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Eckhart Tolle: Essential Teachings

Oprah Winfrey is delighted to introduce a new weekly podcast series from one of the great spiritual thinkers of our time: Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart’s wisdom will help you learn to quiet your mind, separate your ego from your true self and live a fully present life. Essential Teachings by Eckhart will provide a path to discover an enlightened state of consciousness. Oprah says Eckhart transformed her life and hopes these Essential Teachings will inspire you to seek your own higher purpose.


You Are the Consciousness of the Universe
In this episode Eckhart talks about the need for challenges. He says without them we would not grow in awareness. Eckhart explains the entire universe is evolving towards greater consciousness. He says beyond our individual lives, we are connected to something vital and vast. In our highest form, Eckhart believes we are the consciousness of the universe expressing itself.
35:54 02/02/2023
Discovering Our True Identity
In this podcast Eckhart discusses how we define our personal identity. He says it usually beginswith the physical body, then possessions and achievements. He says we may have a long list ofaccomplishments - even personal wealth, but we’re not satisfied; we’re still not good enough.Eckhart explains defining ourselves in these superficial terms is a trap and just another form ofego. Our true identity is beyond that.
44:49 26/01/2023
Sensing Presence in Another
In this episode Eckhart answers questions on a variety of topics, such as: What is the soul? Is it possible to awaken when we are depressed? And how do we sense presence in another? Eckhart says we experience the presence of others when we release our conceptual thinking about them. He says when we let all that go, a space opens and we are free then to experience what is sacred in others and in ourselves.
38:42 19/01/2023
The Most Important Thing to Realize Is the Deep I
In this episode Eckhart talks about a collective awakening growing on the planet even while the majority of people remain spiritually asleep. He explains most of us are completely identified with our thoughts - the constant, compulsive stream of thinking that dominates our awareness and creates a very limited identity. He says beyond thoughts is a more profound and truer self which Eckhart calls the Deep I. We begin to awaken when we recognize the difference between the two.
62:38 12/01/2023
The Shift: From Thinking to Awareness
In this podcast Eckhart asks his audience, “What are you certain of?” After some discussion, they conclude very little. He references philosophers throughout history who have said life is a dream and our individual lives fleeting. Eckhart explains there is a deeper consciousness beyond the dream and beyond the person. He says we will experience transcendence when we make the shift from thinking to awareness.
41:31 05/01/2023
Challenges Push Us Into Presence
In this episode, Eckhart answers questions on how to deal with death… for ourselves and those we love. Eckhart says it’s critical that we break the taboo so we can overcome our fear.  eckhart proposes  that when faced with the possibility of a very limited future … The ultimate question is not whether or not we will survive. because we all will die eventually. Instead we allow the situation to push us towards higher consciousness. He says it’s possible to transcend our fear to reach a state of deep presence. 
43:06 29/12/2022
Watch Your Mind
In this podcast Eckhart discusses the path to awakening. He encourages listeners to detach from the mind, instead of being the mind. He says most of us get so enmeshed in our thinking we mistake it for reality. He also believes the mind tells us we need a long list of criteria to advance spiritually. But Eckhart says enlightenment is not something we attain in the future – in truth, fullconsciousness is closer than we think. We can break through our thinking to awaken, right here, right now.
35:23 22/12/2022
Forgiving Our Unconsciousness
In this podcast, Eckhart talks briefly about what he calls the beingness behind our five senses which lead to the deeper essence of who we are. Eckhart then answers a question about forgiveness. He says until we are strongly connected to our deeper self, all of us will act out unconscious patterns that cause suffering. Eckhart says eventually we wake up and ask, “How could I have done that?” He says recognizing our unconsciousness is forgiveness. He believes once we realize we can make amends to those we’ve hurt and learn to forgive our unconsciousness, we understand that we didn’t have the awareness to make a different choice at the time.
47:32 15/12/2022
The World Is Not Here to Make You Happy
In this podcast, Eckhart answers a question about overcoming suffering and finding happiness. Eckhart says the world is not here to make us happy, it's here to make us conscious. He says the beginning of awakening is the end of suffering. We are liberated from the demand that anything should make us happy. Eckhart explains the world does not have the power to make us happy. But it is a wonderful catalyst to help us awaken.
34:31 08/12/2022
Recognizing The Essence of Who You Are in Everyone
Eckhart begins this episode discussing the purpose of suffering. He says suffering is the great awakener, that cracks the shell of the ego. He believes through the crack something beautiful and profound emerges. Eckhart describes it as our true essence. He says as we become familiar with this deeper dimension, we discover the very same “beingness” exists in others. He says recognizing the essence of who we are in everyone, is just one of the joys of spiritual awakening.
39:19 01/12/2022
The Ego and the Need to Be Right
In this podcast, Eckhart gives a brief talk about the difference between being versus becoming. He says when we focus on becoming, we look to the future for our fulfillment. We lose sight of our being which is connected to the now. Eckhart then answers a question about the need to be right and winning an argument at all costs. He explains as we grow in presence the drive to be right diminishes. The ego loosens its grip, and we discover we might even be willing to admit we’re wrong. He says that is a sure sign of spiritual growth.
51:34 24/11/2022
Suffering Consciously: Confronting Illness and Addiction
In this podcast, Eckhart answers questions about addiction and facing illness consciously. Eckhart speaks with a woman who had cancer fears its return and the possibility of an early death. While difficult, Eckhart encourages her to practice presence by staying in the moment because he explains then there is less opportunity to play out scenarios where death seems imminent. He urges her to release the mental gymnastics that plague all of us. He says it’s imperative that we work with life’s challenges and allow them to push us into awakening.
41:16 17/11/2022
Liberation From Yourself
In this podcast, Eckhart encourages participants to start with a moment of stillness. He says through quiet and calm we get in touch with that part of ourselves Eckhart calls “The Deep I.”  Eckhart believes that by reaching beyond our personality and our physical bodies we will discover a deeper dimension to who we are. He says it’s here where we transcend the old inner narratives to find liberation from ourselves. 
32:03 10/11/2022
Bringing Consciousness to the Grief Process
In this podcast Eckhart answers questions about dealing with grief consciously. He asks what does the grief process look like for an awakened person? Do we experience the classic stages of denial, anger and bargaining? Eckhart says even if we’re in touch with the transcendent dimension, we will still experience grief, it doesn’t disappear completely. He believes, however, the intensity will be less. Eckhart explains that facing the possibility of death is vital because it is the catalyst for the evolution of our consciousness and without that experience, there would be no expansion of our awareness. 
39:44 03/11/2022
Why Awakening Leads to Freedom
In this episode, Eckhart answers questions about why it’s important to seek awakening and how we can learn to function in a world that seems chaotic. Eckhart says we must learn to awaken to free ourselves of suffering. It is part of our legacy to realize a sense of peaceful aliveness that is independent of our external circumstances. He believes when challenges arise, we shouldn’t spiral into unconscious reactivity. He says that only amplifies the problem. Instead, Eckhart suggests we should release our ego and move towards transcendence.
34:40 27/10/2022
You Already Are Who You Want To Become
In this podcast, Eckhart talks with a live audience in Greece. He cautions participants against the belief that enlightenment is somewhere ‘out there’ or is something to be achieved in the distant future. He says we don’t have to go through a long process of ‘becoming’ to find liberation. Eckhart explains the irony is that when we look to the future, we miss the opportunity to find freedom right here in the present moment. He urges all of us to wake up and to realize we already are who we want to become. 
43:20 20/10/2022
Presence And Letting Go of Control
In this episode, Eckhart reflects on the power of presence and the accompanying state of stillness. He says it’s in those moments when we’re not thinking that we experience pure awareness. He then answers questions about what presence is not. He says it is not about monitoring our inner state or exercising control over our thoughts or feelings. Eckhart also explains it’s possible to be fully awakened and still enjoy the things of this world.
41:48 13/10/2022
The Secret of Manifestation
In this podcast, Eckhart answers questions about the aphorism “be careful what you wish for.”  He says when we attempt to manifest certain desires in our lives, it’s critical we discern whether the motivation is ego-driven or something more profound. Eckhart encourages everyone to be who they are at the deepest level. He says anything we achieve on the horizontal plane will also have a downside. Therefore, he encourages us to not get too attached to outcomes. He says as we reach a state of deeper consciousness, we learn to transcend the polarities of good or bad and we simply align ourselves with what is. 
38:37 06/10/2022
Intelligence Greater Than the Mind
In this podcast Eckhart talks with a live audience in Greece. He kicks off the session discussing the spiritual wisdom of ancient Greek philosophers. Among the most renowned was Socrates who humbly said, “I am the only one who knows that he knows nothing.” Eckhart believes Socrates meant that he was comfortable with the state of not knowing and the pure awareness connected to deep insight.
31:10 29/09/2022
The Fullness of Life
In this episode, Eckhart answers questions about conscious manifesting. He says it is part of our heritage that we have abundance in our lives. Eckhart describes it as what he calls “the fullness of life.”  He believes the source for fullness is the vast underlying consciousness that is the foundation for everything which he calls “the being dimension.”
53:52 22/09/2022
Presence, Awakening and Abundance
In this podcast, Eckhart answers questions about the process of awakening and how to create more abundance in our lives. Eckhart says when we desire something we believe that we already have it. He says consciousness is the source from which everything flows. Eckhart reminds us that while we may want or need many things, we do not need certain outcomes for our fulfillment. He explains that on the inner plane we are already complete and have everything we need. 
38:05 15/09/2022
You Are the Light Of The World
In this podcast Eckhart talks with a live audience. He encourages participants to release their thinking so they can become aware of their “being.” He says most of us have a mistaken sense of identity based on what we think about ourselves, but that’s not who we really are. Eckhart goes on to quote Jesus who famously said, “You are the light of the world.” Eckhart believes what he meant is that we are all are the light of consciousness and that is our true identity and the source of our deepest essence.
52:43 08/09/2022
Transcending Our Limitations
In this episode Eckhart answers questions about transcending our limitations. He says every human has certain obstacles in their life and facing them is part of the path to awakening. However, Eckhart warns that problems arise when our limitations become part of our identity. He believes we create a false narrative about who we think we are. Eckhart says while it’s important to surrender and accept what is, we do not confuse deeper acceptance with acceptance of the narrow concept we mistake for ourselves. Eckhart says we reach transcendence by letting go of those concepts. He believes we should embrace the “is-ness” of this moment and through that transform into the realm of spacious awareness.
32:04 01/09/2022
The Creative Impulse and The Ego
In this podcast Eckhart answers questions on several topics including how to differentiate between a true creative impulse and the ego. Eckhart refers to his own experience of writingThe Power of Now. While living in England, he says he felt called to move to Canada. He says he had to discern if the impulse was coming from a deeper place or just a passing whim. He also cautions against listening to the mind and its toxic narrative. After waiting several months, Eckhart realized the feeling was not fleeting but solid intuition. He eventually made the move, and his writing began to flow.
31:57 25/08/2022
The End of Suffering
In this episode Eckhart answers questions about suffering as part of the human condition. He says many spiritual traditions focus on awakening as the end of suffering. Paradoxically, Eckhart says we need to go through a certain amount of suffering to realize we don’t want it anymore. He says oftentimes our suffering is caused not by our life situation, but our reaction to it.  He believes much of our pain is generated by the mind and its toxic narrative. Eckhart says we can move beyond suffering by embracing life’s challenges. He says they are a doorway into the transcendent realm and that when we step into the light of consciousness, we are free from suffering at last. 
36:55 18/08/2022
Healing Trauma Through Presence
In this podcast Eckhart answers questions about healing from childhood trauma. He says it’s important to acknowledge the trauma and to work through it, but not to get stuck in it. He believes while we may feel like a victim it is not ultimately who we are. Eckhart shares stories about his own childhood trauma. He explains that his father had intense anger issues and abandoned Eckhart and his mother when he was just eleven years old. As an adult Eckhart later realized that his father had been traumatized by his own childhood. He says dysfunctional family patterns are handed down generation after generation. He says healing happens when we break the cycle and that by practicing presence, we realize we are more than all the painful things we’ve experienced.
32:46 11/08/2022
Learning To Outgrow Emotional Reactivity
In this episode Eckhart talks about the importance of finding stillness. He says we are never more ourselves than when we are still. Eckhart then answers questions about what we can expect during the stages of awakening. He says as we become more conscious, we learn to respond rather than react to conflict. Eckhart explains we may feel the emotion, but it doesn’t take us over because ego diminishes as we step into the light of presence.  
31:19 04/08/2022
Empathy And the Suffering of Others
In this podcast Eckhart talks about our growing awareness and how it can be used in service of others. He says when presence is the foundation of our lives, we are more available emotionally. He explains why this is when the pitfalls of the ego no longer block us.  Eckhart believes when we are confronted by the pain of others, if we have a clear channel connected to the source of consciousness, we will exercise empathy and compassion. In this state he says we will not be shaken when the winds of misfortune blow because we are rooted in the deepest part of our being.
39:18 28/07/2022
The Individual and Collective Pain Body
In this episode Eckhart reflects on the power of the present moment. He then answers a question about the individual and collective pain bodies. He says we all have both and sometimes one is stronger than the other. He believes those with a strong pain body are often more likely to awaken than those who don’t have one. He explains that either way, the great danger is falling into the trap of what he calls “victim identity.” Eckhart says we need to take responsibility for the accumulated suffering inside ourselves and learn to heal from it. Eckhart believes our suffering is transmuted into awareness and that is the beginning of awakening.
35:22 21/07/2022
The Hidden Dimension Within
In this podcast Eckhart talks with a live audience in Winnipeg, Canada. People from 30 countries around the world participate. Eckhart explains the reason they are there is to experience spiritual awakening. He says there is a hidden dimension to their gathering which is deeper than words. Eckhart believes part of his mission is to provide signposts which lead to a state of consciousness he calls Presence. Through the practice of Presence, Eckhart teaches we become aware of the deeper reality of life and the deeper, spiritual dimension that is within each one of us.
57:43 14/07/2022