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Take Control of Your Pet's Health with Dr. Becker

Welcome, pet parents and pet lovers! If your goal is to create vibrant health for your animals I invite you to tune in to Dr. Becker's podcast. She covers dozens of topics that will equip you to make the best health and wellness choices for your companions. Subscribe now!


Giving Elderly Dogs a New Home Discussion Between Dr. Karen Becker & Karen Cole 12:57 24/10/21
Best of Series- Educating Pet Parents on the Importance of Nutrition 14:22 20/10/21
Game Changer Series- Following Your Passion for Rescue 21:10 17/10/21
Best of Series- The Struggles of Holistic Veterinary Medicine 47:56 13/10/21
Expanding Your Animal Care Operations Discussion Between Tamara Belotti & Dr. Karen Becker 20:20 10/10/21
Best of Series- Expanding Into Holistic Practice 10:28 06/10/21
Giving Abused Animals a Second Chance Dr. Becker Interviews Kate Sears 28:58 02/10/21
Best of Series- Changing the Direction of Your Practice 12:55 29/09/21
Best of Series- Rescuing Dogs 13:34 26/09/21
Best of Series- Rescuing Horses While Saving Humans 17:23 22/09/21
Game Changer Series- Giving Deaf Dogs a Chance To Be Heard 19:35 19/09/21
Best of Series- Following Your Passion for Animals 16:30 15/09/21
Best of Series- Rescuing Shelter Dogs in Canada 09:05 12/09/21
Best of Series- Taking Rescuing to New Heights 11:43 08/09/21
Helping Pet Parents Become Better Discussion Between Shelly Gibbs & Dr. Becker 19:49 05/09/21
Best of Series- Following Your Curiosity 19:34 01/09/21
Game Changer Series- Sharing the Passion for Raw Food 18:08 28/08/21
Best of Series- Treating the Entire Family 17:39 25/08/21
Best of Series- Being a Mobile Veterinarian 17:41 22/08/21
Best of Series- Dr. Becker Interviews Shelly Roche 21:20 18/08/21
Best of Series- Dr. Becker Interviews Dr. Donna Kelleher 16:51 15/08/21
Best of Series- Dr. Becker Interviews Dr. Jeff Feinman 12:18 11/08/21
Wrapping Up CANWI Awareness Week 13:24 07/08/21
The Science of Formulating Healthy, Homemade Diets for Pets 18:35 06/08/21
Specialized, Safe Nutrition for Individual Pet 17:15 05/08/21
AGEs in Ultra-Processed Pet Foods Can Lead to Disease Development 22:46 04/08/21
The Importance of Safe Food Handling in Formulating Specialized Homemade Diets 12:08 03/08/21
The Role of Dietary Advanced Glycation End Products in Cancer Development 21:21 02/08/21
CANWI Awareness Week: Insights Into Commercial Pet Foods: Can We Do Better? Yes, We Can! 11:07 01/08/21
Best of Series- Dr. Becker Interviews Dr. Jaime Gonzalez 11:48 28/07/21