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Free advice from three of the world's most qualified, most related experts: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For one-half to three-quarters of an hour every Monday, we tell people how to live their lives, because we're obviously doing such a great job of it so far.


MBMBaM 678: Travis-Level Funny
Buckle up, y’all, Hogflesh pirate radio is taking over the waves! Join Skin Pigs, Hog Flesh, and Oink Meat as they talk about the sports we all love, sexy science nerds, and that one commercial with Tom Brady and the mattress. Post-order Hunk Green’s 2018 novel “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” at Suggested talking points: Touchdownton Abbey, Match-Rizz Matchmakers, Afflecktation, Our Cousin Billy Zane, Trickle-Ouroboros EconomicsHawai’i Community Foundation:
61:15 18/09/2023
MBMBaM 677: Am I the Sphincter?
It's that time of year again! Time to make our case to the great pumpkin demon so that we might be allowed to have that good good fall flavor in all our foods instead of being destroyed.Suggested talking points: Dr. Samantha Brainmedicine, Sigmund Slip, Griff of Theseus, Start Lickin', Pumpkmanis, Second Jeff, Soul KegelsHawai’i Community Foundation:
70:29 11/09/2023
MBMBaM 676: Face 2 Face: Teddy Laid it Down Sideways
LIVE from beautiful San Jose, a real Justin town, with questions about haunted wedding venues, accident cheese, and the looming threat that is robots giving us no more than the mandated number of chicken nuggets.Suggested talking points: The Holy Spirit Takes Orders from ME , Subliminal Jackson, Parkour Plateau, Pre-Show Big Burrito Bowl, Pennywise Ate All Our PostersHawai’i Community Foundation:
67:52 04/09/2023
MBMBaM 675: A Great Lay But a Real Wet Hug
We’re doling out the wisdom – that’s right, old school full-circle Farm Wisdom from us, to you. When’s the best time to eat asparagus? How do you clean that thick denim? And how do you get sand out of a Tuba? It’s You-you-useful information!Suggested talking points: Fartichokes, You Gotta Have a Mirepoix Going On, Laundry Antagonist, 25-21 Years Outside of Highschool, Storage Wars OST, Wet Stink Meat Please, Try to Vape the PissEarthjustice:
55:26 28/08/2023
MBMBaM 674: Plato's Rave
We’ve finally done it. We’ve come up with the single most ambitious business idea of all time. We want to tell you about it, but you’re gonna have to listen to the full episode, because conceptually it cannot be contained in this description. Also for real, we’ll know if you show up at the Container Store after you’ve listened. Don’t do it.Suggested talking points: Submitted for the Approval of the Gary Society, Chat GPT Made That Squirrel, We're PLURs, not WHDDs, Sauce on Six, Staind-Brand Earplugs to Block Out Trapt MusicEarthjustice:
77:55 21/08/2023
MBMBaM 673: Face 2 Face: You Will Pass Your Stones
Live from the Balboa Theater during San Diego Comic-Con 2023, we've got a 4DX Experience for you that will have you feeling the soup. We're helping people in all dimensions with astral projection, cat hair, and a beaver heist. Suggested talking points:  His Health is Great but I Want to Start Early, Paranormal Lovers, Astral Project or you’re fired, Birds Must Die, Hole Madness, Take a Penguin, Leave a PenguinEarthjustice:
63:07 14/08/2023
MBMBaM 672: Sure Thing, Dave Matthews
It’s August 2023, aliens are real, and so is Dave Matthews. He could be anywhere! In light of this new information, we’re doing our best to keep things light and loose so we’re ready for the upcoming taco wars that will define our founding-father given rights to Taco Tuesday for good. Suggested talking points: Reggie Used to work at America, Crash into Dave, Filling the Pockets of Taco Bell’s Lawyers, The Code of the West Earthjustice:
47:21 07/08/2023
MBMBaM 671: Sun's Out, Pits Up
It's Sloppy Wet Boy Summer out here, just in time for August. We've got everything you need to do it up right, including a black tie tank top, mystery rocks, and Justin's handmade splinter-free lotion spatulas.Suggested talking points: Ben Shrekpiro, Hot Boy Hot Dog Summer, Malligator, Spatula Splinters, Like the rapper?, Shittles, Coffee Restaurants, Recursive Infinite Cookie SchemeEarthjustice:
59:00 31/07/2023
MBMBaM 670: Face 2 Face: Hey You, Learn How to Juggle!
Live from the dreamy Carpenter Theater in Richmond, VA! We bring together the forces of Richard Stink, The Minions, and a prayer circle to ask the audience the most important question of our time: What is the milk of Cars?Suggested talking points: Successful Creep, Keep Your Pants Up, There’s no Angels in the Playoffs, Tailgate your Lunch Break, I Don’t Drink Fragrance AnymoreWorld Central Kitchen:
79:22 24/07/2023
MBMBaM 669: Oomp, There It Is!
Wee-ooh-wee-ooh, it’s Wonka-watch! Get that kid from Dune in here to make those magic chocolates! We’re so excited about the extended Wonkaverse, which will of course include starring films for all of the Wonkas, all featuring Andy Serkis as Huge Grant.Suggested talking points: Hot Topic Employee Energy, Wilder than Wilder and Deeper than Depp, Twonka, Paranormal Charles, Consume Slenderman for Fuel, Hidden Bepsi, Why Papa Make Chippy HornyWorld Central Kitchen:
62:02 17/07/2023
MBMBaM 668: A Honeypot for Rita Repulsa
We've run out of search engines, so we’ve sent the spiders out crawling around for new things, and what they've discovered is that we curse a lot. Anyway it turns out we owe the swear jar over $10,000, so go on over to Batreon to help us out, and then we can say older and cooler cuss words.Suggested talking points: I Can Buy You Dump Time, Touch the Fish, Human Penguin, Batman Doesn't Keep His Grades Up, Slive MasWorld Central Kitchen:
60:37 10/07/2023
MBMBaM 667: Face 2 Face: I’ll Miss You, Little Sailor Man
Live from Raleigh, NC, the place where the sun make car hot – not wet or cold, how weird is that? But seriously, there are some banger questions from the audience about bee counting, astronomically famous YouTubers, and the accuracy of Slimer's buttcheeks. Suggested talking points: Yard of Soup; The Piss Boy 5000, The Drone You Can Piss In; Whopper Perversions; Stolen Valor, Free Looksies; My Girl Disease; Nora Ephronepherine World Central Kitchen:  
69:16 03/07/2023
MBMBaM 666: It's Your Mouth
To avoid the curse, forward this podcast to ten people immediately! Or you will be subject to a pile of leftover hotdogs, a giant crow that really wants to talk to you about something, and a friendly scorpion named Tank.Suggested talking points: Staring down the Barrel of a Tube Steak, Myth MythBusters Busters, The American Sun, Mouthtown: It's Your Thigh, Get Ready for a Flavor Mission Agent, A Scare-GuyEquality Florida:
55:58 26/06/2023
MBMBaM 665: Face 2 Face: Cody-Pendant
Live from the best venue in the contiguous United States in Milwaukee, WI! We're giving Wisconsonites advice about becoming a city-conquering mayor, big haunted boxes, and the sexiest bird you've ever seen. Suggested talking points: Zwan Song Swan Song, Cine-Mark, 2460-Bun, I'm Paying Out of Pocket for Shipping, Un-hatted Babadook, BILF Equality Florida:
77:40 19/06/2023
MBMBaM 664: Great Ass Wonkabater
Somehow, Willy Wonka has returned with all sorts of strange treats to look out for – and we mean LOOK OUT. Like massive cell blobs or flubbers, pizza pickle platters, and Slipknot masks. You've been warned.Suggested talking points: Swamp Your Wonka; To-Goo List; Reverse Anxiety; Mick on Mask; Mate, Feed, Kill; Doxx Your Mom; Loose Miasma of Donut DreamsEquality Florida:
59:35 12/06/2023
MBMBaM 663: Comedy Comes from the Balls
We’ve heard some positive affirmations about that Naming of the Year episode energy, so have we got one with that same energy for you, smack dab in the middle of the year! You know, as a check-in, just to make sure those vibes are still there. Suggested talking points: Mr. Big Jeans, Webs n’ Posies, Farm-to-Table Anesthetic, Observation Veto Power, Schrödinger’s Joke, Hurtling towards Seinfeldville Equality Florida:
60:28 05/06/2023
MBMBaM 662: The Consequence Rate
We know sometimes the advice we give is unusual, but we would have a 100% success rate if people just followed it. Like some of the questions in this episode, which could just be solved easily with a desk full of jelly and knocking down all of the walls. Or, if all else fails, dual percussive massagers.Suggested talking points: Simply the Guest, Cyber Salsa and Cryptacos, Deez Sour Balls, Theraguns Akimbo, Talk Nerdy to Me, Flay Bobby FlayBrady United: 
58:42 29/05/2023
MBMBaM 661: Billionaire Beyblades
The big question we’re addressing this week is: when is Griffin gonna pick a lane? Thanks to the ever-fruitful resource that is wikiHow, we’ve finally figured it out and ended up with the classic podcast trio of Disney Dad, Cool Emo Dude, and Siren Goddess.Suggested talking points: Allucard Stakes, Ice Cream Truckers, Lil’ Creamer, Seinfeld Babies, Smash Me Mommy, Gothffice worker, Whopper Memento, A Red Burger Now and a Red Shit Tomorrow.Brady United:
57:42 22/05/2023
MBMBaM 660: Non-Fungible Tote Bags
This episode is absolutely not sponsored by Alpha Legends 16: Fingers of the Resistence, the best mobile game about backpack management and customization. But if you use the special code TravIspoWeRninety-nine, you're guaranteed to get Jansport or better. That is, if you're good at games. You have to be good in order to spin good.Suggested talking points: Don't Tell the FCC About Podcasts, Butter Slaps, Heard, Chef, 'Speriment School, Be Careful with Genies, One Degree from BeansBrady United:
56:54 15/05/2023
MBMBaM 659: Dom Jeans
You know, when we first made this deal with the djinn where we have to talk about Star Wars every May 4th in exchange for eternal life, it sounded like a great deal. But as time passes steadily into a future where the stars no longer exist, we find ourselves longing to talk about things like money candles, different Shreks, and stadium hamburgers.Suggested talking points: The Big Bazinga, Fump Kumpton, Beer Time-Out, Masterclass Perv, Is it Anointed?, Don’t Lick a ShrekBrady United:
61:39 08/05/2023
MBMBaM 658: Bro's Better, Bro's Best: Ch. 231-243
We’re on the road, so we’re bringing y’all a throwback best-of clip show, including the historic first ever Haunted Doll Watch.  Suggested talking points: Teen Google, Beef Nuggets, Caterpillar Mysteries, Stroking to Death, Salmon Burgers, Spanky Gazpacho, Babypizza  Brady United:
67:00 01/05/2023
MBMBaM 657: Face 2 Face: We Stan the Target Tortillas
Live from AUSTIN, at the Moontower Comedy Festival, the boys are back on the country roads with advice for Texas about sexy legos, Twisted Gen Z fast food, and bread that is so flat that it's TOO flat. Why is it so flat??Suggested talking points: Another Boy Space, That Good John Tesh History, Frasier Frasier, Joseph Gordon Levitating, Pretzables, No Longer Serving in the War on CreepersTransgender Law Center: 
74:35 24/04/2023
MBMBaM 656: Shagworth Boombastic
Have we got a deal for you! Pick a very high value coin – like the PR 70 Deep Cameo PCGS Quarter. Yeah, the one that's worth $17,250. You can have it! The only thing is that you have to . . . you have to eat the quarters.Suggested talking points: Heaven Gets Screeners, Occam's Candybar,, Bat Bones, Poo-doku, Hungry for ChangeTransgender Law Center: 
59:07 17/04/2023
MBMBaM 655: Did Robotnik Send You?
Strap in, y’all, we’re getting intellectual in this one. We read about De Broglie wavelengths and we tried to use ‘em to let us enjoy a special frozen drink while watching the new Grease TV show, but that got too complicated. So instead we traveled to an alternate universe and set ourselves up for a PERFECT callback. Suggested talking points: Big City Foley, Every Day’s a Day, Personal Pan Nobel Pizza Prize, Thanksgiving Wedding, Grease is the DrinkTransgender Law Center:
53:59 10/04/2023
MBMBaM 654: With Great Car Comes Great Babeability
It seems like the Tetris movie is getting critical acclaim, but it’s definitely not the adaption we were expecting so, hear us out: We’re pitching our own twisted version. The pieces live in The Puzzle, which is like The City, and the shapes are the characters. Timothy Olyphant as the line! Bono as Right-Facing L! Glen Close as a T? Or maybe Left-Facing S? Suggested talking points: Terrible Spaghetti Power, The Subway is a Runway, Powerful Mic Arms, Moon Over Travis, April Fools Creep, Sloppy ChickenTransgender Law Center:
58:54 03/04/2023
MBMBaM 653: Mardi Gras Hades
We’re showing off our serious character-voice chops in this episode: Clipping Yoda, the mashmallow-hungry puppet we all know and love; a creepy spirit; gum spokespeople; and a young candymaker. We promise Clipping Yoda is a sometimes-food. Suggested talking points: My Heart is Jokes, Subsession, Cool Dude Illuminati, Baby Boppy, Light a Cat Ball, Want that Sky Ale, Quarter FlounderEquality Florida:
69:01 27/03/2023
2023 BoCo Teaser - Episode 400 Remix featuring Matt Doyle!
We wanted to share a little teaser of our MaxFunDrive Bonus Content, so here's a short clip featuring the inimitable Matt Doyle. If you want to hear the whole thing, head over to to get access to this, plus the bonus content from MaxFunDrives past.
03:58 24/03/2023
MBMBaM 652: Travis's Fast Soup Cup for Boys
We've got some HOT tips for your yo-yo throwdown, how to get the best moves up and down, and also around. How about simmering some plants to help focus with some yo-yo pro-pro pre-pro potpourri? Or if you're filming your neat tricks on a ship, better use a Jo-Co Go-Pro.Suggested talking points: Bird That's Also a Person, That's Why I Watch Ella Enchanted on the Company Time, Strict Teddy Bear Punisher, Chk'n and Wffls, Fast Beetlejuice.Equality Florida:
68:24 20/03/2023
MBMBaM 651: Face 2 Face: Structural Xboxes
Live from Washington, DC! Instead of thinking about how weird it is to just drive and walk past the White House all the time,  we're answering live questions about professional mummy touchers, distant-cousin discounts, and Luis Guzman's Mystery Box.Suggested talking points: Lived Inside Chevy Chase, Ron Paul Carwash Song,I Would Pay To Touch a Mummy, Baby Yoda Waves, Can’t UnCut the Hair, Five Dollar Foot Deeps, The Machine In your House That Makes the Stink Go AwayEquality Florida:
62:18 13/03/2023
MBMBaM 650: Dadfishing
We’re so sorry about last episode. It turns out we had on a role-player and not the real Sir Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis. But don’t worry, we’ve got the real one this time, and he’s here to talk about animals that build their own houses, pretending to be a famous gentleman thief, and different kinds of cheese that he has definitely eaten before.Suggested talking points: Eternal Shadow of My Spotless Mind, Beefers and Haters, Mustard Chief, Little Pinchy Crab Boy, Interactive Plumber, MozzcarEquality Florida:
60:10 06/03/2023