will Be Hard.”
Les Brown leads off the week discussing the HARD WORK required to build the life you want. If you’re not willing to take the hits, to be courageous, and to hear the rejections, your life will not change. You’ll just come up with more excuses.Source: Take Charge of Your Life - Les BrownHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
13:29 08/07/2024
1961 | Harv Eker: “I Win the Game When I’m Free.”
On today’s Finance Friday episode, Harv Eker reveals the secret to cutting your time to financial freedom in half. Source: Millionaire Mind IntensiveHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
09:31 05/07/2024
1960 | John F. Kennedy: “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You, Ask What You Can Do for Your Country.”
On today’s special Independence Day episode, we celebrate with an excerpt from President John F. Kennedy’s inspiring inaugural address in 1961.Hosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
02:26 04/07/2024
1959 | Bob Proctor: “When You’re Dealing with Infinite You Can Never Take More than Your Share.”
Today, the late Bob Proctor discusses the time freedom that comes along with money, how there’s more than enough money to go around, and why the key to growth is a commitment to boundless study.Source: The Secret To Wealth Mind & Money Strategies Bob ProctorHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
11:28 03/07/2024
1958 | Eric Thomas: “The Truth of The Matter is That You Ain’t There Because You Ain’t There.”
Motivational speaker Eric Thomas encourages you to raise your game if you want to get to the next level. Commit to putting in more time, more work, and more self-discipline. Remember, what got you here won’t get you there. What do you need to change?Source: Eric Thomas - NO EXCUSES (Eric Thomas Motivation) - No MusicHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
07:31 02/07/2024
1957 | Lisa Nichols: “Are You Willing to Risk it All to Gain it All?”
Lisa Nichols reflects on what it took for her to become a successful speaker and author. Find out what it looks like to be non-negotiable, to take risks, and to be willing to put the world on notice. Plus, she reveals 4 things abundant thinkers do to live extraordinary lives.Source: Step Into Your Purpose For Coaches & Educators | Lisa NicholsHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
12:40 01/07/2024
1956 | Leo Buscaglia: “Time is Ticking Away.”
Leo Buscaglia shares a story to remind us to make good use of our time. Stop planning what you’re going to do ONE DAY; do it NOW.Source: Leo Buscaglia – A Time to LiveHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
09:44 28/06/2024
1955 | Robin Sharma: “Less Talk, More Do.”
On today’s episode, Robin Sharma reveals how to be an effective, high character leader who gets things done and has an IMPACT on the lives of others. Source: WGS17 Sessions: The Anatomy of a Future LeaderHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
11:42 27/06/2024
1954 | Myron Golden: “The Root Always Comes Before the Fruit.”
Do you struggle with selling your products and services to others? On today’s episode, Myron Golden shares why your lack of sales may be rooted in your attitudes and opinions about being sold to. Source: Money Making Expert: Exact Formula For Turning $100 Into $100,000 Per MonthHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
07:24 26/06/2024
1953 | Brendon Burchard: “You Make Yourself Sick.”
On today’s episode, Brendon Burchard reveals how our repetitive “what if?” thought patterns can spin us into physical sickness. Source: THIS is Why Stress Overwhelms YouHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
09:56 25/06/2024
1952 | Lisa Nichols: “Are You Willing to Just Jump?”
THIS is what can happen when you declare your future. Lisa Nichols challenges you to claim what you want, to believe you can do it, and then … spread your wings, take the leap and go do it.Source: Live Your Life Purpose | Lisa NicholsHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
08:52 24/06/2024
1951 | Alan Weiss: “When You Become an Object of Interest, People Flock to You.”
Consultant and speaker Alan Weiss shares his strategy for becoming an "object of interest" by improving your vocabulary and boosting your IQ.Source: Alan Weiss Presentation at Harvard UniversityHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
04:28 21/06/2024
1950 | Zig Ziglar: “People with Nothing to Do, Want to Do It with You.”
Today, the legendary Zig Ziglar shows you how working smarter can save you an hour a day by being more decisive, taking responsibility, and setting your objectives for the day. Source: Motivation by The Masters' Master, Zig Ziglar "Building a Healthy Self-Image”Hosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
11:39 20/06/2024
1949 | Louise Hay: “Would I Like This Thought to Create My Life?”
Today, Louise Hay discusses how you create your life by the thoughts you think and the words you speak. Plus, find out how you can use affirmations (and a mirror) to plant the seeds of thought for a new future.Source: Louise L. Hay - The Universe Loves Grateful PeopleHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
09:09 19/06/2024
1948 | Michael Wickett: “All I See is Part of Me.”
On today’s episode, Michael Wickett shares 3 questions that can help you reframe difficult situations so you can change the direction of your thinking and no longer be controlled by the judgments of other people.Source: Personal Power: Living a Life of Confidence, Determination, and InfluenceHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
09:36 18/06/2024
1947 | Les Brown: “Live Your Life Now, Be Happy Now, This is Not a Dress Rehearsal.”
Motivational speaker Les Brown reveals how all the power you need to take control of your destiny is already within you. Discover how to become stronger than the obstacles, and how to attract the ideas, strategies, and people that will help you make it happen. Source: Classic Les BrownHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
11:41 17/06/2024
1946 | John C. Maxwell: “The Greatest Gap Between Successful and Unsuccessful People is How You Think.”
Leadership expert John C. Maxwell shares how understanding and applying the principles of mind is the key to changing your thinking so you can change your life.Source: JOHN MAXWELL FILLING YOUR MIND TO FULFILL YOUR LIFEHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
11:42 14/06/2024
1945 | Dr. Wayne Dyer: “You’re Right About That.”
On this week’s Throwback Thursday episode, Wayne Dyer shows you how to end any potential argument or conflict with just 4 words.Source: Applying the Wisdom of the AgesHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
08:33 13/06/2024
1944 | Jenna Kutcher: “You Can Relearn the Way You Think About Yourself.”
Podcaster and digital marketing expert Jenna Kutcher shares a 3-step framework for how you can rewire your brain, become a bigger believer in yourself, and lift up others.Source: MAXOUT LIVE FULL EVENTHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
15:59 12/06/2024
1943 | Tony Robbins: “We Don’t Get Our Goals, We Get Our Musts.”
How did Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky become the greatest of all time? How can YOU raise your game to a level that most will never achieve? Today, Tony Robbins reveals the one thing that will create the lasting change you’ve been looking for.Source: Tony Robbins Motivation - How To Discipline Your ThoughtsHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
13:26 11/06/2024
1942 | Dr. Willie Jolley: “The Best is Yet to Come."
Motivational speaker Dr. Willie Jolley reveals 5 simple steps to having a winning attitude that turns setbacks into comebacks.Source: TEDxNASA - Willie Jolley - Turning Setbacks Into ComebacksHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
12:00 10/06/2024
1941 | Wayne Dyer: “Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You.”
Today, Dr. Wayne Dyer reveals the common denominator of the many geniuses he studied. They didn’t die with their music still in them. Nor should you.Source: Applying the Wisdom of the AgesHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
15:37 31/05/2024
1940 | Kamilah Stevenson: ”Don’t Wait Until You're Dying to Think About Living.”
On today’s episode, Kamilah Stevenson encourages you to take control of your health … before it’s too late.Source: Thinking Your Way Into Health | Kamilah Stevenson | TEDxWillowCreekHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
14:56 30/05/2024
1939 | Mel Robbins: “Forward is Forward; I Don’t Care How Small it is.”
Today, Mel Robbins reveals 4 traps of self-doubt. Tune in and hear Mel coach two audience members through two of the traps — hesitancy and hiding.Source: How to Beat Self-Doubt in 5 SecondsHosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram
13:26 29/05/2024

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