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Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware

Jessie Ware hosts a podcast about food, family and the beautiful art of having a chat, direct from her very own dinner table. With a little bit of help from her chef extraordinaire mum Lennie, each week guests from the worlds of music, culture and politics drop by for a bite and a bit of a natter. Oversharing guaranteed.Produced by Alice Williams Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


S14 Ep 15: Katherine Ryan
Happy New Year! It’s our final episode of this series, and this time the Canadian Queen of comedy popped over for lunch just before she gave birth to her 3rd child. With just 2 weeks to go Katherine was absolutely glowing and was unbelievably calm and chilled, in fact so calm she thinks she’s actually already dead and this is her afterlife! Katherine gave us her story of growing up in Canada, the Ice Cream Barbie cakes she would have for her birthdays, the story of her Louis Theroux documentary, and her… big… theory about Pete Davidson! Her new series ‘Romantic Getaway’ with Romesh Ranganathan is out now on Sky Comedy & Now TV. Thank you for being a fabulous end of series guest Katherine! x Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
54:42 04/01/2023
S14 Ep 14: Rita Wilson
She’s a Hollywood actress, a singer, a hugely successful film producer, and this week we managed to get Rita Wilson to New Cross to join us for lunch. Rita told us all about her love of everything Greek and her shared love of Skopelos (where they filmed her Mamma Mia films!), her new duets album ’Now & Forever’, her favourite dessert of Lime Jello mixed with cream cheese (!!!), and how she and the fabulous Nora Ephron would regularly swap their favourite recipes over dinner parties. We absolutely loved having you over Rita, we’ll let you know how our attempt at the lime jello pudding turns out! x Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
57:46 28/12/2022
S14 Ep 13: Christmas Extravaganza
It’s become an annual Table Manners tradition now, so here it is.. voila.. our Christmas Extravaganza! We catch up with a handful of our favourite guests to see how they spend the festive period. Joining us are Mel C, Tom Daley, David Schwimmer, Paul Hollywood and the King of Christmas himself Michael Buble! Grab yourself a mince pie & a glass of bubbly & tune in! Sending all our listeners lots of love and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! 🎄 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
46:50 21/12/2022
S14 Ep 12: Olly Murs
10 mins in and he had his top off! Olly and his abs joined us in Clapham this week to eat Ottolenghi's Courgette Frittata and florentines and what fun it was. Olly talks to us all about his X Factor journey, his obsession with McDonalds facts, his no.1 fan - John the pub landlord, Lewis Capaldi’s ’The Sexy Meaty’ pizza & and his special chosen karaoke song in honour of Caroline Flack. Olly’s brand new album ‘Marry Me’ is now officially No.1 in the UK - it couldn’t be more fitting as he marries his girlfriend Amelia next summer! Go listen to his album (& this podcast episode!) now x Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
57:22 14/12/2022
Bonus Episode: Nadiya Hussain
What a lovely morning of coffee and cake with the divine Nadiya Hussain! Thanks to L'Or & Acast, we returned to Spring Studios for a special recording as part of the Secret Podcast Experience. The baking Queen Nadiya spoke to us (and a wonderful live audience) about the secret to the most delicious brownies (instant coffee!), what it’s like being part of a huge family, feeding 3000 people at her wedding, how she secretly entered the Bake Off, baking birthday cakes for everyone she knows & her questionable last supper (instant mash and tomato soup anyone??). Thank you Nadiya for being such a fantastic guest and speaking so candidly. It was a really inspiring morning. Listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
59:57 09/12/2022
S14 Ep 11: Paul Hollywood
By now you know that mum’s chicken soup only comes out for the big guns… and this week was exactly that.. no pressure mum - we finally got Paul Hollywood!Despite mums soggy bottom Tart Nomande, we somehow managed to win him over & had the most wonderful afternoon talking a LOT about food. Lennie even got a handshake. Paul told us all about how he learnt to bake on the job in his dads bakery, his love of custard, snuggling steak out of work in loaves of bread, how he made it on the Telly and sucking on salty chips! Mums waited a long time for this one. Have a listen! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
49:58 07/12/2022
Bonus Episode: Alison Hammond
It’s December! Christmas is right round the corner, so we thought we’d give you an extra festive offering this week… a special bonus episode with the wonderful, hysterical Alison Hammond! Thanks to our friends at @Sainsbury's we tucked into a delicious Taste the Difference Crimbo feast, sipped cocktails and laughed A LOT. We discuss Christmas Eve takeaways, the joys of an air fryer, her mum’s ‘Jamlish’ food, Barbie Girl - and whether to pud or not pud!If you’re looking for some food inspo this Christmas, we tried and can confirm that @Sainsbury's Taste the Difference range has it all there for you! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
44:44 02/12/2022
S14 Ep 10: Bjorn Ulvaeus
This week we have an actual real life member of ABBA on Table Manners. Only a few days after we went to see Abba Voyage, the legend, Bjorn Ulvaeus came over to Clapham for lunch.Bjorn told us all about how the Abba Voyage show came to fruition and how he and his band mates were turned into avatars. We spoke about Abba’s Eurovision win back in 1974 and what food they ate to celebrate!Whilst eating mum’s delicious blackened chicken with caramelised clementine sauce, (thank you Yotam), Bjorn told us about his love of sweets, his mum’s weekly fried pork & his introduction to Sashimi in Tokyo.If you ever wondered what Bjorn’s karaoke song was… tune in! It’s all in there.An absolute honour to host you Bjorn. If you haven’t already, go and see Abba Voyage - it will NOT disappoint. X Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
59:35 30/11/2022
S14 Ep 9: Rose Matafeo
From one Starstruck favourite to another…Rose Matafeo everyone !! I’m back in old rainy Blighty, and returning - in fine form if I say so myself - to cooking duty! Whilst gazing at the Matafeo powerhouse, I made a lovely slow roast chicken from Alison Roman's book ‘Nothing Fancy’ and mum did a Saffy's LA inspired salad - it was perfect and minimal effort. Rose spoke to us about growing up in New Zealand, resenting reggae in her teens and her love of Goat Curry. She also offers up Samoan dishes and her secret to the best fry up. We ranked meats, Rom Coms and fell in love to be honest. Enjoy this episode. Go go go! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
50:26 23/11/2022
S14 Ep 8: Nikesh Patel
This week we welcome Nikesh Patel to Table Manners. We all fell in love with him as Tom Kapoor in Starstruck, and now we can watch him play a cop in the new crime thriller ‘The Devil’s Hour’, starring opposite Peter Capaldi. Nikesh came over, before a kids birthday party, for a spot of Lennie’s ultimate….vegan cuisine. Whilst eating a stew, we talked about his mum’s fabulous Gujarati food and her famous yellow Dahl, falling in love, bleaching his hair at school, Eminem and everything else in between. And now we all need to go to Kensal Green for Malaysian food. It was a pretty gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Thanks for coming down to hang out Nikesh. Go watch The Devil’s Hour now x Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
43:50 16/11/2022
S14 Ep 7: Theo James
I’m still on tour but was missing mum and the podcast so she hopped on a flight (with my three kids, thanks ma) and got the recorder out.  We also bagged a star of The White Lotus s2, Theo James! After a morning of surfing, he arrived very promptly, thanks to his wife Ruth who knew what would happen if he was late (immediate judgement). We had a good old natter about wine, being the youngest child, The White Lotus (of course) all whilst eating delicious Greek food thanks to our favourites at Greekmans.We chatted about his Greek heritage, his dad’s wine society, his mums Scottish burns night supper & favourite places to eat in London & LA.Thanks Theo for being such a great guest. The White Lotus Series 2 is out now on HBO Max / Sky. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
48:22 09/11/2022
S14 Ep 6: Big Zuu
Big Zuu meets Big Len!!This week we have double BAFTA winner and all round hilarious person, Big Zuu, on Table Manners. We chatted all about Big Eats over mum’s - rather tough - short rib beef & baked potatoes with sour cheese and chive stuffing.  Big Zuu talks to us about his mum's Okra soup, his love of Beyoncé and Karaoke & what he ate after his big BAFTA win. This is when the podcast is an absolute gift ; meeting a stranger, eating a thing or two and having fantastic conversation - even over a chewy short rib - and then falling head over heels for them! He’s part of the family now, we love you Big Zuu. Next time you’re cooking for us. Thank you x (remind us that short ribs never seem to work on TM cc George Ezra ) Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
55:15 02/11/2022
S14 Ep 5: Robert De Niro, Nobu Matsuhisa and Meir Teper
Yes, we are talkin’ to you!!! It’s only Robert De Niro, Mr Nobu and Meir Teper on the podcast this week. We were invited over to the new fabulous Nobu Portman Square Hotel for some sushi where we sipped Sake & challenged the three of them on their best Table Manners. We heard all about De Niros’ famous martinis, Nobu’s experience of cooking for Princess Diana and how he became a chef. A surreal experience, especially when you had just got back from Glastonbury.… if you love Japanese food you will love this episode, chopsticks at the ready! Thank you to Nobu for a delicious chat x Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
44:07 26/10/2022
S14 Ep 4: Baz Luhrmann
This is a blockbuster Table Manners episode. Having seen Romeo + Juliet 7 times in the cinema, and frequently quoting Strictly Ballroom, to have the genius, Baz Luhrmann in our kitchen was an absolute honour. Both of us are huge fans of his work so we were thrilled to ask him a hundred questions about Elvis, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge and all the other brilliant projects he has been involved in. Baz whirlwinded into Lennie’s for some baked salmon, wine and a barrel of laughs. We talk about his love of ballroom dancing, good luck pearls from Australia, on set catering, Elvis & his obsession with a caviar.Thank you so much Baz. We LOVED the Elvis movie and we loved having two precious hours with you. X Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
50:57 19/10/2022
S14 Ep 3: John Torode
What do you cook for a Masterchef judge?!? That is the question. This week we are joined by mum’s favourite, John Torode. And it’s about time. After a LOT of back and forth on the menu, mum settled on some staples; her infamous chicken soup followed by Lebanese lamb then a damson galette and olive oil ice cream. It was very gorgeous.This is a foodie episode, where we talk about John’s favourite chefs, the dish he was most proud of making, his wife’s sausage and sourdough bake and his secret tip for making cheese toasties extra crispy (I can confirm it works). This year, he was made an MBE & is celebrating 40 years of professional cooking, what an amazing achievement. What a total honour it was to cook for and host this wonderful man, who showered us in cheese, cider, chocolate and flowers.  Such a great evening. Listen now. X Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
56:54 12/10/2022
S14 Ep 2: Rina Sawayama
Rina Sawayama everyone… I am a huge fan of this amazing woman, we met in Paris years ago on a front row (daaaahling) and I have watched her become a complete icon. We are THRILLED to have her on Table Manners. Rina educates us about Japanese cuisine; chirashi bowls, eating fresh Kinmedai fish, and her mum’s signature dish of Tonkatsu… delicious! And we learn her poaching technique. We talk about the time she met Lady Gaga, lactose, art being her hobby & karaoke with Harry Styles. A dreamy episode… enjoy! X Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
54:22 05/10/2022
S14 Ep 1: Shania Twain
Summer is over, school is no longer out, and it’s time to get back to our important job of eating and being nosey. We are thrilled to be back!! It’s been a while but what a series we have lined up for you... kicking off with none other than the Queen of Country, an international icon, the only one we run to, the one, the only Shania Twain. Shania popped over to Clapham on her way back to Switzerland after a week of promoting her brand new record ‘Waking Up Dreaming’ We tucked into mum's delicious aubergine parmigiana pie (an Ottolenghi Guardian spesh, thanks Yotam) and chatted about horse riding in Hyde Park, her signature lentil soup, eating Raclette in Switzerland & performing in Vegas. We talk about that moment with Harry Styles at Coachella & how she almost quit singing. Season 14 has begun….LET'S GO GIRLS!!!! X Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
51:24 28/09/2022
Bonus Episode: Vick Hope
We are wrapping up this series of Table Manners with a very special bonus episode thanks to our pals at Sainbury’s. Last week, we hosted a summer soirée in London to celebrate the Taste the Difference summer range. What was not to love? Plenty of picky bits, ‘lo-fi dining’, a generous amount of rosé, a very loud - and well read and opinionated - audience & the wonderful Vick Hope as our guest. It was a total hoot, we loved listening to Vick talk about food and books and it felt like a very special summer evening. We’re off to enjoy our holidays and will be back in the autumn for a new series. Thanks to all our listeners for being the best, have a fabulous summer darlings X Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
48:52 29/07/2022
S13 Ep 23: Table Manners Live : Question Time pt. 2
We had the Mercury nominated (!!!) Self Esteem, Rebecca Lucy Taylor join us in Birmingham and finished with Julian Clary & Vanessa Feltz in London - fabulous guests, fabulous audiences. In this final instalment of Table Manners live, we round up the series with some more of our favourite audience questions from Birmingham & London.Dr Alex makes an appearance & Rebecca roams the audience a la Debbie McGee!Influencer mum gets asked about her go to lipstick shade & I talk about hangover cures. It’s all in there. Enjoy! x Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
38:29 27/07/2022
S13 Ep 22: Table Manners Live : Question Time
As part of our live shows, we held a little Q&A in the second half… well I tell you what listeners - you are all really quite filthy !! For the next two weeks we’ve put together some of our favourite moments from the Q&As, and we have been cackling! We hope they make you laugh as much as they did us. In this week’s episode, there’s a ‘shag, marry, avoid’ theme going on & we discuss what mum’s boxing ring music would be… oh we do have a laugh with you lot! Enjoy! X Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
33:45 20/07/2022
S13 Ep 21: Vanessa Feltz
The live show finale.. our second night from the London Palladium with the one and only Vanessa Feltz. Now seasoned West End pros, we put our feet up and let our guest do most of the talking. And frankly, I was completely grateful. If mum's red lip and leopard print are going to be upstaged by anyone, let it be Ms Feltz; rockin up in a sequin ball gown, along with a tower of Challah made by her daughter. This powerhouse talks to us about growing up in Totteridge and how her life revolved around food. We discuss her grandma’s chopped liver, the truth about custard, garage brunches & we even discuss whether semen is… ahem….Kosher? Thank you everyone that came to our first live tour, it was so, so wonderful to meet so many of you, offer out vats of mum’s chicken soup and laugh ever so much. We had such a great time, mum even got tour blues on the Tuesday. We’ll be back next week with some uncensored audio from our live Q&As 🤪 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
51:27 13/07/2022
Bonus Episode: Blossoms
Serving up an extra pint of podcast today! We teamed up with @birramoretti at this years @iowfestival to record a special live recording of Table Manners with Tom & Joe from @blossomsband.Live from their Italian piazza on site at the festival, we gobbled our way through sourdough pizzas and beer and chatted all about the search for the best Spaghetti Bolognaise, Shepherd's Pie fights, pizzas as wedding food & how they set up their own podcast inspired by their favourite pub, called Pubcast. What lovely lads! Go and listen here… Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
34:45 08/07/2022
S13 Ep 20: Julian Clary
The Table Manners Live tour continues to it’s final destination: the world famous, London Palladium. And even better, on a Sunday night! With Lennie in full tour mode, it was an honour & complete treat to share our podcast in front of such a wonderful audience and with THE King of the Palladium, Julian Clary.Julian talks to us about what it takes to become a Palladium Hall Of Fame honouree (Lennie believes she is on her way), what’s eaten whilst playing poker with Joan Collins and pure nostalgia through broad beans!The perfect guest for the biggest Table Manners live show so far! This one will make you laugh x Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
51:31 06/07/2022
S13 Ep 19: Self Esteem
LIVE from Birmingham Town Hall, the divine power house that is Self Esteem joined us in front of a wonderful audience.Back in the city mum went to University, we chat over delicious food from Brum’s very own Joe Lycett’s recommended restaurant Zindiya - and talk all about how she became a pop star, her love of Mexican food, honey and toast nights with her family & her grandma's shiny scones. Rebecca, you are remarkable, such fun and deserve all the success! Listen here Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
43:14 29/06/2022
S13 Ep 18: Adam Kay
We’ve waited a LONG time to get this weeks guest on the podcast, and finally - LIVE in Manchester we got him!! The wonderful Adam Kay joined us at Bridgwater Hall for Lennie's homecoming show and what a laugh it was.Adam chatted vending machine hospital snacks, growing up eating spleen, leaving the polystyrene in his oven for 3 years, his obsession with cheesy chips & how he says the only home delivery anyone should have is pizza! It was worth the wait and the Manchester crowd were a joy! Thank you Adam. Listen now. X Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
53:54 22/06/2022
S13 Ep 17: Sophie Ellis Bextor
For the next few weeks we’re serving something slightly different as we present our Table Manners live on tour episodes. We opened the tour at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh, the wonderful Sophie Ellis Bextor was our first guest and the crowd were raucous! Sophie chatted Monster Munch, Nanny Claire’s chocolate cake, what it’s like to cook for a family of 7 and how her kitchen mantra is “this is not a café!” A brilliant guest and a true sport, Sophie’s also tells us all about her new cook book, ‘Love Food Family: recipes From the Kitchen Disco’. Enjoy! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
53:02 15/06/2022
S13 Ep 16: Nigel Ng
HAIYAA! Lennie’s infamous microwave rice is put up to the test this week. Comedian Nigel NG aka Uncle Roger turned up to Clapham in his orange polo shirt, ready to try mum’s food and talk rice fuck bois, nieces, nephews, Jamie Oliver and making people cackle through lockdown. We laughed a LOT and chatted all about dating a vegan, how to do karaoke, the best sparkling sake and we think maybe Uncle Roger should become Father Roger we loved him so much. Did Lennie’s rice pass the test? Tune in to find out. We will be back next week with the start of our live series recorded from our Table Manners tour. See you then! X Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
50:43 08/06/2022
S13 Ep 15: Jennifer Saunders
Ahead of her starring role in the West End production of Sister Act, we were honoured to welcome the wonderful Jennifer Saunders onto Table Manners this week. We cracked opened the Bolly darling and chatting everything from frozen peas to the dream dinner party that went hideously wrong.Jennifer told us about her discovery of rock oysters in Australia & her pocket money habits as a child. It was really just a gorgeous Friday evening with an absolute legend. She exceeded all expectations - what a woman! Enjoy! XSister Act opens at London’s Eventim Apollo on July 19th Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
57:54 01/06/2022
Bonus Episode: Jack Monroe and Nureen Glaves
A double helping this week! We recorded a very special episode of Table Manners with two amazing women; campaigner and author Jack Monroe & Nureen Glaves, the founder and CEO of National Lottery-supported Feed Me Good.In this Good Causes special, made possible by National Lottery players, we didn’t need to cook! Jack brought her delicious ‘chicken porridge’ & Nureen brought her famous rum cake – what a treat! We ate & we chatted all about affordable eating, food sustainability, making the most of the tins in your cupboard & different ways of making mac and cheese! Nureen even filled us in on what she will be making for her upcoming Big Jubilee Lunch, as communities all over the UK come together to celebrate the Jubilee weekend.This one is a super foodie episode, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it. Thank you to The National Lottery for setting us up! Enjoy! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
44:20 31/05/2022
S13 Ep 14: Mabel
It’s Mabel’s turn on Table Manners! We welcome superstar pop star Mabel to mum’s for a home cooked meal of grilled fish & a knock out Banoffee pie that she took home for her dad. We talk all about family Christmases in Thailand, her love of Congee, different ways to cook Jollof, the reason she doesn’t eat chicken & what food to eat on tour!Nowadays you will find her mucking out in the stables but a whole new record is ready for us to enjoy very soon. What an open, honest and gorgeous chat with this bright young thing. Mabel, we adore you. XMabel’s new single Overthinking with 24Goldn is out now. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
58:41 25/05/2022