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A frank look behind the scenes with broadcasters Jane Garvey and Fi Glover as guests from Radio, TV and podcasting share stories they probably shouldn't. Released every Friday.


253. 99% of the Time You've Been Really Good Company: The Last Episode, with Eleanor Oldroyd
This week, after five years and over 250 episodes, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey present the final Fortunately...with Fi and Jane podcast. Their last guest is the broadcaster Eleanor Oldroyd, star of BBC Radio 5 Live, ceremonial commentator and 'first lady' of Fighting Talk. Eleanor reveals that she may have been the first person to discover the potential of our dynamic duo, and also recalls sharing an anaesthetists' table with Jane. Alongside Eleanor, Fi and Jane pick some listener emails and reflect a little on their meandering podcast journey. Thanks for listening.
53:27 04/11/2022
252. Vole Sightings and CIA Directors, with David Harewood
Fi and Jane welcome the actor David Harewood this week on the Fortunately Podcast. The star of stage and screen discusses his book 'Maybe I Don't Belong Here: A Memoir of Race, Identity, Breakdown and Recovery', which includes his experience of psychosis. He also offers his opinion of a reading by Fi and helps Jane with her pronunciation. Alongside their chat with David, Jane reveals the last time she rode a bike and Fi's Larry the Cat conspiracy is debunked. Get in touch:
56:33 28/10/2022
251. Hospitality Bunkers and Emotional Hiccups, with Abi Morgan
This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are joined by the writer Abi Morgan. Abi's work includes TV dramas like The Split and The Hour as well as films such Suffragette and The Iron Lady. She speaks to Fi and Jane about her recent book This Is Not A Pity Memoir, tracing a tragic and unpredictable change in her family circumstances. Outside their chat with Abi, Jane is doing a bit of long term digestion and Fi has some tips when it comes to booking a certain loose cannon national treasure. Get in touch:
52:50 21/10/2022
250. The Chilly Reality of Contactless Payments, with Danny Robins
This week on the podcast Fi and Jane are visited by writer and broadcaster Danny Robins, host of the upcoming series The Witch Farm. The man behind hits such as The Battersea Poltergeist and Uncanny discusses his latest ghostly exploration, which heads inside 'Britain's most haunted house'. Danny helps Fi and Jane with their own supernatural encounters, including a presence in Fi's childhood home and Jane's spooky moment at the Tower of London. Before their guest appears, Jane perks Fi up after some sad news and there's praise for the PR behind a certain leafy green. The Witch Farm begins Monday 17th October and you can subscribe on BBC Sounds. Get in touch:
52:43 14/10/2022
249. Deep Breathing and Riddles, with Ranvir Singh
Fi and Jane catch up on Fi's frozen shoulder, Jane's latest golfing triumphs, and discuss their decision to leave the BBC. They're also joined by journalist and television presenter for ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Ranvir Singh as she embarks on fronting new ITV quiz show 'Riddiculous'. Get in touch:
48:39 07/10/2022
248. You Jump in When They Breathe in, With Julian Worricker
Fi and Jane are joined by the broadcaster Julian Worricker. The voice of The World Tonight on Radio 4 and Weekend on the World Service chats to two of his fellow former 5Live colleagues. Their conversation includes insights on lichen varieties across the UK, a masterclass on verbal interception and rumination on the next Eurovision. Outside Julian's appearance there is a moment of understanding about Martin Clunes and Jane is full of golfing bravado. (I'm a bot). Get in touch:
55:27 30/09/2022
247. Three Paying Punters, with Trevor Nelson
The Fortunately podcast this week welcomes legendary broadcaster and DJ Trevor Nelson. Trevor currently can be heard on BBC Radio 2 Mon -Thurs 10pm 12am and 1Xtra Sundays 11am. Trevor talks to Fi and Jane about getting established on the DJ circuit, his time on pirate radio and the trials of covering Pop Master. Before Trevor logs on there's undiscovered security tags, mind-changing staircases and ghostly Prime Ministers. Get in touch:
49:08 23/09/2022
246. Opaque Tights and Oboe Hotlines, with Your Emails
This week on the podcast, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey take a moment to reflect on events and hear from listeners on their experiences. Fi and Jane reveal slightly odd situation they were in when they learnt of the death of the Queen and share their thoughts on the last few days' viewing. Listener missives come from international classrooms, the anti-curtsy campaign office, cardboard cutting piles and pun-heavy feline establishments. Get in touch:
48:06 16/09/2022
245. Being a Conduit and Converting Fahrenheit, with Justin Webb
This episode was recorded before the death of Queen Elizabeth II. This week on the Fortunately Podcast, Fi Glover and Jane Garvey are joined by the Today Programme's Justin Webb. Justin discusses his memoir The Gift of Radio, about growing up in unusual circumstances and how society has changed over the decades. Justin also offers some insight on helming the Radio 4 institution and how to get your shirt fixed at a fancy hotel. Before Justin there's Cat Cafe analysis and afterwards some guidance on sending off a sample. Get in touch:
60:44 09/09/2022
244. Angeluses and Places for Guff, with Louise O'Neill
This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane welcome along the writer Louise O'Neill. The Irish author joins Fi and Jane to discuss her latest book Idol, exploring the worlds of online influencers and complicated female friendships. Louise also attempts to work out if she is related to Jane, thinks about the biggest influencers in her life and talks Fi and Jane through an RTE broadcast tradition. Before Louise logs on there's Balloon Debates, Fi remembers a date that didn't work out and Jane has had enough of hard boiled eggs. Get in touch:
58:10 02/09/2022
243. 200lbs of Shingle and Burnt Sausage Barbecues, with Ricky Ross
This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane are back from holidays and are joined by singer and broadcaster Ricky Ross. Now a presenter on BBC Scotland, Ricky Ross is the lead singer of Deacon Blue, and he shares stories from his new memoir Walking Back Home. He talks about following his faith whilst living the life of a rockstar, and all three discuss what makes a good interview with a musician. Ricky also explains just why he never went to a barbecue at Bruce Springsteen's house. Before he arrives, Fi and Jane discuss breakfast buffets, saving sun loungers and feelings you're not supposed to have. Get in touch:
58:47 26/08/2022
242. Pews for the Deeply Cynical, with Your Emails
This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane choose some of their favourite listener emails from the past few weeks. As it's the last episode before a summer break, there are some book recommendations too. Emails cover a host of topics including the male menopause, views from the pulpit, tales from local council phone handlers and there's a very interesting parcel to open. Authors & Books mentioned: Meg Mason - Sorrow and Bliss Jane Harper Chris Hammer Julia Boyd - Travellers in the Third Reich, A Village in the Third Reich Viola Davis - Finding Me: A Memoir Nora Ephron - I Feel Bad About My Neck, Crazy Salad: Some Things About Women Maggie O’Farrell Richard Yates - Revolutionary Road Nevil Shute - On the Beach, A Town Like Alice Peter Papathanasiou -The Stoning Abi Morgan - This Is Not a Pity Memoir Abi Dare - The Girl with the Louding Voice Lucy Caldwell - Intimacies Amor Towles - Gentleman in Moscow, Rules of Civility, The Lincoln Highway Fortunately returns Friday 26th August 2022 Get in touch:
55:39 15/07/2022
241. Substitute Spectacles and Elocution Lessons, with Nikki Fox
This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane chat to Nikki Fox, BBC Disability Correspondent, recorded at the beginning of the week. Nikki speaks to Fi and Jane about Access All, the podcast she hosts with Emma Tracey looking into disability, mental health and much more. Nikki also shares her experiences on celebrity quiz shows, how Jane taught her to interview and her love for a certain Babooshka singer. Before Nikki's arrival Fi wants to know the location of her colleague's bathing machine and Jane has a special outfit planned for graduation. Get in touch:
60:16 08/07/2022
240. Berkshire's Leading Hedgehog Clinic, with Beth Rigby.
This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane speak to Beth Rigby, Sky News Political Editor. Beth joins them to discuss her podcast Beth Rigby Interviews, in which she sits down for a conversation with figures from politics and beyond. Beth also tells Fi and Jane about a Cornish Love Island photoshoot with Robert Peston, her penchant for Danish TV and her hopes to write a novel that includes a little steaminess. Before Beth logs in, Jane has been gigging it up for her birthday and Fi's trying out nom de plumes. Get in touch:
53:09 01/07/2022
239. Broom Tests and Talking Peppers, with Nick Grimshaw
This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane are joined by the TV and radio presenter Nick Grimshaw. Nick joins them from his house, the hottest in Britain, to tell them about his new podcast Dish with chef Angela Hartnett. They also discuss his experience growing up in Oldham and writing about it for his upcoming book Soft Lad. Before Grimmy's arrival Fi has an idea for a brand new A Level, Jane campaigns for humans and things are getting foxy. Get in touch:
54:11 24/06/2022
238. Sticking Snowsuits and Magnifying Mirrors, with Ramita Navai
This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane speak to the investigative journalist Ramita Navai, who has covered stories in hostile environments all over the world. Ramita tells them about The Line of Fire, her podcast speaking to fellow reporters about their experience covering dangerous events around the globe. Ramita also talks about growing up amidst the Iranian Revolution and the benefits of being a female reporter. Before their guest joined them, Fi has a zoological question, Jane is feeling good about mixed beans and there's a new Italian man in her life. Get in touch:
52:53 17/06/2022
237. Fan Belts on the Cusp of Change, with Liane Moriarty
This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane chat to the Australian writer Liane Moriarty, author of Big Little Lies. Fortunately listener Liane talks to Fi and Jane about her latest book Apples Never Fall, Nicole Kidman's practicality and competing on daily steps with her siblings. Before Liane logs on there's a double debrief, Fi drops a clanger and Jane has had an unexpected animal encounter. Get in touch:
57:22 10/06/2022
236. No Word of a Lie, we're at the Hay Festival with Laura Bates
Fi and Jane are live at the Hay Festival and joined by writer Laura Bates, founder of Everyday Sexism. They're also accompanied by an audience under the BBC Marquee in a field in Hay-on-Wye, Wales. Laura talks to Fi and Jane about her new book, Fix the System, Not the Women, looking at solving society's ingrained misogyny. She also reflects on a decade of cataloguing women's through the Everyday Sexism project. Before Laura joins them on stage, Fi remembers her time as a playing card and Jane's post has given her a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ride. Get in touch:
50:16 03/06/2022
235. I've been to Split several times, with Sirin Kale and Pandora Sykes
This week on Fortunately Fi and Jane are joined by the journalists Sirin Kale and Pandora Sykes, hosts of the podcast Unreal, a critical history of reality TV. Unreal looks back to the earliest days of the format and takes us all the way to today, featuring iconic shows and stars. Before their guests' arrival Fi and Jane have had some niche PhD titles sent in and emergency Jubbly plans are afoot. Get in touch:
54:16 27/05/2022
234. Loaf Handling and Regal Speed Dial, with your emails
This week on the podcast, it's time for Fi and Jane to choose some interesting listener correspondence from the past month. Your missives include bar staff misunderstandings, Sri Lankan Uncles and career pivots. Before going through the post, it's back to remote recording for this week and Jane feels left out after not receiving an invitation to watch the horses. Get in touch:
49:08 20/05/2022
233. Galloping Gourmet and Merthyr Motoring, with Andi & Miquita Oliver
This week on the Fortunately podcast, Fi and Jane are joined by mother-daughter broadcasters Andi Oliver and Miquita Oliver. Andi is the presenter of Great British Menu, the Sky Arts Book Club and upcoming Radio 4 podcast One Dish. Miquita has hosted the legendary Popworld, the Sunday Times Culture Show and Sunday Brunch. Topics include their recent journey to the Caribbean for BBC Two, rally driving and spending time in a Victorian workhouse. Before the Olivers arrive there's a train conundrum and paragraph that's impossible to read aloud. Get in touch:
56:44 13/05/2022
232. Le Roman de la Rose, with Huw Edwards
This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane are finally joined by newsreading icon Huw Edwards. Huw joins them amidst local election rehearsals and discusses being a Welshman in London, his multiple post-graduate projects and his biggest ever exclusive. Before Huw arrives there's an opening on Countdown and a look across the pond. Get in touch:
63:41 06/05/2022
231. The Pad on the Gusset, with India Rakusen
This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to the journalist and presenter India Rakusen, host of the 28ish Days Later podcast on BBC Sounds. The series explores what we really know about the menstrual cycle. India shares some insights with Garvey and Glover, who discuss their own experiences and recount Jane's only idea from the last six years. Before India drops by there is a full debrief from the senior partner's lunch with Ken Follett and Fi is the very brief owner of some white satin trousers. Get in touch:
56:16 29/04/2022
230. Natterjack Toads and Non-Confrontation, with Shaun Keaveny
This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane are joined by fellow broadcaster and Fortunately co-star Shaun Keaveny. Fi and Jane venture back out on the piazza and meet none other than newsreader and BBC icon Huw Edwards! Following on from their encounter with Huw they head into the house of broadcasting to speak to Shaun, who gives them the lowdown on his series The Line Up - a fantasy festival podcast, and Your Place or Mine, where his guests entice him to other parts of the world. Shaun and Jane reminisce about trips to the Mersey Riviera and jaws are the floor for the French premier's chest hair. All that and Fi's seen a famous Face in a bar in Nice. Get in touch:
59:54 22/04/2022
229. Shedding Cassocks and Sitcom Husbands, with Your Emails
This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane choose some of their favourite listener emails from the past few weeks. Their topics include homemade calendars, motorsport feminism and learning lines with your feet in the air. There's also a disagreement on sartorial matters and Jane reveals her vegan gravy technique. Fortunately returns Friday 22nd April. Get in touch:
53:38 01/04/2022
228. Crème Fraîche Ice Cream and Not-Hot Takes, with musician and writer Dessa
This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane speak to American singer, rapper and writer Dessa. She joins the podcast from her home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and tells Fi and Jane about her series Deeply Human, which assembles brilliant minds from around the world to investigate the human experience. The three of them cover topics such as the teenage brain, saying 'yes' like a member of the Royal Family and Jane's transformation as she gets into the back of a Lime St. cab. Before Dessa logs in there's newly shaved armpits and sage advice from pilates. Get in touch:
55:23 25/03/2022
227. Drinking coffee in unison with Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer
This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane talk to Sunday Brunch hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer. They discuss the perils of bottomless brunches, origin stories and a celebrity lottery win rumour. Plus listener emails and Jane’s had a compliment from her dentist. Sort of… Sunday Brunch celebrates its tenth anniversary 27th March. Get in touch:
55:40 18/03/2022
226. A Spy Stuck Between the Doors, with Marianna Spring
This week on the podcast Fi and Jane chat to BBC Disinformation reporter, Marianna Spring. It's the first time Fi, Jane and a guest have all been in the same place since March 2020! Marianna talks them through her new series Death by Conspiracy, which tells the story of a man caught up in Covid 19 denial, with a tragic ending. She also offers up the Fortunately staple of her 'first news memory' and gets a tip from tech expert Jane on how to work out her screen time. Before Marianna's arrival it's Wheel vs Doors and we find out why the Queen built Windsor Castle so close to Heathrow Airport. Get in touch:
56:04 11/03/2022
225. Belgian Sheets and Swirling Flip Flops, with Michelle Ogundehin
This week on the podcast, Fi and Jane are joined by interiors guru Michelle Ogundehin, lead judge on BBC One's Interior Design Masters. The interiors guru, presenter and author gives Fi and Jane the lowdown on Interior Design Masters and working with the show's host Alan Carr. Michelle also hears Fi and Jane's home woes and answers some of their cushion questions. Before their guest joins them, Fi and Jane try to pin down exactly when halcyon days appear and they begin by thinking a bit about international events. Interior Design Masters begins 9th March 2022 on BBC One at 9pm, continuing weekly on Wednesdays. Get in touch:
56:28 04/03/2022
224. Between Two Lamp Posts with Jill Halfpenny
This week on Fortunately, Fi and Jane chat to actor Jill Halfpenny. Jill discusser her new Channel 5 drama The Holiday. She also shares some of her preferences for an actual holiday, offers her tips on line learning and does an impression of Harry Hill doing an impression of her. Before Jill's arrival there's a rushed full English and an Anglo-Saxon rent break. Recorded Tuesday 22nd February. Get in touch:
57:22 25/02/2022