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The Clientside podcast is a regular discussion show hosted by digital agency founder and best-selling author Andrew Armitage. Each episode offers insights and discussion for those working “clientside” to expand their knowledge of digital marketing, strengthening the impact they can have in their job roles. The Clientside Podcast was created by Andrew because he wanted to capture some of the conversations he found himself having with clients on an almost daily basis. It’s clear that not every in-house marketer has the same opportunities to develop their skills, but being surrounded by fast-paced change makes it more important than ever to stay on top of new trends and technology in digital marketing. If you’d like to appear as a guest on the show, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to with details of a topic you’d love to talk about and the benefits that our audience would get from it.


Design systems for websites with Dan Donald of Zero Height
With a diverse career from full-stack dev to design system product owner working for large and small organisations and spell as a freelancer, Dan has straddled the worlds of design and development for most of his working life. Design systems have been a way of bringing these experiences together along with running teams, communication and collaboration. In this episode we talk about what a Design System is and how it adds value to a website - not just during the build but as the site grows and scales over time. I ask Dan about who should own and lead on the design system and we talk about some of the challenges around building and implementing a design system. Follow Andrew on Twitter at or connect on LinkedIn at Find Dan on Twitter at or on the Zero Height blog. Other links from this episode include: Dan Mall - Design Systems Coach Jhey Tompkins, Web Developer at Google Converge - The Design Systems Conference W3C Design Tokens Community Group Figma Figma Design Tokens Plugin 
41:53 05/12/2022
Ready PR One, with Caroline Joynson
Andrew talks in this episode to Caroline Joynson, founder of Cheerleader PR, about how to get a business 'PR ready', how to avoid PR overwhelm with the number of print and digital channels, solving copyright conundrums, and the super-savvy way to handle journalists. Read the full transcript and access the show notes at Follow Andrew on Twitter at or connect on LinkedIn at Find out more about A Digital at Get a free copy of Andrew's book, Holistic Website Planning at
37:12 26/09/2022
Making uni life digitally unique, with Jasper Hegarty-Ditton
Andrew chats to Jasper Hegarty-Ditton, head of digital and data at Leeds University Union, about digital transformation, sustainability, student summer balls and catering for the digital consumers of the future. Connect with Jasper on LinkedIn at Read the full transcript and access the show notes at Follow Andrew on Twitter at or connect on LinkedIn at Find out more about A Digital at Get a free copy of Andrew's book, Holistic Website Planning at
32:11 12/09/2022
How to create an investor-smart software startup, with Katie Nicholson
In this episode Andrew talks to digital startup expert Katie Nicholson about funding, investment and the vital importance of having clear goals when you approach potential investors. Katie works on a variety of corporate and start-up related projects and recently became co-director of Founded and Startup Grind Isle of Man. Her skills span specialisms including software development, e-gaming and early-stage investment industries. Connect with Katie on LinkedIn at Read the full transcript and access the show notes at Follow Andrew on Twitter at or connect on LinkedIn at Find out more about A Digital at Get a free copy of Andrew's book, Holistic Website Planning at
42:22 29/08/2022
How to rule your data before it rules you, with Akshay Upadhye
In this illuminating episode of The Clientside Podcast Andrew chats to Akshay Upadhye, co-founder and COO of spend analytics company Spendkey Limited. Drawing on more than 25 years' experience in technology and consulting, Akshay talks about the role and relevance of data in digital transformation projects, while guiding us on how not to get ourselves drowned in an ocean of unnecessary data. He also reassures us that there's one thing that will always get our creative juices flowing better than AI and ML ever could – and that's collaborating with other real human beings just like ourselves. Connect with Akshay on LinkedIn at Read the full transcript and access the show notes at Follow Andrew on Twitter at or connect on LinkedIn at Find out more about A Digital at Get a free copy of Andrew's book, Holistic Website Planning at
39:01 16/08/2022
Driving performance through excellence, with Vince Chan
In this episode Andrew talks to Vince Chan, an expert in digital transformation with experience at British Airways, NatWest Bank Investment, Shell Oil Company and Digicel. He proclaims himself a real believer in keeping things as simple as possible, building work cultures in which people can be 100% authentic with one another, and keeping a very close eye on customer sentiment. Connect with Vince on LinkedIn at Read the full transcript and access the show notes at Follow Andrew on Twitter at or connect on LinkedIn at Find out more about A Digital at Get a free copy of Andrew's book, Holistic Website Planning at
25:12 25/07/2022
GPS-enabled bison collars and 'root-and-branch' digital evolution, with Alice Kershaw and Robbie Still of the Wildlife Trust
In this podcast Andrew chats with Alex Kershaw and Robbie Still. Alex is head of digital transformation at the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT) and Robbie leads digital projects for the Kent Wildlife Trust. Here, they reveal how they coordinate their digital activities across a wide and complex network of organisations, and how – although their work involves everything from spreadsheets to bison collars – their daily drive is to deliver real change and benefits for people and for nature. The show notes and transcript can be found at
48:44 11/07/2022
Why people, culture, data, and every penny counts in the nonprofit sector, with Stephen Thorlby-Coy
"Tech and change have always been my passion", declares Hospice UK's digital supremo Stephen Thorlby-Coy. In this podcast he talks to A Digital's Andrew Armitage about why he loves using all the skills and experience he's gained over 20 years in the public, and private and third sectors to help transform people’s lives.
48:38 27/06/2022
The perfect blend of brand and user experience behind top companies, with Frank Fenten
Andrew talks to Frank Fenten of Manchester-based about what user experience means to him and why companies that put a simple customer led mission at the heart of their brand are so successful. Frank believes a marriage of brand and user experience lies at the heart of many of the world's most successful companies.
54:44 13/06/2022
Balancing work and life, with e-commerce specialist Nic Jones
Andrew speaks to Nic Jones, an e-commerce and online marketing specialist with over 20 years experience, both agency and client side. Over the years he's worked on both large e-commerce design-and-build projects and microsites, as well as SEO, PPC, SEM, and developing mobile apps. In this thought-provoking conversation Andrew and Nic somehow cover everything from pink flamingos to floating heads on computer screens, while delving into the sometimes strained dynamics between agencies and client sides. Nic calls himself a strategic thinker, and gives good tips on how to protect your mental health in a busy working life.
35:16 31/05/2022
Why customer comfort is always key, with Michael Jervis of MattressOnline
Andrew speaks to Michael Jervis, head of digital at e-commerce retailer Mattress Online. He leads all the company's technology implementations as well as digital marketing efforts in content marketing, product marketing, on-site promotions and traffic acquisition. In this episode they chat about about e-commerce, platforms, integrations, content, and why customer comfort is key – especially where mattresses are involved!
36:56 16/05/2022
Managing Cyber Risk with Dan Suttle
In this episode Andrew talks to Dan Suttle about cyber security. They chat about the role of the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), why maintaining software and applying security patches is so important but also about the range of cyber threats and how companies should prioritise their defences to ensure their assets are well protected.
45:26 07/03/2022
Understanding TikTok with Ethan Golding of Hustle Studios
Our first episode of 2022! Andrew talks to Ethan about the growth of TikTok. Ethan is just 23 and has set up is own agency in just 6 months. While Ethan’s agency is just 6 months old, like many of this generation, he’s grown up with social media using Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok for as long as he can remember.
41:29 02/03/2022
Strategic Marketing with Angelo Ponzi
Angelo Ponzi has  extensive, practical, hands-on experience in marketing, branding, advertising, research, and sales. He has worked in a multitude of industry segments and brand categories including B2B  as well as B2C. Brands he has worked with include Unilever, Disney, Ketel One Vodka, Nestle Purina and many more. On this episode Andrew and Angelo talk all things strategic marketing.
46:09 20/12/2021
Growing your YouTube Channel with Tom Martin
Tom Martin is certified by YouTube as an expert in both audience growth and digital rights. He has led the YouTube strategy for some of the world's largest and most successful media companies, gaining them millions of subscribers and billions of views. He speaks with Andrew about growing a YouTube channel and SEO optimisation.
44:57 06/12/2021
Influencer Marketing with Neal Schaffer
Description to add here.
43:32 08/11/2021
Systems and Processes for your Business with Claire Whittaker
Claire Whittaker is a business systems and automation coach and the founder Artificially Intelligent Consulting. Claire's vision is to change the way people are working in a way that prioritises freedom & creativity. Working at Amazon she managed global programs and experienced hustle culture first hand, seeing the impact on her own mental health. Claire has set out on a mission to help visionary entrepreneurs save 20+ hours a week by implementing processes to finally get their freedom back. Contact the show by sending an email to
41:36 11/10/2021
Strategy and Purpose with Alex Brueckmann
Alex Brueckmann is a globally active strategist, board advisor, and executive coach. Originally from Germany and now living in Canada, he works with business leaders so they can crystallise their organisational identity and build a legacy that extends beyond profit, creating value and making a sustainable impact. Alex is the author of an upcoming book called The Nine Elements of Organizational Identity which will be released late 2021/early 2022. To find the transcript and show notes for this episode, visit To contact the show, send an email to
55:04 27/09/2021
Making Audio Accessible with Svetlana Kouznetsova
In this episode of the Clientside Podcast Andrew Armitage discusses accessibility with Svetlana Kouznetsova. Svetlana Kouznetsova is an independent accessibility consultant whose combination of personal experience of deafness and professional experience with accessibility gives a valuable insight into the importance of accessibility. Details of the show, transcript and show notes can be found at Accessibility doesn't just apply to websites, it should apply to all content whether it is video, recorded or written. Svetlana highlights some of the more common issues which still today exist around accessibility and shares some extraordinary statistics!
30:25 13/09/2021
Blogging for Business with Alison Ver Halen
In this episode of the Clientside podcast Andrew Armitage talks to Alison Ver Halen about the value of writing and maintaining a blog for business. Blogging for business allows you to own your own content whilst driving traffic and attracting new customers! There is an investment in maintaining a blog, however in today's episode Alison shares some tips and tricks for getting the best return on that investment.
44:53 30/08/2021
Translating your Website with Wendy Pease
Translating your website to appeal to a wider audience is something that is becoming increasingly common. In this episode of the Clientside podcast Andrew Armitage talks to Wendy Pease of Rapport International about the considerations that are required to successfully translate your website. Wendy highlights the importance of considering the translation from a marketing and design perspective as well as the translation of the words, Wendy shares how you can get the best results from your translation agency along with some of the more common mistakes she sees.
50:39 16/08/2021
Copywriting for Websites with Sarah Townsend
We're all aware of the importance and role of good content, but getting a message across clearly can be difficult, especially when you've only got seconds to grab the readers attention. In this episode Andrew speaks to Sarah Townsend, a freelance marketing copywriter about the importance of good content, which comes first, the website or the copy and the mistakes she sees many people make when they are writing their own content.
44:14 02/08/2021
Google Core Web Vitals with Arjen Karel
Google's Core Web Vitals are a new set of metrics to measure the performance and usability of your website. While page speed has long been recognised to have an impact on how well your website performs, these new measures from Google are a strong indication that performance will be increasingly likely to impact your search engine rankings. In this episode, Andrew Armitage speaks to Arjen Karel, a web developer from the Netherlands specialising in website performance and they discuss the expected impact on search engine visibility and why performance is often a design choice that involves an element of compromise.
38:07 19/07/2021
Agency Relationships with Ollie Whitfield
Pool player and footballer on the weekends,  marketer and content fanatic in the week. Ollie Whitfield is plying his trade as a product marketer for B2B SaaS companies, VanillaSoft & Autoklose,  2 leading Sales Engagement platforms. In this episode, Andrew Armitage talks about researching and approaching agencies, the pitch process from a client perspective, what you can do to really help build a relationship with an agency.
39:47 05/07/2021
Email marketing with Keith Monaghan
Keith Monaghan has sent email campaigns to millions of recipients for some of the world's most recognisable brands including Western Union, bike brands Specialized and Trek, Lucas Film and Nike. In this episode, Andrew Armitage talks about privacy in email marketing (which is timely given the more recent announcement from Apple), whether email automation needs to be personalised and the importance of not over-complicating your campaigns. Keith’s mission is to simplify marketing and help businesses of all sizes reach their customers with good, solid marketing that gets results. He's the author of 'Easy Email Marketing: 10 Simple Steps For Creating And Sending Email Your Customers Will Love'.
38:01 21/06/2021
User Generated Content with Lorraine Ball
In this episode of the Clientside podcast Andrew chats to Lorraine Ball from about user generated content, what it means, how to do it and what to do when it goes wrong. Lorraine highlights the importance of customer satisfaction and how using reviews, as the most basic level of user generated content offers several opportunities. We discuss the challenges that data privacy brings and some of the fun user generated campaigns you may have come across online.
45:32 07/06/2021
Growth in a Crisis with Elliott King
Andrew Armitage talks to Elliott King about growth in a crisis. The discussion focuses on the impact the recent crisis has had on businesses from different sectors and how strategy is crucial to get through the next few months. We discuss how having a short term plan and nurturing your current clients is vital. We touch upon the different types of growth and Elliott highlights the importance of measuring growth. As we get closer to the end of the year, we discuss how you can prepare for 2021 and what strategy you can put in place to give yourself an advantage.
43:56 30/11/2020
Product Innovation with Bryce Davies
In this episode of the Clientside podcast Andrew speaks with Bryce Davies from about innovation and what it really means. Bryce highlights the importance of not innovating for the sake of innovation and that during uncertain times re-engaging with customers and understanding their problems can be a great driving force for innovation. Bryce believes that building a relationship with customers is the key to innovation. Bryce suggests rather than allocating time to innovate, allocate time to talk to your customers as innovation doesn't have to be coming up with the next big idea.
44:18 16/11/2020
Creativity and Innovation with Dave Birss
Andrew Armitage talks to Dave Birss about creativity and innovation. We discuss what creativity means and the many misconceptions people have surrounding it. Dave highlights that businesses are needing to innovate more than ever before, due to the pandemic and has some examples of those who have done so successfully. We discuss the idea of brainstorming and the flaws that are typically found in attempts to be creative, solve problems and generate ideas when under pressure to do so. Dave leaves us with some tips on how to structure the creative process including figuring out what you want the output of a session to be and working back from there.
48:07 02/11/2020
The Golden Toilet with Steve Brown
In this episode of the Clientside Podcast Andrew speaks with StoryBrand certified fellow agency owner Steve Brown. We discuss Steve's book - The Golden Toilet: Stop Flushing Your Marketing Budget into Your Website and Build a System That Grows Your Business. Steve highlights four crucial components that make up what he has called the business growth stack. They are marketing automation, campaigns, sales automation and clear messaging. We discuss websites and the importance of understanding your real aim before re-building yours. Most people have an expectation of what their website will do for their business, however getting the messaging correct first is key. Steve refers to this as HEO, human experience optimisation. In this increasingly virtual, digital world we are living in, having some human connection is critical. Steve compares a website to a toilet, everyone needs one, but is it what makes a house a home?
45:12 19/10/2020

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