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Frank Skinner's on Absolute Radio every Saturday morning and you can enjoy the show's podcast right here. Radio Academy Award winning Frank and Emily bring you a show which is like joining your mates for a coffee... So, put the kettle on, sit down and enjoy UK commercial radio's most popular podcast.


Guest: Dave Gorman
You might not be called Dave Gorman, but Dave Gorman is, and he was in to talk about 'Genius' inventions. Genius!
43:01 14/03/2009
Guest: Ben Miller
Ben Miller popped in for a chat to do what he does best; plugging his own work.
38:59 21/03/2009
Guest: Adrian Chiles
Adrian Chiles popped into the studio to talk about The Apprentice, football and being a West Midlander. Can you audio-spot the difference?
45:50 28/03/2009
Guest: Derren Brown
Would ya bloody believe it, Derren Brown guested this week and told Frank how he does every trick under the sun. Or did? Let your lug holes be the judge.
51:55 04/04/2009
Guest: Simon Bird
Frank, Emily & Gareth giggle like school children with this week's guest; Simon Bird AKA Will from 'The Inbetweeners' hehehe
49:24 18/04/2009
Guest: Nick Hancock
Frank, Emily & Gareth are joined by two very special guests this week; Nick Hancock and the one-and-only Sandy Mason
53:25 25/04/2009
Guest: Omid Djalili
Frank has his haircut live on the show. Find out if it was a cut above the rest or not.
49:24 29/04/2009
Guest: Gaby Roslin
Gaby Roslin is in the building, but did Frank, Emily & Gareth make it in or were they struck down by 'The Swines?'. You'll have to listen to find out.
54:37 02/05/2009
Guest: Katy Brand
A podcast full of anecdotes about Sir Alan Sugar & Sir Paul McCartney, what else do ya bleeding want? A guest? Well you're in luck; the very funny Katy Brand was also on the show. BOOM!
54:51 09/05/2009
Guest: Alistair McGowan
Frank, Emily & Gareth are joined in the studio by funny man and impressionist Alistair McGowan.
49:13 23/05/2009
Guest: Isy Suttie
Frank, Emily & Gareth are joined in the studio by funny lady Isy Suttie.
51:07 30/05/2009
Guest: Jenny Eclair
Dave Gorman fills in for Frank Skinner with friends Jimmy McGhie and Emily Dean. Jenny Eclair is this weeks guest.
43:21 06/06/2009
Guest: The Duckworth Lewis Method
Frank, Emily & Gareth are joined in the studio by 'The Duckworth Lewis Method' aka Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh. They discuss holidays, cricket and Memorabilia.
37:45 27/06/2009
Guest: Reece Shearsmith
Frank, Emily & Gareth talk about pet foxes, hot lamb and key rings, plus comedy actor Reece Shearsmith from Psychoville & The League of Gentlemen joins them in the studio.
40:16 04/07/2009
Guest: Phil Nichol
Frank, Emily & Gareth give away tickets to the Wembley Cup, a competition that causes a studio meltdown! Emily celebrates her birthday and comedy actor Phil Nichol is this weeks guest.
54:25 11/07/2009
Guest: The Lightning Seeds
Frank, Emily & Gareth discuss chat up lines, the fourth plinth and their hair dreams. They are also joined in the studio by Ian Broudie aka 'The Lightning Seeds'
45:32 18/07/2009
Guest: Richard Herring
Frank, Emily & Gareth are joined in the studio by funny man Richard Herring. They also talk about Swine Flu, something called Bowlingual and Latitude festival.
45:34 25/07/2009
Guest: Alun Cochrane
Frank, Emily & Gareth broadcast from Birmingham as Frank prepares to be inducted in to the Walk Of Stars. Alun Cochrane is this week's guest and Frank talks to West Brom's new manager Roberto Di Matteo on the phone.
47:41 03/08/2009
Guest: Lee Mack
Frank and Emily are joined in the studio by comedian Lee Mack and celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, who delivers a special veggie breakfast. Gareth reports from the Edinburgh festival and due to technical hiccups Frank decides to read the news and travel!
46:09 09/08/2009
Guest: Janeane Garofalo
This week Frank, Emily and Gareth are live from the Edinburgh Festival and are joined in the studio by Hollywood's very funny Janeane Garofalo.
48:48 16/08/2009
Guest: Jason Byrne
Frank is live from Edinburgh and this week he talks about his favourite shows from the fringe, the king of the Edinburgh festival and celebrity moustaches.
46:13 24/08/2009
Guest: Greg Behrendt
Lee Mack sits in for Frank Skinner with Emily & Gareth by his side. American comic and author Greg Behrendt is this weeks guest.
44:30 29/08/2009
Guest: Charlie Higson
This week author and comedian Charlie Higson joins Frank, Emily & Gareth in the studio to talk about his new book 'The Enemy'.
48:11 05/09/2009
Guest: Laura Solon
This week Frank, Emily and Gareth are joined in the studio by comedian Laura Solon, who discuss stuffed rabbits, stuffed kittens and stuffed lions!
39:09 12/09/2009
Ross Noble
Frank, Emily and Gareth are joined by stand up comedian Ross Noble to talk about his current tour and his unusual idea for new a TV Show...
39:47 19/09/2009
Guest: Cerys Matthews
Cerys Matthews joins Frank, Emily & Gareth to talk about her new single and album, she also chats about busking, illegal downloads and travelling by tube.
37:24 27/09/2009
Guest: David Essex
This week Emily tells Frank and Gareth all about her trip to the Worlds Strongest Man final in Malta, which involves swags, eggs and pulling planes.
42:14 03/10/2009
Guest: Russell Kane
Frank, Emily & Gareth discuss the most annoying words and phrases, plus funny man Russell Kane joins them to talk about his new tour 'Human Dressage'.
44:50 10/10/2009
Ed In A Ditch
This week Frank, Emily & Gareth talked about the things that scared them as children, evolution and an incident that involved Ed Byrne driving in to a ditch.
42:22 18/10/2009
Guest: Andy Parsons
This week Emily has a sore throat so Laura Solon joins Frank & Gareth, who have fun coming up with puns to describe Tess Daly's new slim tum.
35:12 25/10/2009

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