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Zoweh's Exploring More Podcast is an invitation to conversations committed to sharing our discoveries of the wild and wonderful Kingdom of God… how it works, who we are in it, and the Love and Life that is constantly pursuing us. The Kingdom of God isn’t easy nor is everything in our story good—there are predators and parasites in the spiritual realm, another kingdom, the kingdom of darkness that exists and violently opposes our discovering and becoming more. Exploring More is hosted by Michael Thompson, produced by Zoweh, and recorded in Durham, NC.


Revisiting Debunking Prayer - Part 4
Prayer can often be thought of as something to "endure" rather than a mindset to journey "with." If we won't pray, then we're not a threat to the enemy of the Kingdom. Every battle plan changes once the first boot steps onto the battlefield. Prayer is about alignment, wielding, interceding, listening, and fielding questions that arise in the midst of the battle. The Zoweh team has made the Daily Prayer available to learn how to wield our words with power and authority as Jesus taught in the Scriptures.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
48:42 19/08/22
Revisiting Debunking Prayer - Part 3
Prayer is like learning to play an instrument or playing a sport and definitely not chucking rocks over a wall hoping to get Jesus’ attention. It’s not an unending monologue or wish list; it’s the wild Kingdom of Prayer! How is worship prayerful? What is soaking prayer? Explore more about the world of prayer with the Zoweh team.   Connect with the team at  
40:12 11/08/22
Revisiting Debunking Prayer - Part 2
The Bible says to pray without ceasing, but how can we do that and drive a car? The Zoweh team discusses developing the rhythm of prayer as an integral part of our daily walk. They explore the Lord's Prayer in Luke 11 and how it was a powerful teaching tool. In warfare, the two keys to gaining an upper hand are to cut off access (supply) and communication. It is vital that we keep the communication lines open with the Triune God. The team puts forth a way and mindset to proceed in victorious prayer.   Connect with the team at
45:53 05/08/22
Revisiting Debunking Prayer - Part 1
The men of Zoweh delve into debunking prayer. Many words have been associated with prayer - obligation, formality, repetitive, holy... We remember simplistic prayers from our childhood such as "Now I lay me down to sleep." What is the right way to pray anyway? Is there a special formula? In this discussion, the team suggests, "Our perception of God determines our conversation with Him." Connect with the Zoweh team via email at  
40:36 27/07/22
Revisiting the Four Pillars - Part 8
What if your relationship with God could move from black and white to technicolor? The Zoweh team explores the final Pillar of Zoweh - More Love, More Life, More Freedom. As they describe the Journey with God, they unpack the concept of More. Ultimately, the Four Pillars of Zoweh support each other in a somewhat circular way. 1) Intimacy leads to 2) Orientation which inspires 3) Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Prove, Nothing to Fear which opens up 4) More Love, More Life, More Freedom which invites greater Intimacy and so on!   To connect with the Zoweh Team, send a message to  
47:06 21/07/22
Revisiting the Four Pillars - Part 7
In many ways, the third Pillar of Zoweh, Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Prove, and Nothing to Fear is the fruit of the first two Pillars: Intimacy and Orientation. As one becomes better connected to God and oriented, it is easier to let go of the things that aggravate the False Self. Example of the False Self revealing itself are anger, defensiveness, and especially this concept of "holding on." We have the freedom to let go. "Authentic spirituality is always on some level or in some way about letting go." Letting go allows one's heart to open, move out of hiding, proving, and given over to fear.   Connected with the Zoweh team by email
39:33 14/07/22
Revisting the Four Pillars - Part 6
As the Zoweh men's guide team discusses the Pillar of Orientation, they explore different stories in each of their lives that speak to the necessity of orientation. They cover how to identify triggers that may lead a man off track and how to get back in alignment. One of the orientation tools in the Zoweh arsenal is the Two Realms, Two Kingdoms map which can been view on the Zoweh website:   To connect with the Zoweh team, send a note to
35:30 07/07/22
Revisiting the Four Pillars - Part 5
The Zoweh Men's Guide Team - Michael Thompson, Scott Jennings, Greg Sailors, and Jeff Andrechyn - are joined by their special, special guest Kevin Casner of the Barn Brothers to continue the discussion of Orientation. There are times when we feel like we are walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Sometimes we are in the midst of being dismantled - life isn't going the way WE planned. God allows certain things to be stripped away in order to bestow a proper mantle upon us. The old mantle would get in the way of the new mantle. Being able to identify of what has got into the way unlocks knowing who you are and reveals your true identity. Who you are and the glory of your life are coordinates needed to triangulate and achieve true orientation.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
57:55 30/06/22
Revisiting the Four Pillars - Part 4
The Men's guide team unpacks the Second Pillar of Zoweh, Orientation, as knowing who you are, where you are, and the good God is up to in your life. Sharing real life examples from flying to hunting as well as scenes and quotes from popular movies, the men navigate this topic and how it applies to our relationship with God. To connect with the Guide Team, email  
40:34 23/06/22
Revisiting the Four Pillars - Part 3
Have you lost the life of your heart? What if there was a sacred romance that could stir life into your heart and soul? Don't mistake romance with God as the sort of intimacy experienced between a man and a woman. The foundation of romance is knowing and being known. Many attributes flourish in this environment with validation being one of them. Listen as the Zoweh team shares stories that will open the eyes of your heart to the First Pillar of Zoweh - Intimacy, Oneness, and Connectedness with God.   To connect with the Zoweh team, email
31:48 17/06/22
Revisiting the Four Pillars - Part 2
We search and search and search for God and then we are found. We don't have to work hard to find God. He wants us to be found. God pursued Adam and Eve in the garden and He pursues you today. Let yourself be found and kindle an intimacy that opens the door of communication with the Creator. The Zoweh team discusses the Pillar of Intimacy, Connected, and Oneness with God.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
35:21 10/06/22
Revisiting the Four Pillars - Part 1
In this series, the Zoweh team discusses the Four Pillars of Zoweh. The first pillar is Intimacy, Oneness and Connectedness with God. What is intimacy apart from what the typical definition in the world might be? Discover a new understanding of intimacy as it applied to one's relationship to the Creator.   To connect with the team, email
30:36 03/06/22
Revisiting the Ingredients of Love - A Woman's Perspective
Robin and Sherry join Michael and SJ in the discussion regarding the ingredients of love: validation, acceptance, worth, belonging, and significance. From personal experience and from the shared experiences from the Heart of a Warrior and Deepening Weekends, the team shares how to trade up from service in the Kingdom to realizing the belovedness we have as a Son or Daughter of the King. They also ponder how the enemy tries to hijack the love of God in our hearts and minds.
39:53 21/05/22
Revisiting Ingredients of Love - Significance
Do you see me? Do you love what you see? Do you want to be with me? These are some of the core questions that stem from the heart. Jesus desired to been seen, loved, and wanted for who He was and not just what He could do. He wants to have significance in our hearts and love for Him. There's a weightiness and glory associated with significance. You have much more significance in the Kingdom compared to what you may think. Discover the power of significance as an ingredient of love in this week's episode.   Connect with the Zoweh team at
39:29 11/05/22
Revisiting the Ingredients of Love - Belonging
Belonging goes deeper than acceptance because it's more than a handshake: it is being seen and known. Sometimes belonging comes as a birthright but often we need to pass through an initiation to belong. Our desire to belong can be so strong that we are willing to succumb to our False Self for a False Belonging. Discover what it means to experience True Belonging. Connect with the Zoweh team via email:  
38:24 28/04/22
Revisiting the Ingredients of Love - Worth
Worth is the bedrock of our identity. If we view ourselves as worthless, then it will affect all our relationships. Men often find worth in what they do. Accept the challenge to break free from this unhealthy foundation. Discover how to agree with our Heavenly Father's version of your worth.   Connect with the Zoweh team at  
36:52 21/04/22
Revisiting Ingredients of Love - Acceptance
As the Zoweh team further discusses the Ingredients of Love, they consider the power of Acceptance. When we truly acknowledge the Acceptance of God, we feel His invitation to come closer and to belong. We reciprocate by providing Him a platform to speak into our lives. Furthermore, Acceptance by God plants the seed in us to demonstrate Acceptance to others. They also unpack the difference between Acceptance of the person vs. behavior and how they have navigated this in real life examples.   Connect with the Zoweh Team at
30:51 14/04/22
Revisiting Ingredients of Love - Validation
Are you lovable? Strangely, we sometimes find this question hard to answer. Our Heavenly Father has assured us many times that we are indeed LOVABLE! As the Zoweh team discusses the Ingredients of Love, they consider "Validation" as an Ingredient of Love. Just as Jesus received Validation at His baptism, we too need Validation from Our Father. Oh, and the answer is, "Yes, you are lovable!"   Connect with the Zoweh team:
45:37 08/04/22
Recalibrate - Resources for Men's Ministry - Part 2
Josh Overton shares about the Top 5 Resources for Men's Groups. Hint: it's about building relational equity! The goal is not to see how many books y'all can read (even though they are GREAT conversation starters), but to foster storytelling in your own band of brothers. Discover how to measure your men's group by BEING not DOING.   To connect with the Zoweh team, email
30:20 01/04/22
Recalibrate - Resources for Men's Ministry - Part 1
Josh Overton shares in the importance of relationship this week’s Recalibrate episode. Discover why the Zoweh team teaches to value relationship over resource and freedom over formula. The best way to road to More Love, More Life, More Freedom is More Story!  Connect with the Zoweh team at
16:52 24/03/22
Recalibrate - What is the Elder Sage Initiative?
In this episode from the Recalibrate series, Michael Thompson, Greg Sailors and the Zoweh team discuss what it means to be an Elder Sage and the merits of having an initiative. What does it take to connect a younger man in the boyhood, ranger, lover, warrior, or king stage to a more experienced man in the elder sage stage? Connect with the Zoweh team at Check out the upcoming events at
28:02 17/03/22
Revisiting Grief, Loss, and Thankfulness? - Part 2
Michael Thompson, Scott "SJ" Jennings, and Greg Sailors discuss the 2020 battle with Covid within the team and their families. Ultimately, they explore how the challenges of 2020 brought them to a place of thankfulness. Connect with the Zoweh team by email -
31:19 10/03/22
Revisiting Grief, Loss, and Thankfulness? - Part 1
Scott Jennings, SJ, opens this episode sharing some recent losses with friends and family and invites us into a converation with Michael Thompson and Greg Sailors on grieving, loss, and surprisingly, thankfulness. Connect with the Zoweh Team at
30:08 04/03/22
The Kingdom - Part 4
As Michael and SJ wrap up the series on The Kingdom, they expand this quote, “The new good heart God has given you and the life He intends for you come together and find their purpose in God’s Kingdom.” [The Heart of a Warrior] A kingdom is not a democracy where the will of the people rules. In a kingdom, the will of the king reigns. Discover how this applies to us, His Kingdom heirs, and our life’s journey. Connect with the Zoweh team by email:
34:59 24/02/22
The Kingdom - Part 3
The enemy rarely uses an all-out assault to diminish God’s kids. He starts skirmishes with whispers of lies or doubts. How we handle these Kingdom tussles defines our identity and relationships. Naiveté or disorientation about the landscape, allies, and opponents of the 2 Realms / 2 Kingdoms could lead to POW or victim status. Prepare for battle with Michael and SJ as they talk about life in the Kingdom trenches. To connect with the Zoweh team email us at
28:38 17/02/22
The Kingdom - Part 2
Michael and SJ continue discussing the Kingdom. Our identity and how we identify with God and others provides a critical foundation for relationships in this borderless Kingdom. Scripture provides examples such as potter and clay, vine and branches, but we also read about being a friend of God. Is it a good thing to be “used by God” or to be a “tool in the Master’s hands?” Explore more about your identity in the Kingdom. Stay connected with the Zoweh team via email with
43:22 10/02/22
The Kingdom - Part 1
Jesus talked about one topic so many times that it might be His favorite: the Kingdom. Michael and SJ launch a series on how the Kingdom is a central, foundational framework for understanding all that Jesus has for us. Jesus came to save the world, His Kingdom, in a way that was unexpected. Today He still invites us into the Kingdom and encourages us to invite others. To connect with the Zoweh team, send an email to
55:52 03/02/22
Walking in the New Year - Part 3
Michael and SJ post a series of questions to consider while walking in the new year. Grab a journal, a quiet spot, and clear your appointments. Father, what was last year about for me?   Father, what were you doing, or trying to do in me, for me, or through me?   Jesus, where was the enemy particularly working?   Jesus, are there any places still unhealed where the Kingdom of Darkness has authority in my Life?  Holy Spirit, what do you have for me in the new year?   Holy Spirit, what kind of Training is ahead? Is there a word or few words you want me to give my heart’s attention to? Father, to what part of my masculine heart and masculine journey do you want to bring validation and initiation?  Connect with the team by sending an email to
33:47 27/01/22
Walking in the New Year - Part 2
In the second episode of this series on Walking in the New Year, Michael and SJ discuss some of the upcoming resources that will be available in 2022: The Deepening Journey for women and the book King Me geared toward men. Mid-January propels most people to rev the engine of busyness. As one goes about each day, consider the following question: What am I bringing into the next ____? It takes discipline to shift into a lower gear to consider the lens by which we examine the next appointment, conversation, or interaction. Share your thoughts and questions with the Zoweh Team at
24:21 20/01/22
Walking in the New Year - Part 1
In a World where Words Matter, Michael and SJ discuss the terminology surrounding Zoweh. Some examples including calling Zoweh a Mission vs a Ministry. Some other terms are Team vs Staff, the Tower vs the Office, and the War Room vs. the Board Room. While many churches and parachurch organizations use increasingly institutionalized language, Zoweh strives to facilitate relationships, allies, and redemptive community. Share your thoughts and stories with the Zoweh Team at
22:44 13/01/22