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In the DMEXCO Podcast, leading minds, industry experts and international C-level executives share their opinions and insights on the hottest topics in marketing, media, business, technology and future.


Rob Tarkoff (EVP Oracle) on New Consumer Behavior, First Party Data Strategy and Brand Safety 20:41 02/09/21
Peer Stemmler zur Entwicklung von ZOOM zur Plattform für New Work und das New Normal 24:11 24/08/21
Sibylle Tretera (Pinterest) zu erfolgreichen Strategien im Umgang mit den neuen Kundenbedürfnissen 24:47 10/08/21
Roger Solé (WeWork) on the Future of Work and the Shift to Hybrid Workplace Models 20:20 27/07/21
Das erwartet dich auf der DMEXCO 2021! 25:26 13/07/21
Maria von Scheel-Plessen (Montblanc) zu digitaler Transformation und Digitalmarketing in der Luxusgüter-Industrie 34:55 29/06/21
Stuart Flint on how to use TikTok as Business, Brand or Advertiser 24:03 08/06/21
Dr. Markus Schöberl zum Amazon Marketplace in Deutschland 40:26 11/05/21
Daisy Auger-Dominguez (Vice Media) on her Role, Actions and Impact as Chief People Officer 38:54 30/03/21
Sohaila Ouffata und Thy-Diep Ta über Tech4Good und Venture Capital, Sustainability, Social und Governance 27:58 09/02/21
Howard Lerman (YEXT) on how to rethink and monetize Branded Search 33:55 10/12/20
Stan Pavlovsky (CEO) on how Shutterstock evolves and enables more Creativity in Audio 17:28 26/11/20
Christine Maguire, Tripadvisor, about the Road to Recovery for the Travel Industry 19:25 29/10/20
Karthic Bala, Condé Nast, on how to use Data for Content Creation 25:06 13/10/20
Microsoft's Chief Storyteller Steve Clayton on how to tell great Corporate Stories 22:34 29/09/20
Robyn Peterson CNN on the Future of Journalism in a Data Driven Media Landscape 26:08 22/09/20
Jochen Sengpiehl, Global CMO Volkswagen, über Digitalisierung und die Symbiose von VW und Tesla 45:09 15/09/20
Pinterest - Louise Richardson about the power of visual discovery and the increasing desire for positivity and inspiration 22:34 08/09/20
Delivery Hero - Sigrid Dalberg-Krajewski on the way from Online-Takeaway to Quick Commerce 37:33 01/09/20
DMEXCO 2020 - das erwartet Euch bei der DMEXCO @home 24:26 14/07/20
Oliver Kaltner, ROOM, über Arbeitsräume der Zukunft und Haltung in pandemischen Zeiten 35:46 23/06/20
Sarah Bernuit (IBM iX) on Leadership, Technology and Attitude 30:43 09/06/20
Oracle’s Rob Tarkoff on Customer Experience, Customer Centricity and the New Next in Silicon Valley 34:03 26/05/20
Götz Trillhaas (Snapchat) zum Status Quo und Zukunft des Instant-Messengers mit AR-Fokus 22:10 05/05/20
Chris Davies on how BBC News is addressing Millennials in Turnstyle Mode w/ Quibi News Partnership 22:43 23/04/20
Adam Singolda (Taboola) on Authentic Leadership and the Responsibility for a Content Recommendation Engine in Challenging Times. 27:01 08/04/20
Sven Bornemann zur wachsenden Bedeutung von Single Sign-On-Angeboten 30:25 12/03/20
Brennan Jacoby on the Philosophy of Trust and the Impact on Influence 31:14 27/02/20
Sven Hagemeier von The Trade Desk zum Erfolgsmodell Connected TV – DMEXCO Podcast Episode 44 33:01 13/02/20
Global CMO of SAP Alicia Tillman about purpose-driven marketing – DMEXCO Podcast Episode 43 32:02 30/01/20