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Lawfully Creative is a series of intimate and honest conversations hosted by Annabelle Gauberti. Annabelle talks with artists, policy makers and performers – to hear their stories, what inspires their creations, what decisions changed their careers, and what relationships influenced their work. Since 2021, Lawfully Creative also encompasses our Crefovi's daily updates, which are our reflections and comments on the latest news which impact the creative industries. Produced by Crefovi.


Crefovi's daily updates: How to position yourself, as a creative, in the new health dictatorships 05:59 22/07/21
Crefovi's daily updates: Analysis about the content presented at the virtual Cannes film market 09:48 14/07/21
Crefovi's daily updates: How to make the most of your time, as a creative, during summer 2021 04:06 11/07/21
Crefovi's daily updates: My take on the 2021 edition of the Cannes film festival. What a letdown! 14:03 08/07/21
Crefovi's daily updates | "Your music, your future", a fad based on nothing else but thin air 06:16 04/07/21
Crefovi's daily updates | In the starting block for the Monaco streaming film festival 04:31 03/07/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | How to participate into the economic recovery in the Aquarius age! 08:21 24/06/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | How to enforce civil & commercial judgments after Brexit? 13:04 15/06/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | Cue sheets' transformations and how to get ready for the changes ahead 09:05 09/06/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | Attending the online London book fair on introduction to book rights 05:58 07/06/21
Crefovi’s daily update | French police violences and how to deal with them 11:30 31/05/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | How to usefully allocate your time in a sluggish economy 09:10 28/05/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | How to efficiently enforce rights, between the UK & the EU, post Brexit 10:39 19/05/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | Reconnecting the dots between Paris and London 10:19 16/05/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | Learning to live and be productive with the COVID 19 virus 05:20 01/05/21
Lawfully Creative | Malik Mezzadri, aka Magic Malik, French jazz flautist extraordinaire 65:01 23/04/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | Keep creating while the world is changing around you 05:50 21/04/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | The lowdown about the UK TuneIn decisions and case 15:06 19/04/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | UK TuneIn judgments: the return of the dark ages 03:59 14/04/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | How to fight illegal takedown notices on Spotify 14:14 13/04/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | Time to come out of hibernation and create! 02:42 11/04/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | April brings renewal, structure and new projects: make the most of it 05:28 05/04/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | How to keep going, in a creative manner, in this new paradigm 05:35 30/03/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | How to react when the EUIPO and UKIPO take different approaches to ongoing trademark opposition proceedings? 07:00 29/03/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | How to get ready for the end of lockdown on 12 April 2021 09:36 15/03/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | Cancel culture and how to stay away from it as a creative 12:57 11/03/21
Lawfully Creative | Lucie Touboul, head of legal & business affairs at sales agent Dogwoof 54:26 05/03/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | The rise of fashion law - not! 10:08 04/03/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | The European Film Market (EFM) online is great & so seamless 14:36 02/03/21
Crefovi’s daily updates | Our take on French police violence & how to remain creative no matter what 17:31 26/02/21