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Take Control of Your Pet's Health with Dr. Becker

Welcome, pet parents and pet lovers! If your goal is to create vibrant health for your animals I invite you to tune in to Dr. Becker's podcast. She covers dozens of topics that will equip you to make the best health and wellness choices for your companions. Subscribe now!


Providing Alternative Healing Modalities Discussion Between Dr. Elaine Cebuliak & Dr. Becker
Dr. Elaine Cebuliak has made it her mission to help animals through nontoxic means while helping bring more traditional veterinarians to her fold.
14:42 19/03/2023
Best of Series - Understanding Animal Communication
Tim Link utilizes his talents to provide various services to his clients, such as consultation and helping find lost animals. He recounts how he started his journey in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
20:12 15/03/2023
Seeking Out More Effective Tools to Help Animals Better Discussion Between Dr. Brad Roach & Dr. Becker
Dr. Brad Roach eventually felt limited with his toolkit, which forced him to look for alternative methods of healing. He eventually liked this approach, which became his main way of practicing.
15:42 12/03/2023
Best of Series - Giving Dalmatians a Second Chance at Life
Pati Dane's organization rescues Dalmatians, as well as educating pet owners about responsibly caring for this breed. Listen to her story in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
09:01 08/03/2023
Creating Funds for Smaller Nonprofit Groups - Discussion Between Sally Williams & Dr. Becker
Sally Williams uses her talents to create meaningful change for cats in need. Listen to this interview to get an idea how she accomplishes her mission.
20:53 05/03/2023
Best of Series - Sheltering Pregnant and Nursing Dogs
Jeanne Strack realized that pregnant and nursing dogs weren't getting enough attention in shelters and decided to create a program around it. Listen to her story in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
15:59 01/03/2023
Traveling Around the World and Expanding Your Veterinary Worldview - Discussion Between Dr. Juliet Decaestecker & Dr. Becker
Dr. Juliet Decaestecker has been traveling around the world with her family for years now, gaining knowledge while helping animals along the way. Listen to her incredible journey in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
26:59 26/02/2023
Best of Series - Rehabilitating Both Dogs and Inmates
Catherine Laria runs Paws in Prison, a program wherein women inmates train and prepare dogs for adoption, resulting in a positive change for both parties. Learn how the program works in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
14:32 22/02/2023
Helping Homeless and Abandoned Animals Find Their Forever Homes - Discussion Between Sylvia Melendez & Dr. Becker
Sylvia Melendez runs a business catering to taking care of animals, creating a big foster network for animals in need. Get an idea on how she operates her business in this interview.
11:12 19/02/2023
Best of Series - Finding Passion Through the Process
Dr. Carol Falck didn't originally start as a veterinarian like most veterinarians did. Here's how she discovered her passion for treating animals.
13:30 15/02/2023
Creating a Rescue Group Dedicated to Salukis - Discussion Between Janet Noll & Dr. Becker
Janet Noll’s favorite dog breed is the Saluki, and has created a rescue group specifically for this majestic dog. Learn how she got her start in this line of work in this interview.
21:37 12/02/2023
Best of Series - Expanding Your Veterinary Toolbox
Dr. David MacDonald started out as a conventional veterinarian but eventually discovered new ways of treating patients in an integrative perspective. Listen to his journey here in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
13:37 08/02/2023
Loving and Rescuing Rottweilers for Almost 40 Years - Discussion Between Essie Dube & Dr. Becker
Essie Dube has been rescuing Rottweilers for almost four decades now. Get to know how she started and what keeps her going in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
10:07 05/02/2023
Best of Series - Going Beyond Foster Care
Nikki Carvey originally started fostering pets, but eventually created a full-fledged operation with Road Dogs Rescue. Here's how she started her journey.
15:52 01/02/2023
Best of Series - Providing Pet Care for Those Who Cannot
Genevieve Frederick runs Feeding Pets of the Homeless, an organization that helps provides care for pets owned by homeless people. Discover her story in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
17:21 29/01/2023
Best of Series - Educating Communities on TNR Programs
Pat Peters educates counties on the importance of TNR animal programs to keep the population controlled. Learn how he started his work in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
21:35 25/01/2023
Best of Series - Emphasizing the Importance of Nutrition
Today's Pet Game Changer Best of Series, is Monica Gonzalez Tovar, who was nominated by Belén M. Monica is a certified veterinary technician in Spain and a raw dog food nutrition specialist. She's certified in Veterinary Dietetics and Nutrition (in Spain), has taken several Royal Animal Health University courses, and is a member of the U.K.-based Raw Feeding Veterinary Society. In addition, she completed four of five years of veterinary school.
23:14 22/01/2023
Best of Series - Giving Senior Dogs Another Chance
Ever since adopting her first senior dog, Angela Balcom has continued her passion of caring for other elderly dogs and giving them a new chance at life.
08:55 18/01/2023
Best of Series - The Importance of Proper Feline Nutrition
Dr. Fern B. Slack is a veterinarian with an extensive knowledge in caring for cats. Discover her expertise and amazing insight in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
29:52 10/01/2023
Best of Series - Doing Small Things to Make a Big Difference
Ariel Gunn takes care of plenty of cats in her neighborhood and is very passionate about in caring for them. Discover how she grew up to love cats in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
19:45 04/01/2023
Best of Series - Helping Animals Through the Little Things
Dr. Julie Buzby helped create a product for dogs that can significantly improve their quality of life indoors. Find out her story in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
19:29 28/12/2022
Best of Series - Giving a Second Chance for Pit Bulls
Growing up with pit bulls, Jason Flatt started a rescue organization for the breed as he got older. Learn about his amazing journey in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
17:13 25/12/2022
Best of Series - Spreading the Goodness of Nutrition
Dr. Matthew Muir is a veterinarian who has worked in the U.K. and Australia and is particularly passionate about animal nutrition. Discover his story and his approach to animal nutrition in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
26:55 21/12/2022
Best of Series - Rescuing Animals
Sara Penhallegon runs Center Valley Animal Rescue, which takes care of different animals, both large and small. Learn how she got her start in animal rescue in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
17:50 14/12/2022
Taking the Plunge and Rescuing Animals Full-Time - Discussion Between Becca Edwards & Dr. Becker
Today’s Pet Game Changer is Becca Edwards, who turned her volunteer work in animal rescue into a full-time career as dog kennel manager at the Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County. A big part of Becca’s job is placing as many shelter dogs as possible into foster homes where they can receive the kind of attention that will best prepare them to find new forever homes. For people thinking about working at a shelter or rescue, Becca offers some sage advice: it’s important to be a people person as well as an animal lover when the goal is to find new forever families for homeless pets.
08:14 11/12/2022
Best of Series - Discovering Alternative Healing Methods
Dr. John Fudens has developed a passion for alternative healing methods for animals for several decades now. In this interview with Dr. Becker, he shares his long career and the bumps he faced along the way.
24:52 07/12/2022
Overcoming Roadblocks and Expanding Your Veterinary Toolbox - Discussion Between Dr. Peggy LaCombe & Dr. Becker
Dr. Peggy LaCombe initially started with conventional veterinary methods, but felt limited. She took the plunge with alternative healing methods, and has embraced them completely.
14:14 04/12/2022
Best of Series - Creating a Community for Natural Pet Care
April Arguin founded ReNewedPet, which provides consultations for pet parents, as well as offering supplements that may improve the health of their beloved animal.
20:22 30/11/2022
The Challenges of Rescuing and Fostering Captive-Born Foxes - Discussion Between Mikayla Raines & Dr. Becker
Mikayla Raines runs a rescue organization dedicated to foxes born in captivity, whether for fur or as personal pets.
20:38 27/11/2022
Best of Series - Providing Quality Aftercare Service
Dr. Christie Cornelius and her team provides private services for animals nearing their end of life. Learn how she started her business in this interview with Dr. Karen Becker.
23:42 23/11/2022