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In order to tell the story of a crime, you have to turn back time. Every season, Investigative journalist Delia D'Ambra digs deep into a mind-bending mystery with the hopes of reigniting interest in a decades old homicide case.


Season 1: The Murder of Denise Johnson
An investigative journalist revisits her small coastal hometown in North Carolina to dive deep into a 22-year-old cold case murder and arson that's marred the image of where she grew up. This investigative series reveals new clues, never-before-heard interviews and tracks down potential suspects in the case.
03:17 27/11/2019
Episode 1: Dainty
A killer remains at-large 22 years after a woman is brutally murdered inside her home in coastal North Carolina. Host, Delia D’Ambra, begins a new investigation into the unsolved murder starting with recollections from eyewitnesses. 
36:15 16/01/2020
Episode 2: Small Operation
Kill Devil Hills police detectives, past and present, weigh in on the lagging progress in the case and the location of evidence from Denise's autopsy comes into question.
30:50 16/01/2020
Episode 3: The Dog
In 1997, the first eyewitness on scene is detained by police and years later CounterClock tracks him down. Investigators begin to consider Denise’s four-legged companion a critical piece of evidence. 
39:18 23/01/2020
Episode 4: Of Interest
Denise's roommate from 22 years ago remembers critical details that could help investigators and Delia uncovers a perplexing connection between Denise and the first eyewitness on scene.
43:01 30/01/2020
Episode 5: Search Warrant
A set of siblings start to suspect their downstairs tenant is involved in the crime and when police return to Norfolk Street, a new lead emerges.
30:09 06/02/2020
Episode 6: The Brass
All of the former key law enforcement detectives on he Denise Johnson case go on record about the investigation and mistakes that were made.
36:03 13/02/2020
Episode 7: Caller Unknown
CounterClock uncovers a terrible secret about Denise’s past in Florida and unearths a police report from Kill Devil Hills in 1996 that could point to who wanted her dead. 
38:02 13/02/2020
Episode 8: The Tall Blonde
One of the last people to see Denise Johnson alive comes forward and Delia tracks down the man who lived next door to Denise in 1997. 
30:32 20/02/2020
Episode 9: Body of Evidence
CounterClock revisits the crime scene at 2014 Norfolk Street and uncovers there are secrets beneath the floorboards.
37:21 27/02/2020
Episode 10: Male Figures
Delia tracks down Denise’s long term boyfriends and discovers their overlapping information could point to the murderer’s motive. 
34:58 05/03/2020
Episode 11: Vandal
Someone is still targeting Denise Johnson and a new crime taunts investigators in two neighboring small police departments.
30:39 12/03/2020
Episode 12: Irrelevant
After two years of searching, Delia tracks down Teresa but runs into unforeseen twists.
24:43 18/03/2020
Episode 13: New Lead
Who was really after who inside 2014 Norfolk Street on July 13th 1997? In 2020, a major update emerges in a cold case.
30:53 26/03/2020
Season 2: The Murder of Stacey Stanton
It’s been 30 years since someone brutally stabbed 28-year-old Stacey Stanton inside of her second-story apartment. Investigative journalist Delia D’Ambra is back in her hometown on the Outer Banks of North Carolina to figure out if a man was wrongfully convicted for the crime and if the real killer is still out there. The only way to understand Stacey’s story is to move counterclockwise in time; to go backwards to the point where her clock violently stopped.CounterClock Season Two will premier on Thursday, September 10th!
03:33 26/08/2020
Episode 1: Cluttered
In season two, host Delia D'Ambra is back in her home town to investigate another brutal murder from the 90s. To the local police and DA the case is closed and a man has been sentenced for the crime. But to those who knew the victim it is very much an unsolved case and an innocent man might have been wrongly convicted.In episode one Delia D'Ambra tracks down witnesses who remember the bloody crime scene inside Stacey Stanton's apartment on February 3rd, 1990. Early on, the investigation into how the young waitress died reveals unique clues about who committed the crime.
35:37 10/09/2020
Episode 2: Prime Suspect
Within hours, authorities develop their prime suspect in the Stacey Stanton murder case. This lead takes investigators to a town just outside of Manteo and to a man who was with Stacey the night she died. The clock to make an arrest is ticking and racial biases start to come into play even when all the pieces don't quite fit into place.
43:56 10/09/2020
Episode 3: Open and Shut
Clifton Spencer fights his conviction in court and wins a small victory...but a bigger battle is still head. Delia uncovers that the events from three decades ago still weigh heavy on key players in the case.
38:06 17/09/2020
Episode 4: Bar Rats
Delia interviews a case of characters who were inside the Green Dolphin Pub on the night of February 2, 1990. These witnesses shed more light on the circumstances leading up to Stacey's murder.
32:53 24/09/2020
Episode 5: Conflicting Stories
Delia discovers that statements from Stacey's ex-boyfriend and his entourage are not adding up. Where they were and when leaves a lot of time unaccounted for on the night of the crime.
28:18 01/10/2020
Episode 6: Thin Walls
A bank receipt from an ATM becomes a critical piece of evidence. Eyewitnesses on Ananias Dare Street are able to place individuals at Stacey's apartment during the early morning hours of the day she was murdered.
27:14 08/10/2020
Episode 7: The Break Ins
Delia uncovers a violent history of crimes and suspicious behavior swirling around Mike Brandon. SBI agent, Donnie Varnell, is once again called upon to remember his former case work.
29:32 15/10/2020
Episode 8: Overlap
Delia reveals unbelievable connections between the murders of Stacey Stanton and Denise Johnson that include the same people, places and new jailhouse confessions.
38:33 22/10/2020
Episode 9: New Evidence
Delia explains Clifton Spencer's journey through the criminal justice system and why, time after time, evidence that could've helped free him, was never fully explored.
34:53 29/10/2020
Episode 10: The Long Game
Clifton may be a free man but the state of North Carolina is still after a big part of his life. During the season finale one of his post-conviction attorneys speaks openly about what the future holds.Counterclock is also encouraging listeners to participate in demanding change from the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission and the North Carolina General Assembly. Visit our website for all the details you need to participate:
56:50 05/11/2020
Bonus: Clif
In today's episode Delia sits down for a raw one-on-one conversation with Clifton Spencer. The two dive deep into how law enforcement investigated the murder of Stacey Stanton and why the criminal justice system kept Clifton behind bars for nearly 18 years. What is Clifton's life like now? What can be done to right wrongs? That's all covered in this exclusive discussion between an investigative journalist and a convicted murderer still trying to clear his name.
32:54 12/11/2020
Bonus: Q & A
Host Delia D’Ambra and CounterClock executive producer Ashley Flowers discuss details of the unsolved murder of Denise Johnson and the murder of Stacey Stanton. Delia goes through your email-submitted questions about both cases and tells all about her personal knowledge of nitty gritty details she’s gathered in both cases. Everything from new leads, to new potential evidence comes out in today’s Q & A episode.
78:29 19/11/2020
Season 3: The Pelley Family Massacre
Investigative journalist Delia D’Ambra is launching the third installment of audiochuck’s popular podcast CounterClock. Season 3 is the biggest investigation yet sending Delia hunting for answers across five decades.This 20-episode series will release in its entirety on April 29th, 2021 the 32-year anniversary of the Pelley family massacre in Lakeville, Indiana. Delia’s year-long investigation into the infamous family murders includes never-before-heard interviews from people closest to the victims and the initial police investigation. After reviewing more than 6,000 court documents, depositions, transcripts, and photographs, Delia has traveled from Northern Indiana to South Florida following leads that connect unsolved crimes in the Sunshine state to the Pelley family.This in-depth season is also closely examining the facts of the case that secured the 2006 conviction of Jeff Pelley.
05:00 25/04/2021
1 of 20: Establishing Base
Delia launches her investigation into the Pelley family murders by going back in time. Interviews with family members and close friends establish critical information that explains what led the family from South Florida to Indiana.
24:46 29/04/2021
2 of 20: Crime and Case
Eyewitnesses and police investigators who discovered the Pelley murders in 1989 remember the horrific scene inside the Pelley home.
18:12 29/04/2021