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Interstellar Business Show

Podcast for Tech CEOs who want to grow their minds, elevate performance, and own their future. Hosted by Andrew Bull. "Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow." - William Pollard Every week, join Andrew Bull, as he unearths big stories, fresh perspectives, and actionable ideas that you can install in your business and live. Listen and learn how to.... Grow your technology business and your mindElevate productivity and team performanceImprove work/life balance of everyone in your business It's time to own your future. It's time to go Interstellar!


It's okay to fail: Tristan Pennicott on learning environments 43:34 13/01/22
Finance Revolution: Glenn Hopper on power of finance in data age 36:58 16/12/21
Metaverse or Bust: Sam Bel on Web 3.0 and $128 Billion bet by Meta (Facebook) 54:02 08/12/21
Funny Leadership: Jason Voiovich on leveraging humour in your business 49:58 02/12/21
Cyber Security: Why The New Model Is Transforming Business Performance. With Ciaran Kenny. 47:34 11/11/21
Freaky & Powerful Leadership: Paulina Tenner on unlocking your inner super powers 36:44 02/11/21
Get Decision Maker Attention: Contrarian approach by Nicolas Verweyen. Cut through noise and win. 33:57 20/10/21
Awesome Tech Leaders & Teams - Our Podcast Mission 01:23 14/10/21
Polarising Audiences for Growth: Aleks Svetski on Audiences, Free Market, Bitcoin 57:15 13/10/21
Talent Opportunity of Biz Veterans: Rick Terrien on hiring older people for your tech business 45:50 06/10/21
High impact speaking: Lisa Evans on delivering live presentations 44:04 30/09/21
Conversational AI: Garreth Chandler on scaling insight gathering 56:44 28/09/21
Stick, Twist, or Flop: Tanya Fox on Business Owner Decisions 51:49 25/05/21
Win at Public Speaking: Brenden Kumarasamy shares brilliant communication tips for big events and small meetings 38:11 24/05/21
Building Leadership Teams: Jason Connolly shares methods and ideas for building a leadership team 53:30 15/02/21
Blogging for business teams: Arn Terry on leaping ahead with content that wins 52:15 26/01/21
PPC Leads in 2021: Thomas Green on Google PPC Ads and generating leads in 2021. 39:55 18/12/20
Apps & Productivity: Curtis Anderson on reducing digital overwhelm & increasing team productivity. 50:29 26/11/20
Buckets lists for leaders: Travis Bell discusses bucket lists 44:19 25/06/20
Mindfulness: Sam Dossa on protecting and nurturing your mind 39:13 18/05/20
Open business culture: Paulina Tenner shares thought provoking ideas about team management. 31:40 06/04/20
Voice Apps for Consultants: Anmol Oberoi discusses the opportunities, myths, and future of Voice Apps. 44:37 20/11/19
Lean Scaling: Victoria Bravery shares a proven method for scaling a business on a budget 51:52 25/10/19
Finance: Marco Poliafico on finding funds and investments for your tech business 42:23 10/10/19
Automation: Jimmy Rose on automation trends and ideas for tech business owners 41:37 15/09/19
Pricing: Mark Peacock on pricing tech services the right way. 37:58 03/08/19