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The Clientside Podcast

The Clientside podcast is a regular discussion show hosted by digital agency founder and best-selling author Andrew Armitage. Each episode offers insights and discussion for those working “clientside” to expand their knowledge of digital marketing, strengthening the impact they can have in their job roles. The Clientside Podcast was created by Andrew because he wanted to capture some of the conversations he found himself having with clients on an almost daily basis. It’s clear that not every in-house marketer has the same opportunities to develop their skills, but being surrounded by fast-paced change makes it more important than ever to stay on top of new trends and technology in digital marketing. If you’d like to appear as a guest on the show, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to with details of a topic you’d love to talk about and the benefits that our audience would get from it.


Systems and Processes for your Business with Claire Whittaker 41:36 11/10/21
Strategy and Purpose with Alex Brueckmann 55:04 27/09/21
Making Audio Accessible with Svetlana Kouznetsova 30:25 13/09/21
Blogging for Business with Alison Ver Halen 44:53 30/08/21
Translating your Website with Wendy Pease 50:39 16/08/21
Copywriting for Websites with Sarah Townsend 44:14 02/08/21
Google Core Web Vitals with Arjen Karel 38:07 19/07/21
Agency Relationships with Ollie Whitfield 39:47 05/07/21
Email marketing with Keith Monaghan 38:01 21/06/21
User Generated Content with Lorraine Ball 45:32 07/06/21
Growth in a Crisis with Elliott King 43:56 30/11/20
Product Innovation with Bryce Davies 44:18 16/11/20
Creativity and Innovation with Dave Birss 48:07 02/11/20
The Golden Toilet with Steve Brown 45:12 19/10/20
Branding with Megan Matthews 42:31 05/10/20
Lead generation and SEO with Danielle Gagnon 40:56 21/09/20
ABM in Inbound Marketing With Joe Birkedale 45:55 07/09/20
Business Story Telling With Steve Rawling 51:32 24/08/20
SEO with Thomas Marriott 41:49 10/08/20
Customer Journeys with Will Laurenson 38:15 27/07/20
Digital transformation with Richard Godfrey 40:04 13/07/20
Podcasting with James Mulvany 35:09 29/06/20
Communication in a Crisis with Jonathan Hemus 37:57 15/06/20
Network Marketing on LinkedIn with Scott Aaron 47:16 01/06/20
Making an Impact with your Communication with Dominic Colenso 37:44 04/05/20
Let's Get Visible with Sapna Pieroux of Innervisions ID 45:26 07/04/20
Business Impact of Social Distancing and Coronavirus 27:39 23/03/20
Essential Skills for Digital Marketers with Andrew Armitage 36:56 23/09/19
Digital Skills with Veronica Swindale 50:25 09/09/19
Talking about website security with Matt Shearing 33:46 26/08/19