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Talking Dateline: True Confession
Josh Mankiewicz sits down with Keith Morrison and Dateline producer Shane Bishop, to talk about their newest episode, “True Confession”, based on an epic case they have been following for more than a decade. When Idaho teenager Angie Dodge was found murdered in her home in 1996,  her friend Christopher Tapp falsely confessed to the crime. Keith and Shane talk about Carol Dodge, the relentless and unlikely ally who fought to prove Tapp’s innocence and find her daughter’s real killer. Keith also shares a podcast-exclusive clip from his last interview with Christopher Tapp and answers viewer and listener questions.
25:41 28/02/2024
True Confession
Idaho resident Christopher Tapp is sentenced to life after falsely confessing to the murder of his friend Angie Dodge. When the real killer is caught over 20 years later, the case appears to finally be closed until a chilling twist begins a new chapter in the decades-long saga. Keith Morrison reports.
83:16 27/02/2024
Talking Dateline: The Perfect Life
Josh Mankiewicz and Andrea Canning discuss her latest episode, “The Perfect Life.” In 2012 the body of Jen Ramsaran, a mother of three, was found on a desolate stretch of road in Upstate New York. She’d been murdered. Andrea says the subsequent interview she did with Jen’s husband Remy was one of the most memorable of her Dateline career. Ten years later, after some dramatic developments in the case,  Andrea tells Josh what it was like to sit across from Remy Ramsaran one more time and shares a podcast-exclusive clip from their most recent interview. 
24:44 21/02/2024
The Perfect Life
Jennifer Ramsaran, a devoted mother of three, is found murdered in her New York town. More than a decade later, the story takes an unexpected turn as a twist emerges that leads to an unforeseen conclusion. Andrea Canning reports.
83:05 20/02/2024
Talking Dateline: Death at the Spa
Andrea Canning interviews Josh Mankiewicz about his recent episode, “Death at the Spa.” In 2018, Ildiko Krajnyak was killed instantly when she opened a package bomb left at her California day spa. When investigators started digging into Ildiko’slife they identified several people who might have had a motive, but only one person with the means to commit the crime. Josh tells Andrea about getting to know the woman who stood by the killer for years, and why he decided to share information with her no one else had. Josh also shares an exclusive clip about another mysterious death in the killer’s past. Plus, Josh answers viewers’ questions posed on social media during the episode. 
25:15 14/02/2024
Death at the Spa
When a package bomb explodes at a day spa in Southern California, killing beloved esthetician Ildiko Krajnyak and injuring two clients, law enforcement discovers that the bomb was intended specifically for her. Who would want Ildiko dead? An investigation into her love life reveals several possibilities. Josh Mankiewicz reports.
83:05 13/02/2024
Talking Dateline: The Sleepover
Josh Mankiewicz and Andrea Canning go behind the scenes of Andrea’s latest episode, “The Sleepover.”  More than 20 years after Navy petty officer Sherri Malarik was found shot to death in her car in a Pensacola, Florida parking lot, her husband was arrested and put on trial for the murder. Twice. Greg Malarik has denied having anything to do with his wife’s murder and, following a hung jury in the first trial, was ultimately acquitted. Andrea and Josh discuss how Sherri’s murder and its aftermath have torn her family apart. Plus, Andrea answers viewer questions about the story and shares previously unaired interview audio with Sherri and Greg’s daughter, Tera.
28:20 07/02/2024
The Sleepover
Navy petty officer and devoted mother Sherri Malarik is found shot to death in her minivan after she disappeared. The case remains cold until new revelations and old memories resurface, dividing the Florida family. Andrea Canning reports.
83:02 06/02/2024
The End of the Affair
After police discover the burned body of a missing Miami man, the wife of a local supermarket mogul comes forward to reveal a shocking secret and possible lead. Dennis Murphy reports.
41:03 31/01/2024
The Landing
The parents of missing South Carolina woman Heather Elvis, Debbi and Terry Elvis, open up to NBC News’ Andrea Canning about the search for their daughter. Originally aired on NBC on September 28, 2019. Andrea Canning catches up with Heather’s sister, Morgan, and her parents, Debbi and Terry. Morgan tells Andrea how her studies have launched her on a mission to help others dealing with grief. Debbi describes her ongoing work to advocate for other missing people.After the Verdict is available now only by subscription to Dateline Premium on Apple Podcasts: is just one of 37 people missing in Horry County. Learn about the others here:
40:25 30/01/2024
Talking Dateline: Family Matters
Josh Mankiewicz and Dennis Murphy go behind the scenes of Dennis’s recent episode, “Family Matters.” Since the 2014 killing of Florida State University law professor Dan Markel, Dateline has followed the complex murder-for-hire case through multiple arrests and convictions, including that of Charlie Adelson, Dan Markel’s former brother-in-law. Dennis answers listeners’ questions about the case and shares extra audio from a jailhouse call Charlie made to his mother, Donna, who was recently charged in the case herself and has pleaded not guilty.
21:05 24/01/2024
Family Matters
Dennis Murphy reports on the latest twists in the murder-for-hire plot that left a Florida law professor dead, ripped apart two families, and ignited a decade-long search for justice.
83:15 23/01/2024
Talking Dateline: Ghosts Can’t Talk
Josh Mankiewicz and Andrea Canning discuss her recent episode, “Ghosts Can’t Talk.” In March 2018, Nick Shaughnessy hired two hit men to murder his parents in their home as they slept. His father died, but his mother Corey survived. Andrea reveals what Corey told her about grieving both her husband and the son she thought she knew. Andrea also plays Josh an unaired portion of her jailhouse interview with Nick.
20:02 17/01/2024
Ghosts Can't Talk
When Corey Shaughnessy wakes up to gunfire in the middle of the night, she shoots at the intruder and miraculously survives, only to discover that her husband Ted has been killed. Detectives wonder if the couple’s job as local jewelry shop owners could be a possible motive until the investigation takes a turn that no one saw coming. Andrea Canning reports.
83:09 16/01/2024
Talking Dateline: A Promise to Gloria
Josh Mankiewicz talks with Andrea Canning about her latest Dateline episode, “A Promise to Gloria.” In 1984,  Yvonne Pointer vowed to track down the killer of her 14-year-old daughter,  Gloria, who was murdered on her morning walk to school. Andrea tells Josh why Yvonne’s 30-year search for truth has made such an impression on her and what Yvonne is doing now to protect other young people from harm.
22:14 10/01/2024
A Promise to Gloria
For decades, a mother searches for answers in the unsolved murder of her 14-year-old daughter, Gloria, until new DNA technology changes everything. Andrea Canning reports.
40:29 09/01/2024
Ghost Rider
After a nurse and mother-of-three is found fatally shot inside her Illinois home, investigators uncover security camera footage that could be key to solving the case. Dennis Murphy reports.
41:04 03/01/2024
Everything She Knew
A young woman’s murder remains unsolved until someone comes forward to reveal her own harrowing story. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC on October 26, 2018.
40:41 02/01/2024
Bethany Vanished
When a young woman goes missing in Virginia, her family embarks on a frantic search. Years later, another woman’s harrowing story may hold the key to solving the case. Keith Morrison reports.
40:45 27/12/2023
Something Sweet
In this Dateline classic, a retired corrections officer mysteriously dies from antifreeze poisoning in rural Ohio. Detectives uncover multiple suspects during a five-year investigation that causes two families to collide. Josh Mankiewicz reports. Originally aired on NBC on December 11, 2015.
40:15 26/12/2023
‘A Christmas Carol’ read by Keith Morrison
Episode 1: Ebenezer Scrooge hates Christmas with a passion. To him, it’s all a waste of time and money. But when he’s visited by the ghost of his dead business partner, the equally greedy Jacob Marley, Scrooge begins to understand the error of his ways.Listen to episodes 2-5 here:
38:31 23/12/2023
"The Night Before Christmas" read by Keith Morrison
Grab your kerchief or cap and then settle down for a long winter’s nap. Keith Morrison will take care of the rest…  Watch the video here: to Keith read the Charles Dickens classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ on Season 2 of Morrison Mysteries: 
03:17 21/12/2023
Dr. Seuss' "How The Grinch Stole Christmas!" read by Keith Morrison
Every year Random House Children's Books celebrates the Dr. Seuss classic by encouraging young readers and their families to “Grow their hearts three sizes” by doing good deeds throughout the holidays. Follow #grinchgooddeeds and share your good deed!  Watch the video here: to Keith read the Charles Dickens classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ on Season 2 of Morrison Mysteries:
09:56 20/12/2023
Talking Dateline: Down the Basement Stairs
Josh Mankiewicz catches up with Dennis Murphy about his latest Dateline episode, “Down the Basement Stairs.” Cara Rintala has stood trial four times for the 2010 murder of her wife, Ann, each time in the same Massachusetts courtroom. Dennis tells Josh what prosecutors did differently this time and they discuss the most puzzling evidence in the case … wet paint. Plus, they answer listener questions about the episode.
21:19 20/12/2023
"Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" read by Keith Morrison
Listen to Robert L. May’s original story of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer who was not allowed to join in any reindeer games. Until one Christmas Eve when Santa came calling… Watch the video here: to Keith read the Charles Dickens classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ on Season 2 of Morrison Mysteries: 
11:18 19/12/2023
Down the Basement Stairs
When young mother and paramedic Annamarie Cochrane Rintala is found dead at the bottom of her basement stairs, it takes four trials and 13 years before justice is served. Dennis Murphy reports.
40:24 19/12/2023
Talking Dateline: The Last Weekend
Andrea Canning sits down with Keith Morrison to talk about his recent episode, “The Last Weekend.” This marks Dateline’s fourth episode in the mountains of Greeley, Colorado, where Keith traveled to report on the murder of Scott Sessions, a beloved local trumpet player. Keith shares his approach to storytelling and what he’s learned from some of his favorite crime novelists. 
21:39 13/12/2023
The Last Weekend
After a trumpet player fails to show up for a scheduled gig, his family learns his body was abandoned in the mountains. Then, a second murder catches police by surprise. Keith Morrison reports.
41:01 12/12/2023
Talking Dateline: The Day Alissa Disappeared
Josh Mankiewicz talks with Andrea about her latest episode, “The Day Alissa Disappeared” which looks at the case of Alissa Turney, the Arizona teen who vanished from her Paradise Valley home in May 2001. Andrea tells Josh about the dramatic moment, more than 20 years later, that left a courtroom stunned. The two share what they’ve learned over the years from talking with the families of the missing.
26:53 06/12/2023
The Day Alissa Disappeared
When 17-year-old Alissa Turney is reported missing in Phoenix, it takes years before detectives treat her case as a homicide. A new investigation unearths dark family secrets, leading to a dramatic courtroom drama and an outcome no one saw coming. Andrea Canning reports.
83:25 05/12/2023

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