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I'm Toby Corballis, Partner at Adaptavis, and your host on a journey through the world of fascinating global and business problems being worked on and thought about by some extremely clever people from the worlds of business and academia. Join me to find out how people are solving seemingly intractable problems!


Ali Nicholl: Decentralised data distribution: sustainability, impact, and resilience for the future of humanity and the environment.
About the episode: How can businesses share data to enable them to collaborate effectively whilst still retaining control of their data? Ali Nicholl at IOTICS thinks his company has the answer. Guest Name: Ali Nicholl Ali Nicholl is part of IOTICS’ founding team and IOTICS’ Head of Engagement, working across transport, logistics, utilities, the built environment, and defence, focusing on interoperability of IT & OT and digital cooperation across enterprise boundaries. Deploying decentralised, federated approaches that leverage semantics, selective sharing of data and connected digital twins. Ali is actively working on projects supporting the co-creation of transformative services and solutions at the intersection of market sectors and industries – with an interest in ESG, sustainability, and essential sharing networks. Ali also represents IOTICS within industry and academic initiatives such as TechUK’s Digital Twin Working Group, Cranfield University’s Industry Advisory Board and, as Co-Chair, on the DT Hub Community Council. Ali is passionate about enabling and empowering individuals and organisations to use trusted interoperability to unlock the value of their data assets to meet today’s business challenges, with the future flexibility to be ready for as-yet-undefined technology and needs. The opportunities presented by enabling programmatic discovery, data sharing and interaction must be married with a holistic understanding to unify technical and business benefits. Ali’s skills lie in taking a view across technical and sector landscapes to give confidence to those taking their first steps and to reflect impacts for the greater good. Links: LinkedIn: Ali Nicholl I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at: Enjoy, Toby Corballis
35:29 17/04/2024
Professor Herman Russchenberg: Innovation, Business Strategies, Addressing the Climate Emergency, and the Scientific Perspective!
About the episode: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the US called last year the hottest on record “by far”. During the year we saw many climate-related catastrophes – from large scale fires to unprecedented flooding. And yet, for some, the science of climate change is controversial. Many claim that even climate scientists don’t believe it can be attributed to anthropogenic actions. To understand what climate scientists really believe, we thought we’d speak with one. Professor Russchenberg leads the Climate Institute at the Technical University of Delft and is the scientific director of the national Ruisdael Observatory, both in the Netherlands, an apt choice given that roughly one third of the Netherlands lies below sea level (the lowest being 6.7 metres below) and, so, rising sea levels are an issue. In this episode, Professor Russchenberg and Toby Corballis discuss what businesses can do, the role of technology in mitigating some of the worst effects, why we’re seeing recent events, the warming of the oceans, and where we’re headed. Importantly, we ask what role business can play in helping to mitigate some of the worst effects of climate change. Guest Name: Professor Herman Russchenberg With decades of industry experience, Andrew Gordon-Brooks has built his career across Telco, Finance & Media with both global enterprises and early stage startups. Holding a variety of leadership & executive level positions; including building a global engineering team for a LinkedIn top 25 startup, Andrew is currently Chief Operations Officer for Secure Delivery, a firm spec, a founder member of the OWASP Education and Training Committee, and a key contributor to the OWASP Application Security Curriculum Project. Guest Profile: Professor Russchenberg is a full professor in Atmospheric Remote Sensing and head of the Department of Geoscience and Remote Sensing at the Technical University, Delft, in the Netherlands. Since 202, he is the TU Delft vice rector magnificus for climate action. As well as leading the TU Delft Climate Institute, he is the Scientific Director of the national Ruisdael Observatory. His research themes are: Climate change: the role of clouds, rainfall and aerosols in the climate system Measuring the atmosphere Climate engineering Nowcasting rainfall Links: Find out about the work that Professor Russchenberg is doing: Calculate your travel footprint using one of the following: I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at: Enjoy, Toby Corballis
43:28 07/02/2024
Product Quality Matters with Andrew Gordon-Brooks
As we increasingly connect our devices and our lives to the online world, product security and quality become ever more important. In this episode Toby is joined by Andrew Gordon-Brooks, COO of Secure Delivery, a firm specialising in providing security improvement programmes for software engineers, product managers and leadership. Andrew is also a founding member of the OWASP Education and Training Committee, and a key contributor to the OWASP Application Security Curriculum Project, whose goal is to produce a standard Application Security curriculum across academia and industry. About Andrew: With decades of industry experience, Andrew Gordon-Brooks has built his career across Telco, Finance & Media with both global enterprises and early stage startups. Holding a variety of leadership & executive level positions; including building a global engineering team for a LinkedIn top 25 startup, Andrew is currently Chief Operations Officer for Secure Delivery, a firm spec, a founder member of the OWASP Education and Training Committee, and a key contributor to the OWASP Application Security Curriculum Project. Links: I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at: Enjoy, Toby
28:59 06/12/2023
Sean Jacob: Tailwinds of transformation: How grounded dreams can teach us valuable lessons
In this episode, we dive into the incredible journey of Sean Jacob, whose impressive career spans across multiple sectors, from Defence to Commercial, Aviation to Finance, both in the UK and internationally. With an exceptional ability to bridge the gap between business strategy and technology, Sean has been the driving force behind numerous successful projects, programmes, and transformations.   Sean’s career would be the envy of many, with roles as Vice President, Operations for L3 Commercial Training Services, Programme Director for the AA Group Plc, and senior-level leadership roles for high-profile organisations such as Unilever, Orange, nPower, O2, The World Bank, T-Mobile, and Compaq.   When given the opportunity to invest in and manage a commercial flight school, Sean embraced it with open arms. After all, he had transformed the work processes and infrastructures of major organisations, worked with exciting start-ups, and even taken a company into the Sunday Times Fast Track 100. Enthusiastically, he set about bringing these skills to bear on a company that appeared to be doing well, had competent and enthusiastic people working for it, and would benefit from someone with considerable commercial experience taking the reins, helping the team work more effectively and creating a company set for success.   But that’s not what happened…    In this episode, we examine the intriguing story behind a slew of negative headlines in May 2023 following the collapse of Shoreham’s FTA flight school. As Steven Bartlett says, “FAILURE IS FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK IS KNOWLEDGE AND KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”.   Don’t miss out on the insights and wisdom Sean has to share from his past successes and, yes, this one failure which contains salutary lessons for us all.   LINKS: Sean speaking at Vistage Steven Bartlett on the power of Failure to teach us lessons
35:14 22/11/2023
We’re pivoting! News About Wicked Problems
Toby explains how the podcast will change in the coming months to focus more on business. The past few years have seen more than their fair share of challenges for the business environment. An enormous number of businesses are feeling the squeeze and, as a result, looking for ways to increase capacity, capability, and production. At Wicked Problems, we’ve been helping businesses to do exactly that for years, so we thought it would be good to create a series that helps you solve those problems. We hope you enjoy the new format and look forward to seeing you on the first of the new episodes in a couple of weeks’ time.  
05:07 15/11/2023
Handling Risk with Alex Sidorenko
Alex is an experienced executive across strategic, investment and operational risks and insurance working within multibillion dollar corporations in Australia, GCC and Europe. Successfully implemented changes to quantitative risk analysis, risk-based decision making and neuroscience. Saved more than $13 million per year in premiums on cargo and PD/BI insurance through industry leading quantitative risk analysis without changing deductibles or limits. Successfully presenting corporate risk profile at the Ministry of finance and helping secure more than $1B in extra funding. Author of the most popular free risk management book in the world, more than 150K downloads in 3 languages. Risk manager of the year, FERMA, 2021, Honourable mention 2021, RIMS. Risk manager of the year, RUSRISK, 2014, Best ERM Implementation, RUSRISK, 2014, Best risk management training, RUSRISK, 2013, 2014, 2015, finalist in risk management awards in 2018 and 2019. I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at: Enjoy, Toby Watch this episode at: Alex’s Links ALEX’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: @RISKACADEMY ALEX’S BLOG:
30:15 23/11/2022
Rebalancing Society with Henry Mintzberg
Henry Mintzberg is a writer and educator, mostly about managing originations, developing managers, and rebalancing societies (his current focus). After receiving his doctorate from the MIT Sloan School of Management, he has made his professional home in the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University in Montreal, where he sits in the Cleghorn Chair of Management Studies, with extensive stints in France and England. He has authored 20 books which have earned him 21 honorary degrees, and publishes a regular blog, a collection of which was published as Bedtime Stories for Managers. He has co-founded the International Masters Program for Managers ( and the International Masters for Health Leadership as well as a venture, all novel initiatives for managers to learn together from their own experience, the last in their own workplace. (See further details on I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at: Enjoy, Toby
35:23 16/03/2022
David K Hurst: Lead Like a Gardener – An Ecological Approach to Wicked Problems
David Hurst is a speaker, writer and management educator. He spent 25 years working in corporations at progressively more senior levels in several countries in a series of organizational “train wrecks”, as the Western World began its radical transition from the industrial era to the age of knowledge and information. He uses complexity science and compelling ecological analogies to convey highly innovative perspectives on leadership, resilience and the dynamics of organizations that promote creativity and learning. For 10 years David was Executive Vice-President of a large North American industrial distributor. He holds an MBA (Finance) from the University of Chicago and a BA (Psychology). He teaches on the EMBA Digital Transformation Program at the DeGroote School of Business as well as three Masters-level programs at McGill University. He was on the Adjunct Faculty for the University of Regina’s Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business, as well as the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is also a Contributing Editor to Strategy+Business, where he writes articles and reviews books on management. I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at: Enjoy, Toby David’s Links David’s website: David’s Author Website: Lead like a Gardner blog post: Lead like a Gardner presentation on YouTube: David’s Books: The New Ecology of Leadership: Business Mastery in a Chaotic World Learning From the Links: Mastering Management Using Lessons from Golf Crisis & Renewal: Meeting the Challenge of Organizational Change Building the Strategically-Responsive Organization
33:03 02/02/2022
Professor Keith Grint and the Wicked Problem of Leadership in Covid 19
In this edition I am speaking to Keith Grint, Professor Emeritus at Warwick University. We’re discussing Wicked Problems in general, the specific Wicked Problems of Covid-19, Brexit, and Leadership. When Wicked Problems were first introduced by Rittel & Webber in 1973, various people have built upon the idea that it was Professor Grint, drawing on the work of Thompson’s Messy Solutions, who introduced the concepts of Tame and Critical problems, thus contextualising the problem-scape. Keith Grint is Professor Emeritus at Warwick University where he was Professor of Public Leadership until 2018. He spent 10 years working in various positions across a number of industry sectors before switching to an academic career. Since becoming an academic he has held Chairs at Cranfield University and Lancaster University and was Director of the Lancaster Leadership Centre. He spent twelve years at Oxford University and was Director of Research at the Saïd Business School. Go to for links to Keith’s books and a special Sage Journal Publication on Covid-19. I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at:
32:10 18/12/2020
Stephanie Klein Mindful Mastery - Waking Up on the Right Side of Wrong
After nearly 3 decades of building Fortune 500 brands and serving as a 3x CMO, Stephanie founded Mindfire Mastery in 2020 to show leaders the secret power of using disruption to their advantage to catapult from functional to optimal. As a certified professional coach and emotional intelligence teacher of the Google born Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program, she supports Executives and results-driven leaders who are struggling through overwhelming change and stress to build abundant resilience – connecting them more deeply to their mission and teams, so they can positively thrive in their careers with great ripple effects. Her approach blends the art and science of business and brand leadership with cutting edge insights and tools from the disciplines of neuroscience, psychology, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and core energy coaching.  She specializes in supporting leaders to accelerate their careers and pivot through change, so they can achieve even more with less effort, more flow and wellbeing.   Her first book “Waking Up on the Right Side of Wrong” will be published in 2021, showing high achievers the secret power of disruption to accelerate growth exponentially, so they can wake up to more resilience, joy and satisfaction on their own timetable. Stephanie’s brand marketing and leadership experience spans many Fortune 500 organizations includes Hallmark, United Airlines, Kraft, Alberto-Culver, Coca-Cola, Cboe Global Markets and Northern Trust. She is a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and a Certified teacher of the Google born mindfulness emotional intelligence program, Search Inside Yourself (SIY).  She holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, a BA in Psychology from Duke University, and she’s also a graduate of the Players Workshop of The Second City.   She is proud and grateful to be a 9 year cancer survivor and a mentor with Imerman Angels to support others in their cancer journey. And to be the mother of two amazing daughters who are lighting up the world in their own unique ways.
31:12 11/11/2020
Marcus Kirsch - The Wicked Company
Marcus Kirsch has worked as a transformation, service design and innovation specialist for over 20 years. Today he helps organisations be better problem-solvers and be more resilient. He is a Royal College of Art alumnus and former MIT Medialab researcher. He led projects for companies like British Telecom, GlaxoSmithKline, Kraft, McDonald’s, Nationwide, Nissan, Science Museum, P&G, Telekom Italia, non-profits and startups. He won awards in the areas of creativity and innovation and has been publishing for the Guardian, Wired and other industry relevant publications. He is the author of ’The Wicked Company’ and co-host of ’The Wicked Podcast’. He is a thought-leader and keynote speaker. In his off-time, he is a mediocre indoor-climber, movie nerd, maker and likes his whiskies neat. I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at:   For more details please visit the episode page at:  
38:39 04/11/2020
Financial Transparency with Andy Agathangelou of The Transparency Task Force
Andy is the Founder of the Transparency Task Force (TTF) the collaborative, campaigning community dedicated to driving positive, progressive and purposeful reform of the world’s financial services industry, through harnessing the transformational power of transparency. Core to The TTF’s mission is to “encourage ongoing reform of the financial services sector, so that it serves society better” The TTF’s vision is “to create a large and highly respected international institution that helps ensure consumers are treated fairly by the financial services sector”. In just 5 years the TTF has grown to over 2,500 volunteer members around the world who are organised and mobilised into subject-specific Groups. It has spawned a book and numerous other artefacts – all of which can be viewed and downloaded from their website (see below). Andy is also a Governor of the UK’s Pensions Policy Institute and A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts which is an international body focused on bringing 21 st Century enlightenment into commerce. He is a former Head of Strategic Relationships at Close Brothers Asset Management. Andy is a serial community-builder; he builds communities to solve sector-wide problems – he previously helped to initiate and lead the creation of Friends of Automatic Enrolment and the Association of Member Nominated Trustees; two other successful financial services communities. He lives in the UK but frequently speaks about the need for greater transparency and finance reform at conferences and symposia around the world. I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at: Enjoy, Toby   For more details head to: 
28:51 29/07/2020
Royston A Cumberbatch - From poverty to prosperity and helping others
Royston A Cumberbatch is an expert in Finance, Business and Investing. With a career spanning 30 years… He now empowers business owners and entrepreneurs to make better decisions and get higher returns / profit after tax. He does this by using his unique Profitable Business Blueprint and Proven Profit Generator System. What I found really interesting about Royston was really the rags to riches story. He comes from a humble background, was rejected by his father who had abandoned him as a child which resulted in a period of depression in his early 20s. But then he turned his life around, put himself through college, became an accountant, worked his way up in the Insurance and Finance industries and transformed his life such that he now has a property portfolio and a net worth in excess of £2MM But, he hasn’t forgotten his roots or the path to success. He now makes it his mission to share his knowledge supporting others in growing their business to become highly profitable, tax-efficient, and sustainable, including building reserves to help weather a recession. I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at: Enjoy, Toby   For Royston's links and more info please head to:
27:30 08/07/2020
Search Inside Yourself. The importance of mindfulness in business with Anuka Gazara-Anthony
Today I’m with Anuka Gazara-Anthony. Anuka is a Mindfulness teacher and Leadership & Wellness Coach who combines organizational leadership, programme management and hypnobirthing in her work. She has supported and advised executives in a diverse range of organizations, including the United Nations and the International Labour Organization, with work taking her across Europe and Africa. Anuka’s work is committed to strengthening the inner resilience and wisdom of leaders using mindfulness-based leadership and emotional intelligence. Her experience demonstrate how strategy, culture and human connection stimulates effective leadership, from the boardroom and the conference table to the dining table. She holds a BA from the University of Queen Mary (University of London) a Master’s degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Leadership from Said Business School at the University of Oxford. For more show notes please head over to:
31:59 24/06/2020
Digitalisation now and post-Covid19 with Martin Walsh
Martin cut his teeth as an early AWS pioneer leading two of the largest migrations in the world in the early naughties. He now has 15 years’ experience in Digital Strategy, Cloud Architecture and Digital Operating models and has provided best practice cloud usage, DevOps/Agile operating models and technical leadership to some of the world’s largest companies. I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at: Enjoy, Toby
41:00 03/06/2020
Digital Assests, Digital Currencies, Central Banks, and Facebook’s Libra with Jannah Patchay
Welcome to another edition of Wicked Problems. Jannah Patchay is a subject matter expert and consultant in the financial markets sector who specialises in financial markets innovation, and helping firms define, develop and execute commercial strategies in a highly regulated environment. Her passion is for market structure and finding creative solutions to the challenges surrounding access to markets and liquidity for both traditional financial markets and asset classes, and the emerging field of digital asset market structure and regulation – the subject of today’s show. Jannah has assisted in the launch of new trading venues, businesses, products and services, interpreting and implementing new regulations, and advising on regulatory, business and operational strategy. She is a Founder Member and Regulatory Advocacy Ambassador for the London Blockchain Foundation, and a freelance journalist for Best Execution magazine, where she regularly covers financial innovation topics. I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at:   Full show notes at:
39:35 27/05/2020
Financial Market Risk during Covid19 with Jan-Peter Onstwedder
Risk! There’s definitely some going around at the moment, whether it’s markets, business continuity, or popping to the corner shop – risk is everywhere. My guest today is Jan-Peter Onstwedder. Jan-Peter has over 25 years experience in risk management across a wide variety of asset classes and global trading markets, both in a banking and a corporate environment. Currently he works as Chief Risk and Technology Officer for Pavilion Energy, an LNG trading company in Singapore, specialising in trading liquified natural gas. With various ‘head of’ titles, Jan-Peter has lead different aspects of management at Citi Bank, the venture capital firm 3i PLC, BP’s integrated supply and trading business, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays and ICE Clear Europe. In 2007 he managed the London Accord, the then-largest ever collaborative research project into the financial aspects of climate change. He has retained an interest in alternative energy and continues to act as a reviewer and judge for the annual “Farsight Awards”, part of the City of London’s annual sustainability awards. Jan-Peter has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and a degree in mechanical engineering from Delft University of Technology in his native Netherlands. I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at:   For full show notes head to:
37:05 20/05/2020
Alderman and Sheriff Professor Michael Mainelli on Covid19, The Price of Fish, and Long Finance
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
41:59 06/05/2020
Pandemic Fitness: How to keep fit during lockdown with Martin Christie
With the world in lockdown, how do you get the right amount of exercise? Exercise videos abound on the internet. Most of which provide a vital service to people seeking to stay fit. However, the majority are aimed at those who already have a certain level of fitness and flexibility. So, is there an exercise routine that works for all, regardless of fitness level? My guest today, Martin Christie certainly thinks so. In 2003 Martin introduced Nordic Walking to the UK, forming the company Nordic Walking U.K and developed the first instructor training courses to be approved by the Register of exercise professionals. Nordic Walking UK is the U.K’s largest outdoor fitness provider with over 2,000 weekly classes nationwide. In 2020 Martin and the team launched WALX, a true health club without walls, offering a range of outdoor walking fitness programmes to suit all abilities. Within WALX and Nordic Walking UK today, Martin leads the devlopment of the education programmes, creating training courses to educate instructors and leaders, ranging from community volunteers to neuro-physiotherapists. Martin is an active member of Parkinsons UK active exercise hub, the network at the forefront of advising on exercise for people with Parkinsons. He also regularly delivers hospital based training programmes to physiotherapists. I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at:   For full show notes and links please visit:
32:36 29/04/2020
Facilitating Retrospectives with Aino Vonge Corry
I first met Aino at a conference. I was late to a session and she graciously signalled that the seat next to her was free. I had no idea that I was now sitting next to the day’s keynote speaker, a fact that didn’t reveal itself even when we were paired up for an exercise that involved sharing our earliest memories of soft toys. (Yes, really!) Aino is a teacher, a technical conference editor and retrospectives facilitator and has appeared on the conference circuit since 2001 and presented across the world. For full show notes and links head to:   And if you like the show please leave us a review! Best Wishes Toby Corballis  
34:33 25/03/2020
Project Myopia with Allan Kelly
Allan Kelly Allan Kelly was an early exponent of the #NoProjects movement, one of whose key tenets is: “If you want to start a project, you’ve already failed” Allan runs workshops on fresh thinking (thought leadership) and Agile team trainings He is also an Agile coach, speaks at conferences and events and spends a great deal of time at ‘Agile on the beach’. Somewhere in amongst all of this, Allan finds the time to write some excellent books such as: Project Myopia Continuous Digital The Little Book of User Stories FAQ (links below) This episode may appear to tilt toward the software and digital spaces, but regular listeners will be aware that here at Wicked Problems I encourage listeners who are involved in other fields to think about how the concepts being discussed might also be applied to help them too, as many of these concepts cross pollinate. Remember – a Wicked Problem is, amongst other things, a problem with no obvious stopping condition. Lastly – can you spot where the technical glitch in recording this episode took place? (We did our best to smooth over it!) I hope you enjoy the show. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at:   Enjoy, Toby   For more details on Allan and the podcast please head over to:
52:23 11/03/2020
Work Death! From Kaizen to Karoshi with John Clapham
In this episode I talk to John Clapham, a professional coach and Agile consultant who works predominantly with I.T and digital services organisations. John helps leaders and individuals develop, teams to build great products, and organisations learn to be more effective, productive and enjoyable to work in. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences around the UK. With the advent of cloud technology and fast paced Agile project delivery methodologies such as Scrum & Kanban, come concepts such as Kaisen. In Japanese, Kaisen merely gives us the principle of change for the better or an improvement, be that one-off or continuous. In the world of Agile and lead methodologies it has been adopted as a word for continuous improvement, itself often used merely as a synonym for working at pace. However, no one can work at pace all the time and it is perhaps perilous to forget that burnout does not lead to improvement but rather a reduction in productivity. Here we might do well to keep another Japanese term, Karoshi, in mind. Translated as ‘overwork death’, Karoshi is a term that refers to occupational sudden mortality. This is not to suggest that the Japanese are working their population to death, but simply that in learning to work at pace we should ensure we don’t overwork our teams to their death. In this episode John and I explore this concept with questions such as “how to deliver at pace whilst maintaining a healthy work life balance.” Enjoy. About John John Clapham is an independent Agile consultant and professional coach. He helps individuals develop, teams build great products, and organisations learn to be more effective, productive and enjoyable to work in. His broad experience ranges from start-up to enterprise scale, formed in the publishing, telecommunications, commerce, defence and public sector arenas. John is also often asked to talk at conferences and says “Nothing focuses the mind, or encourages thorough research like presenting ideas in front of hundreds of experts in the field.” John has a secret passion for DevOps and Continuous Delivery. His forays into coaching, lean and Agile are fuelled by coffee, lego and Bristol’s frequent inclement weather.   Full links and references at:
42:31 08/01/2020
Up your game: Using Chaos Engineering to achieve resilience with Russ Miles
This week I am talking to the CEO of ChaosIQ Russ Miles, cofounder of the open source project ChaosToolkit. Russ is also an international speaker, trainer and author. Russ has just released his latest book title Learning Chaos Engineering: Discovering and Overcoming System Weaknesses Through Experimentation. If you’ve ever experienced an issue with a computer system and wondered how it is that people don’t catch these issues, or if you are the owner of a system and have encountered an issue with it and thought: “I wonder why people don’t catch these during testing?” Then this episode is a must listen. In fact, as you will hear, the tools to overcoming weaknesses and systems don’t just apply to computer systems but actually to any systems, including those that have no computers at all. So grab a seat, sit back, listen and enjoy! And as you listen, I encourage you to think about how you might apply the techniques that Russ discusses to your own situation, whatever sphere that might be.
44:52 18/12/2019
Billy Bragg - The Three Dimensions of Freedom
Billy Bragg's music is heavily centred on bringing about change and involving the younger generation in activist causes. He is known to have said: “I don’t mind being being labelled as a political songwriter. The thing that troubles me is being dismissed as a political songwriter.” “Phil Collins might write a song about the homeless but if he doesn’t have the action to go with it he’s just exploiting that for a subject.” Billy bought himself out of the British Army in 1981 for £175, cites his influences as The Clash, Bob Dylan, The Faces, The Small Faces & Simon & Garfunkel. In 2018 Billy delivered a flagship speech at the Bank of England and he has recently released a new book entitled The Three Dimensions of Freedom.   For show links please go to:  
32:48 30/10/2019
Wicked Problems - A view from Saïd Business School with Sue Dobson
  Sue Dopson is the Rhodes Trust Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Fellow of Green Templeton College and Deputy Dean of Saïd Business School at The University of Oxford. Her research centres on leadership and transformational change in the public and healthcare sectors. Her work has informed and influenced government bodies such as the department of health and the national institute for health and clinical excellence; N.I.C.E, in their thinking on the areas such as the dissemination of clinical evidence into practice, medical leadership, and the role of the support worker in the NHS. Sue currently represents the University of Oxford as Non-executive director of the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. Before pursuing an academic career, Sue was a personnel manager in the NHS. Professor Dopson is involved in a number of innovative executive development programmes, including the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme, the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme, the Oxford Transition to Leadership Programme, and Consulting and Coaching for Change, as well as programmes delivered to clients in the Middle East. Not only has Sue worked closely with the UK department of Health and N.I.C.E, she has also worked with organisations such as Roche pharmaceuticals, and is involved with the development of courses for the NHS and Royal Mail. Sue is co-author of a book on Wicked Problems called 'Making Wicked Problems Governable' and 'The Politics of Management Knowledge in times of Austerity' - both of which are currently available. For full show notes please go to:  
29:46 16/10/2019
How to stay safe in a cyber world - Martin Clements
The risk of cyber attack is on the increase and becoming ever more complicated. So how do you defend against that risk when in fact it's so complicated that it's almost impossible for anybody to understand the threat landscape. In this episode I'll be talking to Martin Clements. Martin moved to the private sector in 2016 after a long career focused on digital innovation and cyber in government. Originally trained in Computer and Natural Sciences, he started his career as a coder; writing and selling games in the early personal computer industry. In recent years Martin held prominent leadership positions building technical capabilities that combine traditional techniques and skills with emerging innovations, especially in the fields of mobile, cyber and data. He was also a senior information risk owner, managing threats to official I.T systems at a time when cyber was emerging as a strategic threat. Martin became an experienced executive and non-executive member of the top governance of his sector in the U.K, retiring as Director General for Technology and Transformation at the U.K's foreign and commonwealth office. Martin now works with business he believes address key capability gaps bringing in the finest emerging technologies together with skilled humans to defend and transform both business and government. He is senior advisor to the chairman and CEO of Credit Suisse Group, as well as non-executive chairman, director or advisor at a range of businesses in the technology sector. Along with a group of contemporaries he has set up Wychwood Partners to advise businesses how to safely lead digital transformation. In this episode Martin and I discuss the threats to businesses from cyber attack, strategies for defending against increasingly sophisticated attacks; attacks which are often so complex as to be beyond the comprehension of people running businesses. (Who after all are more necessarily focused on the more thorny issues of running a business!). And whether the public cloud is a help or hindrance to those trying to protect digital assets.
37:52 20/09/2019
How to launch a business in a world of global corporations - John Williams
In this episode I'll be talking to John Williams, founder of The Ideas Lab London. John began his career in creative technology as a developer on pioneering special effects software, including on-site work at Disney Feature Animation at Los Angeles and broadcast automation. He became Digital Media CTO at a European startup incubator before moving to head up a small media technology consultancy team at Deloitte. John left to consult independently to broadcasters around the world before finally founding The Ideas Lab and writing his bestselling book, Screw Work Let's Play. John has spoken at events around the world from London to Bratislava to LA. He speaks on many topics including the future of work, why your best employee is not a worker but a player, and how to start a business in 30 days. In this episode I'll be speaking to John about the seemingly intractable problem of how to get a new business off the ground, and recognised, in a world that is increasingly dominated by international organisations with pockets the size of which mere mortals can hardly contend.   for full show notes and links please head over to:
31:46 19/09/2019
Welcome to The Wicked Problems Podcast with Toby Corballis
My name is Toby Corballis and I’m going to be your host on this journey through some fascinating problems being worked on and thought about by some extremely clever people. But first, why the term wicked? Well, it’s not meant in the Ali-G sense, nor in the Wizard of Oz sense. Here, the term Wicked is referring to the elusiveness of solutions. This doesn’t mean that such problems cannot be solved, just that a solution is not that easy to find or, when solved, it wasn’t done by any immediately obvious rationale at the time, though sometimes the explanation can seem obvious in hindsight. Wicked Problems tend to be beyond experience. They may, in fact, be quite simple to define yet often the solution is fiendishly elusive, hence the term ‘wicked’. They may be in the moment, of a time, or perennial in nature, but there they are, as clear as a silted lake that’s host to an algae bloom. Neither elegant or glib solutions can solve them – sometimes only the alchemy of experience can forge a solution. I hope you enjoy this podcast and would love to hear any feedback in the comments below or via the contact page. Toby Corballis   For full show notes visit:
08:15 19/09/2019