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#175 - I did a thing & Boy Boy
Special guests I did a thing and Boy Boy join us to share the details that went into documenting and catching a yowie.
84:18 23/11/2022
#174 - we got fired
Want to know all the details of the NPC's we messed with in our new video? Come learn everything in this new episode of The Misfits Podcast.
60:00 23/10/2022
#173 - Pyrocynical's Dirty Secrets
cuddling up with Pyrocynical and pillow talking our way to his deepest dirtiest secrets
59:28 18/10/2022
#172 - Addressing the Allegations...
join us for a romantic business dinner with the Misfits as we discuss delicate matters
76:06 05/10/2022
The Misfits come together in the back of a pink limousine to share the story of a recent road trip around Tasmania in some colourful cars. From the great locals to the near death experiences join us as we share all the details of our upcoming video.
118:29 21/04/2022
Join the Misfits as they share what the future of the podcast will be and share their thoughts on the usual topics such as drinking their own pee and purposefully raising a child horribly.
60:05 20/04/2022
Spotify Exclusive: Drongos and Dragons Part 2
Join us in this Spotify exclusive as our dungeon master Cris leads the Misfits further through an adventure in the world of Dungeons & Dragons
66:45 22/01/2022
Spotify Exclusive: Drongos and Dragons Part 1
Join us in this Spotify exclusive as our dungeon master Cris leads the Misfits through an adventure in the world of Dungeons & Dragons
54:32 21/01/2022
Spotify Exclusive: 2022 is gonna be great!
2022's gonna be f*cking lit! Join us as we share our predictions and new years resolutions in this Spotify Exclusive episode of the Misfits Podcast.
30:19 15/01/2022
#169 - Swagger's American Nightmare
Swagger's back from his christmas trip to America he shares how different it is after living in Australia for years, from bad food to awful people.
68:48 12/01/2022
#168 - the snake wranglers
Join us in our final episode of 2021 as we share stories about the greatness of gold and strange as seen on TV snake catchers.
61:43 30/12/2021
Spotify Exclusive: A Jolly Christmas Special
Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! Wrap yourself in this Spotify exclusive as we share some gifts in a secret santa and share some memories of Christmas past.
46:50 25/12/2021
Spotify Exclusive: Misfits Jeopardy
Join us in this Spotify Exclusive as we compete against each other in a ruthless game of not Jeopardy, who knows each other the most and will come out on top in this game.
69:38 22/12/2021
#167 - becoming renown criminals
Jay shares how much he's been enjoying a recent addiction while we all come up with a plan to run for the Australian government.
63:11 14/12/2021
Spotify Exclusive: Becoming Conspiracy Theorists
Join us in this Spotify Exclusive episode (unless you're one of them) as we share and assortment of the craziest theories out there some of which that are clearly true and others that are of course out of the human world.
45:04 12/12/2021
#166 - an antz catastrophe
Fitz has an infestation of critters in his home while this leads to Jay figuring out his favourite film of all time and Mason shares his plan of getting a driver's license.
61:09 07/12/2021
Spotify Exclusive: The SwaggerSouls Interview
In this Spotify Exclusive SwaggerSouls brings you on a talk to a clone he recently created and has in in depth conversation with himself.
18:14 05/12/2021
#165 - psychedelic religion
Rushing to deliver some seed and psychedelics starting everything join us for talks about some odd topics as usual.
57:00 30/11/2021
Spotify Exclusive: Misfits Against Humanity Part 2
The Misfits game of Cards Against Humanity continues in this Spotify exclusive, the stomachs are churning from their boozey punishments.
50:14 29/11/2021
The uno world champion, the winner of clothes and taker of cakes to the face Danny from RackaRacka joins us today to share his travels with Fitz throughout America from what it's like to film a MrBeast video to beating influencers at uno.
100:18 23/11/2021
Spotify Exclusive: Misfits Against Humanity Part 1
In this Spotify exclusive episode of the Misfits Podcast we play the infamous card game "Cards Against Humanity" with a boozey punishment for the loser of each round.
46:48 22/11/2021
We've had some incredible guests in the past but the guests we have are unrivalled in their fields, tune in to find out just exactly who they are we're sure you'll know them.
69:03 16/11/2021
#162 - our best business idea
Mater from Cars and the caterpillar from A Bug's Life are just a couple of great products that could be headed your way with our incredible idea we have planned.
73:49 09/11/2021
#161 - reflecting on retirement
A skin care product has stirred the internet like crazy and professional pot stirrer has announced his retirement.
70:00 02/11/2021
Sexual tensions at an all time high as Swagger shows off a great pair on the show as everyone else shares their excitement of leaving lockdown in Melbourne. 
74:54 26/10/2021
#159 - bad games and favoritism
The Misfits come together to share their opinions on how a majority of video games have changed throughout the years from true story telling experiences to cash grab multiplayer dopamine giving machines.
84:48 20/10/2021
#158 - The New World w/ Anything4Views
Anything4Views joins the Misfits this episode to share his interactions with police during Melbourne's lockdowns and discuss Twitch's earnings leak they've recently had.
82:36 12/10/2021
#157 - Poisoning our families
Festival drugs and poisonous berries are they similar and which would you feed to your family? From earthquakes to vengeful monkeys come give this episode a listen.
64:36 05/10/2021
#156 - traumatic childhood memories
Abandonment, betrayal what traumatic childhood memories do the Misfits share tune in and find out.
59:14 28/09/2021
#155 - an honest orwellian future
How would the future look with spying on the masses, spiders in ears and robots controlling the way people behave in public, from billionaires investing in de-aging to spiders in our ears the Misfits discuss it.
68:19 21/09/2021

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