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I am Chad Vice, co-founder of Championship Vinyl, my online record store, Lots of people are somebodies, and millions more are considered "nobodies". I want to bring you the stories of people of everyday and any day, because even if you think you are a nobody, you are always a somebody. The people I talk to are not famous, but they are all interesting characters. Every week, a new story, a new guest, a new friend. The Nobodies Are Somebodies podcast - listen for fun, hear for life!


Episode 0000257: Shaun Soho of Crash Midnight
This week, it's my conversation with Crash Midnight singer Shaun Soho, about the band's latest single "Strung Out On Sunset", playing shows all around Vegas in 2024, how 80s era rock stars see themselves now, getting the band into the studio and more! More about Crash Midnight: More about Chad Vice:  Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
38:45 08/03/2024
Episode 0000256: David Reece returns
Here it is, my latest conversation with singer David Reece Official, (Accept, Bangalore Choir, IRON ALLIES, Bonfire) who just dropped a new solo album, titled "Baptized By Fire". David discusses the making of the new album, the songwriting process, going in a heavier musical direction, upcoming U.S. shows and more stuff! More David Reece: Video of this conversation is available here: Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
39:43 08/03/2024
Episode 0000255: Gheeyeh Olivares of Mind Of Fury
My conversation with singer/guitarist/songwriter Gheeyeh Olivares of the heavy metal band Mind Of Fury. Originally from Chile, now residing in Florida, Ghee talks about the formation of his band, the release of their latest album, 'III', and how they are tearing up the Florida metal music scene with their 3 piece of aggression and melody. Originally recorded back in November 2023. Official band website: Video of this conversation is available here:  
38:57 06/03/2024
Episode 0000254: Mark Farner, formerly of Grand Funk
Originally recorded over Zoom in Nov 2023, my conversation with the legendary singer/guitarist and songwriter Mark Farner. Best known as a co-founder and main songwriter formerly from the band Grand Funk Railroad (later Grand Funk), Mark Farner's American Band is hitting the road in 2024 with more shows, plus they discuss the recent release of a new concert DVD/CD/LP from 1989. 'Rock & Roll Soul Live 1989', some upcoming musical projects to look forward to and more!
34:04 04/03/2024
Episode 0000253: Derek Hynes
In this episode, I talk to Irish born Derek Hynes, about his many travels across this great big world, finally settling in Holland for a time, but he is planning his next big move. Which country beckons his call? Have a listen - this is Derek's story! Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
62:58 14/01/2024
Episode 0000252: Michelle Steiner
In this week's episode, I chat with educator, author, and entrepreneur Michelle Steiner. Based in Pennsylvania, Michelle talks about the challenges she faced growing up in her local school system, how she overcame them to help others remove roadblocks in thier life, and how she expresses herself now in her art and education. This is Michelle's story! More about Michelle's life mission:    Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
43:21 02/01/2024
Episode 0000251: Ray West of SupaFly/Spread Eagle
In this week's show, I have a conversation with NYC based singer Ray West, about his latest musical project, SupaFly. We also talk a little about his main band Spread Eagle's recently completed tour of Europe, and new music coming from the SupaFly project. Dig into it! Spread Eagle official site:  SupaFly: The Vibe on Facebook: 
36:09 28/12/2023
Episode 0000250: CJ the DJ
In this episode, I chat with CJ aka DJ Xanthus, about his new found career as a radio host on Radio Airwaves U.K., plus his years working in a record store and how the love of music shaped his life. This is CJ's DJ story! Radio-Airwaves U.K., listen anytime: Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
77:25 20/12/2023
Episode 0000249: Katie Selby
In this week's conversation, I am talking with Katie Selby, from St. Louis Missouri. Katie is sharing her story as the Girl Who Was Not "College Material"; what did that mean, and how did she overcome it to shine for herself and others. This is Katie's story! More about Katie Selby:  Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
40:58 17/11/2023
Episode 0000248: Dylan Black
This week, I speak with a legend of radio personality in the Ottawa, Ontario Canada market, Dylan Black, who has had a 25 year career as a professional radio DJ. We talk about his recent 25 year mark in the business, achieving his dream of hosting the afternoon drive time (weekdays 2pm-7pm EST) on Boom 99.7, his tireless efforts supporting the community and substantial charitable work, his passion for radio and so much more. This is Dylan's story!  More about Dylan: 
41:21 05/10/2023
Episode 0000241: Tanya King
On this week's episode, I chat with Tanya King, about her transition to being a woman, dealing with family challenges, loses, finding comfort in her true identity while managing her autism and becoming stronger and more confident in the process. This is a story of winning, this is Tanya's story! Connect with Tanya on Facebook: 
119:02 26/02/2023
Episode 0000240: Kevin Gale (x-Slik Toxik) PART II
My second (or PART II) conversation with guitarist Kevin Gale, formerly of the Toronto, Ontario early 90s hard rock band Slik Toxik, discussing his new band Crowning Kings, how it came together, who the members of the band are, as well Kevin reveals that he is working on his first book! Crowning Kings on Facebook:
41:54 13/02/2023
Episode 0000239: Kevin Gale (x-Slik Toxik) (PART I)
My conversation with guitarist Kevin Gale, formerly of the Toronto, Ontario early 90s hard rock band Slik Toxik, discussing his musical beginnings, his new band Crowning Kings, how it came together, who the members of the band are, as well as talking about another of his former bands, Punishment, which helped in re-introducing him back to music scene, and of course we talk a little Slik Toxik too! Crowning Kings on Facebook:
40:02 23/01/2023
Episode 0000238: Wax Mekanix
This week, it's my conversation with singer/songwriter Wax Mekanix, based in Philidelphia, about his former early 80s cult rock band 'Nitro' (not to be confused with the late 80s glam band out of L.A.), starting a solo career in the early 2000s, his new album 'Mobocracy: Deluxe', other projects, and more! More about Wax Mekanix: Wax Mekanix on Facebook:
43:22 03/01/2023
Episode 0000237: Menno Gootjes of Black Nazareth
In this episode, I am chatting with guitarist Menno Gootjes of the Dutch hard rock band Black Nazareth, as he discusses the formation of the band, the music, future touring plans and some of his past and current projects as well. We also talk a little Eddie Van Halen and whatever else comes to mind! More about the Black Nazareth band: Black Nazareth Official Website: Menno Gootjes on Facebook:  More Chad Vice Rock Talk Interviews:
69:55 12/12/2022
Episode 0000236: Dave Russell of APRIL 16TH
This week, I chat with singer Dave Russell of the British heavy metal band APRIL 16TH which was active from 1985-1991 and recorded one album and toured around the U.K. The story of the band is small, but quite interesting in the British rock scene of the 1980s, and Dave tells us where he is at now musically, his life after the band, and more! More about the band: ARIL 16TH Appreciation Society Facebook Group: Official Site: 
52:11 18/11/2022
Episode 0000235: Danna Crawford
On this week's podcast, I am speaking with the Power Selling Mom herself, Danna Crawford, who started her online selling career back in 1997, growing into a full time online entrepreneur, a spokesperson for WorthPoint, a certified eBay consultant, a podcaster, and so much more! From a single mom raising 3 kids, she harnessed the power of the internet to bring the world to her door. This is Danna's story! Power Selling Mom: WorthPoint:  find Danna on eBay:        Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
69:40 12/09/2022
Episode 0000234: Ray West of Spread Eagle
This week on the podcast, I chat with Spread Eagle's one of a kind singer, Ray West, about re-releasing his 2006 solo album "All Pointz West", upcoming gigs, new music, life stuff and more!  Want to see video of this conversation? Check it out here: Spread Eagle:        Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
62:35 05/09/2022
Episode 0000233: Neal Busby of Toxyk Chyld Returns
In this week's show, I'm chatting with drummer Neal Busby (formely of the early 90s hard rock Canadian band Slik Toxik) about his new band 'Toxyk Chyld', how it came together, who the members of the band are, the new single 'Back Alley Rat', future plans for the band & more! Toxyk Chyld on Facebook: All Things Neal Busby:        Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
69:49 15/08/2022
Episode 0000232: Angela Legh
In this week's episode, I talk to author Angela Legh, about her series of children's books titled 'The Bella Santini Chronicles'. She has released two books so far and the next three are in various stages of production. We also talk about her childhood growing up in California and some of the traumas she experienced living with an abusive father, to finding her own path as a parent. This is Angela's story! More about Angela can be found at the links below: Angela Legh official website: Angela Legh on Facebook: On Instagram: @angelaleghauthor            Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
66:08 18/07/2022
Episode 0000231: David Reece
My conversation with singer David Reece (formerly of Accept, Bonfire, Bangalore Choir), talking all about his music history: the albums, the tours, forming his new project Iron Allies with another former member of Accept + more! Connect with David at the links below: David Reece Official website:  David Reece Official on Facebook: Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston  
76:30 18/07/2022
Episode 0000230: Stephanie Talia
This week on the podcast, it's my conversation with the awesome Stephanie Talia, talking all about "Stephanie's Mindful Solutions", and how she has been dealing with skin sensitivity issues for most of her life, and advocating for people with skin troubles via H.O.P.E. This is Stephanie's story! More about Stephanie is found in the links below: Stephanie's Mindful Solutions website: Stephanie on Instagram: Stephanie's Chapter in the book Elevate Your Voice:     Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
59:11 26/06/2022
Episode 0000229: Dan Hughes Returns Again
Here is my latest audio-only conversation with musician Dan Hughes, U.K.-based singer/songwriter, about returning to playing live gigs, new music collaborations he's worked on, and what the future will be for his DHT (Dan Hughes Trio) band. Zoom Video on SebCamCo TV:  More about Dan is found below: Dan Hughes Music on Facebook:  Dan Hughes Music online:          Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
60:45 18/05/2022
Episode 0000228: Dan & Ryan of Grudge Finger
This week, it's my conversation with Daniel & Ryan of the Oklahoma-based grunge metal band Grudge Finger, about the formation of the band, the name, their new single "Noctourniquet", tour plans & more! Shout out to Stacey Dawn at SHOCK WORTHY ENTERTAINMENT for putting us in touch. Oklahoma Rocks!!! Grudge Finger on Facebook: Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
36:07 14/04/2022
Episode 0000227: Brett Kelly of Gelatin Skelatin
This week, I am conversing with vocalist and mastermind behind the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada hard rock/glam band Gelatin Skelatin, and we are discussing the bands history, the band name, new music, great Canadian rock bands, touring plans and more! More about the band in the links below: Gelatin Skelatin on Facebook: Gelatin Skelatin Music:  Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
57:48 28/03/2022
Episode 0000226: Stop Smoking with Coach Rad
In this week's episode, I am speaking with Rad Suvajatz AKA 'Coach Rad', and we are discussing his smoking cessation method known as Li.O.N.S. (Life Of Non Smoker), how he acheived his goals of qutting the habit, his goals to help others, growing up during the war conflict in Bosnia in the early 90s and how it shaped his teen and adult years in the aftermath. This is Rad's story. Check out his website below and to book a one-on-one with him at these links: Book a meeeting: Website:  Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
65:05 14/03/2022
Episode 0000225: Gary Moat of Burnt Out Wreck (2022)
Joining me again for the 3rd time, and I'm happy to have him do so, I'm conducting an interview with singer/songwriter Gary Moat, currently of the U.K. based band Burnt Out Wreck (and formerly the drummer of Heavy Pettin') where we discuss the band's last album 'This Is Hell' as well as an update on the recording of the latest studio album, potential touring plans, his transition from drummer to front-man, and more! Burnt Out Wreck: Burnt Out Wreck on Facebook: Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston
57:13 28/02/2022
Episode 0000224: Leah Lubin
This week on the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast, I start off Season #6 chatting with former college radio host Leah Lubin! Based in California by way of the U.K., Leah chats with me about her radio career, her artwork, her creativity and passion for music, and more! This is some of Leah's story; Check out her website and some station info below: Leah Lubin's Official Website:  KOME 98.5 FM Facebook: KFJC 89.7 Facebook: Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston  
69:32 14/02/2022
Episode 0000223: Myke Gray (x-Jagged Edge UK)
Originally airing on Nobodies Radio Station, Chad Vice's recent conversation with the one and only guitarist Myke Gray, discussing in depth one of his former bands, Jagged Edge UK, about the band's formation, the making and release of their lone album "Fuel For Your Soul", the songs, the tour, the break-up and more! This album is an underrated gem of late 80s/early 90s melodic hard rock, and if you've been sleeping on this record, time to wake up! Thanks to Myke for going so indepth about this period of his career! More about Myke Gray and Jagged Edge is here: Official Site:  Myke Gray on Facebook: Jagged Edge UK on Facebook:  
91:58 13/02/2022
Episode 0000222: Sheri Flint
Now on the Nobodies Are Somebodies Podcast, my guest is Sheri Flint, from the Greater Toronto Area, and she is telling me all about The Cake Box Effect, a not for profit that she runs to help the homeless in her region with gaining access to food, shelter, clothing and medical care, with the eye to getting some of these folks off of the streets and into stable homes and jobs. We talk about how she started, how she raises funds, partnerships and working with many great volunteers, as well as her other passion project "Love Scrubs Naturals", specializing in soaps and hygiene care for those with skin allergies and sensitivities. This is Sheri's story!  Instagram @thecakeboxeffect Love Scrubs Naturals on Facebook: Music featured on this episode (intro) by Matthew Johnston  
61:54 22/11/2021