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A weekly fun filled theme park and roller coaster podcast. With your host James Barber and Bob Mertz you'll never miss out on the latest news, construction updates, and speculation on new and up and coming attractions coming to the amusement park industry!


Episode #178: "I Want to See Their Feces!"
In this week's show, the three amigos talk about the impact of Hurricane Ian on Orlando, some new SeaWorld coasters, and much more! There's a lot of news that has happened over the past week so we're here to help you catch up on all the events that have occurred. In the second half of the show, we play RCDB roulette, which is always a fun time! So sit down, relax, and enjoy this week's episode! Show Notes: Orlando parks encounter damages from Ian Shooting at Kennywood Park New safety precautions announced at Kennywood Park Updated Chaperone Policy at Knott's SeaWorld announces Catapult Falls at SWSA SeaWorld announces Arctic Rescue at SWSD 700ft of RFII being replaced BGW corrects "Straddle Coaster" claim Woman hit by coaster train at Melbourne Royal Road Show Tayto Park gets a new name
108:01 03/10/22
Episode #177: Return of the Glory Days
This week James and Timmy have a very special guest on the show: Bob! He's back as a co-host and here to discuss this week's news! Some topics this week include: Bob's best friend Todd Joesph, El Toro having another moment, and a SCarowinds incident. The second half of the show includes discussion about James and Timmy's favorite part of the fall season, Haunt! Sit upright, hold on tight, and enjoy this week's show!  Show Notes: Todd Joseph wants to convert Conneaut Lake Park lands into RV park Previous Adventureland owners blame family and state for Jaramillo's death Family Kingdom has changed ownership over to a local amusement group El Toro roller coaster is 'structurally compromised,' to remain closed by NJ inspectors Carowinds announces new chaperone policy after weekend incident 365 dayless - Six Flags Magic Mountain no longer open 7 days a week? Kennywood replacing Volcano?  —  UFO Tracker 
93:10 26/09/22
Episode #176: Golden Ticket Suprise
Well, another year, another Golden Ticket Awards. Yay!* While we aren't exactly the biggest proponents of the award system nonetheless we do discuss the results this week, however fluad they may be. Along with that there's a ton of news as per usual engulfing the theme park industry, so buckle up as we tackle the hot topics of the week. *Said completely sarcastically Show Notes: New Intamin Launched Log Flume > Episode in-depth discussion of San Antonio's Log FLume SeaWorld Surf Coaster Media Invite Leak Toverland is Getting an Expansion Wild Adventures Expansion Coming in 2023 Updates from D23 Parks Panel (Get Mad James) Return of Dark Arts Show to IOA
67:09 19/09/22
Episode #175: We're Back...For Real
Aloha everyone! We know, it's been a minute; if you want to hear where we've been/what we've been up to - go ahead and find last week's episode. Because this week, instead of dwelling on the fact that we've been MIA for a couple months, we decided to just go ahead and jump on back into the groove. And jump we do - covering an array of news stories swelling around the industry, then diving into our top 15 favorite coasters we rode while in Europe! It's quite a bit this week: from ride closures to substructure replacements. However, we trust that your appetite is starved and ready to be whetted! With that, enjoy the episode this week.  SHOW NOTES: Top Thrill Dragster to be "reimagined" DarKoaster officially Announced El Toro coaster getting repair to part of substructure after injuries Lost Island Theme Park closes early this season Big Bear Mountain First Look Wildcat to be RMC'd Zambezi Zinger returning to WOF - with a twist! NEW for 2023: The Boardwalk
114:00 13/09/22
Episode #174: The Grand Europe Episode!
This weeks show is something that has taken quite a bit of planning, James and Timmy finally make it out to Europe! Not only did the two guys make it out but they bring you, the listener, along for the ride as well! The format of the show is a little different this week as the guys recorded trip reports at every park to bring you all on this adventure along with them! So sit back, grab some of your favorite Spanish delicacies, along with your favorite German beer, and enjoy this week's show!
53:41 05/09/22
Episode #173: In Those HoliWood Hills!
On this week’s episode, James and Timmy briefly cover this week’s news that includes some exciting locker systems from Six Flags, the announcement of the SeaWorld Orlando B&M Surf Coaster, and OF COURSE, some Disney news that Timmy cannot avoid talking about. The reason for the haste during the first half of the show is because James and Timmy are recapping one of the consistently best weekends of the year: Holliwood Nights! And not only are just James and Timmy recapping this spectacular event, but a special guest joins the show as well! Airtime Myke, one of the biggest fans of not only Holiwood Nights, but Holiday world as a park joins the show this week. Listen along to this week’s show to hear how much fun has ensued this past week! Show Notes: Dr Diabolical to receive free locker system similar to that of Universal Splash Mountain's Princess and the Frog revamp rumored to open in 2024 Kennywood's Aero 360 gets stuck, leaves riders hanging upside down New Cedar Point attraction tease Dollywood adds seat belts to their drop tower after Orlando drop tower incident Surf Coaster Teaser at SeaWorld Orlando
81:41 14/06/22
Episode #172: A Whole New Meaning of Coaster Lineup
On this week’s episode James and Timmy discuss some great investments going into parks, as well as parks trying to get people to buy into virtual investments. Other fun news stories include a change of theme at the Universal Orlando Tribute Store, and coaster campouts making a comeback at King’s Dominion.  The second half of the show involves coaster lineups, but not the ones that you probably think about too often.  Overall, this week is a lot of fun, and make sure to play along and give us your coaster lineups! SHOW NOTES: Theme Park Sleepover | X-Plorer's Campout AstroWorld returning as virtual theme park in metaverse Waldameer has big plans for the future of the park Walibi Holland single-rail coaster opening in 2024 Cosmic Rewind to Open...tomorrow! Wolverine Wildcat at Michigan's Adventure to Receive Titan Track Universal's new Tribute Store celebrates retro movies
57:03 31/05/22
Episode #171: It's Getting...GCI'd?
Quite the buzz about the new Titan Track finally making it's first true appearance this week. James and Timmy cover this along with a load of other stories that fill this weeks rundown. In the second half it is all about train aesthetics! Which coaster has the best?  SHOW NOTES: Indonesian Waterslide Collapses Injuring 16 Coney Island Cincinnati Attempts To Set Record For Most Water Slide Riders Within 24 Hour Period Possible "Minion's Cafe" To Take Over Current Universal Monsters Cafe Location USA Today 10 Best New Theme Park Attraction Polls Results Announced...Sadly Disney Puts Foot Down Against Dumb TikTok Trend Bob Paycheck Out Of Touch Yet Again Predator At Darien Lake To Receive GCI Titan Track Work Tron At Magic Kingdom Complete First Cycle Bear Has to Be Rescued After Getting Trapped at a Calif. Six Flags Amusement Park  
56:39 17/05/22
Episode #170: Coaster Talk’s Sleepless-verse of Madness
While Doctor Strange may be fighting alternate universe demons this week, James and Timmy are fighting sleep deprevation. The news this week includes Bob getting his own bar at his favorite park chain, an investigation being launched into Cedar Point’s dorms, and Russia taking things a step even further.  The second half quickly devolves into madness as the guys get too tired and they attempt to discuss their favorite night rides on coasters.  SHOW NOTES: Bob's Bar SkyWheel Myrtle Beach temporarily closed after fire Promiscuous Sandusky Russia has declared war on fun Lakemount Fun Update! Jolly Rancher Remix Opening On May 28th LegoLand California To Get Vekoma Madhouse TimberWolf's New Lighting Package
50:18 10/05/22
Episode #169: Kings Island Steals the Show
This week it’s just James, Timmy, and a boat load of news from Kings Island. The guys cover Kings Island news, Reedy Creek developments, a ride closure, and questionable maintenance procedures. There’s no real cheerful news this week, unless you were not a fan of Da Vinci’s Cradle, but the merriment picks up in the second half when the guys discuss their much-anticipated Europe trip. SHOW NOTES:   Lawsuit Results Against Kings Island Audio Recordings from State Investigations Question Adventureland's Maintenance Closure of Da Vinci's Cradle Man arrested after stabbing near Kings Island Orion bumped? More Reedy Creek stuff    
77:15 03/05/22
Episode #168: Top 50 Time! *Shudders*
The guys have quite the news load before them this week! Listen as they hit the biggest stories of the week one after another.  That's only the beggining of the fun this week, however. For it's the time of year again. The time of year where everyone cringes from each of the hosts' top 50 coaster list, each one receiving the strictest of scrutiny from the others. Oh what fun! SHOW NOTES:   Disney, DeSantis, and Bears.... Oh my!  Report released regarding Orlando Freefall -- and it's bad  Lakemont receives $10k from ACE for Skyliner  Hersheypark is growing up  Palace will keep Raging River closed for 2022  12 year old injured leg on IceBreaker during previews  Kennywood Park Is Getting a Facelift  Dan Claims He Was Injured On Cyclone Roller Coaster, Files Lawsuit Against Lakeside Amusement Park  
100:45 26/04/22
Episode #167: We're Not Done Yet Florida
The guys are back and have some more to share about the Florida trip! In a more tradtional format this week, however, the show does start off with a news segment. The industry is a busy place these days, a lot to talk about this week! SHOW NOTES: Theme Park Ride Shut Down After Boy, 4, Is Left Unrestrained Allegedly seats on the Icon Drop Tower had been adjusted prior to the accident to fit larger guests Employee Injured, Four Guests Taken to Hospital After Electrical Malfunction at Six Flags Over Texas B&M Surf Track On-Location Wild Arctic Coaster SeaWorld San Diego SeaWorld San Diego..... owes rent? 355ft Height Waiver Extension Approved For BGW Universal offers tickets to couple turned away from Disney
101:17 18/04/22
Episode #166: LIVE from Universal Florida
Listen in as the guys give you an update of their Floridian vacation, from the state itself!
58:56 11/04/22
Episode #165: Carowinds at a Crossroad
  Bob, James, and Timmy have Zach from Parkfans back on again! This week Carowinds and their potential retheme is discussed along with an array of other stories and topics.  SHOW NOTES: Icon Tragedy Dollywood Closes Drop Line Out Of Abundance Of Caution Olympia Looping Tragedy Lost Island Site Up! Daddy Pig Supremacy Conneaut Lake Park Water Park Being Removed Niagara Park Opening COTA To Build Tilt Coaster    
76:38 05/04/22
Episode #164: Log Flume Innovation?!
One wouldn't suspect something as tradtional and conventional as the log flume to be the subject of Intamin's newest restyling, but here we are. Listen in to James, Bob and Zach as they discuss what this all entails and speculate further on the project. Other news and happenings are discussed amoungst James and Bob as per usual. Later in the show we also revist the Holliwood Nights subject and what could be done to better appease all those who wish to attend without damaging the event.        SHOW NOTES: SBF building an actual coaster? No, not an early April Fools joke....  Hey! Look what's back! Wouldn't ya know?  Looks to be a flat ride at Carowinds… SteamPunk and Van Gogh? DC Universe coming to Six Flags Great America  Familypark appears to be adding Intamin Flume Oh...yeah...we found this thing Bob was rambling about                    
77:32 28/03/22
Episode #163: Kumba's Curse
Everyone seems to be deadset on the removal of a certain (look in the title) B&M sitdown looping coaster. Is this accurate? Here what the guys and the park have to say about it! Other additions, news, and innovations discussed as well in the first half. In the second half, Holiwood Nights in the topic at hand. Did we get in? Did you? Did anyone? There's quite a buzz going aorund about that, aswell as if it is a viable selection methond for the event. All that and more on this week's show! SHOW NOTES: Kumba pronounced...... not dead!? Six Flags America 2022 Update  Maurer trying to sale some Spikes... even with Spikes  Nintendo to Hollywood! Thorpe Park Plans Show Mack Rides Coaster 
83:02 22/03/22
Episode #162: Zach is Back
We are are treated to Zach of as a guest-host with the dudes this week! Listen in as the the three run down a rather uneventful week of news before getting to spotlight the two newest Virginia attractions: Tumbili and Pantheon!  Also, what coasters would they (and of course you, the audience) like to ride one more time if the world was ending? Listen in to find out! SHOW NOTES: Chapek creates a mess for Disney  Kings Island bringing back original red, white and blue color scheme on The Racer  The US is getting a roller ball  Limited Edition Wicked Twister Track Slic sold out Fire destroys queue building at Lost Island Theme Park DC Super Hero Run Series at Participating Six Flags 
145:25 14/03/22
Episode #161: News & Pantheon Previews
Ton of news starts of this weeks show: from Pennsylvania all the way to China! Rides are being built, concepts created, and announcements made – we have it all covered here on this episode. Not only that but we get a trip report from two special guests pertaining to the brand new attraction "Pantheon", which just opened for passholder previews this past weekend... SHOW NOTES: Iron Gwazi gives guest a high-five! Hershey is spicing things up Drachen Spire lives on? Knoebels doesn't have a Bayern Kurve.... They have two. One should open in 2023. Great Adventure adds single rider lines and brings back Medusa More LSMs from Jinma Hattiesburg Zoo debuts electric train from Chance Rides You get a retheme, you get a retheme.... everybody gets a retheme!??
80:34 07/03/22
Episode #160: No Walls, No Polercoaster, and No 48" Height Requirement
Well it's that time of the week again, and boy oh boy is there fun in store for this one. Join the guy(s)? As they talk through the week's biggest stories, controversies, etc. with a few mintues of fun and sidetracking ;). SHOW NOTES:  BGW's neighbor is building a multi-level go-kart track  Polercoaster *cough not cough* opening in 3 years Build the Wall – BGWFans Custom Concept Art   Hershey unveils their upgraded boomerang -- and more  Sea World's new coaster for the kids to ride.... can't accomodate kids BGW raises pass prices.... again - Comparison  Story Land to have adult only nights in July  Cedar Point announces.... food Top Thrill Dragster closed for 2022 and maybe beyond Peppa Pig is scary
123:18 28/02/22
Episode #159: But...Tower of Terror
Three hosts, 3 times the fun! Join in this week to hear some truly compelling news in the first half. This includes updates from the Bull, SeaWorld, and an androgynous sea-creature/dinosaur? If you think the first half sounds like a good time, you haven't seen anything yet. The second half is where the guys talk social media, Spring Break, and yes: Tower of Terror (that is not an understatement, a Universal V. Disney debate truly ends there claims Bob). SHOW NOTES: Six Flags fined for not reporting the El Toro incident  SeaWorld rose offer to $63/share before being rejected by Cedar Fair Dollywood will pay 100% of tuition for employees Lakemont Park gets a mascot  and a kid's club   
103:15 21/02/22
Episode #158: Disney V. Universal
Bob is out this week so Timmy fills in and somehow manages over an hour long show. The news this week includes new coaster openings and announcements, looping lasers, and laser shows alike. In the second half, Timmy and James argue over which massive franchise park is superior. Make sure to vote on this weeks weekly poll for which park you think is better! SHOW NOTES:   Ice Breaker opened & Iron Gwazi opened  Laser Loop to return to Niagara Amusement Park & Splash World Great Adventure to ‘unleash the Bull’ next season Holiday World adds new laser drone show - the campaign was the best part   First impressions of Pantheon            
91:29 13/02/22
Episode #157: SeaWorld, You Can Stop Now
We're hit with quite an interesting array of stories this week. From closures, to land buying, to absurd rumors - the news of the week will not dissapoint any.  ...The second half of the show also has some news. A news story to big to have included in the first half. SeaWorld has propsed a bid to buyout Cedar Fair and all of it's properties to form: Seadar Fair. We discuss details and gut reactions aswell as our weekly poll with the confines of the second half.  SHOW NOTES: Goliath Scrapped..... allegedly? La Ronde Vipère will never open, shocker, we know. Montezooma’s Revenge is closing for the year And let's talk about this absurdity regarding Darien Lake DA will NOT file charges against GC Silver Dollar City gets strategic Seadar Fair 
119:57 07/02/22
Episode #156: A Sucker Punch From Pantheon
On last show the three other SeaWorld Parks annoounced new attraction opeing dates, this week it was Busch Gardens Williamsburg's turn. Don't worry. SeaWorld didn't let this announcemnt come without a hidden drawback. James and Bob divulge into that and the other news of the week to start things off.  Wait up for the second half – as 2022 predictions are revealed and discussed from audience and hosts alike!  SHOW NOTES:   Comcast reports Epic Universe Orlando on track for Summer 2025 and parks up $1.9B  Conneaut Condos coming soon All passholders get a single ride on Pantheon prior to opening Avalanche becomes Reptilian Is B&M getting edgy? In no shock to the same, Ride of Steel is remaining   Nemesis to receive retracking  
96:02 31/01/22
Episode #155: The "Opening" of SEAS Rides
SEAS has done a chainwide annoucemnet regarding their new attractions 2021 (excluding BGW, of course, because it is Bob and James' home park). Hopefully this time the rides actually end up opening; unlike Wicked Twister, which the replacement of has been hinted at by Tony Clark. This as well as so much more fills this weeks first half. The second half contiunes the copious amount of content – as we talk Lake Compounce, Knott's Berry Farm, and even get a call from our good friend Tumble Bug. SHOW NOTES:   Six Flags does what enthusiasts want and enthusiasts are pissed Is this really it for Otherworld? SEAS 2022 Openings: Iron Gwazi | Emperor | Ice Breaker Wicked Twister's replacement will be "something for everyone" Something is happening at Lake Compounce       
92:46 24/01/22
Episode #154: Hands Off the Flywheel!
Timmy once again takes the place of Bob this week – which makes for a short but enlivened show! Six Flags has had quite the week, as has Knott's Berry Farm. Discover what is so intersting about those two as well as quite a bit of others this week to top the show off! After news is chewed over, Todd joesph gets an evil backstory and a flywheel lauch may be gone forever... SHOW NOTES:   Knotts installing new Italian restaurant behind Pony Express SFOT Park President Ron McKenzie leaving Six Flags SFGAm park president Hank Salemi passes away Minions to take over Shrek 4-D building? A very interesting policy change coming from Six Flags (Week Late News) Beast gets a massive retracking Montezooma's Revenge to close for refurbishment A not-so-hopeful post from Knotts concerning the refurbishment  
53:25 18/01/22
Episode #153: Turd Joseph and the One That Got Away
Todd Jospeh has delt the final blow. Despite us knowing this was the likley fate of the ride, it's still a sucker punch to the gut to see Blue Streak get the ax. Listen in as the dudes talk the a**hole that is Todd, remember the Streak for it's amazing legacy and importance to the industry, and the examine convoluted way in which the ride is being deconstructed. Other news is discusses as always – from opening dates to new ride concepts. Special thanks to Mike Collins from CoasterRadio for taking back over the postion of our show's announcer. It's fantastic to once again have your captivating vocals lead off our show.  SHOW NOTES: Stan Checketts has passed away  Ice Breaker Opening February 18, 2022 Leaked plans for a Giga at KBF  Disney patents AR without headsets for theme park rides Blue Streak Links            
91:10 10/01/22
Episode #152: The Kastle's Koaster...
BGWFans and Coaster Talk collaborated last week to bring together a live stream leak of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's newest project, the Darkoaster. If you were unable to catch the livestream and prefer audio only access to this content, do no fret, we have answered your promblem. This weeks episode is a directly derived of said livestream, so those who do not care to watch the video portion of the content are able to listen in. If you would like to read the BGWFans article that we mention countless times throughout the episode you may do so by clicking here.
157:37 04/01/22
Episode #151: Iowa Erupts
News from the infamous Adventureland accident has surfaced, along with some other shocking news from the Iowa park. This weeks episode is a short one – but don't let that fool you as there is definetly a quality show to be heard. The guys have trip reports, polls, and numerous other topics full of great discussion this week. SHOW NOTES: Palace Entertainment acquires Adventureland Adventureland accident report was released last month Universal Orlando begins requiring masks indoors and in queue line $1 Billion USD contract signed for Six Flags Qiddiya Local group opposes the new Bell's Amusement Park  
50:47 27/12/21
Episode #150: I Find Your Lack of Good Lodging Disturbing
Timmy returns! James and him have a lot to cover this week as you'll never guess...there's more painting happening!!!!! If that unprecednted occurence isn't excting enough, do not worry, this show is full of some pretty major headline news stories occuring within the industry.  Star Wars, yes it's DisneyWorld so it's within our right to talk about it ;), and Darkastle are the topics as we transition into the second half.  SHOW NOTES: Magic Mountain requires proof of vaccination, negative PCR test within two days of visit, or negative antigen test within one day of visiting park SeaWorld Orlando Repainting Update Kennywood undergoing face-lift for 2022 season  Todd Joseph addresses lawsuit New Rollercoaster At Thorpe Park Proposed For 2024 Pantheon POV released Cringy Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Welcome Video If you thought that Welcome Video was bad...
55:46 20/12/21
Episode #149: Zach from Park Fans
This week delivers some of the best content we believe we have produced thus far! Zach from the amument park forum Park Fans, responsible for the BGW & KD Fans sites, joins us this week. These sites have been the masterminds behind numerous amusement park leaks; Zach is here to talk nothing less. Listen in as we talk BGW 2023 and beyond, SeaWorld Orlando's future addition, and what Kings Dominion is up to.  Of courcse our show does not soley consist of this interview, as we talk news, polls, and more all througout the episode this week.  SHOW NOTES: Steel Curtain appears to have repairs in progress  Jurassic World VelociCoaster Documentary  Wild Lightning possibly going to Alabama Adventure 100 Mil on Mum Six Flags Over Georgia and pickles? Six Flags eliminates general counsel position in reorganization following new CEO appointment
83:09 14/12/21