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Lawrence: Today's worst legal news for Trump didn't happen in New York
Tonight on The Last Word: The special counsel reportedly claims Donald Trump deliberately misled his attorneys about the classified documents. Also, Speaker McCarthy defends Trump and downplays the hush money probe. And The New York Times reports Trump claims he’s ready for his New York City perp walk. Andrew Weissmann, Charles Coleman, Rep. Adam Schiff and Mary Trump join Lawrence O’Donnell.
42:42 22/03/2023
Lawrence: Don’t worry about violent Trump mob invading Manhattan
Tonight on The Last Word: Very few Donald Trump supporters answer his call to protest. Also, Trump lawyers move to quash the Georgia grand jury report. And a Trump lawyer is ordered to testify in the classified documents case. Andrew Weissmann, Charles Coleman, Professor Laurence Tribe and Gwen Keyes Fleming join Lawrence O’Donnell.
39:59 21/03/2023
New developments in multiple Trump investigations
Tonight on The Last Word: New York officials are preparing security for a possible Trump indictment. Also, the International Criminal Court issues an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin over war crimes in Ukraine. Plus, Trump allies spend millions for Capitol Hill property. And Michigan Democrats move on labor, LGBTQ rights and gun reform. Barbara McQuade, Cynthia Alksne, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, David Scheffer, Paul Schwartzman, Eugene Robinson, Jennifer Rubin, Michigan State Sen. Darrin Camilleri and Michigan Sen. Leader Winnie Brinks join Jonathan Capehart.
40:43 18/03/2023
Lawrence: Trump will attack and savage Manhattan DA Bragg if charged
Tonight on The Last Word: A new Trump campaign statement attacks Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Also, a U.S. military video shows the moment a Russian jet hits a U.S. drone. And a Western alliance stands with Ukraine against Vladimir Putin. Harry Litman, Charles Coleman, Charles Blow, Amb. Michael McFaul and David Lammy join Lawrence O’Donnell.
41:34 17/03/2023
Lawrence: GA grand juror says evidence against Trump will be 'massive' once public
Tonight on The Last Word: Donald Trump faces potential looming charges in New York and Georgia. Also, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin speaks with Russia’s defense minister about the downed U.S. drone. And Cyclone Freddy kills over 200 people in Malawi. Gwen Keyes Fleming, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Glenn Kirschner, Eddie Fishman and Heinrich Mutsinzi Rukundo join Lawrence O’Donnell.
42:45 16/03/2023