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Live from Hollywood, CA by way of the Broken Skull Ranch, Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, Action Movie/TV star, Steve Austin talks about anything and everything that pops into his brain. Steve shares tales from his new life, unbelievable past adventures, talks to pro wrestling name it, Steve's on it. For more episodes, go to Got questions?


Vampiro Pt. 2 | SAS CLASSIC
Vampiro returns to talk about the death metal music scene that inspired his pro-wrestling gimmick, tagging with Insane Clown Posse, his feud with Konnan, who taught him in-ring psychology & how to cut promos, why he has nothing but hatred for WCW, the Mexican wrestling scene, Lucha Underground, and his close friendships with Eddie Guerrero and Art Barr. Presented by Geico!
66:32 01/12/22
Vampiro Pt. 1 | SAS CLASSIC
If you missed the season 1 finale of "Lucha Underground," then you missed a hell of a match between Vampiro & Pentagon Jr. Luckily, Vampiro breaks it down with Steve - from the thumbtacks to the fluorescent lights to fire to the incredible finish! Presented by Geico!
69:33 29/11/22
AJ Styles is killing it at WWE, and talking about what it took to get to this point in his career. He's recounting the journey he made from WCW to TNA to the Bullet Club at New Japan Pro Wrestling, and how that eventually led him to WWE. He's telling stories about the Styles Clash, "The Phenomenal One," and his first-ever Wrestlemania experience earlier this year in Dallas. Presented by Geico!
60:07 24/11/22
Kevin Steen | SAS CLASSIC
Ring of Honor bad-ass wrestler Kevin Steen shares a weekend escapade or two with Steve. And what's up with the panda bears? Presented by Geico!
61:04 22/11/22
It's Not Only Football: Friday Night Lights & Beyond
Join Scott Porter, Zach Gilford & Mae Whitman as they discuss their respective audition stories from Friday Night Lights (& Beyond), Mae's super-fandom, BTS stories from the audition process, the old days of 'Pilot Season', behind the name of the podcast, & how the podcast got started!
27:13 21/11/22
Night Of Champions, John Cena, & Cesaro | SAS CLASSIC
Steve's sharing his thoughts on Night Of Champions, John Cena, Cesaro, and Roman Reigns. He's also got a message for Ned The Lochness Monster living in Lake Hartwell, GA. Plus, a harrowing life or death story involving his illustrious wife! And then there's the rotisserie chicken... Go to Ro.Co/Austin for 20% OFF!
74:47 18/11/22
Lynn Thompson of Cold Steel | SAS CLASSIC
Lynn Thompson of Cold Steel is an interesting dude! He designs & makes knives, walking sticks & spears. He's an avid hunter & has traveled to Africa & Australia to hunt big game like lions, leopards, and buffalo. He shares hunting & travel stories, along with tips on shooting, self-defense, and choosing the right kind of knife for "you." Get a free pair of heatproof gloves with any MEATER purchase. Go to, add the BBQ/oven mitts to your MEATER purchase and use code “AUSTIN” at checkout! Presented by Geico!
79:00 15/11/22
Fanny packs, clutch bags & clothesline comebacks | SAS CLASSIC
You wanted wrestling, you got wrestling! Steve Austin is answering your wrestling questions and cutting promos on all who asked for 'em! He's talking wrestling fads & gimmicks, selling in the ring, rethinking the clothesline comeback, and working in Japan. He's also having an IPA with his lake monster neighbor in Hartwell, Georgia! Presented by Geico!
51:29 11/11/22
Bull James | SAS CLASSIC
Bull James (formerly known as Bull Demspey at NXT) made his pro-wrestling debut at the age of 17, spent 18 months working with Taz, got schooled in the biz by Matt Borne (aka Doink The Clown), and has some great stories about the one & only, Dusty Rhodes. Bull's also talking about mean streaks & flipping the switch, cutting a good promo, his NXT try out, when he knew his days at WWE were numbered, body types in the squared circle, and some of his own heroes in the biz. Presented by Geico!
62:00 08/11/22
Lord William Regal Pt. 2 | SAS CLASSIC
Lord William Regal returns to talk to Steve about moving to America, becoming "Lord William Regal," being fired from the WCW, his favorite matches, and working with Ricky Steamboat. Plus, listen as the two former travel buddies get their groove on... Presented by Geico!
61:57 03/11/22
Lord William Regal | SAS CLASSIC
Lord William Regal talks to Steve about wrestling in Germany, joining the WWF, figuring out his finishing move, his favorite match of all time, and his thoughts on the WWE now. Presented by Geico!
73:28 01/11/22
Conversation With A Working Man | SAS CLASSIC
Steve Austin is finally doing it - a podcast with a working man, for the working man! He's talking to Tom, a crew member on the Broken Skull Challenge set who gives his perspective on his job, working, living in LA & Mexico, Stevie Ray Vaughan, binge watching TV shows, and surviving on set! for 20% off! Presented by Geico!
82:56 27/10/22
Improvise, Overcome, & Adapt | SAS CLASSIC
It's "The Kristin Austin Show" featuring special guest Steve Austin! And they're taking your questions as they podcast from the Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas on National Beer Day! Swig of IPA as they tackle honeybee relocation, fun turtle facts for kids, Electric RVs with 1500-mile long extension cords, and outrunning police radar guns. There are also some astounding wrestling stories thrown in for good measure! And do you know what "whilaggo" means? Well you will after this episode of everyone's favorite award-winning podcast that's never won an award! GET MEATER! Get a free pair of heatproof gloves with any MEATER purchase. Go to, add the BBQ/oven mitts to your MEATER purchase and use code “AUSTIN” at checkout. Thanksgiving is around the corner! Presented by Geico!
69:09 25/10/22
Dean Ambrose | SAS CLASSIC
Dean Ambrose has plenty to say about his early days in the business, his attitude toward the squared circle, getting the WWE call, The Shield's formation and original gimmick, and taking on Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32. He's also talking about country music, his childhood, and how great it feels to be able to take care of his mom! Presented by Geico!
65:44 20/10/22
Paige is no rookie to pro-wrestling! She's already 10 years in to a career that started as kid working for her dad's promotion in Europe! She's got some great stories about growing up in the biz, what she learned from both her parents, her WWE tryout, her days in NXT, and Dusty Rhodes! Presented by Geico!
64:41 18/10/22
Big Boss Man, Buttermilk & Flat Back Bumps | SAS CLASSIC
Steve Austin's telling stories about "The Big Boss Man" Ray Traylor, Skandor Akbar, Brock Lesnar, stiff rings, and drunken ebay purchases! You'll also hear about the big, awesome secret he had to keep for the last few months, and in case you're wondering.... yes, Steve does set the record straight about another round of unfounded rumors! FITBOD - Get 25% off your subscription or try out the app for FREE when you sign up now at That’s 25% off your subscription. Or try it FREE at Presented by Geico!
79:05 13/10/22
Shawn Michaels | SAS CLASSIC
Shawn Michaels is talking about The Kliq - when, why & how it formed, and how X-Pac landed a spot in it so quickly. HBK is also talking about the famous MSG Curtain Call, is relationship with Vince McMahon, the origination of the Superkick, the Montreal Screw Job, Ric Flair, and the one gimmick of his career that he kinda regrets. Presented by Geico!
54:25 11/10/22
CT Fletcher is one bad-ass MoFo, and he's taking on Steve Austin! They're talking shit, and cutting promos on each other... and throwing down one serious challenge to a certain head honcho at WWE! They're also talking classic Corvettes, the 10 Commandments Of Muscle Growth, movie making & filming fight scenes, a little nutrition, and what happens when you try to show off for one hot girl at an arm curl competition! Presented by Geico!
64:46 07/10/22
Ric Flair Returns | SAS CLASSIC
The Nature Boy Ric Flair returns to share some great stories about his life-changing moment with Verne Gagne, traveling with Bobby Heenan, his Championship run, dropping $10k on a limousine, "living the gimmick," and creating his signature robes. He also discusses his relationships with Triple H and Vince McMahon, his daughter's current WWE run, surviving a horrific plane crash, and the best advice he ever got from George Scott. Presented by Geico!
59:41 04/10/22
Sasha Banks | SASA CLASSIC
“The Boss” Sasha Banks joins Steve this week at 317 Gimmick Street to share her incredible journey onto becoming a WWE Superstar. Sasha discusses her childhood, MMA training, her wrestling training in Massachusetts, how she created “The Boss” in NXT, dealing with nerves before a match, favorite places to perform, future plans and much more! Presented by Geico!
73:57 29/09/22
Joey "Coco" Diaz | SAS CLASSIC
The oft-requested, the one and only Joey "Coco" Diaz finally joins Steve at 317 Gimmick Street for a hilarious and unpredictable conversation. Be here for tales from the set of THE LONGEST YARD (Adam Sandler version), stories about kicking substance abuse, Joey’s love for the South, riding motorcycles in New Jersey and THE EXORCIST!! Try ROMAN SWIPES go to for 20% OFF! Presented by Geico!
72:26 27/09/22
Introducing: Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith knows mercy…when it’s warranted. On “Know Mercy,” Stephen A. will give you his straight shooter point of view beyond the world of sports, breaking barriers and pulling back the curtain on politics, entertainment, and business. Three times a week, you’ll hear his unfiltered opinions on front page news and pertinent cultural events, as well as interviews with outspoken celebrities and thought leaders across the societal arena. You’re guaranteed to be entertained, informed, and motivated. And one thing will be clear: you don't need to know sports to know mercy. “Know Mercy with Stephen A. Smith” is a presentation of Cadence13, an Audacy studio.
02:36 26/09/22
Paul Lazenby with Steve Austin | SAS CLASSIC
Paul Lazenby is Steve Austin's movie stunt double, and returns to the podcast to explain why he shaved off his goatee! Okay, that's not the only reason! Paul's got a new book out, "When We Were Bouncers: Famous Actors, Athletes, and others Tell Insane Stories Of Their Days Behind The Velvet Rope." Everyone from Diamond Dallas Page to Samoa Joe to Bas Rutten to Renzo Gracie sat down with Paul & shared some wild stories from their days as club bouncers. You'll hear about the crazy fights, Paul's "Mad Dog Look," hyper-vigilance, how to protect yourself from a head-butt, and the 3 qualities needed to be a bouncer. Paul and Steve also tell some movie set stories, and offer up a sneak peek at who may be starring in "Titanic 2." It's not Leonardo DiCaprio, and it's called method acting, people! Presented by Geico!
81:19 22/09/22
Steve Remembers Chyna & Answers Your Questions | SAS CLASSIC
RIP WWE legend Chyna, music icon Prince, and one of the greatest guitarists to ever play the instrument, Lonnie Mack. Steve shares some personal stories about Chyna, and then answers your wrestling questions. He's talking Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Dusty Rhodes, and the great gift he got from Vince McMahon. Presented by Geico!
74:41 20/09/22