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I'm Toby Corballis and I’ll be your host on our journey through the world of fascinating problems being worked on and thought about by some extremely clever people.


Rebalancing Society with Henry Mintzberg 35:23 16/03/22
David K Hurst: Lead Like a Gardener – An Ecological Approach to Wicked Problems 33:03 02/02/22
Professor Keith Grint and the Wicked Problem of Leadership in Covid 19 32:10 18/12/20
Stephanie Klein Mindful Mastery - Waking Up on the Right Side of Wrong 31:12 11/11/20
Marcus Kirsch - The Wicked Company 38:39 04/11/20
Financial Transparency with Andy Agathangelou of The Transparency Task Force 28:51 29/07/20
Royston A Cumberbatch - From poverty to prosperity and helping others 27:30 08/07/20
Search Inside Yourself. The importance of mindfulness in business with Anuka Gazara-Anthony 31:59 24/06/20
Digitalisation now and post-Covid19 with Martin Walsh 41:00 03/06/20
Digital Assests, Digital Currencies, Central Banks, and Facebook’s Libra with Jannah Patchay 39:35 27/05/20
Financial Market Risk during Covid19 with Jan-Peter Onstwedder 37:05 20/05/20
Alderman and Sheriff Professor Michael Mainelli on Covid19, The Price of Fish, and Long Finance 41:59 06/05/20
Pandemic Fitness: How to keep fit during lockdown with Martin Christie 32:36 29/04/20
Facilitating Retrospectives with Aino Vonge Corry 34:33 25/03/20
Project Myopia with Allan Kelly 52:23 11/03/20
Work Death! From Kaizen to Karoshi with John Clapham 42:31 08/01/20
Up your game: Using Chaos Engineering to achieve resilience with Russ Miles 44:52 18/12/19
Billy Bragg - The Three Dimensions of Freedom 32:48 30/10/19
Wicked Problems - A view from Saïd Business School with Sue Dobson 29:46 16/10/19
How to stay safe in a cyber world - Martin Clements 37:52 20/09/19
How to launch a business in a world of global corporations - John Williams 31:46 19/09/19
Welcome to The Wicked Problems Podcast with Toby Corballis 08:15 19/09/19