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GotMead Live is a show all about mead - making it, drinking it and learning about the world of mead. We bring in home meadmakers, commercial meadmakers and industry leaders to talk about mead.


4-23-24 Uwe Boer at Celestial Artisan Meadery
Tonight at 9pm ET, we're headed to Arizona to talk with Uwe Boer, meadmaker at Celestial Artisan Meadery.Uwe’s passion for making mead and sharing his passion with others grew strong during that time leading him to start his own Meadery.He spent several years developing recipes and procedures for commercial production.
130:07 24/04/2024
4-9-24 Bryce and Savannah at Fox and Raven Meadery
Tonight at 9PM ET on Gotmead Live, we're talking with Bryce and Savannah, owners of Fox and Raven Meadery in Carollton, Texas.
123:12 10/04/2024
3-26-24 Bray Denard - The BOMM (Bray's One Month Mead) and Mead Making Techniques
Bray Denard, PhD is the inventor of Bray’s One Month Mead (aka “the BOMM”), one of the more popular mead styles among home mead makers. Bray has continued to refine his methods over the years to create a never fail nutrient protocol that works with any yeast!
129:11 27/03/2024
3-12-24 Laura Angotti - Mead in History and Historical Mead Making
Tonight we're getting together with Laura Angotti, who has written books on mead in history and delved deeply into the writings and recipes of people going back thousands of years to provide information on how mead was made and imbibed in various cultures and at differing levels of society. Laura's most current book, "Wellcome Mead" is available on Amazon, and her new book, "Gold and Sweet, Ensnaring" will be out soon. She has also done a book on cider, "Cider and Perry in Britain to 1700: A Collection of Material from Primary and Selected Secondary Sources - Historical Brewing Sourcebook".
166:26 13/03/2024
2-27-24 Bob Slanzi - Mead Management, Thinking Outside the Box
Tonight we're talking with Bob Slanzi, beekeeper, meadmaker, industry influencer and general all around pretty cool guy. We're going to ramble around and talk mead both here in the US and in Europe.
91:16 28/02/2024
2-13-24 - Traci Kuhfuss - Mead recipes, flavor profiles, exotic woods
2-13-24 Tonight at 9PM ET we're headed to Texas to talk with Traci Kuhfuss, home meadmaker and mead consultant.Traci Kuhfuss comes to us from Texas by way of Arizona. She ís been active as a homebrewer and mead maker for 20 years now, participating in brew clubs and competitions in all the places she has lived and traveled.. Traci is a professional graphic designer who loves making mead.
130:16 14/02/2024
1-30-24 Tony Fry - Arkansas Meadery
1-30-24 Tonight on Gotmead Live at 9PM ET, we're off to Arkansas tonight (where it's warmer) to visit with Tony Fry, owner and meadmaker at Arkansas Meadery in Alexander, Arkansas.
133:25 31/01/2024
1-16-24 Carlos Herrera - Texas Longhouse Meadery - Starting and Building a Meadery
1-16-24 Welcome to 2024! GotMead Live is back with Carlos Herrera, owner of the soon-to-be Texas Longhouse Meadery in Wylie, TX, just north of Dallas.Carlos will be talking with us about his mead, and the journey to start a commercial meadery.
123:32 17/01/2024
12-5-23 Brian Galbreath - Unpossible Mead
We're talking with Brian Galbreath, owner of Unpossible Meadery in Dwight, IL, just off Route 66. Brian started fermenting ciders and then mead in 2013 and has been making winning meads since then. Now Brian has had Unpossible Mead going for 5 years, and still taking awards and making excellent mead.
140:39 06/12/2023
11-21-23 Bees, Honey and Going Pro with Tom Repas
Tonight @ 9PM ET we're talking w Tom Repas. We'll delve into beekeeping. And we'll find out what he's doing at his meadery that is coming up on a year now!! Apiflora Mead, made and available at Zymurcracy Beer Company in Rapid City, South Dakota.
128:28 22/11/2023
11-7-23 Nutrients and High Gravity Meads with Will Otte and Jacob Thill
7-7-23 Tonight on Gotmead Live, we're talking with Will Otte and Jacob Thill, both in Minnesota and meadmakers. They work with high gravity meads, and use several different nutrient protocols in their craft. We'll be talking with them about nutrient application, and high gravity meadmaking.
140:20 08/11/2023
10-24-23 Jay Bennett, Beehave Craft Meadery in New Zealand
Jay Bennett - Beehave! Craft Meadery in New ZealandJay lives in the center of the North Island of New Zealand and is the Mead alchemist and owner of Beehave! Craft Meadery. He lives in the bush at the southern end of Lake Taupo and operates the Meadery in the township of Taupo.In Jay's own words, He is an alchemist, a wizard and a guardian of the land.Jay first served product to the public in December of 2020 at NZs largest beer fest in Wellington - beervana……he had two kegs of his lemon and ginger mead, Suckerpunch, and left there with empty kegs and was voted in the top 10 of the peoples choice leader board.
141:37 25/10/2023
9-26-23 Shane and Ali Fox - Dragon Meadery
Tonight on GotMead Live, at 9PM ET, we're talking with Shane and Ali Fox, owners of Dragon Meadery.Dragon Meadery is a craft meadery located in Aurora, CO. and is owned and operated by Shane & Alexandria Fox, two former chefs who have spent 20 years each in the restaurant & hospitality industry. Having a deep appreciation for food, and respect for the quality of the ingredients, have extended their passion to mead. They create craft meads that span the spectrum style, flavors, and sweetness. They believe that fresh seasonal produce and honey locally sourced, makes the best meads.
132:10 27/09/2023
9-12-23 Don Miller - Texas Rivers Distilling, Freeport, TX
Texas Rivers Distilling Co. was created in February of 2019 in Brazoria County… “Where Texas Began”. They are an LLC registered with the State of Texas as a Distilled Spirits Manufacturer and engage in Distillation and Rectification of craft spirits. They make Bourbon, Rum, Sour and Sweet Mash, and Indian Corn (Milo) Whiskey; all sourced from Texas Grains, as well as Honey Spirits. All their Recipes bear the name of a different river or waterway in the Lone Star State.
134:57 13/09/2023
Kent Slaymaker
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
21:35 06/09/2023
9-5-23 Kent Slaymaker - Slaymaker Cellars, Idaho Springs, CO
Kent and Cris opened Slaymaker Cellars in 2019, making a commitment to using local products for their meads as much as they can. They specialize in making dryer meads, and their wildflower traditional took a double gold at the 2022 Colorado Governor's Cup wine competition, and they are one o the top 12 wines in Colorado.
94:37 06/09/2023
8-15-23 Ben Chaney - Scale and Feather Meadery
Scale & Feather is a small meadery run by three friends, Ben and Tamara Chaney are high school sweethearts who are going strong with 25 years together. Amber DeGiso is a graphic design specialist–creates cool labels and logos. They specialize in using local ingredients to produce their products.
125:16 16/08/2023
8-1-23 Honnibrook Meadery with Michael Fagan and DJ Kurtz
Honnibrook Craft Meadery has been open for 4 and a half years now and the guys are really dialing in on serving session meads, refreshing meads below 8% ABV that are easy drinkers. The meadery is located just a little over a mile south of downtown Castle Rock Colorado in a man cave garage unit. They have over 85 approved mead recipes and offer 20 meads on tap along with mead slishees or mulled meads, depending on the season. They're currently up to 15 barrels a week in their production. They are up on Vinoshipper, so you can get their meads for your very own!
141:41 02/08/2023
7-18-23 Brian Woerner - World Honey Exchange
We are back from our hiatus with a new episode of GotMead Live. Tonight we're talking with Brian Woerner, founder of the World Honey Exchange. World Honey Exchange curates specialty honeys from places such as Chile, Columbia, Ethiopia, Mexico and Tanzania. They have provided honeys for meaderies to make unique meads.Brian Woerner is the Founder of World Honey Exchange, a company focused on creating and furthering linkages between honey producers and end makers of many kinds. Brian began beekeeping in 2012 in Guinea, west Africa, as a Peace Corps volunteer. He subsequently worked for a small honey startup in Cambridge while doing graduate research at Boston University. While studying and working in the Northeast, Brian worked to further beekeeping relationships in various places, including Tanzania & Colombia, before starting WHE as a wholesale honey company. Operational since 2019, WHE has become known for specialty honeys and worked extensively in the specialty craft beverage with partners including Heidrun Meadery in California, Deschutes Brewing in Oregon, and Lamplighter and Aeronaut Brewing in Massachusetts.
117:46 19/07/2023
11-29-22 Manny Elgarresta - Meadmaker - and the Great Keys Honey Giveaway
11-29-22 Tonight we're chatting it up with Manny Elgarresta, friend, mead maker, previous co-host on Gotmead Live and denizen of Miami. Manny has been making mead for quite a while, and has even converted his garage to making mead, enhancing it so he could make mead and beer in the Miami heat.Special for tonight, our last show of 2022, Manny has obtained 10 *gallons* of rare Florida Keys mangrove honey, and another 5 gallons of Keys wildflower honey. 180 pounds of rare, organic, unprocessed honey. And here at GotMead Live, Manny is offering these honeys to 10 special folks, to make a really special mead. We will be choosing talented mead makers from our faithful listeners to get a gallon of honey, and make a special mead from it.
124:05 30/11/2022
11-15-22 Lucas Goucher and Carson Souza - Obscurity Brewing and Mead - Elburn IL
Tonight we're headed to Illinois to talk with Luke Goucher and Carson Souza, proprietor and head brewer/meadmaker at Obscurity Mead. Obscurity Brewing was founded 6 years ago, and has been open for the last 2.5 years, with Obscurity Mead Hall being open for about 1.5 years.
114:15 16/11/2022
11-1-2022 - Chad Wiltz - Garagiste Meadery - Tampa FL
Tonight we're talking with Chad Wiltz, owner and meadmaker at Garagiste Meadery in Tampa, Florida. Chad has been making mead since 2014, and opened Garagiste in late in 2017, after winning the Home Meadmaker of the Year in early 2017.Chad had a life-altering event (though he didn't realize it at the time) in 2014, when he visited a small meadery in Michigan and tried their meads. And that started a quest for him. He wanted to have more mead that was THAT good. Join us to see what he's up to and get some low down on how he does mead at Garagiste.
114:39 02/11/2022
10-18-22 Keith Seiz - National Honey Board
10-18-22 Tonight on Gotmead Live at 9PM ET, we're looking forward to talking with Keith Seiz with the National Honey Board. We usually like to have Keith and Alison on during National Honey Month in September, but this year we're doing October. We'll be finding out what the Honey Board has been up to, and talking about their Honey20 Project, the Mead Crafters Competition (5th year!), and the Honey Spirits Competition, as well as their other involvement with honey in craft beverages.
119:34 19/10/2022
10-4-22 Mark Tanner - Seattle Mead Company and Deception Cellars
October 4, 2022 - Tonight we're headed to the west coast, to talk with Mark Tanner, owner of Seattle Mead Company and Deception Cellars in Washington state.
122:44 05/10/2022
9-20-22 - The Minnesota Mead Mafia
9-20-22 - Tonight is a night of mead and madness, as we welcome the Minnesota Mead Mafia gang to the show. Right on the heels of the Valyries' Horn Mead Competition, this bunch of maniacal mead makers have a lot of great info to bring, and even more craziness.
159:01 21/09/2022
9-6-22 Mike and DJ at Honnibrook Meadery - Castle Rock, CO9-6-22 Mike and DJ at Honnibrook Meadery - Castle Rock, CO
Tonight at 9PM Eastern on GotMead Live we're headed out to Colorado, to talk with Mike and DJ from Honnibrook Meadery. AJ and I met Mike and DJ at the 2019 MeadCon and MazerCup, and I was *blown away* by their salted mango session mead (and all their other meads). These guys are doing something right, and if you haven't tried it, you need to. Kevin visited them in 2022 and loved their meads.They're expanding, new location, new meads, and braggots! Join us to see what's up.
122:33 07/09/2022
8-9-22 Dan Kesterson at Antelope Ridge Mead in Colorado Springs, CO
Tonight on Gotmead Live at 9PM ET, we will be talking with Dan Kesterson at Antelope Ridge Mead in Colorado Springs, CO. Their focus is on pyments, whole-fruit fermentation, and session meads.Join us to dive into mead with Dan!
150:48 10/08/2022
7-12-22 Jeremy Kynkl - Heirophant Meadery - Whidbey Island and Mead, Washington
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
149:38 13/07/2022
5-24-22 Bob Slanzi - Bees, Meads and European Mead Making
We're hanging out with Bob Slanzi, beekeeper, meadmaker, industry influencer and general all around pretty cool guy. We're going to ramble around and talk mead both here in the US and in Europe.
122:37 25/05/2022
4-22-22 - Rachel Lipman, Loew Vineyards - 150 years and 5 Generations of Mead Making
4-26-22 Tonight on Gotmead Live, we're talking with Rachel Lipman, owner of Loew Vineyards, in Mt. Airy, Maryland, one of the oldest vineyards in Maryland. The mead production in the Loew family dates back to the mid-1800's in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, with a few prominent meaderies and distribution all over Europe. Rachel is one of the youngest winemakers in Maryland (if not the youngest), and she's pushing the boundaries in a male-dominated industry.
155:19 27/04/2022

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