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We sit down and talk with celebrity guitar players, musicians and industry insiders, who share their backstory, as well as what makes them tick. If you love guitar, music, personal development & meaningful life lessons, then stick around… you’re in the right place.


Richard Bennett - Mark Knopfler, Neil Diamond - One of THE MOST SUCCESSFUL Session Guitarists, EVER
On this Richard Bennett interview, fantastic stories about working with Mark Knopfler, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel and Marty Stuart… the making of his 7th solo LP, Tall Tale Tunes, and how this got put together, why he doesn't like playing all the instruments on his records, how song ideas come to him. The REAL TRUTH behind how he gets his songs and arrangements to sound so pretty, difference for him being a sideman and playing his own material, most fun he’s ever had playing music, and why it’s “Never going to be as good as it is in your head…” LOADS of fun and laughs, great convo with a first class guy Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!:   Richard Bennett has been a studio and touring guitarist with Mark Knopfler, since 1994... and he spent 17 years & 12 LPs before that in the same role with Neil Diamond. He’s also produced Neil Diamond, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Jo-El Sonnier, Marty Stuart & others. And here’s a very small sample of the people he’s played with since his first session in 1968: Ringo Starr, Lonnie Donegan, Conway Twitty, Sammy Davis Jr, Johnny Mathis, Roseanne Cash, Ray Price, Waylon Jennings, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, the Four Tops, Barbara Streisand, Chubby Checker, Glen Campbell, Duane Eddy, T-Bone Walker, Billy Joel, Helen Reddy, Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow, hundreds of others, and about a dozen movie soundtracks including The Wrecking Crew documentary and one of my favorite movies, Westworld Richard just released his 7th solo instrumental LP, called Tall Tales Tunes. The record’s beautiful with Richard’s finely crafted melodies and arrangements, and his ace guitar playing leading the charge but never overpowering the song. Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
280:56 03/12/22
On this Vinny Appice Interview: Vinny talks about working with John Lennon, Rick Derringer, Tony Iommi and Vivian Campbell… turning down Ozzy’s solo project and then getting the call to replace Bill Ward in Black Sabbath, just a short time later… the first & last song (30 years later) Vinny played with Ronnie James Dio (it was the same song!). Watching Led Zeppelin open for Vanilla Fudge, reading the Bible, getting Microsoft certified, and loads more really interesting & cool stuff from this drum legend: Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts, ELG Merch!: Vinny was part of John Lennon’s backing band for John’s last performance. He also played with Rick Derringer (3 LPs) and played with Black Sabbath and Dio throughout his career, on some of both band’s biggest albums Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
94:41 28/11/22
Will Kimbrough - On growing up in Mobile, Alabama and its IMPACT on him
On this Will Kimbrough Interview: Will talks about growing up in Mobile, Alabama and its impact on him, personally and musically… working with Jimmy Buffet, Todd Snider, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Mavis Staples (and the lesson she taught him)... great advice on recording and songwriting, taking care of his father and more. Great stories from a great songwriter: Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts, ELG Merch!: A multi-instrumentalist sideman who’s also released 9 solo LPs, Will has written, toured, recorded with, or produced Rodney Crowell, Shemekia Copeland, Todd Snider, Steve Poltz, Kim Richey, Garrison Starr, Josh Rouse, Matthew Ryan, Jimmy Buffet, Little Feat, Todd Snider, Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Mavis Staples & others   Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
109:35 21/11/22
Josh Hoyer, Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal - Managing DEPRESSION & ANXIETY on the ROAD
On this Josh Hoyer interview: Traveling across the country in his van for 2 years and the incredibly important life changing conclusion this helped him get to… teaching himself how to play piano, backstories to some of Josh’s best songs, making chicken salad out of chicken shit in the studio, his top 3 musical experiences, dealing with depression and anxiety and managing them on the road, his worst gig EVER, his most important LIFE-CHANGING event, becoming more grateful, staying in the present, and more… Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!:   Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, Josh is the founder of Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal, a very tight and powerful soul, blues and funk band. Josh’s voice is really incredible - this guy was BORN to be a soul singer. He also writes all the songs, plays a mean B3, and baritone saxophone. Since 2003, Josh has released 9 studio albums. He competed on the Voice in 2017, and has been touring nationally & internationally since 2014, averaging just over 200 shows a year, both as a solo artist and with Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal. Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
57:18 19/11/22
Wayne Krantz - How Wayne Krantz Developed his Particular Style of Improvisational Playing
On this Wayne Krantz Interview: Wayne talks about playing with Donald Fagen, Pino Palladino & Vinnie Colaiuta… moving to NYC, having faith he had something to say with his playing… big lesson he learned from watching Mike Stern book a gig… how he developed his improvisational style of playing, pizza, family, relationships, respecting your needs and more cool stuff Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts, ELG Merch!: A solo artist with 10 LPs, Wayne’s also been a successful sideman playing with Donald Fagen, Steely Dan, Michael Brecker, Billy Cobham, Chris Potter, David Binney, Carla Bley. Featured on his own records are people like Pino Palladino, Dennis Chambers, Keith Carlock, John Patitucci, Tal Wilkenfeld, Vinnie Colaiuta, Anton Fig   Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
104:08 14/11/22
On this Stevie Salas Interview, he dives deep, explaining how he went from being homeless to touring arenas just 2 years later with Rod Stewart… getting fired from Duran Duran, being Native American, Rod Stewart telling him about “mountains & valleys,” dealing with the loss of his girlfriend and how Mick Jagger helped him bounce back, quitting the Rod Stewart gig and LOADS more deep stuff: Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts, ELG Merch!: A successful sideman and producer who’s recorded on over 70 LPs with artists like George Clinton, Justin Timberlake, Buddy Miles, Mick Jagger, Don Was, Rod Stewart & others… Stevie’s also sold over 2 million solo albums. He’s also scored music for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Darfur and other movies, and produced the movie “Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World,” which won awards at Sundance Film Festival Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
129:55 07/11/22
Zach Amster, Abrams “I’m GOOD at COMPLAINING, BUT…”
On this Zach Amster interview: What it takes to stop writing music you think you should be writing and start writing the music you need to write… how the pandemic changed the band (not what you’re thinking), Zach’s “secret weapon” on stage, personal struggles offstage, non-music hobbies and interests, most important thing his parents taught him, lots more, a fun hang, why he’s so driven, and how this helped himself and the band grow… Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!:   Zach is the singer, lead guitarist, and primary songwriter in the psychedelic rock band Abrams. He grew up in SoCal with his twin brother, who’s a professional drummer in the bands Mondo Generator & Nebula. Zach and bass player Taylor Iversen started Abrams when they met each other in Boulder, CO. The band just released their 4th LP, In The Dark and this is a real “breakout” record. I wanted to support it, and was excited to have Zach on the show to talk about it. Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
81:19 05/11/22
Barry Richman - Dad said "CUT SCHOOL today TO CHECK OUT this guy, JIMI HENDRIX”
On this Barry Richman Interview: Tons of stories about playing with John Lee Hooker (his first gig), Buddy Miles, Eric Johnson, Greg Allman, Clapton, Derek Trucks flipping baseball cards at age 12, Roy Buchanan, Warren Haynes… not selling his ‘57 strat to Jerry Garcia, his cool vintage guitar and amp collection, playing Duane Allman’s ‘59 Burst for 6 months… his dad, who was a top NYC session sax player, western wear and all kinds of cool stuff: Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!: In a career that’s spanned 50+ years, Barry has played, toured or recorded with John Lee Hooker, Allman Brothers, Eric Johnson, Gov’t Mule, Eric Clapton, Les Paul, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Derek Trucks, Jimmy Herring, Steve Morse, Roy Buchanan, Sonny Landreth, Lee Ritenour, Stanley Jordan, Vivian Campbell, Rick Emmett & others Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
77:01 31/10/22
Matt Bissonette - "JOY & PEACE shouldn't COME & GO..."
On this Matt Bissonette Interview: VERY DEEP convo, talking about his early struggles, importance of being open-minded, God, selfishness, what top artists have that others don’t have… working with Rick Springfield, Maynard Ferguson, Ringo Starr, Julian Lennon & Elton John… important lesson from Maynard, why joy and peace shouldn’t come and go, TONS more cool stuff Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts!: Matt Bissonnette's played on literally hundreds of records. He’s also toured as a sideman with Joe Satriani (5 LPs, multiple world tours), David Lee Roth (2 world tours & 1 LP), Elton John (last 7 years), Rick Springfield, Maynard Ferguson & loads of others. Matt’s also released 3 amazing LPs with his own band, The Mustard Seeds Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
118:24 24/10/22
Al Schnier, moe. HOW moe. has STUCK TOGETHER for SOOO LONG
On this Al Schnier interview: The early challenges of growing: cover band vs playing originals, the band’s early “first breaks”... dealing with Imposter Syndrome, backstory to some of the bands songs, getting into physical and “guitar” condition, his TOP 3 Musical Experiences, dealing with the passing of his father, and getting divorced… persistence, his top 3 guitars, being happier and more flexible, not being so hard on yourself, cooking, most fun thing he’s ever done, loads more cool stuff! Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!: Al’s one of the two guitarists in the jam band moe. Originally started as a local bar band in Buffalo in the late 1980’s, moe. has gone on to become one of the most respected and successful jam bands out there. Constant touring and performances at major festivals like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and others... as well as their own festivals, which include Summer Camp, Snoe.down, throe.down, and moe.down... have made them incredibly proficient and melodic musicians and an incredibly tight musical unit. Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
96:22 22/10/22
Kenny Aronoff: WHY he's played on OVER 300 MILLION ALBUMS
On this Kenny Aronoff Interview: Tons of cool stories here, about working with John Mellencamp & lessons learned, playing with Al Pacino, Elton John, partying with Slash, playing with Tony Iommi, Bon Jovi, Don Was, John Fogerty… his intense work ethic and the origins of it… how he became a “Navy Seal” in classical music at Indiana University… following his heart and not his head, divorce, Vic Frith, Leonard Bernstein’s love, LOADS more cool stuff: Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts!: Kenny’s played on over 300 million sold records and has toured or played w John Cougar Mellencamp, Jefferson Airplane, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Elton John, Glen Frey, Slash, Bob Seger, Tony Iommi, Santana, Rolling Stones, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Gilbert, and literally hundreds of other artists Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
109:21 17/10/22
Marco Pirroni, Adam Ant, Siouxsie: His BIGGEST SURPRISE in the MUSIC BIZ
On this Marco Pirroni Interview: Why he left Siouxsie & The Banshees, playing with Sid Vicious, Malcolm McLaren, his top 3 musical experiences, biggest surprise for him in the music business, why he owns 4 Vintage 1956 Les Paul Juniors, happiest time in his life, pitfalls of social media: Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts!: Marco Pirroni Interview: A key member of the early British glam rock scene, Marco played lead guitar and co-wrote 2 UK #1 singles, 2 Top 10 UK LPs, 4 Top Ten hits & 9 Top 20 hits with Adam Ant. He also recorded & toured with Sinead O’Connor & produced The Slits & Headcount Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
113:17 10/10/22
Billy Howerdel, A Perfect Circle: WE SURVIVE what we CAN’T CHANGE… and why “THIS KID’S SPECIAL…”
On this Billy Howerdel interview: From sound and lighting guy, to playing lead guitar in a platinum-selling band all over the world! Billy talks about how & why he became a tech, and the serendipitous series of events that led to him becoming an artist and a professional musician.David Gilmour, Pink Floyd’s Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour, the utter destruction (137 Guitars) of the Downward Spiral Tour, growing up with an alcoholic father, backstory to his hit records, TWO low points he’s had to deal with, cooking, quitting guitar, and loads of other interesting life stories. Incredibly humble and thoughtful Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!:   Billy Howerdel’s most well-known as the co-founder, co-songwriter, lead guitarist and producer of A Perfect Circle, as well as in his solo project, Ashes Divide. A Perfect Circle’s first 2 albums (Mer de Noms & Thirteenth Step) went platinum, and all 4 of their albums opened up in the Top 5 Billboard charts. Billy’s got a new solo record out, called What Normal Was. It’s an awesome record filled with very cool ambient electronic rock, great songwriting as always, and great lyrics. Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
110:16 08/10/22
Shane Gaalaas: B'z, Cosmosquad - Overcoming a BROKEN Childhood & RE-WRITING his DESTINY
Shane Gaalaas Interview: Drummer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Shane played with Japanese pop legacy B’z for 18 years, and has toured and recorded with Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmstein, Uli Jon Roth, Vinnie Moore, Jeff Kollman… and is a member of Cosmosquad, Diesel Machine, & Toque Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!: GREAT stories: Leaving Canada and the work/VISA balancing act, opening for Nirvana, getting the gig with Yngwie, Schenker & B’z… growing up in a dysfunctional childhood environment, top 3 personal development accomplishments. 100% REAL & RAW: Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
129:47 03/10/22
Craig Garber - Most EMBARRASSING Mistake I Made on Everyone Loves Guitar!
On this interview, I was asked to be a guest on Jackson Henderson’s Romera Records Podcast. Here’s some of the things I spilled the beans on: Starting Everyone Loves Guitar, keys to being a good communicator (NOT what you think!), REVEALED at LAST: my 3 favorite episodes of ELG!, why “work ethic” is so important to me, Most embarrassing mistake I’ve made on ELG, the ONLY edits I EVER ask my guests to make, Behind the scenes of my marketing business and why I stopped being an online marketing guru, Identity changes I’ve made over the years, the 3 Biggest Mistakes business make when marketing their goods and services (yes, even musicians!), 3 experiences customers or clients MUST have before they’ll be interested in doing business with you, why it’s important to let others feel good about themselves… Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!: I started Everyone Loves Guitar podcast in September 2017, with no background in the music industry, journalism or entertainment. Today, with close to 900 original episodes and over 1200 total shows, we’re the largest long-form musicians, artists and music insiders interview show. And I’m having the time of my life - so thank you very much for listening! Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
69:14 01/10/22
Prashant Aswani - HEADS I go to MEDICAL SCHOOL, TAILS I go to BERKLEE
On this Prashant Aswani Interview: GREAT stories about his cross-country bus ride to Berklee, making his first 2 records while still in school, flipping a coin to decide if he went to medical school or Berklee, taking care of his ailing grandmother, smoking cigarettes at 15 with his grandmother in India, happiness, insecurity, unconditional love, divorce, and LOADS of other deep stuff. Very cool and open vibe Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts!: From playing Tabla at age 8, to playing all over the world as a solo artist with 6 LPs, and working as a side man for some high-profile artists, to his newest project “CIC” with Rhonda Smith & Shane Gaalaas… Prashant’s had a very interesting life Subscribe & Website: Support this show:  
107:47 26/09/22
Von Kopfman “I was MOLESTED when I was 10 YEARS OLD. But you have to FIND YOUR WAY PAST THIS…”
On this Von Kopfman interview: Handling Grief & Trauma: “I was driven to succeed because I felt like nothing for a long time…” One of the kindest people you’ll meet, Von’s passion for music literally saved his life. Von was sexually molested twice, when he was 10 years old. Scared for both himself and his family, he began writing songs and playing music and “The guitar became his counselor.” At age 42, he was able to deal with this trauma through therapy, which helped him immensely. Von also lost his son Jacob in a tragic accident in 2011 which inspired him to write the book Letters for Healing, which was nominated for the Kansas Notable Book Award. Wanting to provide resources for other parents who experience this same tragedy, Von created a not for profit organization called, to provide resources to families who have lost a child. On top of all this, Von is an amazing guitarist, and a prolific songwriter. One of THE most moving conversations I’ve had the pleasure of having. One filled with compassion and empathy - and a must listen for all Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!:   Von Kopfman is a prolific songwriter, guitarist & author from Emporia, Kansas. He recorded his first solo LP in 1994, and has written over 3,000 songs & recorded 34 LPs, including 6 LPs with his band, Big Daddy Loud - a popular regional rock band in Kansas. Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
144:24 24/09/22
Jeff Watson, Night Ranger - How Night Ranger STARTED
On this Jeff Watson Interview: Loads of great stories about hooking up with Sammy Hagar, Ronnie Montrose, Ted Nugent, playing with ZZ Top, Jerry Harrison, how Night Ranger got started and lessons learned… top 3 musical experiences, low points… best decision he ever made, being invincible, the environment, regrets, more. GREAT convo: Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts!: Jeff founded Night Ranger and sold over 16 million LPs. He then released 2 solo records and started Mothers Army, along with Bob Daisley, Joe Lynn Turner & Carmine Appice. Jeff also scored movies and did some acting, in addition to playing sessions & performing with Chris Isaak, Sammy Hagar, Ted Nugent, Steve Morse, Styx, Heart, ZZ Top, Pat Penatar, Boston, Jerry Harrison, John Mayer, Aerosmith, Narada Michael Walden, Dave Jenkins, Tony McAlpine and loads more Subscribe & Website: Support this show:  
97:58 19/09/22
Jeff Pilson - Dokken, Dio, Foreigner Music Business "TRAPS" to AVOID!
On this Jeff Pilson Interview: Jeff talks about moving to LA, getting hooked up with Dokken, Dio & Foreigner, some very funny “rock ‘n roll stories,” music business traps, great guitarists he’s played with, getting sober and staying sober for close to 30 years, loads more interesting stuff: Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts! Jeff was part of the classic Dokken line-up & has also played with Dio, MSG, and since 2004 has been the MD of Foreigner. Jeff’s also produced bands, and acted in the movie “Rock Star” Subscribe & Website: Support this show: 
54:44 12/09/22
Vaden Todd Lewis - Toadies “I have NO CLUE how I SURVIVED the 90’s…”
On this Vaden Todd Lewis interview: Growing up with brimstone & fire, and dealing with the fallout of this… Why big labels ABANDONED Toadies, behind the scenes stories to some awesome Toadies songs, wishing he didn’t give so many f*cks, surviving a wild stampede of people at his worst gig ever, the freedom of his childhood farm, breakthrough musical discovery of The Talking Heads & The Pixies, NAPA Valley and the most important thing he can tell you. Very cool convo with an incredibly talented songwriter Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!   One of my favorite Rock and Roll singers. Vaden Todd Lewis is most well-known for being the lead singer, guitarist, co-founder and primary songwriter of the awesome alt- hard rock Fort Worth band, Toadies. Over the last 28 years, Toadies have released 7 LPs including the Platinum LP, Rubberneck. There’s a very cool documentary about the early years of the band, called Dark Secrets: The Stories of Rubberneck, which you should check out if you are a fan.  Subscribe & Website: Support this show: 
66:50 10/09/22
Matt Stevens, The Fierce and The Dead - BEST ATTITUDE EVER about the NEW MUSIC Business
Matt Stevens Interview: Matt talks about beating cancer and how this changed his life, maintaining integrity in his music, what motivates him to play guitar, best attitude ever about the “new” music business, figuring stuff out and not taking anything for granted. VERY COOL guy Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts!: A solo artist with 4 albums of his own, and lead guitarist for The Fierce And The Dead, London-based Matt Stevens has one of the sunniest dispositions you’ll ever find. Matt grew up in a small, rural village, and then moved to London, with all his bandmates Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
84:55 29/08/22
Murray Pulver - Crash Test Dummies, Doc Walker, TOP Producer: The LOWEST POINT in His LIFE
On this Murray Pulver interview: An incredible musical break he got from a session he did 3 years earlier, that put him on stage with Crash Test Dummies… crushing it as a band member with Doc Walker for 10 years… losing his dad, having to leave Nashville, transitioning into becoming a producer and why things have worked out for him… marriage, CFL vs NFL, Prague knowing what you’re good at, and why “You can never be the best version of yourself if you’re always pushy,” and loads more Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!   Murray began as a touring guitarist in the early 1990’s with Crash Test Dummies, was then a full member of country act Doc Walker from 2002-2012. He co-wrote several top 10 singles, and the band won the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) four times... Album, Songwriters, Group, Single & Video of the Year awards... Fans Choice Award, as well as a number of #1 videos & top 5 singles. Murray also won CCMA Guitar Player of the Year 3 times & Western Canadian Musician of the Year twice. As a producer, his accolades include: CCMA Producer of the Year, 2 Western Canadian Musician awards for Producer of the Year, & Canadian Folk Producer of the Year. He’s produced all of The Bros. Landreth’s LPs including Juno-winning LP “Let It Lie.” Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
126:37 27/08/22
Mark “Muddy” Dutton - Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Learning what's IMPORTANT in LIFE
Mark “Muddy” Dutton Interview: Tons of stories, getting sober, connecting with Slim Jim Phantom, Tracy Guns, Chris Robinson, Marc Ford, Chris Shiflett… top 3 musical experiences...playing with Bob Weir & Phil Lesh… becoming more balanced… being sensitive & learning what’s important in life. GREAT, honest convo: Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts!:   Mark Dutton’s either played with, produced, engineered, or co-written with artists like Chris Robinson in The Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Mark Ford, Kathy Valentine, The Go-Go’s, Dwight Yoakam, LA Guns, Gilby Clarke, Jessica Simpson, Brian Jonestown Massacre & Chris Shiflett. He and his partner also run a company that specializes in developing young talent Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
84:06 22/08/22
Misha Mansoor Interview, Periphery: OVERCOMING CHALLENGES to play Music
On this Misha Mansoor Interview: Founder & lead guitarist of Periphery, producer, mixer and mastering engineer opens up about many things: The fallacy of getting a “break” in business… starting his own label and other entrepreneurial ventures, HAIL STAN and some of the songs on it, growing up in Maryland and then moving out of the country, twice… challenges that led to him becoming a musician, and how he overcame them… signature guitars, Mike Dawes, staying “out” of the limelight, feeling undeserving, writing the music you want to write, and loads more insight on what makes him tick, GREAT convo Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts! Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
87:09 15/08/22
Dan Dorninger, Witchrider “EVERYTHING was LOSING it’s meaning…”
On this Dan Dorninger interview: Moving from Detroit to Austria, writing Witchrider’s first song and first hit - Black!... backstories to Witchrider’s best songs, dark times during Covid, apple juice, creative pride, sound scaping, Josef Hader, and why things become less magical once you start investigating them. Awesome conversation, very open and easy going! Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!   Dan started Witchrider in 2012. The band combines stoner rock with great songwriting and some electronica, lots of blues-based fuzzy guitar, great synths and drums as well. They’ve released 2 full-length LPs, an EP as well as number of singles and splits with other bands like Ultima Radio & Truckfighters. Awesome songwriting, great guitar playing and Dan knows how to create great emotional lifts in his songs Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
79:33 13/08/22
Joan Armatrading - “I was born to write. That’s why I’m here...” Wonderfully positive woman
On this Joan Armatrading Interview: Joan shares what really makes her happy, getting her first big break, storyteller vs. songwriter, her experiences meeting Nelson Mandela & getting an MBE, why she never felt she was in the limelight, her favorite attributes, putting out positivity. Great convo with a genuinely happy and positive woman, very cool stuff: Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts!: In a recording career spanning almost 50 years, Joan’s released 21 studio LPs and a handful of live & compilation records. She is also the 1st UK female artist to debut at #1 in Billboards Blues charts for Into the Blues Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
68:14 08/08/22
Lenny Castro - TOTO, Most Recorded Percussionist in History
Lenny Castro Interview: Lenny shares loads of great stories about playing at after hours clubs in Spanish Harlem - at age 14!... Getting discovered by Melissa Manchester in a retail drumming store, how TOTO built their song Africa using dozens of tape loops… dealing with the loss of his first wife, his favorite guitarists, the importance of keeping your eyes open and literally LOADS more cool stuff. Very positive vibe, tons of energy! Cool Guitar, Music & ELG T-Shirts!: One of the most recorded percussionists in pop history, Lenny’s a member of TOTO and has played with Steve Lukather, Rolling Stones, Elton John, U2, Glen Frey, The Eagles, Dan Fogelberg, Fleetwood Mac, George Benson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty, Rod Stewart, Mars Volta, Los Lobotomys, Joe Bonamassa, Joe Cocker, hundreds of others, and has also worked on major motion pictures, commercials and animations Subscribe & Website: Support this show:  
88:10 02/08/22
Casey Aylward, Astronoid: WHAT YOU DO isn’t ALWAYS WHO YOU ARE…
On this Casey Aylward interview: Dealing with career and personal low points, Astronoid’s big break and how it helped the band, struggles recording Radiant Bloom, key personal strengths that have helped him succeed and persevere, living in “the clouds,” best childhood memories, why “the simple things” make him happy, and why he’d NEVER do anything that wasn’t fun. AWESOME conversation, you’ll be hearing more from Casey & Astronoid, for sure! Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts!:   Casey Aylward is the lead guitarist for Astronoid, a metal / shoegaze band started in 2012. The band released 2 EPs and 3 LPs, including their most recent album, Radiant Bloom. I think you’ll be hearing a lot more about Astronoid as their career unfolds. Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
72:40 29/07/22
Cory Churko - Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson: From a CUBICLE to TIMES SQUARE, literally OVERNIGHT
Cory Churko Interview: Cory opens up about busking on the streets for 4 years, in Canada… leaving the music business and getting back in (with an incredible gig)... being a sideman vs. running his own band… getting married, being a vegan, how he stays happy & more, very candid Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts!: Cory is a multi-instrumentalist & mix engineer who’s worked with Shania Twain, Mutt Lange, Kelly Clarkson, Reba McEntire, Slash & others, and he also has his own band, Toque, which is just about to release their second LP Subscribe & Website: Support this show:  
98:19 26/07/22
Kenny Neal, “I BURIED 3 family members & SURVIVED STAGE 4 Cancer…”
On this Kenny Neal interview: “Maybe I’M HERE for a REASON…” Using his integrity & incredible work ethic early on, to reach his goals… Most important life lesson he learned… taking time off from music to become a Broadway actor, and the one thing he took back to his music career from this experience… dealing with a horrible family tragedy & loss, and surviving cancer all in the same year… stories about working with Buddy Guy, Lucky Peterson, Muddy Waters, Albert Collins, Big Mama Thornton, Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, Big Mama Thornton… Best childhood memories, love, passion, being “a man to your word” and more. Positive, pure and good vibes on this one, a must see/listen! Cool Guitar & Music T-Shirts!:   Kenny Neal is a blues artist who’s an outstanding guitarist, singer & songwriter from New Orleans. Kenny’s a member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and has won more blues awards for songs, performances and albums... than I could even fit on this page. Kenny’s dad, Raful was a successful harp player working with artists like Buddy Guy and Slim Harpo. When he was 13, Kenny started playing out on the road with his dad’s band and eventually was playing bass with Buddy Guy. Kenny’s had a prolific career releasing 22 albums since 1987, including his latest album, Straight From The Heart. Subscribe & Website: Support this show:
75:39 15/07/22