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Philosophy For Flourishing

Philosophy for Flourishing, a podcast of OSI, explores principles and practices for achieving and maintaining physical and spiritual health, and generally living the happiest, most fulfilling life possible. Join Jon Hersey and guests for rich conversations and useful ideas.


John Chisholm on Aiming at the Right “Diversity” in Higher Ed 35:04 06/10/21
Freedom, Flourishing, and Atlas Shrugged, with Antonio Saravia 48:52 08/09/21
Benjamin Franklin’s Principles for Freedom and Flourishing 57:38 01/09/21
Fostering Independence in Early Childhood 39:07 06/08/21
Frédéric Chopin in Tolkien, Green Book, and Prometheus 41:54 14/07/21
Spiritual Values and Success 17:31 07/07/21
Rajshree Agarwal on Purpose and Profit 30:54 30/06/21
Mozart’s Music for the Mind 37:36 09/06/21
Building Relationships on Shared Values: A Tale from TOS-Con 16:55 02/06/21
Aristotle on Means, Ends, and the Good Life 18:57 20/05/21
Building a Career without Credentials, with Cameron Sorsby 44:57 07/05/21
WandaVision and the Serenity Prayer 34:37 28/04/21
CPR for an Overwhelmed Mind 23:24 21/04/21
2,000-Year-Old Ideas for Flourishing Today: Aristotle’s Ethics 25:10 14/04/21
Helping the Best Ideas Rise to the Top: an Interview with Elliott Hill 21:20 07/04/21
Creating Opportunities: an Interview with Hannah Frankman 40:37 31/03/21
A Simple Technique for Thinking More Clearly 23:07 24/03/21
Incrementalism in Self-Development and Intellectual Activism 34:07 11/02/21
Free Speech and Conceptual Clarity 25:16 28/01/21
Resolutions and Moral Ambition 22:47 13/01/21
Lessons on Liberty from Ayn Rand and Henry Hazlitt, with Raymond Niles 39:58 20/12/20
Exploring the History and Philosophy of Liberty, with Eric Daniels 41:34 16/12/20
Christmas and the Virtues of Greed and Giving 19:47 15/12/20
Whom to Thank on Thanksgiving—and Why 20:36 25/11/20
The Presumption of Liberty vs. the Presumption of Altruism 32:49 04/11/20
On Effectively Defending and Advancing Liberty 38:56 27/10/20
How Ayn Rand Got So Much Right 21:20 19/10/20
Isaac Morehouse on College Alternatives and Career Development 57:30 08/10/20
How to Make Better Decisions 53:29 16/09/20
The Secular Source and Selfish Nature of Objective Morality 65:43 09/09/20