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My Seven Chakras With AJ

My Seven Chakras is a podcast that provides ancient wisdom for the modern mind.Through long form interviews, solo episodes and breathwork meditations, Aditya (AJ) helps his viewers discover how to calm their mind, relax their nervous system and experience deep states of bliss.Our community is called 'Action Tribe', so we're all about providing you simple, practical, proven, evidence-based techniques and methods to improve the quality of your life and notice a paradigm shift in how you look at life. Some of the topics we regularly explore include Breathwork, The Chakras, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Qigong and Spirituality.Try out an episode. I'm confident that you'll fall in love with our easy going, relaxed approach to personal transformation :)We're inspired by thought leaders like Wim Hoff, Anthony Robbins, Dan Brule, Ben Greenfield, Aubry Marcus, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Tim Ferriss, Niraj Naik, Anodea Judith, Oprah and Wayne Dyer who have all paved the way for Aditya Jaykumar (AJ) to listen to his calling of starting this podcast.AJ is always personally available to talk, chat, connect and help, so don't think twice about reaching out to him. We have a voicemail button on our website (, so feel free to leave a voice note! 


Ancient Chinese Breathwork Techniques To Reverse Aging with Bob and Fran 60:33 22/11/21
Scientific Proof Of After Life Spiritual Contact With Mark Anthony 79:59 25/10/21
Expressing Self-love Through An Oil Massage 18:30 20/10/21
Regulate Your Nervous System Using Breath Oriented Practices With Joseph Roberson 66:02 18/10/21
Can Trauma and Suffering Lead To An Extraordinary Spiritual Awakening with Steve Taylor 62:28 11/10/21
This Is Why You Must Believe In Yourself (Especially Now) 12:20 06/10/21
Neville Goddard Advanced Manifestation & Breathwork Workshop! 37:37 04/10/21
Ayahuasca, Tobacco and the Hidden Truth About Plant Medicine with Jeremy Narby 56:29 27/09/21
Yogic Cleansing, Detoxing, Purifying And Balancing With Swami Saradananda 52:23 20/09/21
How To Balance Masculine & Feminine Energies Using Breathwork 08:00 17/09/21
Tao Calligraphy, Healing Hands and the Radiance of Qigong Breathwork with Master Sha 79:36 13/09/21
Tantric Dating, The Osho Ashram In India, And The Importance Of Self Love With Catherine Auman 83:10 06/09/21
The Importance Of Vedanta With Breathwork Featuring Aditya Jaykumar 04:37 04/09/21
Heal emotional pain, rewire your brain, let go of negative beliefs and experience holistic healing 31:51 30/08/21
Udo Erasmus Explains The Foundations Of True Health | Episode 422 112:43 23/08/21
Shift Your Identity: Live Workshop Announcement (On-Popular Demand!) 43:02 19/07/21
Remembering Past Lives, Deja Vu And Karmic Desires (Remember Who You Are!) 90:24 28/06/21
Cyndi Dale Reveals How To Heal Your Subtle Energies, Your Chakras And Your Auric Field! 97:29 21/06/21
Mastering Breathwork For Success, Health And Peace Of Mind (Throwback Episode) with Dan Brulé 47:57 07/06/21
A Mystical Experience And An Exploration Into The True Nature Of Reality 27:12 03/06/21
Shift Your Identity, Change Your Life: Live Workshop Announcement 49:18 31/05/21
How To Prepare The Mind And Body For Meditation & Breathwork With Swami Saradananda 92:45 24/05/21
The 7 Mystical Laws Of Effortless Abundance (and how to use them!) 91:57 17/05/21
Deepen Your Intuitive Gifts, Connect With Your Divine Self And Reveal The Light Within With Wendy De Rosa 85:02 10/05/21
A Healing Breathwork Circle To Bring Mom Home 17:07 06/05/21
Magic Mushrooms: A Sacred Plant Medicine Journey For Healing And Spiritual Awakening 90:00 03/05/21
Think Like An Elite Athlete, Develop Inner Discipline And Love Your Physical Body! 81:18 27/04/21
Yoga Nidra, Digital Detox, Spiritual Growth And Letting Go Of Fear In A Stressful World 78:56 19/04/21
Lucid Dreaming, Alternative Realities, Manifestation And The True Nature Of Reality 79:14 06/04/21
Emotional Repatterning: Heal emotional pain, Rewire your brain, Let go of negative beliefs and Experience holistic healing 35:23 29/03/21