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Christina Rivera, founder and host of Savvy Broadcasting has more than twenty-five years of experience in the field corporate finance.Savvy was founded in 2012 to supports business owners in sharing their expertise, knowledge, tips and stories with the world.Savvy is host to over 3.5 million listeners per month and growing.Besides my radio show, my family (husband, and our lovely dog Henry Hobbs) I love flying, airplanes, dogs and mega walks.Join our online community at: Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit for more information.


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5 Tips for Starting a Product Based Business, with Dr. Liia Ramachandra 19:30 04/08/22
Global Warming: The Great Deception, with Guy Mitchell 28:34 31/07/22
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Implications of the Reversal of Roe vs Wade with Attorney Allan Parker 21:18 01/07/22
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Entrepreneurs Don’t (Only) Need Money with Tom Greenwood 26:45 30/06/22
Shift Old Views and Ease Anxiety with Elke Scholz 22:35 28/06/22
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Chains of Slavery. The end Began at the Beginning with an Institution, with Brian Ridolfi 22:08 24/06/22
Top Strategies to Repair Your Business Credit with Keritan Shelby 19:16 23/06/22
Home Preneur How to Stay Focused with Lillian Brummet 21:31 21/06/22
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Gubernatorial Candidate Dr Hugh McTavish Jury Democracy, Restoring Power to the People 26:39 12/06/22
Is it Time to Consider Open Carry, Stephen Willeford of GOA 26:08 09/06/22
Momentum: Creating Effective, Engaging, and Enjoyable Meetings with Mamie K. Stewart 12:22 09/06/22
Tackling Mental Health with Humor with Brett Newski 15:30 09/06/22
How StoreConnect's CRM Software is Giving Entrepreneurs the Edge to Succeed, with Mikel Lindsaar 25:37 07/06/22
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Building a Culture of Strong Remote Collaboration with Rob Rawson 18:15 07/06/22
Maintain Spiritual Fortitude in Times of Struggle with Yoichi Utebi producer and world lecturer for Happy Science 16:42 07/06/22