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Two Kids and A Career

Are you craving an open, honest conversation about the highs and lows of parenting, your career, and home life? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Jill Devine is here to talk about the daily grind of parenthood and how it can make you feel alone, isolated and questioning it all. The Two Kids and A Career Podcast is an outlet to escape the stresses of everyday life, while engaging in real conversations. Jill is an entrepreneur, wife and mama. Her 20-year career as an on-air radio personality inspired this podcast to give voice to the complexities of raising a family, having a career and simply just trying to keep it all together. From the tough talks to the hilarity of it all, she is here to have a conversation and offer great advice from a tribe of amazing individuals. Tune in and join along as we navigate the emotional roller-coaster known as parenthood!


110: You Are Not Failing As A Mother 46:45 25/05/22
109: How Her Fertility Struggles Can Help You 56:14 11/05/22
108: Helping Parents Feel Less Helpless 45:06 27/04/22
107: An Important Message For Parents With Youth Athletes 64:05 13/04/22
106: Be An Advocate For Your Child 30:57 30/03/22
105: Ways To Be At Your Best Physically, Mentally, And Emotionally 32:58 16/03/22
104: Connecting Children To Animals Through The National Park Foundation 28:32 02/03/22
103: The Stories We Tell Paint The Real Picture 35:06 16/02/22
102: Mixing Business With Friendship 34:49 02/02/22
101: She's Representing Women In Construction And Technology 39:38 19/01/22
100: How To Help With A Child's Struggling Behavior 36:07 05/01/22
99: Reflecting On 2021 And Some Changes For 2022 18:43 15/12/21
98: The Lack Of Parental Leave Opportunities In The United States 49:05 08/12/21
97: Benefits And Challenges Of Raising Neurodiverse Kids 37:21 01/12/21
96: A Husband And Father's Perspective 37:07 17/11/21
95: Handling Sleep Issues In Babies And Toddlers 40:37 10/11/21
94: How To Help Your Child Determine Their Purpose 48:28 03/11/21
93: A Mission To Create Hope And Transform Lives 45:59 27/10/21
92: Parenting Through A Place Of Fear 47:15 20/10/21
91: The Environmental Factors Affecting Adolescents 43:54 06/10/21
90: Making Judgements Based On Our Perception 39:04 29/09/21
89: Your Neighbors May Need A Helping Hand 40:49 22/09/21
88: Self-Love Is A Personalized Journey 40:15 15/09/21
87: Setting Boundaries To Avoid Burnout 38:57 08/09/21
86: Giving Families Hope Amidst The Chaos 61:57 25/08/21
85: How Having Children Changes Your Money Goals 39:31 18/08/21
84: Struggling To Make Ends Meet While Raising Children 37:37 11/08/21
83: All Children Are Vulnerable To Substance Abuse 40:33 04/08/21
82: Tips For Creating Community With Other Women In Your Same Season 35:46 28/07/21
81: How Being A Better Version Of Yourself Will Help Others 49:15 21/07/21