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This is the place for bibiophiles to meet and quiz their literary heroes. It’s a fun listen full of passionate young readers asking their favourite authors brilliantly insightful questions


Cecelia Ahern: ‘public shaming moved me to write Flawed’ - Guardian children's books podcast
Cecelia Ahern explains how she was moved to write her first YA novel, Flawed, by her dismay at society’s increasingly finger-pointing culture. Guardian children’s books site members Harriet, Amy and Rebecca grill her on the book, which is set in a powerfully realised society in which perfection is valued above humanity
20:05 29/04/2016
Jacqueline Wilson for Guardian children's books podcast: 'This is a story competition about your imagination'
Jacqueline Wilson speaks to Michelle Pauli as she launches her creative writing competition for 7 – 12 year olds, where the prize is to have the winning story published in one of her books! Here she gives you tips about getting started, inventing characters and what the judges will be looking for Find out more about the competition and enter here! Plus check out the first chapter of Jacqueline Wilson’s newest book, Rent a Bridesmaid
12:16 07/04/2016
Gavriel Savit: 'I’ve never known the end of a chapter in my life' - children's books podcast
Harrowing second world war tale Anna and the Swallow Man has taken teen readers by storm. Teen site members Lottie is Dottie and Ayesha got to ask the author about the mythologisation of the Holocaust, deep and dark things, stories without end and the meaning of life Also read Remembering the people of the Holocaust
27:51 15/03/2016
Women in fantasy – the children's books podcast
Get a fascinating insight into the world of teen/YA fantasy in this podcast with four amazing fantasy authors. Samantha Shannon, Sally Green, Lucy Saxon and Alwyn Hamilton talk world building, feminism, sex and why we need to stop comparing all female characters to Katniss Everdeen – however wonderful she is! Enter our signed fantasy books giveaway!
35:26 26/02/2016
Guardian children's books podcast with Owen Jones: 'there's a craving for an alternative to how things are run'
Political commentator Owen Jones is grilled by teen site members CaraErica, Patrick and TheBookAddictedGirl on the writers who inspired his democratic socialist politics, the advice he’d give his 16-year-old self, and how young people should get involved in politics – and why… The Establishment is our current Teen book club read – find out what else is happening here
19:36 16/12/2015
Jeff Kinney: 'the joke always comes first' – children's books podcast
Find out what Jeff Kinney’s favourite Diary of a Wimpy Kid book is, why he really did wrap himself in toilet paper in Middle School and how he ALWAYS has writer’s block in this fabulous interview by the Eye Boggling Blurbs book group Win signed copies of the complete set of 10 Diary of a Wimpy Kid books
08:28 11/12/2015
Guardian children's books podcast with Sandi Toksvig: 'children disappear in history'
Sandi Toksvig reads from and talks about her latest book, A Slice of the Moon, an action-packed story of one family's journey across the world as they leave behind their home in Ireland during the potato famine and travel to America
22:34 19/11/2015
Children's books podcast: Eoin Colfer and Oliver Jeffers on their picture book, Imaginary Fred
Eoin Colfer, author of the bestselling Artemis Fowl novels, and award-winning picture book creator Oliver Jeffers have paired up to create a book about imaginary friends, Imaginary Fred. Find out how they met by chance, collaborated across continents by skype, and, of course, whether they have their own imaginary friendsBuy Imaginary Fred at the Guardian bookshop
14:29 11/11/2015
Celebrate Poetry Day with Joseph Coelho - children's books podcast
Prepare to be thrilled as Joseph Coelho performs poems from his prize-winning collection, Werewolf Club Rules, and offers his suggestions for your own poetry writing
09:46 08/10/2015
Annabel Pitcher: 'we don't have to aspire for more, more, more to be happy' - children's books podcast
The author of My Sister Lives on The Mantelpiece talks to site member The Dormouse about her new book, Silence is Goldfish, which she wrote for all the limelight-avoiding introverts out there
20:18 30/09/2015
Sally Gardner: I wandered so far into the dark, dark wood I forgot to come out again - children's books podcast
On the 10th anniversary of her first book I Coriander, Sally Gardner talks to site member Patrick about writing historical novels, the power of fairy tales, dyslexia and why the school system needs a big shake up
11:19 05/08/2015
Ally Carter talks about her new Embassy Row series – children's books podcast
The best-selling Gallagher Girls author spills the beans on All Fall Down, the first in her thrilling new Embassy Row series – and answers questions on her life and books from teen site members• Plus we have five signed copies of All Fall Down to give away! See below for details
19:41 30/06/2015
Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer talk about Off the Page - children's books podcast
Mother and daughter writing duo Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer talk to Michelle Pauli about the premise behind their funny YA romance, Off the Page, in which a fairytale prince leaves his storybook to experience life and love in high school, and describe the ups and downs of co-writing with the person who knows you - and sometimes annoys you - best
15:33 17/06/2015
Maria V Snyder talks Shadow Study and beyond - children's books podcast
Site member Tashtastic caught up with Chronicles of Ixia creator Maria V Snyder, when the US novelist was on a rare visit to the UK – listen in to their conversation here!
10:08 11/05/2015
David Levithan: why I wrote my latest novel as a musical - teen books podcast
The bestselling author talks to site member Muchbooks about Hold Me Closer, his new novel written in musical form starring Tiny Cooper, a book companion to Will Grayson, Will Grayson which David wrote with John Green.Read the first chapter of Hold Me Closer
17:51 14/04/2015
John Hegley performs I am a Guillemot - children's books podcast
Find out everything you would ever, ever need to know about sustainable, self-restrainable Guillemot, who uses its bill a lot, in this immortal poem by John Hegley
02:14 30/03/2015
Judith Kerr reads from When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Judith Kerr reads from her award-winning book, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, about her escape from Nazi Germany during the second world war• Judith answers questions from our group site members and shares the real life stories behind her books and paintings in this interview
11:08 18/02/2015
Kate Saunders: why I wrote Five Children on the Western Front - children's books podcast
The winner of Costa children’s books award 2014 talks to site members Noggin and Sailing46 about her sequel to E Nesbit’s Five Children and It, set in the first world war
06:32 07/01/2015
James Frey talks about Endgame
James Frey is giving $3 million of his own money as a prize for those who can solve the puzzles that run through his new trilogy Endgame. Here he tells site member JBOO1698 all about his crazy, magical idea – and his obsession with hidden history
14:33 10/11/2014
John Agard reads his poem Half Caste and talks about race – children's books podcast
Listen to John Agard read his well known poem Half Caste and talk about how his Guyanan upbringing helped him become the writer he is today
15:15 13/10/2014
RJ Palacio on the power of kindness - children's books podcast
RJ Palacio reads from Wonder, and talks to Michelle Pauli about writing about a boy that has to face a world every day that can't face him back
08:50 29/09/2014
Dragons at Crumbling Castle by Terry Pratchett - children's books podcast
Julian Rhind-Tutt reads from Terry Pratchett's new book Dragons at Crumbling Castle• Meet the cast of Dragons At Crumbling Castle – gallery• Take the Terry Pratchett quiz• Find out how Terry Pratchett wrote his first stories as a cub reporter
03:08 12/09/2014
Kes Gray talks about his Daisy books - children's book podcast
Site member Katiedoglovesbooks gets to ask Kes Gray just why he ate lollies off the floor when he was a child and about his latest book Daisy and the Trouble with Sports Day
11:25 23/07/2014
Michael Morpurgo: why we should remember the first world war – children's books podcast
Michael Morpurgo explains to site members Orli and Fernando why he writes about war. Plus hear Michael read a moving contribution from Raymond Briggs for his WW1 anthology Only Remembered
16:02 01/07/2014
Kate Greenaway medal winner 2014 Jon Klassen shines a light on how he creates his illustrations - children's books podcast
John Klassen talks us through the process of creating I Want My Hat Back and his collaboration with Lemony Snicket: The Dark
12:10 23/06/2014
Ansel Elgort on playing Gus in The Fault in Our Stars - children's books podcast
Ansel Elgort, star of the film of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, answers questions from the Guardian teens' book community about reading, making TFIOS movie and how the one thing he wants people to take away from watching it is hope
06:41 19/06/2014
How does Jo Nesbø decide whether to write crime or children's fiction? - children's books podcast
The Norwegian thriller writer talks about his obsession with farting, why he loves writing his Doctor Proctor books for children plus gives a lesson on how to pronounce his name this interview by children's reading group The Book Bunch
11:32 21/05/2014
Chris Bradford on the Bodyguard series - children and teen books podcast
Young Samurai author Chris Bradford is grabbed by site member Freddy to talk about how he writes his Bodyguard series. Also hear a thrilling extract from Chris's latest book Bodyguard: Ransom
12:40 07/05/2014
Lauren St John rides a third One Dollar Horse - children's books podcast
Lauren reads from Fire Storm, the third book in her One Dollar Horse series. She answers questions from site member Cookonthebrightside on her books and her belief in animal rights
13:29 23/04/2014
Guardian children's books podcast - Non Pratt on Trouble
Non Pratt reads from her first book Trouble about a teenage pregnancy and then answers questions from site member Merle NunnelyKeep up to date with the rest of the club, including Non's top ten teens in trouble, her introductory blog and site members' reviews
12:11 12/04/2014