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Be Calm on Ahway Island Bedtime Stories

Relax and enjoy the calm retreat of Ahway Island Bedtime Stories. Original children’s stories for nap time, bedtime and any time it’s relax time!


700. Envelope Expedition: a children’s story and guided relaxation
Elodie Envelope takes an exciting journey through the Ahway Island postal system!
20:15 27/03/2023
327. Terrific Toys: a meditation and calming bedtime story
There are some terrific toys buried in the toy box. Will Alyssa the doll and Uli the unicorn be able to help them out?
15:50 24/03/2023
698. Sweet or Salty: an original short story for kids
Aaliyah Ant travels to bring some food back to her colony and learns a lesson about differences.
25:09 20/03/2023
323. Curious Kitten: a calming bedtime and nap time story for kids
Zara, a curious kitten, is busy exploring and playing. As she plays the little kitty discovers a duckling all alone in the barn and helps her new friend.
20:42 17/03/2023
695. Cool Construction: a calming short story for children
Dory Dump Truck tells her friends that she knows what's being built at the new construction site. How will Dory come to terms with telling them the truth?
20:30 13/03/2023
321. Cuddly Dragon: an original short story for kids
Our cuddly dragon wakes up from a nap and brings the blanket back to thunderous applause at the end of a play.
21:36 10/03/2023
693. Calm Colors: a guided meditation and kid’s story
Kaia Coloring Book helps her friend Callie Kim after a stressful day at school.
19:26 06/03/2023
320. Show Time: a short story for kids
It's nearly show time for Rogelio, Helen and Brianna. So, Rogelio searches for a spot in the park to rehearse their original dragon play.
14:17 03/03/2023
691. Memorable Music: a calming story and meditation
Lydia practices piano with Ruby June and discovers that not everyone learns the same way.
21:07 27/02/2023
319. Girl Power: a children’s story and meditation
After Max teases her, Mia and her brother learn about women who have made a difference. Believing in girl power, Mia is ready to share what she learned with the world. Also released as part of Kids Listen "Women's History Sweeps."
21:22 24/02/2023
689. Trike Travails: a bedtime meditation and story
Trudy Tricycle is so excited for tomorrow that she can't calm her mind for sleep.
17:38 20/02/2023
318. Adventures in Time: a bedtime story and meditation
Chance the cardboard box experiences adventures in time. This time the kids bring him back to the ice age. What will they discover this time?
23:44 17/02/2023
687. Flying Frogs: a meditation and bedtime story
Fernando Frog wants to learn something that peeper frogs don’t normally do — he wants to fly how to fly!
20:09 13/02/2023
317. Let’s Play: a nap time story and relaxation for kids
Let's play as Danny and Dory the dump trucks race to see who is the fastest. Ellie the excavator gives the signal and they're off!
19:11 10/02/2023
685. Fearless Flying: a calming meditation and kid’s story
Geoffrey Robin is old enough to learn to fly! How will his first day of practice go?
20:32 06/02/2023
315. Five Little Fish: a children’s story and meditation
Five little fish explore the sea, just outside their colorful coral home. What will they find?
17:44 03/02/2023
683. Peanut Butter Power: a story and guided relaxation for children
Katie and Tom have to clean up their school project, so Tom suggests they listen to his favorite podcast while they're cleaning up!
16:54 30/01/2023
314. Dragon’s New Toy: an original short story for kids
Dragon finds a beautiful rose garden and lays down to rest, snuggling with a cozy blanket.
15:19 27/01/2023
681 Tunnel Trouble: a mindful story and relaxation
Bertie Bat helps Morgan Mole find their missing tunnel. The two friends learn that their differences are what makes them both amazing and helpful!
19:21 23/01/2023
313. Island Sign: a bedtime story with guided meditation for kids
Anora and Alice go to the Ahway Island Forest to switch the old island sign with their brand new one to welcome visitors.
20:28 20/01/2023
679 Mowing Around: a soothing story and children’s meditation
Moira Mower is excited to help get the Ahway Island baseball field mowed...but she has to do things a little differently than usual.
21:47 16/01/2023
312. Creative Cars: a relaxing bedtime story for children
Bozz and Rozz make a new friend, Mozz. The creative cars share the story of how their friends, the blocks helped them get back on their track.
21:16 13/01/2023
677. Lost and Found: a relaxation & calming story
Anora takes her stuffed toy bunny Blanka on a hike…and Blanka has an unexpected adventure!
24:52 09/01/2023
311. Double Dump Trucks: a calming bedtime and nap time story for children
Danny Dump Truck proudly works on his own, but today's task will require some help. Will Danny recognize the value of teamwork with double dump trucks?
26:04 06/01/2023
675. Pool Party: A bedtime story and guided meditation for kids
Percy Pool and Callie Kim are having a pool party. Percy doesn't like getting dirty...but he meets a new friend who helps him stay a little cleaner!
19:15 02/01/2023
310. Octopus Adventure: a mindful children’s tale
Odette Octopus explores her corner of the sea. What will she find?
14:38 30/12/2022
673. A Day Off: a soothing story and meditation
On her day off, Marta tries to find the perfect toy for her new companion, Kit Cat. But sometimes simple things are best.
22:56 26/12/2022
309. The Parrot Pirate: a meditation and kid’s tale
Pendelton "Zig Zag" Parrot discovers the boat dock.  The parrot pirate tells the boats to take him to find his lost treasure. But the boats remind the parrot he needs to be more polite!
16:51 23/12/2022
671. Teddy in Space: a calming story and meditation for bedtime
Takoda Teddy and Jeff want to play, but Jeff has to clean his room first. Jeff's brother, Mark, helps them find a way to make it fun.
18:42 19/12/2022
307. Super Fun: a short story and meditation for kids
Using their imagination Allie and Owen have a super fun time making a supersonic hearing device. What will they hear when they test it out?
19:52 16/12/2022