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In the age of the 24 hour-a-day multiple news-gasms, let The Nick Abbot Habit be your guide. It's fast and funny and sometimes furious. All opinions are correct, apart from those that aren't. Plus Nick's favourite calls from his cult weekend talk show. Guaranteed no baking or dancing.


It's out there
This week's clips are from the run-up to December 2020, when there was a kerfuffle about a Christmas song and a TV advert. There's also a brand new clip from my last Sunday show in which I chat to a space expert about a new development in the search for alien life.
28:27 16/07/2024
The Toilet of England
This week's clips are from 2020, when The Thing was still about, Donald Trump had just lost and people were furious about a Christmas TV advert
30:44 08/07/2024
Two straws and a bottle of whiskey
This week's clips from 2020 include a chat with a man with a gun, a prediction about money going to areas that voted for Brexit and how patriotic Brits should eat patriotic British fish
27:47 01/07/2024
The Fabulous Whiner
This week's clips are from just after Donald Trump lost the last election but couldn't bring himself to admit it.
29:16 24/06/2024
An Explosive Stunt
This week's clips are from Winter 2020, when the weather bore a striking similarity to Summer 2024. We hear of the departure of a "genius" and what Boris Johnson's other half gets called behind her back.
33:14 17/06/2024
A Smash and Grab Raid
In this week's clips from 2020, we find out something about a famous railway line and hear of the dangers of a certain type of meat.
26:06 10/06/2024
All aboard!
This week, a podcast of two halves. There's clips from just after the last U.S. elections and a bang-up-to-date rant about Fishi's battlebus.
28:36 03/06/2024
The problem with wazzocks
In a flashback to 2020, in clips recorded before and after the last U>S> election, we rail against a kettle ban, there's an issue with driving in the rain and a genius departs.
32:38 27/05/2024
The sandwich issue
No intro or outro this week, I've lost my voice but the clips include a furious reaction about the cheese sandwich issue raised in last week's podcast and the leaf blower controversy howls on.
29:00 20/05/2024
Thumbs up
This week, the reviews are in for my leaf blower impression from last week, a nice lady fights back against a kettle ban and there's a cheese sandwich controversy.
29:34 13/05/2024
The leaf-blower incident
This week's clips from October 2020 include me doing my nut in park, a man comes up with the idea of a minister for common sense years before the Tories and there's some crazy rules about kettles.
32:04 06/05/2024
Fury at the Moon
This week, there's grown-ups shouting at a schoolgirl, a Top Trumps game that goes wrong, I have an issue with electricians and there's some confusion about Boris Johnson's media room
29:57 29/04/2024
A big bit of Polish meat
This week's episode is a total hoot. There's the suspicious amount of money that Boris Johnson spent on getting Russians to furnish a room in Number 10, some outrageous spending by the Home Office and a bang-up-to-date call from last weekend.
27:43 22/04/2024
A set of steak knives and a fondue set
This week, a child takes a crooked maths test and we find out what the government spends on itself when we're not looking.
29:52 15/04/2024
Nailing the phone to the wall
This week's clips include a man calling on an old phone, there's a problem with fish and we find a replacement for Prime Minister Boris Johnson but he might need lots of naps.
27:28 08/04/2024
A holiday invasion
This weeks clips include some wet news from a loch, a reminder of who is responsible for a controversial traffic measure and I pick a place for us all to escape to.
29:43 02/04/2024
Who's Batman?
It was autumn 2020 and I made a prediction about Donald Trump that Donald Trump tried to make come true and we were laughing in the face of what the world had sent us. Think of it as an historical document with giggles.
30:09 26/03/2024
Some Like It Not
This week's clips are from October 2020 when a famous American flew in, a woman was freaked out by her phone and there's some controversy about a classic film.
32:39 18/03/2024
The Silly Mini
This week, we were talking cars, there were some rules about eating that we had to get our heads around, Titchi Suitsize had a plan in his old job and some undeserving types got a massive pay rise
30:23 11/03/2024
Fun with oven mitts
This week, there's a bang-up-to-date call from last weekend featuring a disgruntled man in Blackpool, some clips from October 2022, which include the 'C' word (not that one) and a rant about bus lanes.
33:54 04/03/2024
Lights out at 20pm
This week's clips feature a no-fun Tory conference, we were in the midst of The Thing while getting the B word done and Donald Trump takes a test.
34:43 26/02/2024
A very expensive pooch
This week's clips include a four legged film star, we pull a rat out of the ground to see what the weather will do and a man finds a sexy Brexit benefit
29:36 19/02/2024
There There is
This week's clips are from the day after we got our sovereignty back and feature me ordering things a restaurant had run out of, Nigel Farage unveils a picture and we got some bad news from China
33:53 12/02/2024
A celebrity crank call?
This week's clips are from the day after we got our freedom back, we go over the Brexit festival playlist and I get what I suspect is a joke call from a radio star.
31:21 05/02/2024
A pinch of snuff
This week, I was struggling to sneeze, there was news of exploding meat and fun with a very small camera.
30:31 29/01/2024
Insects on the brain
This week's clips from four years ago feature an uninvited guest in my head, an apocalyptic call from Australia and a dyspeptic Boris Johnson fan.
34:22 22/01/2024
The one where I get locked out
Rummaging round some old tapes, I found the one where I tried to break in to my own house. I think you'll like it more that I did!
29:57 15/01/2024
The dog bowl and the a*** beads
This week, it's a hilarious mash-up of the start of the A-Z of 2019, with a highlight of the A-Z that we just compiled, of 2023. Enjoy!
34:14 08/01/2024
ET calling
This week's clips from 2019 feature President Trump being himself, I get a call from a spaced man, there's fun with glue, a woman goes off-grid and an alien pays a visit.
31:44 18/12/2023
The War On Sanity
Carrying on from last week, there's reaction to an electrical expert's electrical problem, a hairy conundrum, a problem with the weight of time and political sense goes up in smoke.
27:55 11/12/2023

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