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The Archers

An intense and gripping week of events unfolds in Ambridge. Listen to all the drama here.


WRITER: Naylah Ahmed DIRECTOR: Rosemary Watts EDITOR: Jeremy HoweBen Archer…. Ben Norris David Archer…. Timothy Bentinck Pip Archer… Daisy Badger Lilian Bellamy…. Sunny Ormonde Chris Carter…. Wilf Scolding Neil Carter…. Brian Hewlett Justin Elliot…. Simon Williams Emma Grundy…. Emerald O’Hanrahan George Grundy…. Angus Stobie Joy Horville…. Jackie Lye Alistair Lloyd…. Michael Lumsden John Mack…. Richard Pepple Paul Mack…. Joshua Riley Jazzer McCreary…. Ryan Kelly Denise Metcalf…. Clare Perkins Stella Pryor…. Lucy Speed
13:08 12/07/2024
Whilst stacking bales, George mentions that Tilly’s coming to see the stray kittens. Ben wonders if that’s like when she was ‘definitely’ coming to see George haymaking. Presumably that’s why he’s topless again? Ben and Neil continue to tease George and when Neil tells him to cover up his sunburned body, George admits his back’s too sore for that. Chat turns to the Winkley Music Festival this weekend - Paul, Lily, Freddie and Josh are going as well as Tilly and Aiden. When George wonders what the big deal is, Ben points out that in Josh’s case, the Straw Crows are playing, and he’s still very much into band-member Nina.Neil and Ben relax with some beer, but George is paranoid when he discovers he’s got a fruit cider rather than a beer. He angrily heads off, leaving Neil and Ben to wonder what that was all about. Stella nervously waits to share her pitch with the Borchester Land board, boosted by a good luck call from Pip. Afterwards frustrated Stella reckons the board think that it’s just a green-washing exercise, but Justin points out she did leave with an agreement for her ecological survey of BL land. Stella’s persuaded to go for post drinks with the board; sometimes more work gets done at after-meeting drinks than in the meeting itself. After, Stella heads home to bed, too tired to have a take-away with Pip. Stella admits that whilst it went ok, she feels like she’s sold her soul to the devil. Pip says goodnight and Stella’s left doubting herself.
13:12 11/07/2024
Justin and Lilian are delighted when Jakob reports negative results for strangles tests all round and there are no new cases. It looks like the re-opening event will go ahead if things continue as they are. Justin’s surprised when Lilian says she’s been working with Carlotta on the event plans - Lilian seems more relaxed. Lilian confirms it’s down to Carlotta, but she has also heard from Alice, from her rehab centre – Alice is sorry for everything she’s put Lilian through. Lilian didn’t need an apology – she’d do anything for Jennifer’s children. Embracing her, Justin reckons that Alice, Ruairi, Adam and Debbie are lucky to have Lilian.Joy’s on board when Jazzer tells her about his idea for the village fete – guessing the weight of a piglet. They’re interrupted by Denise who’s a bit taken aback when Jazzer privately mentions to Denise how happy he is for her and Alistair. John comes into the shop, for a stop-off in the middle of a cycle ride before seeing Paul tonight. When John goes, distracted Denise heads after him. She broaches the subject of their relationship as Joy and Jazzer peer at them through the shop window, wondering what’s going on. John gets the message that it’s too late to make their marriage work, but wonders whether there’s someone else. When Denise admits there is, John guesses it’s Alistair. Upset John walks off saying he won’t be visiting Paul tonight after all. When Denise wonders what reason she should give, John retorts that she should make something up – she seems to be good at it.
13:16 10/07/2024
Stella’s got the day off and is working on her pitch for Borchester Land. She hopes to reason them into a green package to be proud of for the coming decades. Pip invites her to get some fresh air when she goes over to Grange Farm to see if there are any extra bales from haymaking. They find Neil and Ben relaxing in the sun while the tedder’s being fixed. George is sunburnt from taking his shirt off to pose for videos of himself posted for Tilly Button’s eyes. She keeps saying she’ll come over but hasn’t turned up yet. Neil comes across a stray cat and kittens in the stackyard and they all go over to look at them. When Ben wonders what to do with them, Neil counsels just keeping an eye on them for now. Eddie can probably find homes for the kittens. Stella’s surprised when Pip can’t get over how cute they are.Paul tells Alistair that he’s finished with Etienne – they wanted different things. Talk turns to Denise who’s always been such a support for Paul. He had a great heart-to-heart with his dad on Sunday too. It made Paul realise that although he enjoys partying, what he really craves are cosy nights in with a special someone. He reckons his parents’ relationship is such a great role model – he just wishes they’d stop worrying about him. Paul wonders if they’re the reason why he can’t find ‘the one’. Perhaps he’s aiming too high because his parents have such a great marriage. He goes, leaving Alistair feeling awkward.
13:01 09/07/2024
Neil checks in on Grange Farm’s haymaking, where Ben tells him George is filming everything by drone for his social media accounts. George is shirtless, presumably for his followers. George keeps checking his phone to see if Tilly’s coming, but Ben reckons he’s got competition from Aiden Belshaw. George wants to ask her to the Winkley Music Festival at the weekend. The tedder looks like it’s on its last legs, and Neil warns George to go slowly on it. They’re stopped in their tracks by the tedder grinding to a halt. They ring Neil who knows someone who could fix it.It's Lilian’s birthday but she wants to keep it low profile, though she’s slightly disappointed when Justin says he thought so and hasn’t done anything special for it. They talk about Carlotta who seems to be doing alright as a temporary Stables manager. Lilian wonders what they might do for their big-reopening event once they’re out of lockdown. When Justin suggests that Carlotta could come up with some new ideas, Lilian’s hesitant. Later Lilian reports back that Carlotta seems to be doing ok, although she keeps mixing up staff names and shortening them. Lilian admits that because it was Alice’s idea to have an event it feels such a shame she can’t plan it herself; she feels like she’s betraying Alice. Justin reassures Lilian and apologises for approaching Alice in the wrong way last week. If Alice comes back, it should be to a place that’s thriving. Lilian thinks that Alice will get better and Justin politely agrees, saying it’s what everyone’s hoping for.
13:12 08/07/2024
Alistair and Denise have a romantic day out at a Borsetshire lake, enjoying a picnic on a boat. They chat about Paul who’s coming to terms with splitting up with Etienne. Alistair and Denise marvel at their luck, all the years they’ve know each other and now they’re here in each other’s arms. Feeling they’ve now turned a corner, Denise knows she has to tell John about Alistair sooner rather than later, but it will impact on her family. Alistair’s understanding when she says she can’t face doing it yet. She’ll know when it’s the right time.Emma and George chat about the haymaking at Grange Farm which George will have to do this year as Ed and Emma will be on a tree surgery job. They’ll ask for Ben’s help. Chris pops by on his way to cricket, but when Emma comments that he’s managing well with Martha considering he’s on his own, Chris retorts that she has two parents. They’re surprised to hear Alice is in rehab and Emma wonders whether Alice will change her plea once she gets herself sober.Later Neil asks Emma about Chris and whether he mentioned the mystery about the cider bottle that was in Alice’s car. George asks Emma what Neil was saying and anxiously wonders why Chris is obsessing about it. Chris isn’t interested when Neil points out that he thinks Hannah fancies him - it’s time Chris started thinking about meeting someone else. But Chris is more interested in working out why Alice pleaded not guilty, if she’d caused the crash.
13:00 07/07/2024
Paul is off to Borchester for his couple’s therapy with Etienne. Josh suggests he come to the pub instead. But Paul wants to see it through. Later in Borchester, he bumps into his dad. John has just been to the dentist. Paul breaks down - he thinks it’s over with Etienne. He walked out of couple’s therapy. John offers to drive him back to Ambridge and buy him a drink. He tells John about Etienne’s desire for an open relationship. He’d tried to be fine about it but he couldn’t cope with the fear of losing him. The couple’s therapy had been a disaster – Etienne said Paul tried to stifle him and that he wasn’t enough for him. John thinks Paul is worth ten of Etienne. Josh arrives and Paul says he’s seen the light. Hallelujah, says Josh. Adam picks Alice up to drive her to rehab. En route she sees Susan and asks him to stop. Alice thanks her for what she said about Martha. It prompted her to call the treatment centre. Susan’s glad. Alice knows Susan thinks she’s an entitled brat, but she has to try to get better. Susan is reassuring and promises to tell Chris. As they continue to rehab Alice worries about whether she can stay on the wagon afterwards. Adam asks her whether she has thought about changing her plea. She says she knows she should plead guilty, it’s the right thing to do after all the trouble she’s caused. He tells her she’ll be all right. She doesn’t know if she will – but she’s going to try.
12:58 05/07/2024
Alice is greeted by an awkward George and tells him if it wasn’t for him rescuing Fallon and Joy she’d be in even bigger trouble. To his embarrassment, she tells him he’s a good person and she is not. Lilian is at The Bull when Alice arrives. She turns on Lilian, saying Justin had put pressure on her to resign. Kenton offers to drive Alice home but she says, instead, she’d like a double gin and tonic. Kenton refuses. She asks Lilian what Carlotta is like and suggests a summer equine fete to let people know the stables is back on its feet, before storming out. Kenton chases after her and reassures her that no-one hates her, they just want her to get better. Susan and George are discussing tricky child care arrangements for Martha when Alice walks into the shop. Susan lays into her, saying people are being run ragged looking after Martha. She’ll bring Martha for a visit this afternoon but warns Alice if she’s drunk they won’t be staying. Alice stumbles out of the shop, desperate for a drink. She returns to The Bull and begs Lilian. In desperation she snatches a bottle of wine and flees. Later, when Alice arrives home, Susan is there without Martha. Alice was late so they took her home and it’s lucky she’s not there to see Alice drunk again. Susan says Brian is ringing rehabs – only the best for his little girl – and that’s Alice’s best chance. Alice says she’s scared but Susan counters there’s only one thing she should be afraid of – losing Martha.
13:06 04/07/2024
Adam checks in with a grumpy Alice on the phone. He tells her Brian has been trying to contact her. They’re both worried about her. He presses her on how she is. ‘I’m in hell,’ she snaps. And she doesn’t want to see anyone or go to rehab – she can’t face it. She tells Adam Justin came around yesterday and asked her to resign. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Harry and he wants to help her. But she shuts the door in his face. After a while she chases after him. He tells her Chris confronted him. Harry stresses her addiction put her where she is now and it’s a disease. He thanks her for saving him, for encouraging him to go for treatment. He tells her she can come back from this. He knows she can. But she rushes away.Later Adam confronts Lilian and criticises her for letting Justin go round to try to force Alice to resign. They both admit they are scared – Alice is getting worse. They discuss how Brian is going out of his mind and Lilian promises she’ll have words with Justin. Adam concedes they have to face facts. No-one knows what will happen when the case comes to court. But there’s not much any of them can do. She really could lose everything. Lilian says when Jennifer died she swore she’d be there for the children but she doesn’t feel like she has been.
13:16 03/07/2024
Justin is up early, telling Lilian he’s off to back-to-back meetings but then turns up at Alice’s door. He tells her they’ve found someone to fill in for her at the Stables in her absence. He says she must be aware that a return to work might not be possible if she’s jailed. He wonders whether it might be better for her to consider resigning, as they have a new manager – Carlotta – and all he wants is for the Stables to get back on track. But Alice says she’s not going to resign. She’s ashamed and embarrassed but she needs to hold on to things that can bring her back to normal life. He states she has used up her annual leave for the year and she’ll be on statutory sick pay from now on. Later at the Stables he tells Lilian he has spoken to Alice. She is furious and wanted to visit Alice as well. But Justin says there’s very little anyone can do for her at the moment.Ed and Emma bring George along on their latest tree surgery job – it’s near Bartleby’s new home. Emma insists it’s her turn to do the aerial work, in the biggest tree they’ve worked on to date – 10 metres. Emma makes a start on cutting the smaller branches and she’s so high up she can see Bartleby’s paddock and George giving him a hug. She has a great time up in the tree – delighted that she and Ed are working for themselves. George is happy with Bartleby’s new home but gets upset when Emma enthuses about the future. He covers by saying he’s thinking about Granddad Joe.
13:06 02/07/2024
Chris turns up early to speak to Susan. He can’t pick up Martha, he says, because he has a late appointment. But when she questions him he admits he’s actually going to see Harry, who will be handing out prizes at the Borsetshire Young Horse Championship. Susan says she’ll drive him there. Later, Chris accosts Harry at the event. He accuses him of being there on the night of the crash. But Harry genuinely has no idea what he’s talking about. He didn’t know Alice had been drinking either. Chris rages at him, but Harry is genuinely apologetic, leaving Chris taken aback. As Susan drives Chris back to Ambridge she says he has to accept that Alice did this and there’s no other explanation. He needs to put all his energy into Martha and leave Alice to herself. Paul and Josh discuss the weekend’s Pride parade – it was brilliant, dancing from midday until four in the morning says Paul. Lily managed to find the only straight guy in the club and hooked up. Paul managed to get a few guys’ details too, but he’s not planning on contacting any of them. In fact, he’s off to meet Etienne for a session of couples therapy. They are seeing a counsellor in Borchester to discuss Etienne’s desire for an open relationship. Paul returns upset. Etienne didn’t even bother to turn up – he fell asleep in front of the TV. Josh is furious – Paul deserves better! Josh says it’s time to dump him – but Paul still wants to give therapy a chance.
13:05 01/07/2024
Harrison and Chris are getting ready for a cricket match against Leyton Cross who have won their last four games, buoyed by a new young player. Chris raises the question of Alice’s crash and how she wouldn’t buy cider. It’s a mistake discussing it with Harrison who insists she was drunk behind the wheel and she should face the consequences. Later, Susan congratulates Christopher on a 176 innings but asks if he has fallen out with Harrison, who threw his bat in disgust after Chris ran him out. He confesses that he talked to Harrison about Alice’s case. Susan says he mustn’t let it come between them. Later, Chris buys Harrison a pint and apologises. But then suggests there was someone else in the car with Alice – Harry Chilcott - he might have persuaded her to drive and then ran away. Emma and Ed prepare for a tree surgery job – albeit for Justin Elliott at mates’ rates. As they start work Justin rushes out in a panic. Contrary to what they thought was agreed, he didn’t want more than a small trim on the trees. It soon becomes clear that – without naming names - he’s using this to put pressure on Emma to change her online comments about Alice at the Stables. Emma gets the message and Justin says he can see his way to giving them a good online review. Later she tells Susan she has deleted her post about Alice. Susan says Christopher is running around after Alice again, the last thing he needs. Emma says Chris needs his head tested.
13:02 30/06/2024
Susan serves Neil lunch and he says Christopher is taking Martha to see Alice. Together they seem almost like a normal family and it’s obvious he still loves her. Susan can’t help thinking things could be better for Martha with all the privilege Alice was born into. She can’t get yesterday’s conversation out of her mind – Brian and Adam fussing over Alice, Lilian keeping her job open. No one is questioning her behaviour. Her not guilty plea is more proof that she’s in denial. Alice is never going to hit rock bottom, says Susan - no one is letting her. Neil says it’s Christopher’s life and they should put his needs first. But Susan wonders if enabling her to keep drinking is helping Martha.Meg Mellor stops to ask Lynda for directions as she goes to collect Bartleby. George, Neil and Eddie are waiting for her and saying their farewells to the pony. Eddie has yet another suggestion about how to spend the money – a new cider press. For the first time George agrees. Meg tells them how she got started taking care of retired horses after her husband died. Lynda has left a fancy, colourful rug for Bartleby. As Meg goes to get her notebook Eddie suggests some new tries for their cider orchard. George agrees and suggests a new marble headstone for Great Granddad Joe. George says farewell to Bartleby and thanks him for listening, particularly over the last few weeks. They fasten the horse box and Meg drives away.
13:02 28/06/2024
At Bridge Farm Lilian bumps into Miranda, who asks if they can put aside their differences to help Brian. When George passes Lilian apologises for the stress Alice has caused him. George makes a cryptic remark about people chatting rubbish online before going. Later at The Stables, while filming a video with Justin for one of their livery clients, Lilian still can’t understand what George meant. Justin’s more keen to press on with appointing Carlotta as their temporary manager, starting on a six week minimum contract, but later tells Lilian he knows what George was referring to. He’s found an online thread suggesting Alice could have been drunk while taking riding lessons – and one of the people suggesting this is Emma. Susan goes to see George, taking some carrots to cheer up Bartleby. George is defiant about cancelling Bartleby’s sale, even when Susan points out the vets’ bills will only get bigger. George insists he knows best. But Susan reckons it isn’t always clear what’s best for other people, also thinking of Martha. In the end no-one knows for sure, do they? George thinks he gets what she means.Later Lilian bumps into Susan at the Tearoom. Miranda turns up and says Brian is beside himself with worry. He spent yesterday phoning round rehab centres. Lilian promises to keep Alice’s job open for her for as long as it takes, leaving Susan distinctly unimpressed. Will tells George that Oliver will be returning Meg Mellor’s money tomorrow. But George is having second thoughts about what will be best for Bartleby and decides to call Meg back.
13:13 27/06/2024
Joy tells Lynda she wants to go through her ideas for the fete. Lynda is taken aback that Joy already has some arrangements in hand. Mick calls to say the Hollerton Silver Band is not available but Lynda insists music is vital. Lynda says Joy should not underestimate the task ahead. Later, Lynda returns to chat with Joy as she tackles some weeding. As Lynda suggests a school ukulele group, Mick arrives to say the Borchester Found in a Skip band has agreed to perform.Lily can’t decide on the Grey Gables job offer as she tells Freddie that George has called off the Bartleby sale. Mick is dismissive about the work logs as Lily says sending the same thing every week renders it pointless. Mick walks off, agreeing. Lynda chats to Kirsty on the phone about Roy’s decision as she arrives at Grey Gables to collect his address book from his locker. She invites Lynda to join a video call to Roy planned for that evening. After her exchange with Mick, Lily complains to Kirsty that no-one takes her seriously. She agrees to get the master key but after Kirsty invites her to join the video call to Roy says she’ll bring it along then. That evening after the video call to Roy, Freddie turns up with Bulgarian treats from the dairy at Roy’s request. A message from Roy says he told Oliver to offer Lily the job. And he sends a message to Kirsty saying now he has found his soulmate, it’s up to her to find hers.
13:48 26/06/2024
Susan and Joy are filling shelves. They discuss Lynda being mysterious about who will be taking over from her to organise the Ambridge Fete. Joy is not keen on becoming her successor. Jazzer arrives to collect some beans and agrees. Joy says being part of the team effort is more her style. Jazzer suggests a cost of living fete with prizes that are actually useful. Later Joy tries to cheer up Susan who is rattled by Alice’s not guilty plea. Every time she thinks things are getting better they get worse. Joy saw them at the playground and they looked like a normal happy family. Later tired Susan yawns and confesses to Joy she’s not sleeping well over the situation with Alice. The only upside is that Martha has her home and Emma’s to fall back on. George and Eddie are getting Bartleby ready for his tour of the village when Meg Mellor calls to say she’s arrived in Ambridge. George asks if she can come early on Friday so he can take her through Bartleby’s likes and dislikes. She promises she will and George hangs up abruptly, growing upset at the thought. Susan, Joy and Jazzer come to say farewell to Bartleby. Eddie waxes lyrical about the pony’s new home but George is irritated at such talk. The Grundy’s finish Bartleby’s tour and Eddie reminds George that he’ll have to appear in court at Felpersham and lawyers will try to run rings around him. Eddie suggests using Bartleby’s money to buy more pigs. Furious, George calls Meg and says the deal’s off – she can’t have Bartleby!
13:16 25/06/2024
Lily is at Grey Gables on the phone to Mrs Mellor who is buying Bartleby. She wants to park her horse box there. Oliver tells Lily that Roy is staying in Bulgaria. Lily says the hotel can’t run without him – at least it won’t be the same. Oliver will have to manage until a replacement can be found. Lily says she finishes her placement next week. Later Oliver is struggling with printing staff rotas. Lily comes to the rescue. He proposes she take a paid position as his assistant until she goes to university. She was looking forward to some time off but agrees to consider it. But first she insists he sign her assessment. Harrison has a quick word with Chris over coffee. Chris is too busy with Martha to go to nets. George turns up with Harrison’s veg box and reminds Chris about hoof trimming for Bartleby on Friday. They chat about Alice’s not guilty plea and George leaves in a hurry. Harrison admits he has been so angry since Friday. He asks Chris if they can have a chat. It’s awkward as Chris apologises about Fallon’s miscarriage. Harrison grows irritable about Alice’s not guilty plea and Chris would rather talk about anything else. George chats to a smartened-up Bartleby as Oliver and agrees to take their picture. They talk about what a wrench it will be when Bartleby leaves on Friday. Oliver says Mrs Mellor has already paid. Distracted by Gem, Bartleby isn’t co-operating for the picture. George hopes they are on better form for Bartleby’s farewell tour of the village tomorrow.
13:16 24/06/2024
Neil brings Christopher some of Susan’s strawberry tart. Chris confesses weekends aren’t easy caring for Martha full time. Adam tells them that Alice pleaded not guilty at court. Both are astounded. And now Alice is not picking up calls or answering the door to visitors. Later, Martha is ready for bed after playing in the park with Alice, which seemed to do them both good. Chris tries to ask why she didn’t plead guilty but Alice shuts him down. Christopher is worried Alice could go to jail – he doesn’t want Martha to go through what he did when Susan was jailed. As George tries to get a perfect take for Bartleby’s last video, Eddie suggests making videos with Gem once he leaves, but George says no way, Bartleby’s a one off. George finally gets the perfect take, gives Bartleby a hug and asks Eddie to take their picture. Eddie has suggestions for the money from Bartleby’s sale but George says no to funding the tree surgery, a new van or a family holiday - the money has to be spent on something Great Granddad Joe would have liked. Adam visits Lilian who confirms Alice isn’t answering the door to her either. Everyone feels useless about the situation. Lilian blames herself for encouraging Alice to date Harry in the first place. Adam admits that even at the police station Alice sneaked off to drink a miniature in her bag. And he thinks there’s little chance of her changing her plea – she seemed so certain.
13:06 23/06/2024
When Fallon wonders what’s arrived in the post for Harrison, he admits it’s a baby loss certificate. Fallon’s understanding, apologising for over-reacting to Harrison’s prayers with Alan. She accepts that the miscarriage was significant to Harrison, and he should be able to react in his own way. Harrison says he just needed to say goodbye to the possibility of a baby. They say they love each other, and Fallon confesses to going out and getting drunk with Kirsty last week, explaining how it helped her to wipe the slate clean. Harrison understands that it was Fallon’s way of dealing with it all, they both reacted in their own ways. When Fallon mentions Alice’s in court today, Harrison says he’s not going to get angry about her and will just let the justice system take its course. Adam touches base with Alice before the hearing. Alice confirms she hasn’t drunk, but it means she can’t stop thinking about what she did to everyone. Adam says she’s doing well considering Jakob’s slip up at The Stables yesterday, but it’s good Lilian explained they were just sounding out temporary cover.Later at the Magistrates Court, Adam’s astounded when Alice pleads not guilty. Even Alice isn’t sure what happened, but she just knows she wouldn’t have driven after drinking so much. She wouldn’t endanger people’s lives. Adam drives home the fact that now she’s made a prison sentence more likely. Alice realises the implications and admits she’s frightened. She needs to buy something to drink. When Adam says she can’t let this drag her under, Alice thinks otherwise.
13:15 21/06/2024
When Alice turns up at The Stables, Lilian thanks her for dropping by, it can’t have been easy. She offers to go to the court hearing with Alice tomorrow, but Alice declines. Justin checks if Lilian’s told Alice about recent developments, while Lilian’s encouraging Alice to leave so that she doesn’t see Carlotta arriving for her interview. Lilian’s saved by Jakob appearing to discuss Duke’s emergency treatment and Alice is keen to see the horse. Later Justin reckons they should be honest with Alice, but Lilian thinks she’s still too fragile. Justin agrees to wait to see how things go with Carlotta.Alice thanks Jakob for covering for Alice when he discovered her drinking – he’s a good friend. But when Jakob tries to reciprocate, saying Alice is a good stables manager and her replacement will have big shoes to fill, Alice is shocked by the news.Fallon’s trying out Kirsty’s Bushcraft event at the Rewilding site. Fallon admits she nearly didn’t come because of how things are with Harrison. Her birthday was awful because she discovered he’d had a prayer meeting with Alan but hadn’t told her. Joy arrives and they start by making a shelter before learning how to make a fire. Chat turns to Roy and whether love is in the air again with Lexi. At the end Fallon and Joy have had a great time – it feels like they’ve been on holiday. It’s made Joy think of fresh start; things are good with Mick, but she could be more open with him. Fallon agrees – she really needs to sort things out with Harrison.
13:12 20/06/2024
It’s Fallon’s birthday and she and Harrison look forward to their takeaway later. The atmosphere’s broken by a text from Alan to Harrison about the memorial prayers last week. Fallon’s furious but Harrison can’t understand why. They were private prayers with Alan. But Fallon thinks it’s another example of Harrison not respecting her feelings.Adam drives Alice to her GP appointment with Azra. In the car park Adam and Alice chat about Friday’s court hearing. Alice is terrified about the outcome and really needs a drink, but Adam’s reassuring. If Azra can prescribe something that helps Alice stop drinking, then maybe she could chat to Lilian tomorrow about her Stables job. But Alice doesn’t think she can face Lilian after all she’s done. Alice suddenly gets cold feet about seeing Azra, so Adam’s left to convince Azra to come to the car. If Alice can keep off alcohol, Azra will prescribe a short course of medication to reduce the effects of withdrawal. Alice agrees, but Azra warns it’s only a short-term fix.Mick’s delighted that Joy’s come to his rescue by ironing his work clothes. She’ll do his laundry once a week and he can use her bathroom as the motorhome’s so compact. In return Mick offers to do Joy’s garden. Later Mick can’t thank Joy enough for saving his job by helping with his appearance. To show his gratitude he takes her up on to the Grey Gable’s roof to watch the setting sun. Mick apologises about messing up over Rochelle. If Joy is ever ready to talk about it, he’ll be there to listen.
13:45 19/06/2024
Joy wakes up in Mick’s motorhome and they chat about last night’s after-hours venture into the Grey Gables Spa. Joy hopes Oliver doesn’t check the CCTV as the spa is out of bounds at night. Unfortunately they’re interrupted by Oliver ringing - a guest’s ring has been stolen and he needs to review the CCTV footage. Mick needs to get to his office asap.At The Stables, Lilian’s shocked when Justin explains he’s interviewing Carlotta Mayfield. Lilian thought they were going to discreetly sound people out, not start a formal recruitment process. Justin clarifies that they don’t know if or when Alice will be in a fit state to return to work. In the meantime, Carlotta, or whoever they appoint, can be a stand-in temporary manager. Then if Alice doesn’t come back, someone’s already trained up.Jakob successfully carries out an emergency procedure on Oliver’s horse. Justin passes on the news to Oliver, but they’re interrupted by Mick who’s found the missing ring. Oliver criticises Mick’s rumpled appearance, reminding Mick that he’s still on probation.Later Oliver turns up at Mick’s motorhome explaining that he’s discovered that the Health Club CCTV has a blind spot and wants Mick to sort it. Afterwards Joy and Mick agree that they’ve had a narrow escape.Jakob let’s Lilian know that Duke is responding well to treatment and along with no new cases of Strangles, it looks like The Stables outbreak has been contained. But Jakob wonders whether with Alice off, Lilian might share the management workload. Lilian says he’s not the first to mention that.
13:03 18/06/2024
Tony’s irritated when George is late for his farm shift. George says it’s because he couldn’t sleep last night and fudges that it’s because the family’s selling Bartleby. Whilst Tony is sympathetic, he needs George to be focused at work. Later he discovers George napping against a bale and is furious.At a GP appointment with Azra, Paul explains about feeling itchy recently and how he now has spots in an embarrassing place. He’s worried that Etienne’s open relationship may be the cause. He’s relieved when it turns out to be insect bites, but Azra advises that Paul and Etienne might need to revisit safe sex in light of the open relationship.Adam’s surprised when Alice appears unexpectedly at Bridge Farm when he thought she was still in London. She needs to go to Borchester Police Station to be formally charged and wants Adam to go with her. Alice is glad to be back from Ruairi’s, though there’s lots of people she wants to avoid. At the police station Adam checks whether Alice had a drink when she went to the toilet, and she’s forced to admit she did. Later Alice is charged with dangerous driving and driving while unfit through drink or drugs - the hearing’s on Friday. Alice is scared she’ll end up in prison. It makes her want to drink even more. Adam decides to make a GP appointment to see if Alice can be prescribed a short-term fix and Alice realising there’s no choice, agrees to it.
12:55 17/06/2024
At the Tearoom, Paul’s surprised to see Fallon looking so well after her drunken night out last week. That is until Fallon explains that she spent most of yesterday in bed at Kirsty’s. But now she feels like a reset button has been pressed and is feeling much better about everything. When Fallon notices Paul looking a bit uncomfortable, he says he’s fine. But later when Kirsty asks him if he’s got fleas or something, he brushes it off as sunburn. Later, Fallon starts to get flashbacks from her night out – and Kirsty’s forced to remind her of rapping and being thrown out of the club. Although Fallon’s embarrassed, it was also just what she needed, and she now feels she’s drawn a bit of a line. And Harrison seems much happier in himself too. Fallon was dreading her birthday, but now she’s looking forward to it with Harrison.Justin mentions to Fallon that there’s been no further cases of Strangles at The Stables. Things are still fraught there though with Oliver’s horse still struggling. Justin’s worried about Lilian which is why he’s insisted she take a lunch break. When Lilian talks about how stressed she is, Justin broaches finding a replacement for Alice. Lilian’s defensive, pointing out that alcoholism is a disease. And anyway Alice didn’t do anything wrong, any horse can get Strangles. Justin concedes that they do at least need to look at the practicalities. He’ll compromise by sounding out a few potential replacements on a no obligation basis, just so they’re prepared for the worst. Lilian agrees as long as Justin’s discreet.
13:13 16/06/2024
Alan and Harrison meet in the church for private prayers and meditation for Harrison to think about his loss. Before they start Alan checks that this time Fallon knows what he’s doing, but Harrison hasn’t told her because it always leads to a row. He wants these prayers to be unspoiled. Afterwards Harrison feels more at peace with everything, and Alan says he’ll remember both Harrison and Fallon in his prayers. But he reminds Harrison that he ought to let Fallon know what he was doing and why.Fallon’s out on the town with Kirsty, celebrating her birthday early. She’s told Harrison that she’s staying at Kirsty’s and watching a film. Fallon just wants a night away from all the recent angst with Harrison. They agree not to talk about anything work or man-related. As the evening goes on Fallon gets tipsy and tells Kirsty she bumped into Lily, Paul and Josh in the bar. Paul’s there trying to take his mind off his relationship troubles with Etienne. Fallon’s agreed to go on to a club with them afterwards, commenting that it’s good to have mates – she’s glad she’s got Kirsty. As the evening progresses Fallon gets drunker, but Kirsty stays with her. When Fallon opens up about how she feels that people are trying to control her personal life, Kirsty counsels that sometimes it’s not about control. There are people out there who love her. Fallon adds that there’s also fun out there as well as worries, so she’s going to dance the night away!
13:01 14/06/2024
Stella can’t get over yesterday’s cyber-attack – she should’ve been prepared, but Pip thinks Stella shouldn’t blame herself and anyway Stella may not have been responsible. When Stella starts catastrophising, Pip checks whether everything’s been saved on to the cloud and Stella confirms it has. So nothing’s been lost. Later they discover that it was Brian’s fault – he’d clicked on a link and let the virus in. Stella praises Pip for dealing with it all so calmly, when she’d fallen to pieces.Lily and Josh check in with Paul about his relationship with Etienne. Paul’s very unhappy, particularly when Josh let’s slip that he thinks Etienne is dull and then Lily confirms it. They wonder if Paul might be better off without Etienne, especially as it sounds like he wants to cheat on Paul. Paul’s not sure if he wants to end the relationship yet, but he does want to take Lily and Josh out to thank them for being true mates.The Grundys discuss what they should do about Bartleby – Meg needs to know whether they’re willing to sell him by the end of the day. But when they share what they think, they all have opposing views. Later they ask for Oliver’s help, and he suggests holding a secret ballot with family members who can text their votes to him. As there’s an even number of voters, Oliver will have the casting vote if there’s a draw. In the end Oliver declares that selling Bartleby has won by a single vote.
13:06 13/06/2024
Bonus Episode: When Helen met Rob – the story so far
In April 2016 Helen Archer was arrested for stabbing her husband Rob Titchener during a row. One of the most closely followed trials in British radio drama history saw calls to domestic abuse helplines increase by 17%. This bonus catch-up edition charts the romance and the emerging coercive control, including Rob’s physical abuse of Helen, through to Helen taking her life in her own hands and stabbing Rob, and the insidious impact of Rob’s return on the family at Bridge Farm.If you are suffering domestic abuse or violence, a list of organisations that can provide help and support in the UK is available at Archer ….. Louiza Patikas Rob Titchener ….. Timothy Watson Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler Tony Archer ….. David Troughton Pat Archer ….. Patricia Gallimore Tom Archer ..... William Troughton Johnny Phillips ….. Tom Gibbons Anna Tregorran ….. Isobel Middleton Lee Bryce ….. Ryan Early Jury foreman ….. Nigel HaversNarrator: Annabelle Dowler Written and produced by Mel Ward The Archers Editor is Jeremy HoweA BBC Audio Drama Birmingham production
20:43 16/06/2023
Making Mince Pies with Jill Archer
Join Jill in the kitchen at Brookfield as she makes a batch of her much loved mince pies
12:50 09/12/2019

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