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Grammy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. on diversity, and the future of industry awards
In this podcast extra, MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined by Harvey Mason Junior, CEO of the Recording Academy, in charge of the Grammys, for a wide ranging interview on this year’s performers and diversity within the Academy's judging body. Plus, a look back at Ari's breakdown of a socially conscious song up for a Grammy this season, "God Did." Featuring reactions by DJ Khaled and Jay-Z.
34:49 03/02/2023
After WH showdown, McCarthy faces test on corralling GOP
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Thursday, February 2 and reports on the “spectacularly slow” start to the new Congress and Donald Trump’s latest fundraising efforts. Plus, Bill Bar’s response to a bombshell New York Times report. Katty Kay, Sam Rodriguez, Andrew Weissman, Stephen A. Smith, and Mike Barnicle join.
41:01 03/02/2023
Pres. Biden stares down McCarthy at WH
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Wednesday, February 1, and reports on the first meeting between President Biden and Speaker McCarthy, and Ron DeSantis’ controversial education policy. Plus, Melber sits down with Grammy CEO Harvey Mason Junior. Chai Komanduri, Brendan Buck, and Alencia Johnson also join.
41:31 02/02/2023
“Same answer”: Trump pleads 5th 400 times
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Tuesday, January 31, and reports on the escalating pressure in several Trump legal cases, the latest twist in the George Santos melodrama, and Rep. Matt Gaetz’s latest appearance on “The Beat.” Eli Honig, Emily Bazelon, and Howard Dean join.
41:20 01/02/2023
Rep. Matt Gaetz on “The Beat"
MSNBC’s Ari Melber hosts “The Beat” on Monday, January 30, and is joined by Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz for a wide-ranging interview, discussing the GOP agenda, the contentious fight over Kevin McCarthy's Speaker of the House bid, Jan. 6, and more. Plus, Melber reports on the latest escalation in the Trump criminal investigation. Chai Komanduri and David Henderson also join.
46:05 31/01/2023
Sports icon Stephen A. Smith on presidential athletics, hard work and politics
In this podcast extra, MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith in a wide ranging interview on sports and politics. Plus, MSNBC Contributor Mike Barnicle joins Melber and Smith for Fallback Friday, discussing GOP lawmaker George Santos, Gov. Ron DeSantis, and more.
27:24 30/01/2023
Graphic footage shows hammer attack on Paul Pelosi
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Friday, January 27, and reports on the newly-released footage of the attack on Paul Pelosi, the latest in Peter Navarro’s criminal trial, and the RNC election. Maya Wiley, Josh Marshall, and Joyce Vance join.
41:18 28/01/2023
Five ex-police officers indicted for murder
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Thursday, January 26 and reports on former Memphis Police officers who are facing murder charges in the death of Tyre Nichols, who died after being pulled over for a traffic stop. Plus, President Biden fires back at Republicans, as some GOP lawmakers threaten to use the debt ceiling to impose spending cuts on Medicare and Social Security. Marq Claxton, Alencia Johnson, Chai Komanduri, and John Flannery join.
41:14 27/01/2023
GOP "eyes" gutting Medicare, social security as some threaten debt default
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Wednesday, January 25 and reports on the debt ceiling fight in Congress, with some in the GOP eyeing cuts to Medicare, social security. Plus, Memphis police under fire with calls for criminal charges in the death of Tyre Nichols who died after being pulled over for a traffic stop. Eugene Robinson, Jason Johnson, Fmr. Sen. Byron Dorgan and Maya Wiley join.
41:04 26/01/2023
DOJ presses sedition cases 2 years after widespread outrage
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Tuesday, January 24, and reports on the DOJ’s push to convict three separate sedition trials and Dominion Voting’s legal action against far-right networks. Plus, special appearances from sports journalist Stephen A. Smith and comedian Matt Friend. Neal Katyal also joins.
41:16 25/01/2023
Oath Keepers convicted as Proud Boys stand trial for Jan. 6
MSNBC’s Ari Melber hosts “The Beat” on Monday, January 23, and reports on the Proud Boys trial, the billion-dollar defamation suit against Fox News, and the latest insurrection conviction. Jim Kavanaugh, Joyce Vance, and Michael Steele join.
47:27 24/01/2023
Counter-protests at anti-abortion rally in D.C.
Melissa Murray hosts “The Beat” on Friday, January 20, and reports on counter-protests at an anti-abortion rally in D.C., GOP chaos, and Donald Trump’s latest legal woe. Plus, Murray reports on Wisconsin Republicans caught celebrating voter suppression. Cecile Richards, Jen Psaki, Howard Dean, Joyce Vance, Steven Mazie, and Senator Latonya Johnson join.
42:25 21/01/2023
Legal earthquake rocks Fox News empire
MSNBC’S Ari Melber hosts “The Beat" on Thursday, January 19, and reports on Rupert Murdoch’s deposition in Dominion Voting's $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox News. Plus, Melber reports on gerrymandering in Michigan. David Corn, Michael Moore, and Betsy Coffia join.
41:28 20/01/2023
McCarthy rewards MAGA extremists with new prizes; "Beat" 5 year highlights
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Wednesday, January 18 and reports on Speaker McCarthy rewarding MAGA extremists in the House with committee assignments. Plus, looking back at some of the highlights from the past five years of "The Beat" featuring politics and music guests. James Carville and Joan Walsh join.
41:03 19/01/2023
Special report: Feared from warzones to Congress, Counsel Jack Smith leads Trump probe
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Tuesday, January 17 and reports on the New Mexico Republican arrested for allegedly targeting Democratic lawmakers in a string of shootings. Plus, a special report on Special Counsel Jack Smith's long career from prosecuting war crimes to now leading probes of Trump. Andrew Weissmann and Michael Steele join.
40:37 18/01/2023
MLK Day: Biden touts MLK's legacy and voting rights push
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Monday, January 16 and reports on the legacy of Martin King Luther Jr. Day, with President Biden marking MLK's legacy. Plus, special reporting on the leading causes of deaths for police in the line of duty with special guests Marcia Ferranto of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, and retired NYPD detective Marq Claxton. Michael Schmidt, Maya Wiley and David Folkenflik join.
40:44 17/01/2023
After Trump tried to corrupt DOJ, Garland appoints Trump vet as special counsel
MSNBC anchor Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Friday, January 13 and reports on AG Garland appointing Trump vet Robert Hur as special counsel overseeing the Biden classified documents probe, a move some have lambasted as motivated by optics. Plus, Ransom and Elie Mystal join for Fallback Friday! David Kelley and Alencia Johnson join.
40:42 14/01/2023
A.G. Garland roils D.C. with surprise announcement
MSNBC’S Ari Melber hosts “The Beat” on Thursday, January 12 and reports on Attorney General Garland appointing a special counsel to oversee the investigation of classified documents found in President Biden’s old office and home. Plus, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy defends George Santos’s epic lies. Emily Bazelon, Karen Loeffler, Howard Dean, and Barbara Boxer join.
40:41 13/01/2023
House GOP struggles in pivot to governing; More classified docs found in Biden office
MSNBC’S Ari Melber hosts “The Beat” on Wednesday, January 11 and reports on House GOP chaos amid Speaker McCarthy's first week, the discovery of more classified documents in a Biden office, and new evidence from the Jan. 6 committee that could inform Special Counsel Jack Smith's probe of Trump. Libby Casey, Katty Kay and Joyce Vance join, plus acclaimed filmmaker Cameron Crowe.
40:59 12/01/2023
McCarthy's bargain: Secret rules with MAGA fringe for speakership
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Tuesday, January 10 and reports on the "shadow rules" now governing the House GOP. Plus, President Biden answers questions on classified documents found in an office used while he was Vice President. Eugene Robinson, Molly Ball and Chai Komanduri join.
49:37 11/01/2023
House voting on GOP rules to weaken speakership
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Monday, January 9 and reports on the House holding its first vote with new Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the Fulton County election probe grand jury completing its work, and Brazil's insurrection. Former RNC chair Michael Steele and former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance join.
41:08 10/01/2023
Two years out from insurrection, Ari Melber reads from his Jan 6 Report foreword
In this exclusive podcast extra, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reads more from his special foreword to the January 6 report on the coup conspiracy. Plus, on the two year mark after January 6, two "Beat" segments on the insurrection and the House GOP chaos of Kevin McCarthy's speaker fight.
48:24 09/01/2023
McCarthy "humiliated" as he limps into fourth day of speaker losses
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" as Kevin McCarthy loses 13 straight votes for speaker and limps into a fourth day of voting. Plus, marking 2 years since the January 6 insurrection. Rep. Byron Donalds joins, as well as Rusty Bowers.
41:16 07/01/2023
McCarthy loses 10th speaker vote
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Thursday January 5 and reports on Kevin McCarthy's losing streak hitting a third day in the House and the lessons of John Boehner's fight for the speakership. Mark Leibovich, Libby Casey and Michael Moore join.
55:26 06/01/2023
House still without Speaker after 6 votes
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Wednesday, January 4 and reports on the second day of a parliamentary debacle, as the House still lacks a Speaker after 6 votes. Republican leader Kevin McCarthy failing to cinch a majority as hardliners refuse to support him. Former Rep. David Jolly, fmr. DNC Chair Howard Dean, The Atlantic's David Frum and Time Magazine's Molly Ball join.
38:29 05/01/2023
McCarthy loses historic three Speaker votes
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Tuesday, January 3 and reports on Rep. Kevin McCarthy losing three votes for Speaker of the House, with GOP hardliners breaking with their party to vote against him. Brendan Buck, former aide to Republican Speakers Paul Ryan and John Boehner joins, along with Democratic strategists Chai Komanduri and James Carville.
40:58 04/01/2023
Dem leader Hakeem Jeffries on new strategy in House
MSNBC's Ari Melber hosts "The Beat" on Monday, January 2 and reports on the eve of a new Congress as Democrats seek a new strategy in the House and the GOP faces fallout over incoming Rep. George Santos. Democratic caucus leader Rep. Hakeem Jeffries joins, as well as fmr. acting US Solicitor General Neal Katyal.
41:19 03/01/2023
Jan. 6 cmte releases interview transcripts from Don Jr. and Stephen Miller
MSNBC's Katie Phang hosts "The Beat" on Thursday, December 29 and reports on the Jan. 6 cmte releasing new interview transcripts from Don Jr. and Stephen Miller. Plus the latest on the George Santos controversy. Joyce Vance, Renato Mariotti, Dave Aronberg, and Rep. Jackie Speier join.
41:20 30/12/2022
Trump WH aide: Meadows burned docs in transition period
MSNBC's Katie Phang hosts "The Beat" on Wednesday, December 28 and reports on stunning new Jan. 6 witness testimony. Cassidy Hutchinson telling the committee she saw Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows burning documents in the transition period. Plus, Rep. Kweisi Mfume joins on the "Identifying Mass Shooters Act."
41:09 29/12/2022
Jan. 6 committee member: "clear" DOJ should prosecute Trump
MSNBC's Katie Phang hosts "The Beat" on Tuesday, December 27 and reports on the newly released 845 page January 6 report and new evidence showing Trump's intent. Plus, a shocking confession from incoming GOP congressman George Santos that he lied about key parts of his background. Danya Perry, Molly Jong-Fast, and Fernand Amandi join, along with Katherine Stewart and Rep. Maxwell Frost. Darren Star, creator of "Emily in Paris" and "Sex and the City" also joins.
42:14 28/12/2022