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Car Launch - Mercedes
After Mercedes revealed its W14 F1 car at Silverstone, viewers were surprised but pleased to see the return of the black silver arrow, albeit with a lot more "naked carbon" than before. But why is the car back in black, and why are they so confident in their W13 2022 car's design concept that they haven't switched over to a Red Bull or Ferrari style design? Alex Kalinauckas chats with Martyn Lee to discuss these questions and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13:51 15/02/2023
Car Launch - Ferrari
Not only have we now seen the real Ferrari SF-23 F1 car, but we've also seen it driven in anger on track! Ferrari's 2023 season launch may have been great, but it's also spurred up some technical questions regarding its front wing setup when compared to a 2022 Mercedes W12 design that wasn't allowed to be used. So why is Ferrari's design legal? Roberto Chinchero joins Martyn Lee to discuss the technical questions as well as the future of Ferrari's F1 team. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16:43 14/02/2023
Car Launch - Aston Martin
Aston Martin launched their actual 2023 F1 race car, the AMR23, with a surprising amount of technical insight from Technical Director Dan Fellows, interviews with Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll, and unsurprisingly, a green livery. But why is Aston Martin's AMR23 being labelled as "aggressive"? Luke Smith joins Martyn Lee live from the post-launch party to tell us more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10:53 13/02/2023
Car Launch - McLaren MCL60
New driver duo, new team principal, new livery (sort of): McLaren's F1 2023 launch may be all about its upgrades for the new season, but McLaren, its drivers Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, and its bosses Zak Brown and Andrea Stella, are certainly looking to McLaren's future in F1. After Interviewing Lando, Oscar, Zak and Andrea, Luke Smith caught up with Martyn Lee live from the McLaren Technology Centre to chat about what today's launch really means for McLaren. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11:32 13/02/2023
Motorsport We're Excited About In 2023
From top level FIA international series all the way to one-off events like the Goodwood Revival, 2023 is set to be a thrilling year of motorsport. Kevin Turner and Stephen Lickorish join Martyn Lee to talk about their favourites this year from sportscars, Formula E, MotoGP, BTCC, super tourers and even the return of the Autosport 3 Hours. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
49:01 10/02/2023
Karun Chandhok's Big Questions 2023
We’ve once again teamed up with F1 racer-turned-pundit Karun Chandhok for our traditional Big Questions piece looking at the campaign ahead. Chandhok takes on topics up and down the grid, from Red Bull’s likely challengers to how much work is needed at Williams, via the line-ups that could prove most explosive on and off track. Karun is joined by Kevin Turner, Alex Kalinauckas and Martyn Lee. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
71:47 09/02/2023
Lewis Hamilton's 10 Best Seasons
As Lewis Hamilton celebrates ten seasons with the team at Mercedes, Kevin Turner and Alex Kalinauckas rank his greatest years in order. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
48:36 08/02/2023
Car Launch - Alfa Romeo
The Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team has unveiled its new C43, the last Sauber-built car to carry the name of the Italian manufacturer. The team unveiled a show car at a launch event in Switzerland on Tuesday morning, as well as issuing CGI images. The real C43 will be seen for the first time when it undertakes a filming day in Barcelona on Friday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12:37 07/02/2023
Car Launch - Williams
Williams has unveiled their 2023 livery, and while it may not break away from convention, it has added some new Gulf and updated Duracell logos among other things. But what are Williams' chances during the 2023 season? Could they be taking pole positions and 1st places, or are they doomed to be at the back of the grid yet again? And will new driver Logan Sargeant, and new Team Principal James Vowles, bring a breath of fresh air to the team? Matt Kew and Martyn Lee discuss this and more, live from the Williams Launch Event. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11:21 06/02/2023
Top 10...Worst F1 Cars To Win A Race
Cars that rarely looked like contenders for victory have occasionally slipped through the net to become winners of world championship Formula 1 races. But which was the worst of the bunch? Most cars that win in Formula 1 are special. The level of competition ensures that genuinely poor designs rarely get near a podium, particularly given the reliability of modern racing machines. But sometimes a combination of luck, inspiration and/or unusual weather gives underdog cars their moment in the limelight. For this list, we looked at the overall pace of the cars, their reliability, how difficult they were to drive and the circumstances of their success. Your host Martyn Lee is joined by Kevin Tuner and Jake Boxall-Legge. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
54:53 04/02/2023
Car Launch - Red Bull
What does Red Bull's 2023 launch, and announcement of Ford returning to F1, really mean for the team going forward? While the New York launch dragged on a bit, we eventually got to see some cars, but is it really the 2023 RB19? And can Verstappen really defend his title? Jon Noble and Matt Kew discuss this and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14:24 03/02/2023
Car Launch - Haas
Once again Haas are first out of the blocks with a car launch, except this isn't really anything else but their new sponsor on a 2022 base car. Whilst there are multiple rule changes for 2023 they are relatively minor. However there are some key visual indicators which show this is not their new car. With a substantial budget thanks to a new MoneyGram sponsorship, two established drivers in Magnussen and Hulkenberg, and a solid Ferrari partnership can Haas improve this year? Let's discuss with Martyn Lee and Jonathan Noble. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10:25 01/02/2023
Top 10...F1 Wet Weather Drives
The fourth episode in our new series of Top 10’s takes a look at the greatest F1 wet weather drives. Every great grand prix driver has at least one rite of passage in adverse weather, often several. For today’s podcast Kevin Turner has limited each driver to one appearance on the list, and the distinction to remember is that we’re not talking about which drivers perform best when the heavens open, but specific wet weather drives.   To discuss, we’re joined by motorsport journalist Damien Smith and your host Martyn Lee. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
61:28 28/01/2023
Daytona 24: An Exciting Era Begins For Sportscars
Whenever we see drivers climbing into the race seat of a brand new set of cars at the start of a new season, the atmosphere is filled with anticipation. And that’s the prospect this weekend. One of the most exciting weekends in motorsport this year, because the Daytona 24 hours marks the start of the new era. Last weekend saw Tom Blomqvist put his Meyer Shank Racing Acura ARX-06 LMDh car on pole in a last-gasp effort which set the scene for this weekend’s season opener, just 8 tenths separating the whole class, the competition is tight! The grid has so much to look out for. 9 of the new GTP class cars making a return to IMSA, 10 LMP2 entries, 9 LMP3’s, another 9 in GTD Pro, and 24 GTD cars on the grid. 61 cars in total.  Today we’ll ask: • Why we’re so excited about the new LMDh prototypes • What we can expect from Porsche, BMW, Cadillac and Acura • What drivers you should be watching this weekend Let's get up to speed with our sportscar man Gary Watkins. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26:27 27/01/2023
Top 10...F1 One Hit Wonders
This week's podcast look at the 26 drivers who took a single world championship F1 win. Some of those drivers should have won many more races, while others got on the list through good fortune or an outstanding performance. Here is our pick of F1's top 10 one-hit wonders, based on their drives to victory, the circumstances of that success and their overall careers. We’re excluding those drivers who are still active in F1, so no Pierre Gasly, Esteban Ocon, Carlos Sainz or George Russell just yet. Joining us on the podcast to discuss the topic are Kevin Turner, Damien Smith and Haydn Cobb. Your host is Martyn Lee. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
50:55 24/01/2023
Why WRC Is Motorsport's Sleeping Giant
This weekend the World Rally Championship returns to legendary Monte Carlo. We have a record-breaking world champion, drivers in new teams, new management and the evolution of the Rally1 hybrid monsters. Fans know how good the sport is, but increasing social media coverage continues to spread rallying to new audiences. And because of all that, we’ve titled this podcast “Is WRC Motorsport’s Sleeping Giant?” Today we’ll ask:   ·     Can Hyundai pick up where they left off? ·     Will Kalle Rovanpera cope with the weight of being champion? ·     Do we have a true 3-way fight for the title in 2023?   Let's get up to speed with our rally man Tom Howard. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30:27 18/01/2023
712: Live Podcast: Andretti, Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari and more
The Autosport Podcast joins you today live from the Autosport International main stage at Birmingham's NEC. Autosport International was back for the first time since 2020 with over 100,000 expected through the doors, at our traditional kick-start to the motorsport calendar. Martyn Lee is joined on stage by Luke Smith, Alex Kalinauckas and Stuart Codling to discuss some of the recent new stories dominating Formula 1. Michael Andretti has publicly complained about the resistance of existing teams regarding his proposal to enter F1. What's the problem with welcoming extra cars on the grid? Or with the sports recent success, should they leave alone a winning formula? We also discuss the chances for Red Bull, given their cost cap punishment. Can Mercedes recover over the winter and challenge the champions? And what will Ferrari expect in 2023 under their new Team Principal Frédéric Vasseur. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
53:44 16/01/2023
711: Top 10...F1 Drivers Who Never Won A Championship
The second episode in our new series of Top 10’s takes a look at the greatest F1 drivers who couldn’t clinch a drivers title. Chief Editor Kevin Turner leads the way, joined by motorsport journalist Damien Smith and Editor Haydn Cobb.  The show is hosted by Martyn Lee. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
63:11 15/01/2023
710: Formula E's Gen3 Reboot
Formula E returns this weekend with new cars, new tech, new teams and drivers ready to race the fastest ever version of the electric machines.    In many ways it is a reboot for the ground-breaking series.    Just before Christmas we dispatched our Formula E man Jake Boxall-Legge to Valencia for the  pre-season test, to spy on this new generation.    Today we’ll ask:    • What’s so special about the Gen3 cars?  • Which drivers and teams you should look out for  • Is this the reset FE needs to step up into the motorsport mainstream?    Let's get up to speed with our expert Jake Boxall-Legge Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30:16 11/01/2023
709: Top 10...F1 Drivers Who Never Won A Race
Season 3 Episode 1. Welcome back to the third series of our Top 10’s list curated by Chief Editor Kevin Turner.  Look out every weekend for a new episode. This series we’ll discuss topics such as the greatest drivers who never won the championship, one hit wonders, the worst cars to grace the grid and the best wet weather drives.  For the first show in this series, Kev has compiled the Top 10 F1 drivers never to have won a world championship race.   To debate the order of the list is motorsport journalist and former Autosport head honcho, Damian Smith. The show is hosted by Martyn Lee. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
54:24 08/01/2023
708: The F1 Record Which Stood For 33 Years
Emerson Fittipaldi won the Formula One World Championship driving for Lotus in 1972. He was 25 years old and became the youngest ever F1 champ. It was a record which held for an amazing 33 years until Fernando Alonso won with Renault in 2005. Today, we talk to our Chief Editor Kevin Turner about the story of that incredible year and how Fittipaldi stepped up to become champion. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30:39 07/01/2023
707: Remembering Ken Block with Petter and Oliver Solberg
Rally driver and Hoonigan founder, Ken Block, passed away yesterday following a snowmobile accident in Utah. He was 55 years old, and most famous for his Youtube series of daring stunt videos which have been watched over 650million times. His Hoonigan Racing Division described him as “a visionary, a pioneer and an icon and most importantly a father and husband who will be terribly missed.” Today we’ll look back at a life lived at full speed: We’ll hear from friends Petter and Oliver Solberg Explain how he entered the world of motorsport And look at the legacy he leaves behind Martyn Lee gets up to speed with our rally man Tom Howard Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28:22 03/01/2023
706: 2022 Review: Formula 1 (Part 2)
Autosport's F1 experts return for the second part of our 2022 season review. Following our previous show, which focussed on the battle up front, this episode analyses action further down the grid. How did the best-of-the-rest battle work out with McLaren vs Alpine? Has Fernando Alonso made the correct decision to jump ship to Aston Martin? And why was the driver market so spectacular this year?  Luke Smith, Alex Kalinauckas and Matt Kew join Martyn Lee to conclude our look at the this year in Formula 1. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
58:16 29/12/2022
705: 2022 Review: Formula 1 (Part 1)
Join Autosport's F1 experts as they look back at the past 12 months of action. Luke Smith, Alex Kalinauckas and Matt Kew join Martyn Lee for the first of our two-part retrospective on 2022. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
60:34 27/12/2022
705: 2022 Review: Luke's F1 Christmas Quiz
Merry Christmas from everyone here at Autosport. After you've tucked into your second helping of turkey and escaped the in-laws, pop in your headphones to play along with our festive podcast looking back at 2022. Question master Luke Smith tests the memory of our F1 experts, with events on and off track the subject of our Christmas quiz.  But can you do better than our editors? Luke is joined by Alex Kalinauckas, Matt Kew and Stuart Codling to recall the highs and lows of the 2022 F1 season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
45:06 25/12/2022
704: 2022 Review: How We Pick Autosport's Top 50 Drivers
The Autosport Top 50 Drivers list is now in the 21st year of ranking the greatest drivers of the previous 12 months. Autosport’s correspondents travel the world to bring you the inside track from the worlds of Formula 1, World Rally Championship, MotoGP, Sportscars, GT Racing, Formula E, touring cars and more. At the end of every season we ask them to rank the drivers from the series they follow, and that’s now we start to compile Autosport’s overall list of top fifty. The 2022 list appears in the bumper holiday edition of Autosport magazine on 22 December  and on  This week’s podcast reveals the secrets of how we rank drivers and compare them across various series. Martyn Lee is joined by Kevin Turner, James Newbold and Tom Howard to discuss the controversies and how some drivers get the nod over their rivals. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
67:12 22/12/2022
703: Fired And Hired! F1's Team Boss Bombshells
Formula 1’s driver market has it’s explosive moments this year, with Alonso, Piastri and Ricciardo dominating the headlines. But now it’s the turn of the team bosses. A breathless 24 hours has seen news from Ferrari, Alfa Romeo/Sauber/Audi, McLaren and Williams Today we’ll ask: Who’s out and who’s in What it means for next season, and years to come How these new appointees can impact their new teams Let's get up to speed with Autosport F1 Reporter Luke Smith Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31:33 13/12/2022
702: How We Find Britain's Next Great Driver
When Jenson Button won the 2009 F1 title he became the first of our Young Driver Award winners to do so. Zak O’Sullivan was the 2021 winner and was recently at Silverstone to get his first taste of F1 machinery with Aston Martin as part of his prize. This Sunday night, at the Autosport Awards,  the winner of the 2022 Aston Martin Autosport BRDC Young Driver of the Year will be announced.  On today’s podcast, Martyn Lee is joined by chief editor Kevin Turner to reveal exactly how to win the prestigious competition. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
31:42 02/12/2022
701: The Decisions Which Cost Binotto His Ferrari Job
Ferrari Formula 1 team principal Mattia Binotto confirmed he’s leaving the team at the end of the year, after much speculation in recent weeks. Ferrari issued a statement earlier today confirming that it had accepted Binotto’s decision to leave. Today's podcast will ask:  •         was he ultimately pushed, or did he walk to enable him to go elsewhere? •         what does this mean for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in 2023? •         and why are observers saying management is Ferrari's Achilles heel? Let's get up to speed with's F1 Editor Jonathan Noble. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
25:48 29/11/2022
700: What Happened At F1's Abu Dhabi Post-Season Test
Autosport's Luke Smith is at the Yas Marina circuit for Formula's post-season Pirelli tyre test. As well as fielding potential future F1 stars with their young drivers, teams were also allowed to use their 2023 contracted drivers to get them acquainted with their new cars, ahead of the single pre-season test next year. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29:06 22/11/2022