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Rachel Feinstein: A Joke about Her Husband's Coworkers
Rachel Feinstein jokes about her husband's coworkers in "Amy Schumer Presents: Parental Advisory".
02:15 07/02/2023
Jo Koy: A Joke about Child Birth
Jo Koy jokes about child birth in his Netflix special, "Live from Seattle".
02:43 06/02/2023
Rosebud Baker: A Joke about Getting Older
Rosebud Baker jokes about getting older in "That's My Time With David Letterman" only on Netflix.
01:39 05/02/2023
Tom Papa: A Joke about Pillow Talk
Tom Papa jokes about pillow talk in his Netflix special, "What a Day!"
03:13 04/02/2023
Sheng Wang: A Joke about His Belt
Sheng Wang jokes abou this belt in his Netflix special, "Sweet and Juicy".
01:07 03/02/2023
Neal Brennan: A Joke about His Inner Monologue
Neal Brennan jokes about his inner monologue in his Netflix special, "Blocks".
01:26 02/02/2023
Chelsea Handler: A Joke about Learning New Things
Chelsea Handler jokes about learning new things in her Netflix special, "Revolution".
05:03 01/02/2023
Trevor Noah: A Joke about the Little Mermaid
Trevor Noah jokes about the little mermaid in his Netflix special, "I Wish You Would".
01:27 31/01/2023
Nick Kroll: A Joke about Visiting Italy
Nick Kroll jokes about visiting Italy in his Netflix special, "Little Big Boy".
05:58 30/01/2023
Tracey Ashley: A Joke about her Capril Pant Goals
Tracey Ashley jokes about her capri pant goals in "Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin: Ladies Night Live" only on Netflix.
01:11 29/01/2023
Tom Segura: A Joke about Things That Shouldn't Make Him Laugh
Tom Segura jokes about things that shouldn't make him laugh in his Netflix special, "Disgraceful".
08:11 28/01/2023
Christina P.: A Joke about Parenting
Christina P. jokes about parenting in "Amy Schumer Presents: Parental Advisory" only on Netflix.
02:37 27/01/2023
Paul Virzi: A Joke about Marriage
Paul Virzi jokes about marriage in his Netflix special, "Nocturnal Admissions".
01:21 26/01/2023
Bill Burr: A Joke about His Too Honest Dad
Bill Burr jokes about his too honest dad in his Netflix special, "Live at the Rocks".
01:59 25/01/2023
Gina Yashere: A Joke about Becoming an Animal Person
Gina Yashere jokes about becoming an animal person in her set in "Stand Out: An LGBQT+ Celebration" only on Netflix.
04:36 24/01/2023
Jo Koy: A Joke about Racism
Jo Koy jokes about racism in his Netflix special, "Live from Seattle".
04:47 23/01/2023
Joan Rivers: A Joke about Aging
Watch some of Joan Rivers' iconic stand up in "The Hall: Honoring the Greats of Stand-Up" only on Netflix.
00:34 22/01/2023
Tom Papa: A Joke about Our Old People
Tom Papa jokes about our old people in his Netflix special, "What A Day!".
02:03 21/01/2023
Shen Wang: A Joke about the Benefits of an Office Job
Shen Wang jokes about the benefits of an office job in his Netflix special, "Sweet and Juicy"
02:35 20/01/2023
Jessica Kirson: A Joke about Dieting
Jessica Kirson jokes about dieting in her set in "Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill" only on Netflix.
02:29 19/01/2023
Jenny Slate: A Joke about Being the Weird Aunt
Jenny Slate jokes about being the weird aunt in her Netflix special, "Stage Fright".
01:11 18/01/2023
Trevor Noah: A Joke about the Phrase "Woo Hoo"
Trevor Noah jokes about the phrase "woo hoo" in his special, "Lost In Translation" only on Netflix.
05:14 17/01/2023
Sam Morril: A Joke about Relationship Sex
Sam Morril jokes about relationship sex in his Netflix special, "Same Time Tomorrow".
01:33 16/01/2023
Sebastian Maniscalco: A Joke about Childhood Birthday Parties
Sebastian Maniscalco jokes about his childhood birthday parties in his Netflix special, "Is It Me?"
04:22 15/01/2023
Kevin Hart: A Joke about His Dad
Kevin Hart jokes about his dad in his special, "What Now?" only on Netflix.
01:10 14/01/2023
Chelsea Handler: A Joke about Straight White Men
Chelsea Handler jokes about straight white men in her Netflix special, "Revolution'.
07:51 13/01/2023
Jim Gaffigan: A Joke about Biker Culture
Jim Gaffigan jokes about biker culture in his Netflix special, "Comedy Monster".
03:47 12/01/2023
Schalk Bezuidenhout: A Joke about MTV Classic "Pimp My Ride"
Schalk Bezuidenhout jokes about MTV classic, "Pimp My Ride" in "Only Jokes Allowed" only on Netflix.
04:49 11/01/2023
Andrew Santino: A Joke about Climate Change
Andrew Santino jokes about climate change in his Netflix special, "Cheeseburger".
04:07 10/01/2023
Tim Dillon: A Joke about the Questionable Ways He Has Fun Online
Tim Dillon jokes about the questionable ways he has fun online in his Netflix special, "A Real Hero".
01:56 09/01/2023