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This podcast covers all aspects of professional development for language teachers. While we are serious about what we do, we hope we do this with humour!


Episode 25
Earlier this year I was interviewed by Ruth Pringle as part of her project to match learners to teachers in a very targeted way. I liked the idea, but particularly liked the way we got talking about language professionals working together and helping each other rather than competing against each other. So, I asked her to come along to our podcast so we could talk more about it.
32:50 07/11/2023
Episode 24
Today, the plan was to look at some of the terminology around blended learning. We did a decent job on “flipped learning”, I think, but that was all we had time for! We did cover some interesting ground on the nature of blended learning as well though.
36:26 18/08/2023
Episode 23
An episode on the difficult area of teaching listening with guest Anthony Green. This is definitely a subject we are going to follow-up on!
28:56 19/06/2023
Episode 22
The first of a regular series of episodes revolving around blended learning to address the need to better understand some of the fundamentals of this aspect of language teaching. We start with an overview of the field.
27:36 08/05/2023
Episode 21
A short solo episode to get back in the saddle and also to publicise my interview with Ruth Pringle.
09:15 03/05/2023
Episode 20
A combination of family holidays, workload, building work at home and a lot of editing means that this episode recorded at the IATEFL conference in Belfast in May is only now being published in November 2022! However, it was a really interesting, wide-ranging chat with Kevin, Neil and Pete together face-to-face for the first time for a podcast recording.
32:44 07/11/2022
Episode 18
This edition is a special interview with Rachael Roberts. It seems to me that many articles, presentations etc. I have experienced about mental health put the affected person in the position of a passive adapter to a bad situation, one that is usually caused by an external agent such as an employer. The advice is to practice, for example, mindfulness, to help cope with that bad situation. That seemed wrong to me and I was interested to hear Rachael's take on it.
37:02 20/01/2022
Episode 19
A concluding episode for 2021 in our podcast for language professionals. Kevin and Laura talk about some potential positive effects for the industry.
25:44 29/12/2021
Episode 17
After a bit of a break over the summer (and autumn!), we finally managed to get everyone together for the promised follow-up to our panel discussion on professional development at the IATEFL 2021 annual conference.
43:07 30/11/2021
Episode 16
Vocabulary is the theme for our latest podcast for language professionals. Our name for this edition is "croissants and cauliflowers". You will have to listen to find out why, but we had a lot of fun recording it.
34:50 08/06/2021
Episode 15
In this episode of our podcast for for language-teaching professionals, we consider some of the issues around teaching pronunciation,
37:03 09/05/2021
Episode 14
This episode of the podcast for language teaching professionals concludes a three-part series on assessment. In this episode we look at some aspects such as specifications, working with others and simple analyses and why they are important in the real world of teaching.
29:59 14/03/2021
Episode 13
Kevin and Neil follow up last episode's discussion of what to consider before writing an assessment with some thoughts about what to do after you have written those questions.
24:49 25/01/2021
Episode 12
The team are talking about three fundamental questions you need to answer before even starting to develop a language assessment: Why are you assessing? What are you assessing? Who are you assessing?In this episode we have an expert guest speaker from the British Council.
32:36 10/12/2020
Episode 11
In this episode we look at some of the ways you can produce assessments for distance courses.
33:27 04/11/2020
Episode 10
In this edition of the podcast for language teachers and other professionals in the field, we looked at some observations of online teaching post-summer and the return to face-to-face.
30:27 19/09/2020
Episode 9
In this edition of the CPD podcast for language teachers, we discuss the issues for teachers and learners of the general move online.
55:04 04/06/2020
Episode 8
Pete and Laura are heavily involved in online projects caused by the coronavirus pandemic. They talk about what they are doing and pass on some tips.
33:50 14/04/2020
Episode 7
An extra episode recorded near the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic in the UK. We discuss our own situations and each of us gives a tip relevant to the current work situation.
27:57 24/03/2020
Episode 6
In this episode we introduce a new format and focus on how to approach English for Specific Purposes teaching.
41:14 05/03/2020
Tim Thompson
Welcome to a special episode of the Delivering Development podcast, helping language teachers and others in the field to enhance their professional development. My name is Kevin Westbrook, and with me today is Tim Thompson, who describes himself as an “English Communications Consultant”, and we are going to talk about Tim's approach to professional development.
23:58 25/11/2019
Episode 5
The fifth episode of Delivering Development looks at using technology in the classroom and has a brief introduction to aspects of business English.
33:08 07/11/2019
Episode 4
Welcome to episode 4 of the Delivering Development podcast, helping language teachers and others in the field to enhance their professional development. Today we are looking at self-reflection, skills matrices and ESP. We also have our regular tech tips and publication slots.
40:08 01/10/2019
Eric Baber
It's the 8th of August 2019. Welcome to a special episode of the Delivering Development podcast, helping language teachers and others in the field to enhance their professional development. My name is Kevin Westbrook, and with me today is Eric Baber.
13:45 23/08/2019
Episode 3
This episode looks at recommendations for CPD for the summer and an introduction to ESP, as well as the regular tech tips and Pete's publication slots.
35:09 16/08/2019
Episode 2
Episode 2 looks at what we mean by "development" and Neil Bullock looks at needs analyses. Everybody shares their tech tips and Pete gives us an insight into his recommended book.
37:01 06/07/2019
Episode 1
Welcome to the first edition of the Delivering Development podcast. It is 31 May, 2019 and this will be a relatively short edition where we talk a little about the concept of the podcast, what our goals are and what you can expect each month. The "we" in that sentence are Pete Sharma, Laura Styles, Neil Bullock, and I am Kevin Westbrook.
21:49 05/06/2019