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Greg James, Jimmy Anderson and Felix White with an alternative (and sometimes musical) look at cricket...


Sophie Ecclestone and Sea Life Cricketers
Sophie Ecclestone - the number one ranked women's bowler in the world - joins us to chat T20 World Cup, the art of spin bowling, Love Island and the state of her beloved Everton FC. Plus Sea Life Cricketers, what happened when Felix met Roy Hodgson and the ‘Jimmy Anderson Clinic’ is open for business.
67:51 31/01/2023
The Mark Wood Episode
England fast bowler Mark Wood joins Tailenders from the 'top end' to chat garage cricket, the ABC game, Ed Sheeran, injuries, fear of flying, megalodons, whistle offs, stealing food from Ben Stokes and the T20 World Cup win. Plus Mattchin is on hand with a bespoke Mark Wood quiz, complete with new theme tune 'Would Mark Wood?'
50:51 24/01/2023
Back Yourself Into The Future
After 12 months, Mattchin’s longest running quiz at last reaches its conclusion - but who successfully 'backed themselves into the future'? Plus predictions for 2023, Felix reveals his men's Test team of the year and 'sea life cricketers'
35:55 17/01/2023
History Makers
Jimmy’s back in the UK, so time for the Tailenders to assemble for an ‘emergency podcast' to look back and marvel at the history making tour of Pakistan. Plus Sixes, Shades and Stat Bombs.
31:50 21/12/2022
THAT ball to Rizwan. Wow
Greg, Jimmy and Felix reflect on the second men's Test match between Pakistan and England. Plus Felix reveals an unexpected clothing purchase, journalist Sonia Twigg joins us to chat about life on the road as part of the Press Pack in Pakistan, Wayne Madsen news, Joe Root’s impressions of ‘Our Jimmy' and ’Stat-Bombs'
51:45 16/12/2022
Greatest Test Win Ever
The inside story of the incredible, extraordinary, record breaking first men's test match between Pakistan and England.
57:24 08/12/2022
Bilateral, Babar and Barlow
The Tailenders preview the bilateral Men’s Test series between England and Pakistan, plus F1 grid walks, Jamie T gigs, the wisdom of Gary Barlow and Mattchin returns with a new edition of one of his classic quizzes.
54:10 29/11/2022
Five Years.
A special celebratory birthday edition looking back at 5 years of Tailenders. Plus Issy Wong is back with her network of spies, Mattchin reveals some bad news and Greg has been digging out old emails from 2017.
75:26 22/11/2022
Double World Champions
Emergency podcast alert! Greg, Jimmy and Felix are joined by Jonny Bairstow to review the Men's T20 Final as England’s became double World Champions.
34:00 14/11/2022
Emergency Podcast: The Semi Finals
Greg, Jimmy and Felix look back at England men's stunning semi final success against India, plus BBC Asian Network presenter Noreen Khan is on the pod to talk all things Pakistan.
46:14 11/11/2022
Who do you think you are?
A deep dive into Mattchin's family tree, plus ’Correspondence of Uncertainty’ and the ‘Jimmy Anderson Clinic’ is open for business.
44:53 02/11/2022
T20, Elvis and Canine Heartbeats
Greg, Jimmy and Felix review the early stages of the Men's T20 World Cup including THAT game between India and Pakistan, plus Canine Heartbeats, Elvis and more on Mattchin’s mountain adventure.
39:32 25/10/2022
The Rock and The Mountain
Felix is stuck in the 1990s, there’s fighting talk from Jimmy, Greg has a special message and Mattchin’s been on an extraordinary adventure. Plus T20 Mens World Cup, the secrets of net sessions and Welsh Cricketers.
49:05 21/10/2022
The Music Special
The ‘loosely cricket based podcast’ stretches that description even more with a Music Special featuring legendary producer Giles Martin, the return of GCS, Jimmy reveals which band he’d like to be in and Mattchin presents what he describes as ’The Greatest Music Quiz Ever’.
59:21 11/10/2022
Lawz, Rulez and Mankadz
An eclectic mix of topics on the latest episode including Mankads, T20s, Wayne Madsen, Darth Vader and Canine Heart Sounds. Plus as the County Championship is wrapped up for another season a welcome return for Mattchin’s quiz - ‘County House’.
64:24 30/09/2022
Loose Ends
As the summer draws to an end The Tailenders take the opportunity to tie up some loose ends from previous podcasts. Includes a very, very special guest and Mattchin revives an old and some might say overlooked and under appreciated quiz format.
48:08 21/09/2022
What a Summer
Jimmy reveals the inside story behind England's victory at The Oval in the final Test match of the summer against South Africa. Plus wobble seams, Scrabble, nightclubs and Issy Wong is back.
57:46 14/09/2022
Issy Wong’s Network of Spies
England fast bowler Issy Wong is our special guest, plus left handed guitar playing, Mattchin’s ‘Butterfly Effect’ on the England’s men's Test team and Jimmy looks back at the second Test versus South Africa.
57:17 02/09/2022
Bonus Episode: County House
After months of delays the wait is over at last. We hijacked a Radio 1 studio and finally got round to recording the quiz that has achieved almost mythical status - ‘County House’. Mattchin is the ‘Quizzical Butler’, but who will he let into the County House?
18:52 26/08/2022
Modern Day References
Jimmy reviews events on the pitch at Lord's in the first Test versus SA, while Mattchin gives an insight into his extraordinary day off the pitch at the Home of Cricket. Plus Coldplay, Mick Jagger, Brendon Julian, Narnia, and The Rock.
72:31 23/08/2022
The Weird Gazebo of Truth
An international episode as Tailenders unite and takeover from across the globe. Plus, what happened at Jimmy’s birthday party, T20 troubles and Mattchin turns his new quiz up to a hundred.
66:09 02/08/2022
Trouble in Paradise
Is this the moment for Mattchin’s long awaited County Cricket Quiz? Plus, an unusual question for Jimmy, what actually happened in the final of The Blast and is there just too much cricket?
50:54 21/07/2022
Jonny Bairstow
The man of the moment Jonny Bairstow is our very special guest as the Tailenders get the inside story of the ‘Baz Ball’ revolution.
70:58 08/07/2022
General Cricketing Madness
The Tailenders assemble for an emergency podcast following the extraordinary events at Trent Bridge.
37:54 16/06/2022
The ‘Now 37’ of Test Cricket
The Tailenders pick over the good, tasty bones of the first men's test between England and New Zealand. Plus Partridge, Shane Warne Day, Double Pat Releases in the Long Room and where does the ball sleep?
59:11 07/06/2022
'Anything can happen when…'
The Tailenders are back at Lord's (no tractor in the way this time) to preview the first men's Test match of the summer, plus the latest on ’Shane Warne Day’ and what happened when Jimmy had dinner with two legends of the game?
55:37 01/06/2022
Hippies, Punks and Idiosyncrasies
Jimmy’s back in the England Test squad, Greg’s lost the power to speak, Felix has a new quiz and Mattchin is on a nature walk.
58:36 19/05/2022
The Ball of the 21st Century
Greg, Jimmy, Felix and Mattchin are joined by England bowler Kate Cross to try and work out what has been the ball of the 21st Century so far. Plus an impromptu quiz inspired by the Playfair Cricket Annual 2022.
47:46 16/05/2022
A new England Men's Test captain, County Cricket round up, Felix’s latest holiday, Mattchin has a radical plan for English Cricket plus Correspondence of Uncertainty.
47:45 09/05/2022
Ch Ch Changes
The Tailenders reflect on a dramatic week in English cricket with changes on and off the field. Plus gig reviews, lawnmower chat, the joys of County Cricket and which pop star’s dad does Jimmy look like?
56:07 21/04/2022