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Jessie Ware hosts a podcast about food, family and everything in between, direct from her very own dinner table. With a little bit of help from her chef extraordinaire mum Lennie, each week guests from the worlds of music, culture and politics drop by for a bite and a bit of a natter. Oversharing guaranteed.Produced by Alice Williams Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


S16 Ep 37: Jonathan Van Ness
We’ve made it to our series finale, and we’re going out with a bang! Joining us is the utterly fabulous Jonathan Van Ness. Jonathan was everything we could have wished for, and more. We heard all about growing up in Illinois, the meals their parents cooked them, meeting their lovely English husband, their JVN Hair empire, their love of Whitney Houston, the dramas of growing their pumpkins, the beautiful friendship they have with Taylor Swift, visiting the White House and the revelation that their last supper would include a ‘big gulp’ size Martini! We couldn’t have asked for a better end to the series, thank you to everyone who has joined us throughout, we’ll be back after a summer break, sun kissed and ready for more fun and fabulous guests! The full range of Jonathan’s hair care range, JVN Hair, is available to buy online and in store now. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
47:34 26/06/2024
S16 Ep 36: Claire Richards
5,6,7,8 - it’s Claire Richards! Star of the iconic group Steps, this week Claire joined us for brunch at mine. Despite deafening us all when I had a slight kitchen mishap and set fire to the bacon, we had a lovely time with Claire! We learned about how she started her career by entering karaoke competitions, her first job working for Burger King, her irrational fear of spag bol as a child, the first success she had in a girl band (called TSD), her wonderful friendship with Rylan, and she also admits to having a crush on Peter Andre too! Claire, next time I think we need to taste an authentic Pasta a la Clara, complete with tinned tomato soup! The brand new tour ‘Everybody Dance’ with Claire will be across the UK through October & November, plus the Steps musical ‘Here & Now’ launches in Birmingham in November. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
53:46 19/06/2024
S16 Ep 35: Nisha Katona
It’s a foodie treat for you all this week as we have the most incredible chef, restauranteur and entrepreneur Nisha Katona joining us for lunch after travelling down from Birkenhead especially for an excellent meal made by mum. Nisha joins our ever growing list of guests from mum’s favourite programme, Great British Menu, and this episode really is such a treat. We learned about how Nisha created a national chain of restaurants (Mowgli), how her career started with her working as a barrister for 20 years, the very best tips and tricks for cooking Indian food (including a quick and easy prawn curry), her love of Hungarian cuisine, her unbelievable list of pet animals, plus we learn something truly shocking about English Mustard! Foodies, do not miss this ep, Nisha’s endless tips are incredible! Nisha’s Mowgli restaurant is in over 20 cities across the UK and her charity work with the Mowgli Trust continues to raise vital funds for communities across the UK & India. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
54:58 12/06/2024
S16 Ep 34: Rita Ora
Ask & you shall receive… we’re serving you up a glorious ep this week with Rita Ora! A few days before we both took to the stage at Mighty Hoopla festival on the weekend, we sat down with Rita for a long overdue breakfast catch up. We learned that Rita splits her time between New Zealand and the UK, all about her favourite Kosovan food, the story of her wedding with her husband (and mums favourite) Taika Waititi, her entrepreneurial empire, her rigorous health & supplements routine, and how she likes to hang out in Hobbit houses back in New Zealand! One meal wasn’t enough, Rita we must do part 2 soon, thank you for popping over to join us in Clapham! Rita’s’ brand new track ‘Ask & You Shall Receive’ is available everywhere now!! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
47:28 05/06/2024
S16 Ep 33: Leigh-Anne Pinnock
Pop superstar Leigh-Anne Pinnock joins us for lunch this week to talk all about her brand new solo music. The Little Mix member, turned actress, turned mum of 2, has embarked on a brand new chapter of her career and we couldn’t wait to hear all her fabulous stories. Over mum’s home made chicken shawarma and a strawberries & cream cake, Leigh-Anne reminisced about her time in Little Mix, meeting her now husband in Marbella, her dream nachos as her last supper, her grandparents delicious Bajan food she ate while growing up, being pregnant at the same time as her bandmates, and we shared tips on which celebrity rears the best Christmas turkey (JB vs JO!). Leigh-Anne’s brand new EP ‘No Hard Feelings’ is released this Friday on May 31st and it’s glorious! Before we sign off we just wanted to quickly remind every listener in the UK to register to vote by the 18th June, it’s so, so important! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
47:19 29/05/2024
S16 Ep 32: Jordan Stephens
On this week's episode, we are joined by the delightful Jordan Stephens for a special live episode at The British Library as part of their 'Food Season’. This is Jordan’s first interview for his upcoming memoir, 'Avoidance, Drugs, Heartbreak & Dogs’ and it was a special evening. Mum & I served up some snacky bits and settled in with the gorgeous audience for a fab convo. Jordan told us about his time meeting David Attenborough, the food he ate at school and growing up, his struggles with ADHD, his lockdown spent in Margate, the return of Rizzle Kicks(!) and the story of his unforgettable 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' hosting job! We loved every minute of this special live episode, thank you to everyone who came along and joined us for a delish Friday night in the library. Jordan’s fantastic upcoming memoir is released on 22nd August and is available to pre-order now. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
67:42 22/05/2024
S16 Ep 31: Rob Rinder and Rylan
Fresh from Italy and their Grand Tour, we have Rob Rinder & Rylan round for a truly wild & fabulous dinner party. Rob had requested mum’s home made chopped herring and we also served up chicken soup, slow cooked lamb and a coffee ice cream cake for pud. Over an evening of barely any finished sentences, we learned that Rob is a walking pharmacy, we reminisced about Rylan’s X Factor days, we discovered Rob’s last supper grand tour would be at McDonalds for a Filet-O-Fish and we were also gifted with the story of Rylan falling face first into a Hake at the fishmonger. Rylan admits he’s secretly released music without anyone knowing - plus, I learn something new about Lennie’s past careers! We couldn’t have had a better evening if we tried, Rob & Rylan are a delight, thank you for coming round to join us! Rob & Rylan’s Grand Tour is on Sunday nights at 9pm on BBC Two and I LOVE IT. The whole series is available on BBC iPlayer now. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
64:19 15/05/2024
S16 Ep 30: Ben Platt
We’ve got Broadway & Hollywood superstar Ben Platt joining us this week for lunch. We met Ben at one of our very favourite restaurants, Greekman’s, for the very best Greek food in LA! The wonderful Jonah and his team cooked up a delicious lunch while Ben told us some about his musical themed bar mitzvah (of course), the story of his engagement, the delicious meals his fiancé Noah Galvin cooks him, how he is preparing for his broadway residency, his love of an escape room, and how his next project is filming over 20 years! We had the best time with you Ben, good luck with the residency and the new album! Ben’s album Honeymind is out on May 31st and available to pre-order now, tickets for his 18 night residency at The Palace Theatre in NYC are on sale now, and he is also on tour across the US this summer. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
44:28 08/05/2024
S16 Ep 29: Minnie Driver
This week we have award winning actress and podcaster Minnie Driver with us for brunch. British born Minnie has lived in Malibu, California for many years, so we swapped all of our tips of the best places to visit after our adventures last week. We found out all about the caravan park Minnie lives in, her love of surfing and being in nature, her struggles with hiding from fame and paparazzi, releasing music and touring, the school pet pig Clodvig, teaching Americans what custard is(!), and how the wonderful dog Riley saved her life in the water! Minnie your life sounds like an absolute dream, grab us a couple of surfboards, we’ll see you in Malibu soon. Minnie’s podcast ‘Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver’ is currently in its third series and 'The Serpent Queen' will be released on Starz this summer. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
56:48 01/05/2024
S16 Ep 28: Jessie and Lennie do Malibu
We’re doing something a little bit different this week, mum & I are in Malibu, California, and we’re bringing you along on some eating and drinking! We went to Broad Street Oyster to try their ‘world famous’ lobster rolls, caviar and fish tacos, we stopped by Diane Kron’s Chocolate shop to sample what is known as the ‘Rolls Royce of chocolates’ (Jackie Kennedy’s favourite, apparently) and then we popped over to Cornell Wine Company for a fabulous wine tasting with their wonderful expert Matt. It’s a whirlwind, it’s an adventure, we ate some delicious food and tried some excellent wine - and we got very drunk! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
34:17 24/04/2024
S16 Ep 27: Sara Pascoe
We’ve wanted comedian, podcaster and presenter of the 'Great British Sewing Bee' Sara Pascoe on the pod for so long, and this week she joined us for lunch and a natter! As a mum of 2 very young kids, Sara took a break from feeding and popped round for a quick catch up, and treated us to some hilarious stories. She shared her love of frozen pizzas when she was younger, working at the Millennium Dome in London, her tips on how to deal with hecklers in the crowd at a gig, currently living on caffeine, and she confesses that her husband’s roast potatoes are the reason she married him! Sara’s brand new book ‘Weirdo’ is released on the 25th April, and her ongoing book podcast ‘Weirdo’s Book Club’ with friend of pod Cariad Lloyd is fab! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
51:10 17/04/2024
S16 Ep 26: Ian Wright
We’ve got mum’s second favourite footballer of all time (after her beloved Marcus) on the pod this week, it’s the legendary Ian Wright!!! Husband Sam - a spurs fan - even did the hoovering before he came over because that’s how much the nation adores this man! Football royalty-come-pie maker, Ian has recently launched his very own ‘Uncle Wrightys' collaboration with Willy's Pies, and he brought some round for us to try for lunch. Over an absolutely delicious roast chicken pie, Ian shared stories about growing up with his mum’s daily rice and peas, his eternal love of an oyster, filming his debut acting film role, being a father and some of his kids following in his footballing steps, and he thinks this this could genuinely be the year of England winning the Euros! We are totally in love with Ian, one of the most beautiful and charming guests we’ve ever had! We LOVE YOU IAN!!! Ian’s ‘Uncle Wrighty’s’ roast chicken pie is available to purchase from Willy’s Pies stockists across the country. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
51:21 10/04/2024
S16 Ep 25: Billie Piper
The formidable Billie Piper is on Table Manners this week. Actress, singer, director and writer, she really is a true superstar and we loved having her round for brekkie. Billie is set to star in the brand new Netflix film ‘Scoop’ and she told us all the tales from making the film and playing the lead, Sam. We also found out about her wild time at theatre school with Amy Winehouse, the story of how she became a popstar (thanks Smash Hits magazine!), her love of a frozen dinner, and she recognises mums street from her days in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Here’s to another fab year at Glasto Billie, see you in the dance tent with a jar of mint sauce! Scoop is out on Netflix on the 5th of April. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
40:03 02/04/2024
S16 Ep 24: Johnny Marr
This week we have a true rock and roll star joining us, it’s legendary guitarist Johnny Marr! Creator of the iconic ‘Meat is Murder’ album, Johnny is - of course - a vegan, so I made an array of vegan dishes for us. Shout out to NYT app and @boldbean cookbook for the recipes. We heard all about the meals his mum made while growing up in Manchester, his first band called ‘Paris Valentinos’, getting married in San Francisco while on tour with only the band & crew in attendance, the delicious meals Hans Zimmer serves up on the road and that he is the very proud owner of 134 guitars!! Thank you for being a total delight Johnny, you’re welcome back for another vegan spread anytime! Johnny’s Spirit Power ‘Best of’ album is available now, and the UK tour kicks off on April 2nd. Plus his 'Marr’s Guitars' book is available to purchase now. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
49:39 27/03/2024
S16 Ep 23: Beth Ditto
On the pod this week music icon and lead singer of Gossip, Beth Ditto, joins us for lunch. We served up a spatchcock chicken with orzo (a Substack recipe courtesy of @rocketandsquash) while Beth told us all the best stories. We reminisced about when I snuck backstage after her Glastonbury gig in 2007 and we sung Umbrella together, she told us about growing up in rural Arkansas and the meals her mother would cook, eating roadkill with her cousin, making the latest Gossip album in Hawaii with the legend Rick Rubin and how she loves a trip to the UK for a supermarket tub of flapjacks! Cannot WAIT to dance and go wild with you at Glasto again soon Beth, anarchy, anarchy, anarchy!! Gossip’s new album ‘Real Power’ is released this Friday, 22nd March. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
50:28 20/03/2024
S16 Ep 22: Millie Bobby Brown
Star of 'Stranger Things', 'Enola Holmes', and brand new film 'Damsel', Millie Bobby Brown joins us this week. We met Millie at a hotel and had a delivery combo of Tom Kerridge food from his restaurant in the hotel, room service and even McDonald’s. Millie told us all the stories of her various farm animals (including Norman the sheep!), living life between London & Atlanta, creating a fake name online to leave reviews, her fear of eating raw chicken, dreams of being in a musical, and how she has to have brown sauce on everything she eats, including a spag bol & a baked potato! Next time Millie, you’re coming round to mum's for a roast dinner with all the trimmings! Millie’s brand new film Damsel is out now on Netflix. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
55:56 13/03/2024
S16 Ep 21: Griff
We have the absolute delight that is Griff joining us this week. Mum cooked up the food and delivered it like ‘meals on wheels’ round to mine (delicious and I thank you!). Winner of the 2021 Rising Star Brit award, Griff shared all her stories from growing up in Hertfordshire, the excellent Chinese food her mum makes, navigating moving into her first home, her love of exploring the world & touring, making her own clothes and show sets, and she admits there’s never a time she isn’t in the mood for a burger! We absolutely love you Griff, thank you for being so gorgeous. Griff’s brand new single Miss Me Too is out now, Vertigo Vol.2 is released on April 5th and she starts her UK & EU tour this weekend. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
39:05 06/03/2024
S16 Ep 20: Ross Kemp
This week we have actor, presenter, and documentary maker Ross Kemp joining us for lunch at mums. He regales us with tales of bullets whizzing past his head, it being so hot in Afghanistan there was no need to heat the MRE (that’s Meal Ready to Eat, he loves an acronym…), the best chicken stew he’s ever eaten courtesy of an Amazonian tribe, getting D&V after being forced to eat raw chicken at gun point, eating live sea slugs, and surviving on squirrels alone in Alaska… But nothing can beat his mum’s Coq au Vin and Baked Alaska! I demand a part two for more tales from Ross. A delight! Ross will be presenting the new series of Bridge of Lies which returns to BBC One on 11th March. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
47:10 28/02/2024
S16 Ep 19: Tommy Banks
We have a Michelin star chef, star of Great British Menu, restauranteur and farmer Tommy Banks joining us this week. Mum was very anxious about her menu, but rustled up some delicious (and vegan!?) green spinach pancakes served with fried eggs, roasted tomatoes & butter beans. We heard how Tommy names all his cows alphabetically (a Jessie & Lennie coming up?), he gives a great pitch for watching cricket, his hatred for baked beans, cooking at festivals for naked customers, enjoying brie omelettes for breakfast and after winning ‘Best Sunday Roast’ at his pub, he has a bone to pick with Jessie from last weeks ep! Thank you Tommy, can’t wait to visit your farm and restaurants in Yorkshire soon! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
52:19 21/02/2024
S16 Ep 18: Just The Two of Us
It’s Valentines Day, so what better way to celebrate than with my favourite galentine, mum! Mum had already made all the food when sadly our guest had to to cancel, so waste not, want not we say! We had a delicious girls lunch and talked all about our favourite meals from growing up, thoroughly discussed our last suppers (mum couldn’t believe what I chose) and answered all your fabulous questions that were sent in. Join us for a very special episode, just the two of us! Happy Valentines! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
34:43 14/02/2024
S16 Ep 17: Johannes Radebe
Mum has waited a long time for this one... our very first Strictly guest and none other than the FABULOUS Johannes Radebe. We chatted all about his journey to becoming a dancing sensation, growing up in a Zulu family, his mums Chakalaka & how he’s eaten the same takeaway dish every day in London since 2021…. We ate Jamie’s Oliver pulled brisket chilli - with a whole lotta sides! Mum made a delicious ‘moist’ orange cake for pud. He took the half finished bottle of champagne in the taxi home with him and THAT is our kinda guest! Jojo heads out on tour this spring and you do not want to miss it… get your tickets for ‘House Of Jojo’ now x Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
53:12 07/02/2024
S16 Ep 16: Jacob Collier
Brightening up our cold January with his fabulous colourful outfit and wonderful positivity was our next guest, musical prodigy Jacob Collier. Jacob and his magical ocarina joined us for dinner, and we learnt all about how he was discovered by Quincy Jones, his unusual rider choices (limoncello anyone?!) his mums legendary apple pie, and his week spent listening to the full Beatles back catalogue in lockdown. Thank you for popping round Jacob, you’re an absolute delight! Jacob’s new album Djesse Vol.4 is released globally on the 29th February. X Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
51:23 31/01/2024
S16 Ep 15: James O'Brien
We’ve got radio supremo James O’Brien joining us this week, and mum hasn’t been this excited since she met Marcus Rashford last year. Despite the special occasion, mum had a corker of a culinary disaster which she salvaged in one of the best ways possible - plus we didn’t tell James on the day, and he’s only just finding out now, sorry James! Over dinner, James told us all the best stories, including how he signed up for boarding school purely to join their school play, his self confessed terrible job as a showbiz correspondent, interviewing Ian Brown the day after he was dumped, and we discovered he is a fellow Graecophile too, all the best people are! James’ best-seller book ‘How They Broke Britain’ is available to purchase now. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
61:36 24/01/2024
S16 Ep 14: Jessie Buckley
On our latest episode the absolutely wonderful Jessie Buckley joins us for lunch in the middle of promo for her new film Wicked Little Letters. Jessie zoomed round to mum’s on the back of a motorbike & Mum rustled up a rare Table Manners plate of pasta with prawns & tomatoes. We heard all Jessie’s fabulous stories about her colourful and loud household she grew up in, her wedding catering, drinking Twinkles with the stars at The Ivy at 18 years old old and she offers up a stellar last supper that includes oysters and giant chocolate buttons. The most brilliant actress and singer, we loved having the divine Jessie on. Jessie’s brand new film Wicked Little Letters is released in cinemas on the 23rd February. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
46:25 17/01/2024
S16 Ep 13: Tom Odell
This week on Table Manners we have one of the sweetest and kindest guests of all time, the glorious Tom Odell. Tom joined us for some lunch to talk about his upcoming new album Black Friday. I knocked up some cosy wintery vegetarian treats, and we found out all about his wedding, his new found cooking skills courtesy of his favourite Middle Eastern cookbook, his very specific ways to cook (and peel) an egg, and how he’s lost sleep planning his last supper! But boy did he make some good choices. Tom’s brand new album Black Friday is released globally on the 26th January. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
46:59 10/01/2024
S16 Ep 12: Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling
Happy New Year!! We hope you’ve had a fabulous festive break, and now it’s time to dive in to 2024 as we deliver our first episode of the year! This week we welcome Laura Whitmore & Iain Stirling, who joined us for lunch at mum’s. Laura & Iain came to talk about food and also their brand new true crime podcast Murder They Wrote on BBC Sounds. We found out all about our shared loves (and it wasn’t true crime); mum & Iain both love haggis (yuk!), Laura & Iain would do anything for a dozen oysters covered in Tabasco sauce, Laura & I salute pineapple on a pizza, and we all also bonded over our adoration of friend of the show Kadiff Kirwan! Thanks Laura & Iain for being utterly delightful guests. Here’s to 2024 and an amazing year of podcasts to come! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
47:15 03/01/2024
S16 Ep 11: Romy
To help you get through this strange time between Christmas and New Year, we offer up an absolutely gorgeous new episode with the phenomenal Romy for you. Lead singer of the acclaimed band The XX and riding high off the success of her fantastic debut solo record, Mid Air, Romy joined us for dins & mum outdid herself with a triumphant vegan menu (!). We find out that Romy and her wife Vic are weekly listeners of the podcast, we learn who her dream dinner party guests would be (mostly Madonna!), and how she feels about being told that people conceived their children while listening to her music! Romy is nominated for a Grammy this year and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Thank you for being the most wonderful guest Romy, her album 'Mid Air' is available to buy & stream now. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
46:50 27/12/2023
S16 Ep 10: Festive Feast
It’s time for our annual tradition, the Table Manners Christmas Special, and boy oh boy do we have the crème de la crème of guests for you this time round! We’ve welcomed back some of our very favourite chef guests from across the years to tell us all about their tips & tricks for the perfect Christmas meal. We’ve got the incredible Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Paul Hollywood, Alison Roman & John Torode all dropping by for a chat, to help you through the Christmas canapés, starters, mains and desserts; what more could you need for the ultimate cooking advice?! We loved hearing about their perfect party food ideas, easy cocktail recipes, how to conquer the Christmas dinner, the perfect way to bake mince pies, and it’s official that freezing bread sauce in advance is chef approved! Join us for a veritable 'Festive Feast' of guests. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
62:32 20/12/2023
S16 Ep 9: Kadiff Kirwan
Our latest guest has been waiting to meet ‘Dame Lennie’ for a while, and this week his dream finally came true! The absolutely gorgeous and talented actor, Kadiff Kirwan, joined us for a showstopping - if I say so myself - Dutch Baby round at mine. His stories were a total delight; born on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, he told us all about delicious meals his mum cooked him while growing up, how he was once in a Christian acapella boyband, that being naughty at school helped him find his love of acting, and he also does a good job of trying to convince us to try a Caribbean Souse… Kadiff, the trip to Montserrat must happen and can we join please? Get ready to fall in love!! Watch the wonderful Kadiff in the latest series of Slow Horses with Gary Oldman on Apple TV. It’s fantastic x Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
49:38 13/12/2023
S16 Ep 8: Cher
There was only ever going to be one guest we would travel all the way to Paris to meet and that’s Cher! An icon meets another icon; Mum's Chicken Soup travelled all the way on the Eurostar & thanks to the brilliant room service team we served it up in a hotel suite for our favourite diva. Cher treated us to tales of fabulous nights dancing to Donna Summer at Studio 54, the delicious southern food her mum made her while growing up, how she became a star in the UK before anywhere else, and stories about her brand new Cherlato ice cream brand (and her thoughts on the Avocado flavour!). What a whirlwind trip this was - Cher, clear your diary, we’ll be coming to Hollywood to try your homemade ‘Diva Pasta Sauce’ before you know it! This really is an episode you don’t want to miss. Cher’s new album ‘Christmas’ is out now.x Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
50:59 06/12/2023

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