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An intense and gripping week of events unfolds in Ambridge. Listen to all the drama here.


Oliver finds himself in trouble, and Harrison finds himself a new challenge.
12:46 01/06/2023
Adil is at Late Mayfest at Lower Loxley. He introduces himself to Brian, who hadn’t realised the event was happening. Brian now regrets not letting his family badger him into marking his and Jennifer’s anniversary and had come to Lower Loxley for some quiet contemplation. Later, Brian shows Adil the knitted ferrets he’s bought Xander and Martha from Eddie’s stall. Together, they joke about Jim losing his glasses, the latest lead being that Chris put them on a statue of a dog in Borchester. Having hit it off with Adil, Brian opens up about Jennifer and his family. None of them are shy about sharing their opinions. Brian and Adil raise a teacup to families. May they remain ever close, but not too close. Freddie reveals to Elizabeth that he’s hidden Eddie’s ‘Ferrety Fun’ stall behind the greenhouse. Then Ian rushes up, unhappy with his pitch. Eddie has moved next to his pizza van, and it won’t do. Freddie agrees to relocate Eddie, later explaining to Ian that he made up some regulations about not allowing animals and food in close proximity. Also, Eddie can’t let the ferrets out of their cages now because they’re next door to the birds of prey display. Freddie is pleased with himself, but then Elizabeth approaches and informs him that the trustees have decided to delay his inheritance. Freddie wonders if they’ll ever think he’s fit to inherit Lower Loxley. He feels like throwing in the towel. Elizabeth urges him not to. She tells him to have some time off instead.
13:10 31/05/2023
Adam talks to Ian about Stella’s decision to buy the new drill. Brian is still furious that she didn’t get his say so to go ahead. Ian remarks that she did speak to Adam, who is shocked to realise that in the wake of Jennifer’s death, Stella may have taken his instruction to use her initiative as permission to spend £150,000. Since Adam’s keen to return to Home Farm at some point, Ian discourages him from admitting he may have inadvertently okayed the purchase. No point volunteering for Brian’s bad books. Stella can defend herself. Having bumped into Lee at Bridge Farm, Susan mentions she knows Jazzer’s stag party visited Chuck’s Chips burger van after their meal in Borchester. Meanwhile, a food inspector arrives unexpectedly to tell Helen they’ve received a complaint. She can’t say from whom, but she needs to inspect the ice cream-making facilities. Susan shows her around and the dairy gets the all-clear. Helen isn’t relieved though. She tells Pat she’s worried the complaint came from Rob, along with the nasty online review they received the other day. Pat urges Helen not to let Rob inside her head and offers to have the boys for a sleepover so Helen and Lee can spend the evening together. Later, over a Mexican takeaway, Lee offers to forego the trip to San Francisco this year. They should use the money for Jack’s access case instead. A touched Helen insists he must visit his daughters. She doesn’t need his money. The fact he makes her so happy is enough.
12:59 30/05/2023
Adam calls Brian at Blossom Hill Cottage, ostensibly to check about today’s shearing of the Brookfield sheep at Home Farm. Brian doesn’t seem particularly interested and gives him short shrift. Later, Adam is surprised to find Brian watching the shearing. Brian knows that the real reason Adam called was because it’s his and Jennifer’s anniversary. He thanks Adam for not making a big deal of it, unlike Kate and Alice. Visiting the farm has reinvigorated Brian. He appreciates Adam holding the fort, but he’s determined to get back into the swing of things – starting with the accounts. Later, Brian discovers Stella’s purchase of the new disc drill. He’s furious. He didn’t approve this. Adam claims he didn’t either. Helen and Pat are cleaning the dairy’s viewing window. It’s been a hit with the public, although Helen mentions one nasty piece of feedback online. A tap on the window makes Helen jump. It’s Harrison asking to speak to her. Alone together, he tells Helen that the Crown Prosecution Service have decided not to charge Rob with kidnapping Jack. Later Helen, Pat, and Tony try to make sense of the decision. Once again, the justice system seems to have failed them. Tony is especially angry and storms out. Having calmed down, he explains he’d convinced himself Rob was heading for prison. He wonders if there are other offences they could go after him for. But Helen can’t bear the idea of another court case. Unlike Tony, she doesn’t want to nail Rob. She just wants him out of her life.
13:04 29/05/2023
Elizabeth and Freddie are in the office discussing plans for Lower Loxley’s Late Mayfest. Elizabeth notes there’s been grumbling from stallholders about where they’ve been put. Freddie insists it’s only because he’s managed to attract so many stalls. He hopes the trustees notice all the hard work he’s put in. Later, Freddie reveals to Oliver that Eddie’s ‘Wildlife Underground’ stall turns out to mean ferrets. He’s worried the trustees will think it sets the wrong tone. In fact, rather than put up with their scrutiny, he’s tempted to walk away. Oliver counsels him against this, reminding him of the much tougher situations he’s handled. Feeling bolstered, Freddie reassures Elizabeth he has the Eddie Grundy situation in hand. It's the day of the Ambridge T20 cricket match and Tracy accuses Tom of sabotaging her team. It was Jazzer’s stag do last night, and she thinks someone spiked her players’ drinks. Tom points out that some of his team are worse for wear too. Jim arrives wearing shades, which he insists is not because he’s hungover but because he’s lost his glasses. Later, play is underway, but Jim is struggling to keep an accurate score without his glasses. At the end of a very close match, Jim isn’t sure who’s won, so proposes a tie and the Mark Hebden Memorial Trophy is shared between the teams. Tracy complains she’s been cheated out of a win because Jim can’t keep track of his specs. Jim reveals he lost them somewhere on Jazzer’s stag do. He simply needs to retrace his steps.
13:15 28/05/2023
Oliver welcomes Tracy and Susan to the lounge bar at Grey Gables, where the cocktail waiter will teach them to mix their own. Tracy insists Oliver stays for her hen party, and this time he can’t refuse. Later, while mixing cocktails for Susan and Emma, Oliver wonders how much money George has raised for the fostering charity. Tracy joins them in time to hear Emma claiming, falsely, that George is doing well. An argument ensues, with Emma and Tracy criticising each other’s weddings and their choice of spouse. Susan’s forced to intervene, reminding them that they’re family. She urges everyone, including Oliver, onto the dance floor. Helen is fretting ahead of Anna’s visit. She tries to dissuade Lee from joining them, but Lee insists on being there to support her. Anne arrives and mentions Carol, who, despite struggling with her mobility, won’t consider getting assistance at home. Helen shows Anna the most recent letters from Rob’s solicitor. Anna thinks they’re mostly bluster. Rob’s legal case for access to Jack is weak, although that doesn’t stop him from drawing the process out. Anna warns it could be draining emotionally and financially. She advises that Helen’s solicitor, Dominic, should reply, stating they regard the letters as part of Rob’s ongoing abuse. Lee can’t believe the lengths Rob will go to. He hopes Rob won’t insist on a lengthy custody battle. Helen wants to be prepared though and can’t justify the expense of taking the boys to San Francisco. Lee will have to go on his own. Jack is her priority now.
12:49 26/05/2023
Kirsty bumps into Pat at Bridge Farm. They chat, but Kirsty can see Pat is out of sorts. There’s still no news about whether the Crown Prosecution Service is going to prosecute Rob. Kirsty accompanies Pat while she feeds the goats, where Pat admits she’s scared of testifying in court again – especially after letting Helen down last time. What if she loses focus with Rob in the room? Pat’s hatred of him is becoming overwhelming. Pat feels Tom and Tony are handling it much better than her. Also, Rob is Jack’s father, and when he took him it wasn’t for long. Will he even get convicted for that? And what about justice for everything else Rob did? Pat can’t see how they’ll ever get that. Susan’s serving Oliver in the shop. Lamenting George and Brad’s break-in at Grey Gables, Susan hopes Tracy and Emma can bury the hatchet before tomorrow’s hen party – if there is a party, that is. She still hasn’t found a venue. Tracy enters and guesses what they’re talking about. Learning that Oliver hasn’t been invited, Tracy insists he must come. He should have been top of the list. Oliver can’t be persuaded though. It’s really not his scene. Later, however, he finds Susan. He would like to contribute by offering the refurbished lounge bar at the as yet unopened Grey Gables as a venue. He’ll even pay for a cocktail waiter. Susan is delighted. With that problem solved, she’s sure Tracy will have a wonderful time.
13:15 25/05/2023
Tracy pulls Tom a Shires, as they spar over who has the best T20 team. But then Tom claims that Chris’s sprained ankle has deteriorated, and he can barely walk. Tracy will need to find a replacement. Later, Tracy confronts Tom. She’s spoken to Susan and discovered that Chris is fine. Tom admits it was a pathetic attempt to steal Chris. Nonetheless, he maintains that Chris would rather play in Tom’s team. Chris is just afraid to tell Tracy because she’s his aunt. Tracy worries that Chris won’t play at his best and suggests a swap. They haggle over a fair exchange and settle on Adam. Tom promises to break the news to him. Adam returns after a long day at Home Farm to find Ian and Alice waiting for him. Alice reveals that she and Kate are going to a favourite restaurant of Jennifer’s to mark her and Brian’s anniversary. Over dinner Adam brings up the lack of clarity over Brian’s intentions for Home Farm. Alice insists she doesn’t care about her inheritance – and nor do Kate and Debbie. Adam should move on too. Later, Adam reveals to Ian that once Stella’s back, he plans to put Home Farm behind him. Ian doesn’t believe him. He helps Adam to admit that Home Farm is a big part of his identity and that he still has ambitions for its future. Not that it’s likely he’ll be returning anytime soon. Ian counsels that by accepting that’s what he wants, the chances of it happening have already increased.
12:55 24/05/2023
Emma discusses wedding buffet plans with Jazzer and Tracy. She gets side-tracked, bragging about George impressing Martyn Gibson at Berrow. Irritated Tracy walks out, leaving Jazzer to cover that the reception is in his remit. He wants a Scottish feast. Once Emma has left, Tracy vents to Jazzer. She can’t stand Emma crowing about George, when it was him who persuaded Brad to lie to the police. Jazzer advises Tracy to forgive and forget. Emma will be at her hen party after all. Tom is helping Adam with the first Edible Forest Garden herb harvest. Tom reveals he’s going to try to persuade Tracy to let him have Chris for their T20 team. They go on to talk about Brian and his lack of interest in Home Farm. Adam confesses he’s enjoyed filling in for Stella and reconnecting with big arable. Even with her pushing through changes, he still thinks the family farm could benefit from his ideas. However, with Brian lost in grief, it’s hard to tell who’ll be overseeing its future. Alice has dropped into the village shop. Susan picks her brains about where to hold Tracy’s hen night, but without success. Susan mentions that today is Ed and Emma’s wedding anniversary, prompting Alice to mention that it’s Brian and Jennifer’s anniversary next Monday. Alice feels compelled to mark it in some way, such as going somewhere connected with Jennifer, but Brian doesn’t seem keen. Later, Susan suggests that even if Brian doesn’t want to, Alice should follow her instincts and do what’s right for her.
12:55 23/05/2023
Susan drops in on Tracy and Jazzer, who is still at home with a broken ankle. Having briefly discussed Jim’s obsession with opposing the electric charging station, they move on to Tracy’s hen party this Friday. Susan has recruited Chelsea, Lynda, Jolene and Emma, amongst others. However, they still haven’t decided where to go. They discuss various options – chocolate-making, laser tag, karaoke – but Tracy doesn’t want anything fancy or, more importantly, expensive. A drink with mates is fine. Susan doesn’t think that will do and confides in Jazzer. She’ll at least find a special location for it. Tony talks to Pat. He’s determined to keep on at the police until they refer Rob’s kidnapping of Jack to the Crown Prosecution Service. Tony’s confident Rob will be charged, but Pat doesn’t want to jump the gun. Meanwhile Helen tries to focus on work, especially making Open Farm Sunday a success. Her positive mood is destroyed when Tony brings her a letter from Stephen South, Rob’s solicitor, formally requesting access to Jack. Pat and Tony remind her there’s a Prohibited Steps Order in place, but Helen frets that Rob has found a way to challenge it. Having failed to reach her solicitor Dominic, Tony calls Anna Tregorran for advice. While Anna says they can refuse a change to the Child Arrangement order, she also offers to meet Helen later in the week while visiting her mother, Carol. Helen worries that Anna knows something she’d prefer to tell her in person. Does she think Helen may have a fight on her hands?
12:55 22/05/2023
Adam and Tom are in Little Croxley cricket pavilion preparing for the match. They discuss Tom’s captaincy of next weekend’s village T20. Tom has a head start on Tracy having already recruited players, including Adam, to his team. They’re determined to nab Chris before Tracy gets to him. Later, Chris completes an impressive batting innings, despite turning his ankle. Tom and Adam try to persuade him to join their T20 side, but Chris reveals that Tracy has already used family ties to compel him to join hers. He’d rather play for Tom, but he’s not brave enough to disappoint his aunt. Buoyed by their victory over Little Croxley, Tom vows to stand up to Tracy. Helen and Lee are trying to celebrate Jack’s birthday at a restaurant with an outdoor pirate play area. Helen’s on edge, knowing now that Rob wants to see Jack. She thought going somewhere away from Ambridge would feel safer, but the crowded location feels anything but. Lee attempts to reassure her, but she snaps at him. When Ian arrives with Xander they try to look forward to visiting Lee’s daughters in San Francisco at Christmas, but Helen remains tense. Ian suggests they go back to Honeysuckle Cottage, where he’ll make pizza. They do so and Helen is much happier. Jack’s having a great time. Lee worries to Ian that Ian’s better at handling Helen’s anxiety than he is. Nonetheless, when Adam returns from the match, Ian confides his fears. With Rob back on the scene, he’s worried what will be next.
12:59 21/05/2023
Despite the issues driving the current owner to sell up, Tom’s optimistic he and Natasha could make the Evesham market garden work. More cautious Natasha points out the childcare issues. Overhearing this Helen offers support with childcare. Helen then mentions a last-minute change of venue for Jack’s birthday party, before Tom comes clean about the potential move to Evesham. Frantic Helen tells them they can’t go, revealing that Rob phoned last week. Helen insists on Tom telling Pat about the changed venue, which Lee suggested to make them less of a sitting target. Despite Natasha’s reassurances Helen’s clearly struggling with her fear of manipulative Rob. George has a rude awakening at Berrow Farm when Hannah tells him he’ll be working indoors for her, not outdoors with Neil. Cocky George resents Hannah telling him what to do and reckons he got the job because he was the best candidate. She points out his lack of experience and says Martyn only chose him because he’s much cheaper to employ. Hannah leaves George to clean up the pig pen on his own. A man in the shop tells Natasha he’s looking for Helen Titchener. Natasha flares up, assuming he’s Rob, before Helen identifies him as Miles, Rob’s brother. Miles reveals it was him who called last week and claims Rob doesn’t know he’s here. Miles tells Helen that things have changed and Rob would love to see Jack. Natasha’s dead against it, while Helen declares that Rob will never lay eyes on her children again, before telling Miles to get out.
12:56 19/05/2023
Emma impresses on George the importance of being helpful and well-behaved while he’s staying at Ambridge View. George thinks Emma should be happy about his job. She is, but when Emma asks about his fundraising for the fostering charity, George is evasive. Emma then cajoles George into thanking Neil for the job. He’s got to pay rent now he’s earning, though. George grudgingly agrees. Later, Neil tells Emma it wasn’t him that got George the job, it was all down to Martyn. Emma assumes Martyn must think highly of George, just like Oliver. She’s proud of how George is really making something of himself. Erin doesn’t come to Ambridge, instead meeting Adam in Felpersham. She shares some warm memories of Paddy and they talk about what might have been if Adam had met him. Adam does though have the photographs Erin has sent him. He admits how tough it’s been, losing both parents so quickly. Erin consoles him: at least they’ve met up and she’s been able to fill him in on details about Paddy. When Adam proposes visiting her in Dublin, Erin makes excuses to put him off, and says a quick goodbye. Deflated Adam meets up with Brian, who assures him that it’s not his fault if Erin doesn’t want to take things further. Brian praises Adam as a dedicated family man, before worrying about taking over from Stella while she’s away. Adam’s offer to help out at Home Farm next week, if Tony agrees to letting him go, is gratefully received.
13:13 18/05/2023
Helen thinks it’ll be too stressful having more than two friends at Jack’s birthday party. Pat sympathises with Helen, especially now the issue with Tom and Natasha has blown up. Helen’s shocked when Pat tells her that Tony said he can’t work with Tom. Pat hopes she can bring them back together, for the sake of the farm’s future. Later, when Pat tries to talk Tony round, he tells her he’s lost faith in Tom. Pat points out it’s Helen’s feelings that really matter, as Tom’s business partner. The future of the farm is in their hands, not Pat and Tony’s. Tom’s still in shock about what Tony said. Natasha agrees that life would be so much easier if they didn’t have to answer to anyone else. But Natasha thinks Tom can’t keep avoiding Tony. Tom has the germ of an idea, though. There’s an organic market garden in Evesham up for sale… Later, Tony apologises to Tom for flying off the handle. But Tony’s efforts at rapprochement come across as lukewarm, even with Natasha acting as mediator. Tom then reveals the idea of leaving Bridge Farm altogether, making it clear to Tony that it really could happen one day. They have a right to make their own decisions, even if that means making them somewhere else. Meanwhile, Pat and Helen agree the police should do more to protect them from Rob. Pat’s convinced the stress has affected the way Tony is with Tom. She tells Helen she’s an example to them all, staying so calm and strong.
13:11 17/05/2023
Alice and Kate offer Adam sisterly support before he goes off to meet his half-sister Erin at the pub. Once there Adam and Erin chat easily, sharing experiences. Erin spots two women eyeing up Adam. He tells her it’s Kate and Alice, his sisters, come to spy on them. The four of them go for a walk and Erin talks about her charity work, before joining in with the sibling banter between Adam, Kate and Alice. Once Erin leaves to meet her friend, Adam and Kate agree she’s fantastic. Adam can’t wait to visit Ireland and see where Paddy lived. He’s hoping to sort out details with Erin on Thursday. Alice then gets a message from Phoebe, who’s refusing to accept money from her. Kate and Adam agree – none of their children want Alice’s money. Alice accepts this; she’ll stop trying to give it to them. Martyn Gibson irritates Neil, inviting himself to sit in on the interviews for Jazzer’s replacement. As soon as the interviews are over Neil has a favourite candidate in mind. But Martyn stops him; there’s one more to see. Neil’s astonished when George walks in. Neil grills George, but it’s clear this is a fait accompli, set up by Martyn. Martyn wants George to start tomorrow, even though Neil does his best to prevent the appointment. All Neil’s objections are overridden, and because of biosecurity concerns it’s agreed that George will move in with Neil and Susan from tonight. George tells defeated Neil that he won’t let him down.
13:13 16/05/2023
Adam and Ian try to agree some ground rules for when Stella’s dog, Weaver, comes to stay. Adam’s concerned about Brian’s plans for Home Farm and his evasiveness over his will. When Adam meets Brian for lunch they tussle lightly over the pros and cons of spraying the wheat at Home Farm, which Stella has chosen not to do. Adam tells Brian that Alice is still trying to give money away to the other grandchildren. Brian becomes defensive when talk moves on to his will, changing the subject to Paddy, Adam’s biological father, and his half-sister, Erin, who’s visiting Ambridge on Thursday. Ian joins them, passing on news from Stella that her holiday cover has dropped out at the last minute. Adam thinks it unlikely Tony would let him when Brian asks if Adam could step in. Brian then declares he’ll manage fine by himself. Furious Tony confronts Tom and Natasha about the twins’ modelling job for Schaeffer Baas. They justify as best they can, but Tony hammers home the message: it’s against everything Bridge Farm stands for. He accuses Tom and Natasha of pure, unadulterated greed, taking Schaeffer Baas’ blood money. Later, after speaking to upset Pat, Tom finds Tony to apologise properly, explaining how uncomfortable they were taking the job. And they have put an end to the modelling work now. But it’s not enough for Tony, who rejects Tom’s apology before telling him finally that he doesn’t see how he can work with Tom at Bridge Farm anymore. And that’s something he never thought he’d say.
13:05 15/05/2023
Alan finishes the Rogation Sunday service at Bridge Farm before leading the way to the edible forest garden for refreshments. Neil and Harrison both loved the service, which visited all parts of the farm. Helen’s response is slightly off-kilter though, before the subject moves onto yesterday’s Ambridge Eurovision Show, won by Freddie. When Neil moves off Helen asks Harrison for news about Rob Titchener. She’s convinced it was him who phoned on Friday. He needs to be warned off making contact ever again. Later, Harrison reports that Rob has denied making the call. The police say Rob has a rock solid alibi too. But Helen insists it was him and nothing will convince her otherwise. She thinks Rob’s outwitting everyone, including the police. But she is determined she will be ready for him. At the edible forest garden Alan points out a mystery parcel that’s been delivered. It’s full of toys, gifted by Schaeffer Baas, the chemicals company Seren and Nova modelled for. Tony is incandescent, guessing where it’s come from, even though no-one told him or Pat. He insists Bridge Farm’s business reputation will be trashed. Helen deflects the blame squarely on to Tom. Tony wants Helen to let him deal with Tom once he’s back from Wales with Natasha. Neil fields a call from Hannah about the excessive workload at Berrow Farm. She’s sent exhausted Jodie home. Neil suggests bringing forward the interviews for Jazzer’s replacement to Tuesday, starting the job by Friday, ideally. Martyn will have to agree because they can’t go on like this.
13:03 14/05/2023
While walking the field Ben and David see a man approaching. It’s Rylan! He explains his Satnav has stopped working. Ben offers to give Rylan directions to Ambridge Hall over a cup of tea. Rylan is soon settled in at Brookfield, while Ben explains about the original booking mix-up with Lynda. Rylan’s keen to see their Sound of Music act at the village Eurovision Show. When Mick arrives he’s relieved that Rylan remembers him from a corporate event they did together. Then Lynda turns up, her suspicions roused by Ben’s delaying tactics. A squabble ensues over hosting Rylan, who’s mortified to discover Lynda turfed out another guest on his behalf. He’s equally unhappy with Ben’s sniping and asks Mick if he can stay with him instead. Mick offers a room at Joy’s house on Beechwood and they set off together, leaving Ben and Lynda deflated. Kirsty visits Bridge Farm Shop, where Helen details plans for the Rogation Sunday service at Bridge Farm next week. Kirsty would love it at the rewilding site next year. She’s keen to revive cultural heritage as well as biodiversity and wildlife. David arrives, pointing out an article in the Echo about the Coronation Illumination. It makes it look like he works at Bridge Farm. He wants a correction published and hopes he can persuade them to write about Brookfield. Helen mentions that Adam’s half-sister Erin is visiting next week. When the others have gone Helen is disturbed by a phone call. The call ends, and she fears the worst.
12:52 12/05/2023
Elizabeth tells Freddie that a trustee, Brandon, is coming to discuss the damage to the painting. Freddie asks to come to the meeting too, since he’s got nothing to hide. When Brandon arrives, he disarms Freddie, who had expected an old crusty, by showing a keen interest in Freddie’s DJing. Elizabeth tells Brandon she takes full responsibility for the damage caused, but under questioning has to admit she had no oversight of the removal procedure itself – Freddie was in charge. Brandon’s disappointed at Elizabeth misleading him. Knowing Freddie’s issues with the painting, Brandon suspects Freddie’s diligence in supervising its removal. Furthermore, following wider discussions between the trustees, Brandon doesn’t think Freddie is ready to take over Lower Loxley in two years’ time as planned. Therefore, he is going to recommend they review the age at which Freddie inherits. Freddie reacts badly. Despite Elizabeth’s attempts to reassure him, Freddie declares he's had enough of trying to prove himself at Lower Loxley. He’s done with it. Lilian welcomes Adil to the Dower House and they discover a shared appreciation of electric vehicles, before Lilian sets off in her own for lunch with a friend in Exeter. Later, frazzled Lilian returns after a nightmare journey back due to charging issues. Adil confesses it’s the anniversary of his wife Sabha’s death in a hit and run incident. He found Jazzer’s accident quite triggering. Lilian is very understanding and sympathetic, after losing Jenny and being made a widow herself many years ago. Adil is very grateful for her support.
13:10 11/05/2023
A car ran into Jazzer last night and broke his ankle, and now his leg’s in plaster. Jazzer makes out it isn’t that serious, but Tracy is mortified. He could have been killed and it all started when she got carried away and slammed him into the sideboard… Tracy worries about Jazzer going on sick pay. Plus, they’ll have to pull out of Eurovision. She thinks they should put off the wedding as well, but Jazzer insists being in plaster won’t stop him getting married. When Jim arrives to check on the them, Jazzer and Tracy thank him for helping them after the accident. When Jazzer tells Jim it was an electric vehicle that hit him, it reinforces Jim’s views about the wrongness of building an EV charging station in Ambridge. If the car had hit Tracy or a child instead of Jazzer he wouldn’t be so blasé. Jim promises Jazzer they’re not going to take this lying down. At the Eurovision mini-rehearsal Tracy has to explain to Lynda and Harrison about not being able to do the show. Tracy then stays to watch Eddie and Leonard perform their comedy double act, which turns out to be a sketch featuring Mrs Smell MBE and Sergeant Worms. Lynda and Harrison are gobsmacked by the impersonation, but Tracy thinks it’s hilarious. When they finish Eddie and Leonard fear at first they may have gone too far, but are delighted by Harrison and Lynda’s positive reaction. As Eddie says, even if Leonard isn’t funny as himself, he’s comedy gold as Harrison.
12:56 10/05/2023
Jazzer’s in a good mood after pranking Martyn Gibson at work. He practises his Azerbaijani wrestling moves with Tracy ahead of tomorrow night’s Eurovision Show mini-rehearsal. Brad thinks it’s gross and embarrassing, nothing like the showmanship in World Wrestling Entertainment. Jazzer and Tracy determine to make it more of a spectacle, whipping themselves up by swapping insults. But then Tracy loses it and slams Jazzer against the sideboard, which leads to Jazzer storming out in high dudgeon. Later, Tracy’s dragged Brad to The Bull to do his homework while she’s serving. Jim’s dismayed to hear about the friction between Jazzer and Tracy. He mollifies Tracy by telling her that Jazzer thinks he’s the luckiest man alive to be marrying her. He’s grateful every day. Later, Tracy’s discussing with Brad what he should wear to the wedding, when Jim rushes in. It’s Jazzer - there’s been an accident! Elizabeth’s impressed by Freddie’s Let It Grow gardening initiative in the grounds at Lower Loxley. Brad’s impressed by Freddie’s plans for putting together a mini-mix of Swedish bangers for the Eurovision Show. Later, Elizabeth confronts Freddie with evidence that the controversial painting of the ship’s officer has been badly damaged during its removal process. Freddie is stunned that Elizabeth thinks he deliberately cut it. Freddie insists it wasn’t him, eventually managing to convince Elizabeth. But now they will have to get a restorer in to repair it at great expense – and she dreads to think what the trustees will have to say about the matter.
12:58 09/05/2023
Adil is miffed with Lynda for making him move out of Ambridge Hall for two nights to accommodate celebrity judge Rylan for Ambridge’s Eurovision show. In response Adil threatens to move out permanently. Desperate Lynda calls Lilian, persuading her to take Adil in. Later, when Lilian gives Adil a guided tour of the Dower House, with Lynda in tow, he is very impressed. A little too impressed for Lynda’s liking, but at least her problem is solved. Concerned about the content of some of the proposed acts in the Eurovision Show Lynda has arranged a mini-dress rehearsal on Wednesday to vet them for anything unsuitable. Kirsty will be rehearsing her Spanish act with Helen tonight, and accepts Joy’s offer to provide them with some feedback. At the rehearsal, Joy enthusiastically eats the cakes Helen’s made. Kirsty then tells Joy about the Rogation Sunday service Alan will be celebrating at Bridge Farm before Helen rushes in, panic stricken – Jack’s seen a man on their drive! It turns out to be Mick retrieving Ena the cat from under Helen’s car – panic over. Helen chastises herself for getting so upset and Kirsty offers to stay the night, as Lee’s away. Later, while watching a film together, Kirsty reassures Helen she can get through this. With the ever present threat of Rob’s return Helen’s finding it hard to be positive. However, when Kirsty offers the prospect of Helen’s Eurovision fritters with Spanish style hot chocolate as a distraction, Helen declares she’s the perfect friend.
13:14 08/05/2023
Leonard and David discuss King Charles’ Coronation yesterday. Leonard’s been watching the highlights with Jill and loved all the bellringing. He’s volunteered for a repair café in Penny Hassett as part of the Big Help Out tomorrow. David will be going to the Coronation Illumination at Bridge Farm. Leonard worries about being unfunny and boring. David beats about the bush, but essentially confirms Leonard’s opinion of his deficiencies. At The Bull, Eddie cajoles Leonard into being his partner in a comedy double act representing the UK in Ambridge’s Eurovision show. When David joins them later, Eddie and Leonard try out a couple of jokes they’ve rehearsed, but Leonard is hopeless. Nevertheless, Eddie’s determined he’s going to make Leonard funny. At Bridge Farm, Helen tells Eddie and David how pleased they are with the beneficial effects the Coronation Illumination is having on all aspects of their business. It’s good PR for Justin too, though Eddie is sceptical about Justin’s motives, following his subterfuge over the EV charging station. David thinks Bridge Farm’s enterprise shows up the lack of new ideas at Brookfield. Rebecca, a reporter from the Borchester Echo, approaches Helen to ask her for an interview. Helen’s hackles rise when Rebecca recognises her as Helen Titchener. Helen warns Rebecca off anything to do with that part of her life and won’t have her photograph taken. David steps in to have his picture taken with the lights. But when David tries to steer Rebecca on to the subject of Brookfield she’s not interested and talks to Helen about her cheesemaking.
12:57 07/05/2023
It’s Kirsty’s birthday and she jokes about Helen setting up the light show in her honour. Helen admits she feels better than she did the other day, when she had to go to the police station. Now they’ve just got to wait and see if Rob will be prosecuted. But until they know she’ll do her best to try and forget about him. Later, Kirsty asks Helen again about teaming up for Eurovision. She suggests Helen could cook a traditional Spanish dish while Kirsty talks about the cultural significance of what she’s making. Helen agrees to take a look at the recipe first. After Natasha pops in, looking for Tom, Helen reports to Kirsty things aren’t going well between them, but nobody knows why. Ben recounts how a booking came in for the Brookfield B&B just before Lynda asked him if they could host Rylan. So, frustratingly, now they can’t. Ruth and Ben reflect on Sykesy’s visit. Ruth’s not sure they could do the same again for other Laurels residents. Ben thinks they’d be missing a trick by not running more farm visits, especially seeing how Bridge Farm are diversifying. Ruth invites Ben along to the Bridge Farm Coronation Illumination preview tonight. Tom finally comes clean to Natasha about what’s bothering him. It’s the modelling job the twins did recently – they should never have done it. Natasha’s relieved Tom’s not telling her he doesn’t love her anymore. They agree – no more modelling for the twins. Then, just as they kiss, the Coronation Illumination lights up Bridge Farm.
13:02 05/05/2023
Ben and Ruth are amazed Rylan’s coming to Ambridge – it’s been announced on the village website. Ben phones Lynda, suggesting Rylan can stay at Brookfield, but Lynda’s sure they can accommodate him at Ambridge Hall. Ruth checks with Ben the details of his friend Sykesy’s visit from the Laurels. Lynda tells Joy there’s been renewed interest in the Eurovision show, now Rylan’s judging. To thank Joy, she invites her for a cup of tea. Joy loves Lynda’s garden – Rylan is lucky to be staying there. Joy once met the Reverend Richard Coles, but doesn’t think he’d remember her now. She’s kicking herself for telling Mick the same thing. Mick’s now worried Rylan won’t remember him and the whole thing will be a disaster. Sykesy enjoys reminiscing at Brookfield. He tells Ben that David looks just like his dad, Phil, then turns on the charm with Ruth. Inside, he talks about the past with Jill and winds Leonard up by shortening his name. Sykesy has an abiding memory of Jill in a lemon-coloured sundress, shelling peas on a sunny day. He admits to fancying Jill back in the day, which Jill finds funny. Lynda calls in at Brookfield in a panic. Robert’s accepted another booking at Ambridge Hall, so they won’t have room for Rylan after all. Lynda hopes Brookfield can host him instead. Ruth explains that only Ben can tell her if their room is available. For now, Lynda will just have to wait and see.
13:01 04/05/2023
Joy seems to have come up trumps, and Natasha has concerns.
12:55 03/05/2023
Making Mince Pies with Jill Archer
Join Jill in the kitchen at Brookfield as she makes a batch of her much loved mince pies
12:50 09/12/2019