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A weekly fun filled theme park and roller coaster podcast. With your host James Barber, Timmy Jung, and Bob Mertz you'll never miss out on the latest news, construction updates, and speculation on new and up and coming attractions coming to the amusement park industry!


Episode #206: The Final Ride
Thank you all for five wonderful years, we hope you all have enjoyed it as much as we did. It's unfortunately time we pack it up and head home, but not before we give you one last kick-ass episode.  SHOW NOTES: Galactic Starcruiser to end operation Disney cancels $1 billion dollar move to Florida NAACP warns about traveling to Florida for tourism Cedar Point debuts new "Funway Arcade" mirror maze Wildcat's Revenge receives opening date of June 2nd Zambezi Zinger delayed until further notice More ZZ explanation  Paul Nelson, owner of Waldameer, passes away at 89 Gerstlauer debuts inverted model  SFGAM adding Schwarzkopf badge back to Whizzer trains Leap the Dips celebrates it's 121st birthday this year!
156:05 28/05/2023
Episode #205: Big Bear Mountain We're Coming For You!
In this week's episode, James and Timmy hold down the fort while Bob deals with work. The two of them discuss the latest news in the industry, including a big retheme at Universal Orlando, another big fight breaking out at a major park, and another wooden coaster receiving titan track. In the second half of the show, James and Timmy discuss their sporadic trip to Dollywood, which includes a review of the all-new Big Bear Mountain! We hope that you all have fun with this episode with all the fun we had making it! Show Notes: Fire at Kennywood Primanti Bros future site Kentucky Rumbler receiving Titan Track Fight breaks out at Disney World's Magic Kingdom San Diego City Council approves lawsuit against SeaWorld for back rent Universal Studios announces Minion Land Mako reopening after repaint SeaWorld Orlando introduces "new" pass member rewards system
86:14 21/05/2023
Episode #204: Darkoaster...Exists!
In this week's jam-packed episode, the hosts cover the weekly news, including some updates about some new parks, Six Flags park updates, and a teaser about Top Thrill Dragster. The second half of the show is a review of the brand-new DarKoaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Strap in for this week's episode, it's filled with fun conversation! Show Notes: Tony Clark gives TTD update Universal's Epic Universe Wizarding World Update Silver Dollar City announcement was right on brand Disney World to start phasing out reservations in 2024 Six Flags Surge Pricing  Magic Mountain to offset 100% of electricity by solar carport Great Adventure "Just Walk Out" technology  Canada's Wonderland opens with fights  Zambezi Zinger POV released Zambezi Zinger given opening date Saudi Arabia to possibly receive worlds first S&S Axis Coaster Hershey doesn't give you points.... they challenge you
105:00 14/05/2023
Episode #203: FIAT and the Florida IDIOT
In this week's episode, the hosts cover all of the political news out of Orlando and lots of industry announcements coming from all around the country. The second half topic this week is a discussion regarding year-round operation at regional parks. This week has some great arguments and feels just like a classic Coaster Talk Podcast episode so make sure to enjoy! Universal Parks first quarter results released Florida Tourism Board sues Disney Florida Lawmakers pass bill to void Reedy Creek district Disney monorail inspections bill headed for Gov. DeSantis  Two new amusement park bills passed through Florida legislature and head to DeSantaClaus desk Pipeline at SeaWorld Orlando to open for passholders on May 12th Indiana Beach announces name of coaster, opening summer 2023 Silver Dollar City announcement coming on May 5th BGW goes cashless and locals are not happy Cedar Fair first quarter results released CAGA to retheme area of park to "NorCal County Fair"  
119:31 07/05/2023
Episode #202: Disney Is On Fire!
This week's news includes lots of coverage of the latest happenings in Florida, including news from both Disney World and Universal as well as some coverage of other parks such as Lagoon and Dollywood. The second half of the show includes some discussion of the latest (rumored) closure at Kentucky Kingdom. There's plenty of great conversation in this week's episode so make sure to enjoy! Show Notes: Automated turnstiles...hooray for automation! THE WHOLE THING IS ON FIRE...or is it? The Second Round of Disney layoffs ensues Desantis wants the monorail to point toward the prison To make up for the animatronic. Hopefully...this guy was the problem with Universal recently   HHN Speculation Primordial details from the ADA accessibility guide Playland Castaway Cove Vice President hints at a new coaster Dollywood announces an opening of Big Bear Mountain after BGW's Darkoaster announcement, though it'll open before it. Fun Spot confirms that MineBlower will be receiving Retrack 208 Press Release? Kentucky Kingdom rumor: T3 is out?
88:54 30/04/2023
Episode #201: Would You Like Some BBQ?
We are back to our normally scheduled program with this week's show as we start our way into the two hundreds. This week has plenty of banter and arguments as we talk about some of life's most puzzling questions like the pronunciation of "BBQ." In the second half of the show the hosts discuss the latest RMC retrack and talk about last week's weekly poll. This week is a fun one so make sure to enjoy! Show Notes: Desantis' Reedy Creek Introduces Introduces “Superior Authority” Amendment Desantis attacks Disney World with targeted regulations Poseidon's Fury to close at Islands of Adventure Universal Orlando increases pass prices RMC and Larson to join forces Primanti Bros coming to Kennywood Kings Dominion to open new bbq restaurant Fun Spot America RMCing Mine Blower Old KidZone area construction expands at Universal Studios Florida The Bollywood joke can finally end DarKoaster given official opening date of May 11th  Cedar Fair parks implementing chaperone policy  
76:46 23/04/2023
Episode #200: A Walk Down Memory Lane
It's our 200th episode! Join us as we take a stroll down our archive, listening back to our 'best' and 'worst' moments. 
71:28 19/04/2023
Episode #199: Twerk for Torque
In this week's show, the hosts cover some news from this last week that includes news from Disney, Kennywood, and several political topics that tie into the theme park industry. The second half of the show includes discourse on titan track and hybrid coasters. Make sure to sit back and enjoy this week's episode!  Show Notes: Disney removed power from board that DeSantis took over Bob Iger states layoffs will be begin this week Pittsburgh DA vows to block Kennywood's opening day stating safety concerns  Boulder Dash receives Titan Track More Boomerrang upgrades at SFFT Velocicoaster is back to standard operations Alabama governor sends education dollars to Montgomery Whitewater park BGW poking fun at the Alice Cooper theory Tentative opening date for Darkoaster Kennywood Updates Developments in Six Flags New Orleans site
111:09 30/03/2023
Episode #198: Mutually Assured Trim Brakes
In this week's episode, nukes come up an odd amount of times...nonetheless it is an entertaining show this week without question. The first half contains a lot of catching up that we have to do, from missing a week with Florida. Then, the second half is time to tackle a huge controversy in the coaster community: trim brakes. Their purpose and the confirmation bias that seems to exist around them in the community are looked at extensively.  Show Notes: Big Bear Mountain opening in May Dolly Parton Experience museum announced for 2024 season Dollywood also has great communication with their guests The world's oldest orca passes away at 45 years old at Marineland Cedar Point early entry rides Kings Island early ride times Cool toy with hidden popcorn bucket arrives at Universal Studios Hollywood Orlando Free Fall now completely dismantled RipQurl Blaster announced for Six Flags America New Europa Park coaster POV released Dynamic Attractions Limited goes up for sale First human riders ride Pipeline at SWO  Disney and union tentatively agree to $18/hr payraise for cast members Halloween Horror Nights' small details confirmed  
102:46 26/03/2023
Quick Update from Universal Orlando!
There will be no “official” show released this week as the three hosts were at Universal Orlando together. Hopefully this quick update for you guys is just as entertaining to listen to as it was to record! Make sure to look out for next week, when we get return back to our normal recording schedule!
29:26 19/03/2023
Episode #197: Everybody Gets a Penny Press!
On this week’s show, it’s a battle of the soundboards and Bob fights for control of the show against James and Timmy! The hosts cover this week’s news topics including a Lake Compounce update, a Disney rumor, some changes to the Universal parks logos, and much more! In the second half of the show James, Bob, and Timmy discuss Bob’s latest trip to an event, CoasterBash, and also discuss their trip to Florida this upcoming week. Make sure to buckle up and enjoy episode, it’s quite a ride! Show Notes: Lakemont gets a new penny press for 2023  Wildcat at Lake Compounce to be closed all of 2023 season for renovations How a disputed $55M loan plays into feds' probe of Commanders Six Flags over Georgia sees multiple fights in reopening of park Frisco City Council Approves Universal Theme Park Ice Breaker has "comfort" collars removed 14 acre Peppa Pig park going to North Richland Hills Rock N' Roller Coaster retheme to Queen becoming more and more (kinda maybe) probable Universal changes name of parks division to "Universal Destinations and Experiences" Redesigned logos (found these on corporate site post-show recording)  Boomerang at Fiesta Texas recieves new trains
91:09 12/03/2023
Episode #196: ChatGPT Joins the Show!
On this week's show, the three hosts cover the news that has occurred over the last week in the theme park industry, including all of the new additions to the Six Flags chain, lots of construction updates, and updates coming out of Winter Chill Out. In the second half, the guys have an interview with ChatGPT, which leads to many hilarious answers and fun discussion! Make sure to tune into this week's show as it is a fun one! Show Notes: New Six Flags rides and additions Two new single rail family coasters coming to Fiesta Texas and Over Georgia F1 themed kiddie coaster coming to Six Flags St. Louis Arie Force One opening March 31st Mandrill Mayhem testing Paradise Pier opening March 3rd Pipeline Surf Coaster train now on track Epic Universe construction update Winter Chill Out Updates Possible teaser? "How tall is too tall" Kennywood restoring Whip for part of 125th celebration Beech Bend owner Dallas Jones passes away Knoebels Rock-O-Plane?! Shredder valley'd? Maybe? HHN Hollywood Spec Map released Drop tower may be going on top of NY skyscraper  
124:23 05/03/2023
Episode #195: Everything Looks Like a Surf Rider!
In this week's episode, the hosts cover this week's news, which includes some more changes to Velocicoaster's operations, some new patents from Intamin, and Bob goes on a furious rant while discussing some more Orlando Free Fall news. The second half of the show includes some discussion about the latest Horror Night Nightmares Speculation Map, which Bob is absolutely thrilled about! This week's show is a fun one so make sure to buckle up and enjoy! Show Notes: Velocicoaster to Start Accepting Universal Express Pass Falcons Flight Documents Show Height of of 650+ft Intamin Files Patents for New Elements, Including a "Figure 8 Loop" Intamin New Train Patents Cedar Point to Roll Out Mobile Ordering System (Bob is Ecstatic!) Decorative Helicopter at American Dream Mall Falls into Pool, Injures Four Busch Gardens Tampa Updates Height Requirement of Scorpion after TikTok Video Orlando FreeFall coming down after owner reaches settlement following Tyre Sampson's death A bill is introduced in FL to help prevent future tragedies  Keldon Holdings appeals ruling on Conneaut Lake Park building renovations Fair Enterprise Breaks down during Ride Cycle Magic Mountain Also Announces Scream Break Event Six Flags New England Teaser  
78:51 26/02/2023
Episode #194: Dragster's Mobile Ordered Spike
In this week's episode, things get back to normal as the hosts stay on topic (for the most part). This week's news includes some rides in Six Flags closing, a ride outside of Six Flags being closed, and a big update on Top Thrill Dragster. In the second half the guys talk about Bob's recent trip to Universal Orlando, and he actually has some complaints about the resort for once! This week is back to more of a normal episode. but it is still really fun! Make sure to sit back and enjoy this week's episode! Make sure to share your favorite moments with us for our 200th episode here! Show Notes: DeSantis Declares Victory as Disney Is Stripped of Some 56-Year-Old Perks More COTALand Details Shared Many Rides Missing from Six Flags Websites, Some Confirmed to be being Removed Parachute Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure to be Removed Xcalibur at Six Flags St. Louis to be Removed Harley Quinn Spinsanity at Six Flags over Texas to be Removed Minirail at La Ronde to be removed Walibi Holland Announces Single Rail Coaster Delayed, Announces it Will Now Become Dueling Single Rail Could Dragster get a 500ft Spike? Hopefully not. Universal Orlando Increases Base Pay of Employees Silver Dollar City Announces Fire in the Hole's Final Season Cedar Fair Reports Record Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results
114:57 20/02/2023
Episode #193: Off the Rails
This week's show is certainly "off the rails!" There's plenty of conversation that occurs about this week's news, which includes lots of news out of Cedar Fair, some Disney news, and a special event coming out of Six Flags Fiesta Texas. The second half topic this week is a recap of Bob's visit to the Eastcoaster event. This week was a fun episode, and just as off-topic as last week's show, so sit back and enjoy it! Show Notes: Valley Fair GM on CAGA's future... Should I stay or should I go? Owners of Cedar Point Amusement Park Face Class Action Over Alleged Age Discrimination Virtu Financial LLC Makes New Investment in Cedar Fair Scream Break After Hours Event Announced for SFFT Could California's Great America Have Been Bought by... Disney? No. Cedar Point to Open First Phase of Esports Center in May San Antonio's Six Flags Fiesta Texas to add new E-sports gaming center  Update from Adventureland GM Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge Deemed "Fatphobic" Bob Iger Plans to Add New Lands to Theme Parks to Increase Capacity Tron Vehicle for Larger Guests   Pirates of the Caribbean Boat Sinks at Disneyland Iger Confirms Pandora Coming to Disneyland in Some Form With all this good, there must be some bad? Whatever, this Peltz dude  Cedar Point Announces "Midway Game Nite"
104:28 12/02/2023
Episode #192: The Twitter Museum is at Indiana Beach
In this week's trainwreck of an episode, Timmy is back, and some topics are very loosely discussed. Heavy emphasis on the "loosely." The hosts can't stay on topic for more than a few minutes for this episode, so the conversation derails very quickly and frequently. The second half of the show leads to talking about Timmy's California visit, at least for a short while. This episode is very chaotic, so make sure to buckle up and enjoy this week's show! Show Notes:   Mindbender at West Edmonton Mall Permanently Closed After more than 3 decades, West Edmonton Mall's Mindbender roller-coaster closes for good  Hersheypark Quietly Removes Whip And is Open for More Weekends This Year Kung Fu Panda Animated Meet and Greet Rumored for KidZone Replacement at Universal Studios Florida New Dorney Park Project Goes to Planning Commission Article Highlighting Plan Parkfans shares a plausible rendering Cedar Fair Parks Start to Drop Fast Lane Plus: *Parks Without Fast Lane Plus*: California's Great America, Carowinds, Dorney Park, Kings Dominion, Kings Island, Knott's Berry Farm, Michigan's Adventure, Valleyfair Tron to Feature Double-Sided Locker System Similar to that of Velocicoaster Thorpe Park Removes VR from Ghost Train, to be Entirely New Experience      
105:36 06/02/2023
Episode #191: This is a Golden Horse?!
In this week's episode, Timmy is out again so the classic duo of James and Bob cover this week's news. This week's news includes some changes to VelciCoaster's operations, some drama in Mack Rides, and a new coaster that looks familiar... In the second half Bob and James discuss the Friedman Doctrine and how it relates to the theme park industry. This episode is a fun one so make sure to enjoy! Show Notes: You missed your chance ... but there's more   SkyHigh Coasters owner's son dies in accident at Adventureland  A VelociCoaster Change  Jumanji come to life  Bison World is.... a thought  Cedar Fair splits from Camp Cedar  The museum..... *sigh* Mack Rides Social Media  A Chance Skydiver headed to North Carolina  How about that horse?  Will it erase Velma from my mind?  "Universal Horror Unleashed"  I wish this park would go away already How The Friedman Doctrine Leads To The Enshittification Of All Things
112:59 29/01/2023
Episode #190: What to Talk About...?
Such a wacky episode of Coaster Talk ahead! The first half is the same as per the uge, but what's in store for the second? WE DON'T KNOW! That's right, the second half was miscellaneous discussion on everything roller coasters and anywhere between! It was good fun, so where ever you're listening at sit back and enjoy yet another fun episode of the show. Show Notes: Diamondback to receive repaint SFoG announces new dueling family coaster  Voyage will get some prefab GG track this year  12 new Cedar Point sexual assault cases revealed  Rise of the Resistance faces more downtime  Galaxyland getting Hasbro branding  SF St Louis teasing something  Knoebels has a Flying Coaster  Camp Cedar Discussion Additional information on Joyland not reopening
91:53 22/01/2023
Episode #189: New Year, Same Us!
Welcome back to a new episode of Coaster Talk Podcast! On this week’s show, there is a TON of news that we have to cover, seeing that we missed almost a month’s worth of news! During the second half of the show, James and Timmy talk about their latest trip, which was to Texas, trip reports included! We hope that you guys enjoy this show as much as we enjoyed recording it, this was a fun one! SHOW NOTES:  Cedar Point tells us…… what we already know El Toro Ryan Video Two new Universal attractions announced Tron may actually open Gravity Group to refurbish Grizzly at Kings Dominion Mission Ferrari is open! Zoning hearing board OKs variance to convert Conneaut Lake Park to RV site Blue Streak’s death was voted the top story of the year At Least 62 Rescued from ICON Park Ferris Wheel Thunder Run sparking Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster to go down for multi-month refurbishment Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler accused of sexual assualt in the 1970’s Desperado Status Joyland to not reopen Demolition of The Ultimate started SFA demolishes Bonzai Pipelines Six Flags America Permits Filed Amusement Park Employee Lost Her Job Over OnlyFans Account After Visitors Kept Recognizing Her
116:47 15/01/2023
Episode #188: Discord, Where is the News?
Discord tried to withhold the news from us this week, dont worry Bob and James got you covered. Despite Timmy running out this week, listen in as the two discuss Universal going through massive changes, rides opening (and closing), and Carowinds falling apart. There's a lot to unpack; buckle up and enjoy the ride! Show Notes:    Universal Creative Execs take early retirement Super Nintendo opens 2/17/2023 Since when is Tron an Enterprise? Mäch to no longer drop Arie Force is testing w/ water dummies Fire out at Six Flags Great America maintenance building Buffalo Bills to reopen  Carowinds is falling down  WCO is lottery based this year Jurassic World Live Attraction  
105:25 18/12/2022
Episode #187: The National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives... Might be a Big Lie
A HUGE THANKS TO THOOSIE MOB FOR LETTING US USE THEIR SONG IN THIS WEEK'S SHOW! WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO HERE! In this week's episode, the three guys talk about some news coming out of Universal Studios Orlando, a coaster element in someone's backyard, some news about Cedar Fair parks, and other exciting news stories! In the second half, James and Timmy discuss their experience with the Holiwood Nights ticket system, and Bob joins the discussion and hypothesizes some other ways that ticketing can be done. This show is a great one, with a fun mid-roll song, so make sure to give this week's episode a listen! Show Notes: Maverick's heartline roll has been found Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast announced for Universal Studios Orlando Orlando Epic Universe work is ‘right on track,’ executive says Epic Universe Dueling Coaster POV Knott's to modify chaperone policy to Saturdays only Cedar Point Police force to disband Cedar Fair taken to Ohio Supreme Court over sexual assault allegations Dollywood to cancel firework show for the rest of season Kennywood SwingShot to receive fresh coat of paint Leviathan opened at SeaWorld Australia… ...for only a short time Verbolten finally has it's roof back  
93:43 12/12/2022
Episode #186: Bob's Here, Bob's Out, Bob's Back
In this week's episode, there is a ton of news to cover, with topics such as an update from the Orlando FreeFall accident, Bob Iger returning to Disney as CEO, and some new attractions that have been announced in this past week! In the second half of the show, the drama is covered that has occurred within the last two weeks, including some that Bob got into on Twitter!  Make sure to grab a snack and sit back and enjoy this week's episode! Show Notes: Quest Engineering report released, Orlando Freefall purposely set to have "larger opening" Orlando Freefall Records altered Bob Iger returns as Disney CEO Bob Iger outlines vision for Disney as he returns as CEO Disney files patent for new "drop swing track" system CityWalk Orlando opening "Great Movie Escape" this month Kennywood closes early... later because of weather Dreamworld Australia announces new additions Former Six Flags CEO passes away Port Aventura new coaster theme announced Original Tweet from Bob Mentioned Tweet from IAAPA Referenced in Second Half Tweet defending NRCMA 2016 Reference to a Public Wing Video Referenced in Second Half
105:44 05/12/2022
Episode #185: The Cheese Stands Alone
Wowza, IAAPA sure didn't provide much news, but it sure did produce a whole lotta ride vechicals! Listen in to the first half where we (back to James & Bob minus Tim this week) discuss the surprisingly lack of content from the trade show in Orlando, instead focusing on news from an array of other sources. Then, IAAPA does take a spotlight for the second half, but in an uncoventional way. It seems the biggest things happening at the Expo this year was train reveals. And while some rocked, others weren't so 'gouda'.  Show Notes: Kennywood announces new themed area "Area 412" and new ride "Spinvasion" Beth Snodgrass to appear at the Holiday Lights opening Premiere Rides working with son of Anton Schwarzkopf to create "Retro Wildcat 2.0." First one planned to open in 2024 for Anton's 100th birthday Extreme Engineering announces 3 new Cloud Coasters Classic Schwarzkopf badges getting re-added back onto trains After years of watching, we now KNOW it's coming to Lagoon "Listen" to your audience Premiere announces a new spinning coaster as well as a SRII going to Steel Pier Front Car/Ride Vehicle Reveals Draken Falls at Adventureland Zambezi Zinger at Worlds of Fun Wildcat's Revenge at Hersheypark Wild Mouse at Cedar Point Zamperla unnamed coaster (rumored to be Senzafiato) Artic Rescue at SeaWorld San Diego Big Bear Mountain at Dollywood Pipeline at SeaWorld San Diego Coaster proposed for Oasis at Lakeport Bone Shaker at Mattel Adventure Park Parc Asterix Non-IAAPA Train Announcement: Toutatis
121:03 21/11/2022
Episode #184: Here Comes...Zamperla?
Completely out of left feild to most, Zamperla will be assembling/refurbishing the new Intamin (aka a relocated accelerator) at PNE Playland. While that is already odd enough, this plays into an even more curious rumor the guys will talk at large about this week. So much more fun to listen to aswell this week...sit back and enjoy.  Show Notes: PNE Playland to receive new Zamperla coaster, will be Canada's fastest launch coaster Zamperla uses same ship Intamin recently used to ship TTD track Carowinds closed early due to sunshine Video from Alton Towers about closing of Nemesis Alton Towers gives guests special last ride Grizzly was NOT damaged from storm as some thought, closed for extensive retracking Zamperla uses same ship Intamin recently used to ship TTD track Kennywood "Battle for the Burgh" teaser Another teaser from Kennywood Skyline Attractions announces new "TrailRunner" model More than 30 press conferences planned for IAAPA RMC Teaser also from IAAPA
121:26 14/11/2022
Episode #183: Outside the Magic!
In this week's episode, James and Timmy torment Bob with a soundboard, so be prepared to be tormented as well with the same four sounds throughout the show! This week's news includes a brand new RMC, a brand new park, and some news coming out of Universal Studios Orlando. In the second half of the show, the guys talk about a certain online public, which has quite ridiculous articles most of the time. This week's show is quite funny, especially with the soundboard fun, so sit back and enjoy this week's show! Show Notes:  "Wildcat's Revenge" announced for summer of 2023 at Hersheypark Multiple rides at Universal Studios to close Missouri to receive new park Heart of California park will most certainly NOT receive rides from CAGA 9-Year-Old struck in face by cell phone on Flight of Courage at SFMM PA rider safety act Epic Universe construction updates Studio Ghibli theme park in Japan now open
80:36 07/11/2022
Episode #182: The Topics Derailed
James, Timmy, and Bob discuss the weekly news in the amusement park industry. This include a train derailing at Silver Dollar City, a new model from Intamin, and some news coming out of Joyland. In the second half of the show, they finish up the argument that caused last week's poll and talk about favorite surprises on rides in the spirit of Halloween (though they do *derail* a bit). This week is another fun one, so enjoy the show! Show Notes:  Silver Dollar City train derails - Tweet from witness - Release from Silver Dollar City Silver Dollar City owns Indian Ridge property Intamin announces vertical launch model Accident at Oakwood theme park Joyland bought by two couples - and was vandalized Vote Coasters starts Nov 1
64:33 31/10/2022
Episode #181: Marathoning, it Depends...
The three amigos are here to talk about the week's latest news including a new coaster to Sea World Orlando, a funny interview with the new CEO of Six Flags, and Sea World marketing being Sea World marketing yet again. The second half of the show really steps the humor up a notch with the conversation turning to attendance at this year's haunt events and what constitutes a marathon. This show is quite an entertaining one so sit back, grab something to drink, and enjoy this week's show! Show Notes: Is Joyland saved? - Offer was accepted Coliwood Studios interviews Selim Some kind of record might have maybe been broken by BGT's new swing Christmas Town lineup announced at BGW Kings Island announces new themed area that includes two new family rides Disneyland introduces MagicBands to Disneyland Resort Seaworld Orlando announces Pipeline: Surf Coaster Kings Dominion and Carowinds announce year-round operation. Michigan's Adventure announces the fall season for 2023 Multiple Cedar Fair parks are being sponsored by Progressive insurance: Worlds of Fun, Kings Island, and Kings Dominion
116:36 26/10/2022
Episode #180: Coming to You Live from Florida!
In this week's special episode, James and Timmy come to you live from Florida's best haunts! These include Busch Gardens Tampa, SeaWorld Orlando, and of course Halloween Horror Nights! Hopefully, you have as much fun listening as we did on the trip, so sit back and enjoy this week's episode!
27:09 19/10/2022
Episode #179: Pimp My Magnum
On this week's episode, the three hosts talk about this week's happenings in the amusement park industry such as an update about the Orlando Free Fall drop tower, an Intamin prefab receiving actual care and maintenance, and a possible new coaster coming to Universal Studios Hollywood. In the second half of the show, the hosts forage through some funny yelp reviews, and there are some quite entertaining ones! Sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy this week's episode. Show Notes: Orlando Free Fall to be removed / Additional Coverage Arrest made in Kennywood shooting; Police looking for second shooter Balder to reopen after 15 months of refurbishment Thorpe Park Exodus project granted permission by local council to be built / Additional coverage / Even more additional coverage World's first "stand up" drop tower to close Cedar Fair makes changes to Board of Directors Disney100 begins next year at Disneyland Fast and Furious coaster coming to Hollywood?
91:39 17/10/2022
Episode #178: "I Want to See Their Feces!"
In this week's show, the three amigos talk about the impact of Hurricane Ian on Orlando, some new SeaWorld coasters, and much more! There's a lot of news that has happened over the past week so we're here to help you catch up on all the events that have occurred. In the second half of the show, we play RCDB roulette, which is always a fun time! So sit down, relax, and enjoy this week's episode! Show Notes: Orlando parks encounter damages from Ian Shooting at Kennywood Park New safety precautions announced at Kennywood Park Updated Chaperone Policy at Knott's SeaWorld announces Catapult Falls at SWSA SeaWorld announces Arctic Rescue at SWSD 700ft of RFII being replaced BGW corrects "Straddle Coaster" claim Woman hit by coaster train at Melbourne Royal Road Show Tayto Park gets a new name
108:01 03/10/2022