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Myths and Legends

Jason Weiser and Carissa Weiser tell stories from myths, legends, and folklore that have shaped cultures throughout history. Some, like the stories of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Hercules are stories you think you know, but with surprising origins. Others are stories you might not have heard, but really should. All the stories are sourced from world folklore, but retold for modern ears. These are stories of wizards, knights, Vikings, dragons, princesses, and kings from the time when the world beyond the map was a dangerous and wonderful place.


335: Indian folklore: Got Your Nose
Two stories from Indian folklore where we learn that you should always know your exact weight in mangos...because it might help you outrun those eight guys trying to murder you. Also, being a parent is difficult, especially when your clever ideas to punish your kids just make them more awesome. The creature is the Gulon, from Sweden. It'll turn you into farts. Membership! Shrimp neck pillow: --- Sponsor: SimpliSafe Home Security is the peace of mind we needed. There’s no safe like SimpliSafe!  --- Music: Pacing by Chad Crouch Steady Drizzle by Chad Crouch Cerulean by Chad Crouch Sea Smoke by Chad Crouch Boligado by Chad Crouch De Facto by Chad Crouch Dutilugi by Chad Crouch
42:36 20/09/2023
334: Arabian folklore, part 2: The Enemy of my Enemy is my Enemy
The story of Fatima is a long one with many twists and turns. There are genies, evil wizards, massive battles, and a world-wide trek to make sure evil pays for its crimes, but at the center is Fatima, a woman who won't back down no matter the opposition, and who always stands for what she knows is right. The creature is a hairy naked man (another one!) but you actually might want to make this one your friend. --- Disclaimer: Sources The Tale of Princess Fatima, Warrior Woman The Warrior Women of Islam The Arabian Epic, Heroic and Oral Storytelling Volume 3 Rejected Princesses --- Sponsors: Bombas Bombas makes the season comfy with socks, tees, and underwear that feel good and do good: and use code: legends Audible Enjoy and discover audio entertainment in one app. New members can try Audible free for 30 days at or text the word legends to 500-500 --- Music: Tedukedo by Chad Crouch Pytarevubu by Chad Crouch Lead Shroud by Blue Dot Sessions Hills by Chad Crouch Wren Language by Blue Dot Sessions Dolly and Pad by Blue Dot Sessions Amaranthus by Chad Crouch
53:19 13/09/2023
333: Arabian folklore, part 1: Resolve
The epic story of Fatima, Dhat Al-Himma, the warrior woman, princess, mystic begins with the misadventures of her family line where they learn the perils of bad poetry, why you shouldn't marry genies, and it might be a bad thing to constantly rob your enemies when your bank account gets a little low. The creature is Grootslang, a snake with diamond eyes that maybe has an elephant best friend. --- Disclaimer: --- Sponsor: AG1: the daily Foundational Nutrition supplement that supports whole-body health. Check it out:  --- Music: Grove Melody by Chad Crouch Numesy by Chad Crouch Sea Smoke by Chad Crouch Rack Focus by Chad Crouch Afternoons by Chad Crouch Little Brown Bird by Chad Crouch
42:01 06/09/2023
332: Japanese folklore: Frog and Slug are Friends
Slug, frog, snake, shoot! You've heard of rock, paper, scissors, but have you heard of slug, frog, snake? That old man you're trying to rob who lives in the mountains by himself has. Hope you like everything being covered in slime. Apparently these characters were reimagined for the manga/anime Naruto, but I haven't seen Naruto, so please don't sue me, people who own Naruto. The creature is Jasconius. The island that will eat you. --- Links Source for today's show: Disclaimer: --- Music: A Harbinger by Chad Crouch The Folly of Human Conceits by Chad Crouch Camas by Chad Crouch Lakira by Chad Crouch The Grove by Chad Crouch Outlook by Chad Crouch In My Head by Chad Crouch
44:24 30/08/2023
331: English Folklore: Bad Habits
Two stories from English folklore about the secrets we keep. The first is the story of the Monk of Leicester, Dan Hew, a man who has a few verses of poetry he wants to yell at the married women of the village. All the married women. Humphrey Kynaston likes to party and has made it his life's goal to spend all his dad's money, a goal he'll be able to check off his todo list sooner than he thinks because he's terrible with money. The creature is the Dobhar-Chu, a vicious otter who might just get his own true crime podcast. Disclaimer: YouTube video where you can see a couple of the places from the second story, about Humphrey Kynaston: Forbes article on when otters attack: --- Subscribe super-easily to ad-free and bonus episodes on Apple Podcasts! Check it out: --- Sponsors: The Farmer's Dog: The Farmer’s Dog makes and delivers fresh, healthy dog food. It’s Mila’s favorite! --- Music: Step in, Step Out by Blue Dot Sessions Rally by Blue Dot Sessions Myrian by Blue Dot Sessions Posh and Vine by Blue Dot Sessions
44:40 23/08/2023
330: Jewish Folklore: The Gilded Cage
Two stories from Yiddish folklore of taking a chance, making a change, going for a ride on a giant bird's wings, yelling at a classroom full of kids, and marrying a demon. Not necessarily in that order. The creature is the Piskie, from Cornwall. It's hopefully wearing clothing! Links! Grass sandals: Membership: --- Sponsor: Peace of mind and all the tech. Before your next getaway, protect your home with SimpliSafe Home Security: --- Music: VK Mendl by Blue Dot Sessions Element Ore by Blue Dot Sessions Jog to the Water by Blue Dot Sessions Drone Thistle by Blue Dot Sessions Crumbtown by Blue Dot Sessions
45:35 16/08/2023
329: Danish Folklore: Out of the Box
What would you do if you could have anything you could imagine, but it would cost you everything you have?  That's not a choice Hans made, but one he was stuck with when his dad made a terrible deal for a wishing box. The creature is why you should help out that unfortunate stranger with their laundry (but not really) --- Links: Washerwoman book bit: That condiment bottle: Membership: --- Sponsors: Canva for Teams is our go-to for all things visual content. Collaborate and design with Canva for Teams with a FREE 45-day extended trial: Indeed: Find great talent, fast with the hiring platform where you can Attract, Interview, and Hire all in one place: Find your outer peace with Bombas socks, underwear, and tshirts: --- Music: Watercool Quiet by Blue Dot Sessions Burham Street by Blue Dot Sessions Line Etching by Blue Dot Sessions Overlook on Fairview by Blue Dot Sessions Delham Corner by Blue Dot Sessions
48:46 09/08/2023
328: Monkey King: Bullish
We're back in the story of the Monkey King with the Journey to the West, and we'll see Sun Wukong finally meet his match: a buffalo with a headband. The creature of the week is the yamachichi, a creepy dude who loves morning breath. And also killing you. --- Links! The Yamachichi: The Journey to the West: Membership: Instagram: --- Sponsor: Audible: Enjoy and discover audio entertainment in one app. New members can try Audible free for 30 days at text the word legends to 500-500 --- Music Caseco by Blue Dot Sessions Hotel Calafat by Blue Dot Sessions Tango Rosino by Blue Dot Sessions Silent Ocean by Blue Dot Sessions Delicates by Blue Dot Sessions Cherry Heath by Blue Dot Sessions
42:28 25/07/2023
327-French Fairy Tales: Sister, Sister
The story of Finette Cendron is like a greatest hits of fairy tales. A tale of betrayal, sisters, ogres, bad poetry, and haircuts, we see three sisters brave the wilds and everything the fairy tale world can throw at them, to make things right. The creature is Cutty Soams! He'll cut your soams...if he's not a secret Scooby-Doo villain. --- Membership: Catpaw: Disclaimer: --- Music: Alsace by Chad Crouch Evening Overture by Chad Crouch Morning Coda by Chad Crouch Ruby by Chad Crouch The Blue Room by Chad Crouch
43:30 19/07/2023
326-1001 Nights: Enough
Three brothers. One cousin...who they want to marry. It starts in a weird place this week. Three brothers are sent on a quest: the brother who brought back the strangest, coolest item would get to marry her. A story with magic carpets, genies, fairies, and a man who can wrap his mustache around his head, we learn the value of communication, understanding, and not having people murdered. The creature this week might not be a creature at all, but simply an elderly woman who doesn't want to be attacked with a knife. --- Links: Membership: Pizza bicycle: First story source (with questionable anthropology): Second story source: --- Sponsors: The Farmer's Dog:Help keep your dog happy and healthy for all your adventures together with The Farmer’s Dog: Audible: Enjoy and discover audio entertainment in one app. New members can try Audible free for 30 days: or text the word legends to 500-500 --- Music: Kaleidoscope by Adrian Berenguer An Oddly Formal Dance by Blue Dot Sessions Play by Adrian Berenguer Winter by Adrian Berenguer Days Pass by Adrian Berenguer Separation by Adrian Berenguer Gnarled Oak by Boris Skalsky
46:07 12/07/2023
325-Greek Myths: The Power of Love
Aphrodite is looking for love in all the wrong places. It's the story of where she came from, her side of her doomed marriage with Hephaestus, and how the love of her very, very long life was a tree baby. The creature is Buffardello, a small, bearded fairy from Italy with many, many weird hobbies. --- Links: The Buffardello's Wikipedia page, translated from Italian: Disclaimer: --- Sponsors: Find your outer peace in socks, underwear, and t-shirts from Bombas: with code: legends There’s no safe like SimpliSafe: --- Music:  Leave the TV on by Blue Dot Sessions We Build with Rubber Bands by Blue Dot Sessions House of Grendel by Blue Dot Sessions Naptime by Blue Dot Sessions Darkened Treeline by Blue Dot Sessions
46:22 05/07/2023
324-Samurai Legends: Violent Ends
Two young men: a wildman determined to collect 1000 swords from defeated samurai, and a displaced son of a clan leader, who had spent his childhood on the run. Together, these two would find their place in the world, and change it in the process.  The creatures are the Keltémas and Kazna Peri, and they just might help you get rich...or lead you out into a snowstorm straight from the bath.  --  The phone umbrella:  Membership:  Creature book: Disclaimer: --  Sponsor:  Attract, Interview, and Hire all in one place with Indeed:  --  Music:  "Cicle DR Valga" by Blue Dot Sessions "Just the Feeling in the Room" by Blue Dot Sessions "Micolai" by Blue Dot Sessions "Disinter" by Blue Dot Sessions "Solemn Application" by Blue Dot Sessions "Feather on the Crest" by Blue Dot Sessions
50:16 28/06/2023
323-Knights of the Round Table: Ladies' Knight
The story of Erec and Enide from Arthurian Legend is a good illustration of why you should try to work out your problems as a couple with empathy, understanding, and communication...and not through a deadly quest filled with pointless, brutal combat. The creatures are the Elephant Men, the strange visitors you get when you're drinking whiskey with friends down by the river. * * * Disclaimer: Myths and Legends membership Book by the person in the creature of the week segment: * * *  Music: "Capilla" by Blue Dot Sessions "Rough Hewn" by Blue Dot Sessions "The Rampart" by Blue Dot Sessions "Vulcan Street" by Blue Dot Sessions
51:11 21/06/2023
322-Norwegian Folklore: Ask Dad
Just ask dad Two Norwegian tales of asking dad. All seven of them. Who live in the same house. Or might not have a house to go back to, depending on the story.  The creature is the orc! It is both different from the Lord of the Rings orc and very currently a problem!   * * *  Storage Soles: Membership:  Billy B's version of the Orc: If you're on Mastodon, come say hi: * * *  SimpliSafe: There’s no safe like SimpliSafe:   * * * Music:  "Long Await" by Blue Dot Sessions "Smooth Edges" by Blue Dot Sessions "Tell What You Know" by Blue Dot Sessions
36:06 14/06/2023
321B-Viking Legends: The Peacemaker
On his quest to help princess Ingigerd, Hrolf has become enslaved by the wily William, a con man who wants to be a prince. This episode, they'll come face-to-face with ghost kings, giant walruses, mythological dwarves, and the evil wizard that took down an entire kingdom. The creature is Biron (びろ~ん)! He's a little gross and weird! -- Biron: Disclaimer: -- Music: "Our Ears, Deceivers" by Blue Dot Sessions "Elegant Weasel" by Blue Dot Sessions "PlainGrey" by Blue Dot Sessions "Aloscape 1" by Blue Dot Sessions "Morning Bells" by Blue Dot Sessions "Luper" by Blue Dot Sessions "Ask the Sisters" by Blue Dot Sessions
58:55 07/06/2023
321A-Viking Legends: Mostly Harmless
This week, it's the Saga of Göngu-Hrolf, from Icelandic folklore. It starts with a king getting one, solitary, five-foot-long, apparently super attractive hair wrapped in a scarf...and only gets better from there. There are evil wizards belching (yes, belching) fire and poison, somber Vikings getting conned, and a deadly honeypot zombie trap for any heroes who might try to be heroes. It's a fun one.  The creature is the Nunui, and you'll see why you want to wear shoes when gardening.   Chicken arms: Disclaimer (and author quote): Membership:   Sponsor: Indeed! Indeed is the hiring platform where you can Attract, Interview, and Hire all in one place. Start hiring now:   Music: "Our Lament" by Blue Dot Sessions "Step in Step out" by Blue Dot Sessions "Caverna" by Blue Dot Sessions "Babble Babble Brook" by Blue Dot Sessions
39:52 31/05/2023
320B-Popol Vuh: The Boys
The hero twins will rise... ...and then fall. The underworld calls, and the monsters of their past comes back to haunt them.  The creature is the Obda, from Mari folklore. Yet another hairy naked man who lives in the forest. Who want to tickle you.   Membership: Alligator (warning, skinned alligator):   * * *  Sponsor:  Canva: Collaborate with Canva for Teams!   * * * Music:  "Caveman" by Blue Dot Sessions "Pickers" by Blue Dot Sessions "Huffalo" by Blue Dot Sessions
44:38 24/05/2023
320A-Popol Vuh: Origin Story
In the beginning, the gods apparently had an undo button. And angry tortilla griddles that took out the first humans. Today, it's the beginning of the beginning in the Popol Vuh. We'll meet a macaw who thinks he's the son, a metal band lineup of underworld beings, and see the birth of the hero twins, who are destined to go up against the batman*  *not that batman  The creature is the Snallygaster, the answer to the age-old question of what happens when a Cthulhu bird gets drunk? * * *  Links!  An excellent translation of the Popol Vuh:  Membership:   * * * Sponsors: Cerebral: For quality mental healthcare that accessible and affordable, join cerebral today. Go to for 50% off your first month of therapy! 
39:34 17/05/2023
319-Indian folklore: Tricks and Illusions
Can you beat fate? Subramanya has learned something terrible about two people who are practically siblings to him. Can he use his deep wisdom to beat the life that's laid out before them? The creature is maneki-neko, the waving cat, and we'll see how cats can be very lucky...if they can be bothered to help you in the first place. -- Links! Disclaimer: Source: Pooping clock: Membership: -- Sponsors Bombas: Find your outer peace in socks, underwear, and t-shirts from Bombas! with code: legends Simplisafe: There’s no safe like SimpliSafe. -- Music "Vienna Beat" by Blue Dot Sessions "Plaque" by Blue Dot Sessions "Mogul" by Blue Dot Sessions "In the Box" by Blue Dot Sessions
44:56 10/05/2023
318-Greek Mythology: Sad Lad
Hephaestus has his day Who is the smith god of Olympus? Why is he married to Aphrodite, and why can't he catch a break? This week, it's all about Hephaestus and his journey of self discovery where he (hopefully) doesn't fall off a mountain. Again. The creature is the Sea Hare. It's a hare that lives in the sea and also is relentlessly vicious. * * * Links That disclaimer: Membership, anyone? * * * Sponsors Olive and June: Salon-worthy nails at home are possible with the Olive and June Mani System! Indeed: Let Indeed do the hard work for you. Start hiring now! * * * Music "Pink Skies" by Chad Crouch "Soft Light" by Chad Crouch "Evening Overture" by Chad Crouch "Among the Reeds" by Chad Crouch "Grand Caravan" by Blue Dot Sessions
48:57 03/05/2023
317-Monkey King: Make it Rain
We're back in the story of the Monkey King, and monkey finds a noble new calling: freeing enslaved monks. Does this noble calling include the ignoble murdering of his enemies and/or tricking them into drinking his urine? Yes. Yes it does.  The creature is the Stcemqestcint, the stinky naked man watching you in the forest.   * * * Extended cut and other membership stuff:  I can't remember if I've mentioned this, but a PHENOMENAL source of the complete Monkey King story (Journey to the West) is this book translated by Anthony Yu:   * * * Sponsors:  Babbel: Babbel. Language for life.  Athletic Greens: AG1 by Athletic Greens:   * * * Music:  "American Crow" by Chad Crouch "Delmendra" by Blue Dot Sessions "Black Cosmos Ring" by Chad Crouch "Fuscia" by Chad Crouch "Negentrophy" by Chad Crouch "Operatives" by Chad Crouch
43:44 26/04/2023
316-French Fairy Tales: Right Meow
What happens when you see something you can't live without? A thing you desire so strongly that you can't stop thinking about it. Do you give up everything to try to get it?  Maybe? But if what you're willing to give up is your child and the thing you desire is fruit from the garden...maybe rethink your priorities. It's the story of "The White Cat" by Madame d'Aulnoy, and in addition to questionable parenting, there are quests, dwarves that are just doing their job, evil fairies, and cat ballet.  The creature this time is Adar Llwch Gwin, a pet that's probably too obedient * * * Links: Tomato Brave Weiser: Disclaimer, source, and Tomato picture for the Instagram-averse: Chilled Rabbit: Membership: * * * Sponsors:  Rocket Money! Cancel unwanted subscriptions and manage your expenses the easy way:   * * * Music:  "Feeling Fine" by Blue Dot Sessions "On our own again" by Blue Dot Sessions
44:28 19/04/2023
315-Korean folklore: Mountain Magic
A story from Korean folklore about friendship, kindness, moving on, and why magicians are terrible actors.  The creature is the Silver Lake Serpent, and it's not actually in Silver Lake, near Perry, NY, but hanging out in a nearby hotel.   Links:  Allll the stuff about the Silver Lake Serpent: Want ridiculous villains? Because this is how you get ridiculous villains:   * * * Sponsors:  Simplisafe! Customize the perfect system for your home in just a few minutes:  Olive & June! Salon-worthy nails at home with the Olive and June Mani System:  Athletic Greens! Looking for an easier way to take supplements? Athletic Greens:  Socks, shirts, and underwear that feel good for many reasons. We love our Bombas: with code: legends
38:45 12/04/2023
314-Greek Myth: Baby Steps
The story from Greek mythology of how Hermes became an Olympian by killing a turtle and eating some barbecue. The creatures are the heikegani (平家蟹), that angry crab that might just be a deceased samurai who has waited at the bottom of the sea for snap at your toes a little. Best of the Worst! Everything becomes a crab: The show post with the disclaimer and crab pictures: * * *  Sponsor: Indeed: Attract, Interview, and Hire all in one place. Start hiring now: * * *  Music "Pintle" by Blue Dot Sessions "Jillian Bridges" by Blue Dot Sessions "Golden Grass" by Blue Dot Sessions "Again in the Spring" by Blue Dot Sessions
36:47 05/04/2023
313B-1001 Nights: Night Shift
We wrap of the stories of the dervishes (and the mysterious visitors to the party who are DEFINITELY NOT the caliph and Jafar) and then the hostess and her sisters find the tables have turned...because, yes of course, they have been threatening the life of their ruler, but more because...why were they beating those dogs and weeping??  The creature is Napf-Hans! A German version of the butter cat who is neither butter nor cat...but who loves cake and beer.   Squirrel underpants! Best of the Worst! Disclaimer!   * * *  Sponsor:  Rocket Money! Cancel unwanted subscriptions and manage your expenses the easy way.
43:04 29/03/2023
313A-1001 Nights: Party Down
A party no one can speak of under threat of death. Genie fights, wizard battles, and grocery shopping. Yes, we're back in One Thousand and One Nights.  The creature is haakapainizi, a folksy grasshopper! Who is also a cannibal!  The membership!  The Best of the Worst!  Tiny Lobster Hands!   * * * Sponsors:   Athletic Greens:   AG1 by Athletic Greens is an easier way to take supplements. * * *  Music:  "The Records" by Blue Dot Sessions  "Black Ballots" by Blue Dot Sessions  "Union Hall" by Blue Dot Sessions
36:08 22/03/2023
312-Norwegian Folklore: Let's Dance
A Norwegian tale about why you should pay your employees a living wage (or at least not beat them and try to have them executed), or else you could end up in a never-ending dance party.  The creature is why you should avoid home improvement projects like the plague...because you could be literally plagued with wood and earth imps.  Membership! Want ad-free and bonus episodes? Check out Myths and Legends Plus in Apple Podcasts or go to  Best of the Worst! Check it one of our other shows, which is like if the creature of the week segment was about ridiculous comic book villains:  --- Sponsors: Simplisafe: There’s no safe like SimpliSafe:  Canva: Collaborate with Canva for Teams:  Bombas: Ready to get active? Think Bombas:  Babbel: Babbel: Language for life.   --- Music: "Chai Belltini" by Blue Dot Sessions "Pedalrider" by Blue Dot Sessions "Single Still" by Blue Dot Sessions "The Yards" by Blue Dot Sessions
39:37 15/03/2023
311-Samurai: Lost and Found
A Ronin (a masterless samurai) goes on a quest to find a stolen sword and restore the honor of his family's name, but, when it comes to pushing the limits of what is right in order to see his mission through, how far is too far?  The creature is Rübezahl, a turnip counter, and we'll see why you shouldn't trust people who love vegetables.  Best of the Worst!  The disclaimer and source:   --- Sponsors:  Rocket Money: Stop throwing money away. Cancel unwanted subscriptions.  Indeed: Need to hire? You need Indeed.  Olive and June: The Olive & June Mani System is everything you need for a salon-quality manicure in one box.  Athletic Greens: Comprehensive nutrition in one simple scoop.   --- Music:  "Gra Hovedvei" by Blue Dot Sessions 
51:33 08/03/2023
310-Norse Sagas: The Maiden King
The story of Sigrgarthr and the Maiden King, from Icelandic folklore has Viking male models, ruthless princesses, people shoving metal down their pants to make unbeatable weapons, dragons, trolls, witches, and monsters. There's a lot going on this week.  The creature this week is the Pope Lick Monster, who shows that the most dangerous thing of all is our own superstition. And also being hit by trains.  Show post and article: Best of the Worst is back!   Music: "Caseco" by Blue Dot Sessions "Garrucha" by Blue Dot Sessions "Inspector F" by Blue Dot Sessions "La Naranja Borriana" by Blue Dot Sessions
46:17 01/03/2023
309-Scandinavian Folklore: The Enemy of my Enemy
This week, there are three stories of people bargaining: with the devil, with that angry lady who owns too many cats, and, and we'll see that the person you need...might be the one you least suspect.  The creature this week is a forest creature who won't lope lazily past your out-of-focus camera...because he'll fly past. He's Batsquatch!  Show post and Batsquatch article: Best of the Worst is back!   -- Sponsors: PIA VPN: An awesome, super fast, super private VPN service. Check it out for an incredible discount:  BetterHelp: The episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Thinking about giving therapy a try? Try out BetterHelp.   -- Music: "Jemma" by Blue Dot Sessions "Mr. Mole and Son" by Blue Dot Sessions "TwoPound" by Blue Dot Sessions "Delicates" by Blue Dot Sessions
38:53 22/02/2023