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Hey, Hussein Taleb here! I am the Founder of and I am so grateful you’re here to be part of this awesome community. I love connecting with people who have a passion for Entrepreneurship, Self Development & Achieving Success. I started this website with the intention of educating and inspiring people to always strive to Raise the Standards to Achieve Greatness. Set Goals, Achieve your Purpose. Create Your Own Success and Beyond. This is the Podcast to *Raise Your Standards*. Visit:


The Mental Secret to Achieving Big Results with Peter Joseph - SG86 48:30 15/05/22
Entrepreneurship is for Other People with Anwar Jumabhoy - SG85 33:28 07/05/22
Culture and Strategy: Build A Business That Matters with Warren Coughlin - SG84 38:28 01/05/22
Following Your Passion and Adapting As An Entrepreneur with Naresh Vissa - SG83 33:22 23/04/22
Increase Revenue And Cash Flow In Your Business with Howard Wolpoff - SG82 28:56 16/04/22
How to Win in Your Own Life with Shawn Harper - SG81 26:58 09/04/22
Do More, Stress Less and Take Back Control of Your Life with Alexis Haselberger - SG80 33:24 02/04/22
How to Create Your OWN Financial Bank with Mark Willis - SG79 47:59 26/03/22
Real Estate Investing for Busy (non-real estate) Professionals with Brad Shepherd - SG78 29:09 19/03/22
How to Sell Without Selling with Diane Helbig - SG77 22:24 12/03/22
5 Minutes A Day To Your Success with Karen Briscoe - SG76 29:24 06/03/22
Change Your Life to Save Your Life with Shylise Simpson - SG75 34:46 26/02/22
Build and Live a Legendary Life with Tommy Breedlove - SG74 36:22 12/02/22
How to leverage your business with a remote virtual assistant with Le-an Lai Lacaba - SG73 24:44 05/02/22
Entrepreneur Works to End Pancreatic Cancer with Maria Fundora - SG72 26:44 29/01/22
Designing Your Life with Intention & Purpose with Krystal Holm - SG71 34:07 22/01/22
Transformation and Alignment as an Entrepreneur with Sonya Morton Firth - SG70 33:49 15/01/22
Conversation with Money, Train Your Brain For Success with Richard Friesen - SG69 37:44 08/01/22
Essential Skills for Career and Business Success with Mark Herschberg - SG68 28:19 01/01/22
Create the Business and Life You Love with Fei Wu - SG67 39:07 25/12/21
How a Preschool Teacher Turned Serial Entrepreneur with Shoshana Chaim - SG66 25:16 18/12/21
Unlock the Value of Your Website by Optimizing Your User Experience with AJ Davis - SG65 30:58 12/12/21
Scale Your Business Exponentially Without the Hustle with Stacey Hylen - SG64 39:03 05/12/21
Entrepreneurial Leap with Business and Marketing Power Couple Sharyn and Hank Yuloff - SG63 38:53 21/11/21
How to Leverage Digital Marketing to Grow your Small Business with Leonard Scheiner - SG62 38:14 13/11/21
How to Hire and Keep Great People with Mitch Gray - SG61 40:53 06/11/21
How To Find and Live Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life with Terry Tucker - SG60 31:20 30/10/21
Secrets to Success without Sacrifice with Eva Medilek - SG59 32:19 23/10/21
Blockchain and Crypto Talk with Colin C. Thompson - SG58 45:42 16/10/21
How To Make $600,000+ doing America’s Simplest Business with Brian Winch - SG57 27:41 10/10/21