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In the age of the 24 hour-a-day multiple news-gasms, let The Nick Abbot Habit be your guide. It's fast and funny and sometimes furious. All opinions are correct, apart from those that aren't. Plus Nick's favourite calls from his cult weekend talk show. Guaranteed no baking or dancing.


Going to a better party
This week's clips are from February 2019 when there was a weather forecast that should give up hope for next month, a new political party had been formed that you may already have forgotten existed and we found we were about to get sent back to the Stone Age.
33:58 23/01/2023
The Cow Issue
This week's clips are from 2019 when we thought we were living in odd times. If only we knew what was round the corner! In these clips, we help an isolated man in Yorkshire and a farmer is very angry with me.
36:42 16/01/2023
Gibraltar fights back
It was February 2019 and a British colony was under attack, I got animated about the national antem, there was David Beckham news and some billionaires got told off.
31:36 09/01/2023
A right old ding-dong.
This weeks clips are from 2019 and there's some funny stuff here. There was warnings of food shortages, someone thought that KFC running out of chicken was their way of scuppering Brexit, a caller tried to explain things based on what he understood and some light winter weather had had the usual consequences.
31:31 19/12/2022
This weeks clips from 2019 feature me getting confused about cricket, having a fight with some callers, choosing a favourite song and comparing Jeremy Corbyn to a Star Wars character.
34:29 12/12/2022
What's a nanny do?
This week's clips are from 2019 when we were staring at windmills, dreaming of island living, ruining Pink Floyd and I had an electricity crisis.
28:00 05/12/2022
More Communist Tripe
We dance around the years in this one. Starting in 2020 for a little light conspiracy theorising, then back to 2019 for a road safety fail and I get a request, which sounds like a demand.
31:19 28/11/2022
The loudest light
It was Autumn 2020 and a man picked fight about pubs, another honours list was announced, a lady had a controversial cure for the mad bat disease, we looked forward to an important announcement and noticed a household design fault.
30:16 21/11/2022
Cows with guns
This weeks clips include Donny goes to hospital, as really stupid idea from Gavin Williamson and an even stupider one from Pritti Patel and a rat gets its just deserts.
33:30 14/11/2022
Strategy? What strategy?
It was Autumn 2020 and there was a rush on in the supermarkets, people were confused about restrictions, some callers sounded very refreshed and there was revolution in the air
31:05 07/11/2022
The big picture
This week, Donald Trump's fans are confused, it was two years ago and we were all about the bubbles and I get a little too much praise for my part in fighting the Mad Bat Disease.
34:20 31/10/2022
The Secret of Happiness
This week's clips are from Autumn 2020 when a certain Boris Johnson insisted we shouldn't have parties, we were envious of Swedes (not the vegetable) and there was a protest parade about pretty much everything.
34:08 24/10/2022
The Hamburger Issue
It was two years ago and there was the curious case of the see-through premier, confusion about Level 42, some concern about burgers and a slight communication breakdown.
32:17 17/10/2022
The groin issue
This week, Donald Trump's fans get that sinking feeling, the government threatened us to get back to teh office, I lose track of time and a man shares a little too much
30:21 10/10/2022
Watch out, communists about
This week's clips are from when the English football team proved a disappointment, David Blaine did something odd with ice and Donald Trump flipped out when he saw where he was staying in London.
35:57 03/10/2022
Irate in Uxbridge
This week's clips are from Autumn 2020 and follow on from last week's podcast, in which a chap thought I should give away all my money, we were reminiscing about the days before Bodger Johnson took over, our new trade deal-maker was announced to be an Australian, and a man in Johnson's constituency was not totally satisfied with everything, especially me.
25:58 27/09/2022
It's all my fault!
It was Autumn 2020 and I get interrupted by a digital intrusion, I have a heated debate wit a bloke who thinks I am the problem, pick a fight with Australia and America and at the end there's a great call from this weekend just gone.
35:16 20/09/2022
Strictly who?
This week's clips are from a pretty important period in which the wheels started coming off the clown car, I take a fiery call from one of the usual suspects and fail to recognise some celebrities.
34:29 05/09/2022
Millions of visitors
This week's clips have people fighting like cats and dogs, I talk about waiting for the music, the government were telling us to go outside after telling us to stay indoors and there's a curious tale about a balcony invasion
35:09 29/08/2022
Italian food is very dangerous
It was August two years ago and the government were telling us to go back to work after telling us not to, I have some good advice for a TV show set to return and we remember when no-one was allowed in the front room.
30:47 22/08/2022
16 cats in the kitchen
This weeks clips include me explaining what's wrong with other drivers, I prove that no-one is interested in a cultural institution at the centre of a BIG row and I make a prediction about Donald Trump
33:12 15/08/2022
This week's podcast follows on from last week's clips and features a square sheep, a silly song and raging at roads.
34:10 08/08/2022
The square sheep
This week's clips we were perplexed by the world's most expensive sheep, I measured the size of Nigel Farage's mouth and people were getting wound up by a song
31:41 02/08/2022
1.4 billion interesting people
This week’s clips are from the start of the Mad Bat Disease. It hadn’t hit yet but van drivers were thinking about getting security and tourists were told not to act like they were on holiday!
33:05 25/07/2022
Nightmare house guests
This week’s clips are from Spring 2020 and a man calls from his zoo, a woman calls from her fire engine and I buy a bowler hat.
31:24 18/07/2022
Sayonara Croydon
This week’s clips are from Spring 2020, in which a lady recreates Noah’s Ark, there’s things you don’t want to see in a pandemic, The Goop Woman Strikes Back, being late for the Sex Pistols and the War of the Worlds.
33:06 11/07/2022
Vegetables aren’t grizzly
This week’s clips are from the start of the Mad Bat Disease, there were reports of disappointment at the supermarket, we learned how not to get divorced, I had a holiday disaster and received one of the most mystifying calls ever.
30:28 04/07/2022
These nuts taste funny
This week, there’s new rules about money, a loo with a view, the musty aroma of a pub and I look forward to a dental appointment.
32:37 27/06/2022
It weren’t me!
This week’s clips are from early 2020 when we were just hearing about the Mad Bat Disease and some people were taking advantage, there’s a phoney French listener with material and a confusing message from New York.
28:23 20/06/2022
A genius restaurant promotion
This week’s clips are from when we were just hearing about the Mad Bat Disease and include a restauranteur with an idea, a man who offers to subject himself to free beer and panic buying was afoot.
36:52 13/06/2022