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Join intellectual phenomenon Dr. Jordan Peterson for enlightening discourse that will change the way you think. This podcast breaks down the dichotomy of life through interviews and lectures that explain how individuals and culture are shaped by values, music, religion, and beyond. It will give you a new perspective and a modern understanding of your creativity, competence, and personality.


344. State Treasurers Reject Blackrock. You Should Too | Derek Kreifels
Dr. Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Derek Kreifels discuss the primary role of the state treasurer and why now, with the onslaught of ESG's and anti-fossil fuel divesting, more than ever their stewardship is so important.  - Sponsors - ExpressVPN: Get 3 Months FREE of ExpressVPN - Genucel: Use code "JORDAN" at checkout for additional savings on your entire purchase!  - Links - For Derek Kreifels and SFOF: SFOF website: SFOF Twitter: SFOF Facebook: ESG's Explained: Our Money, Our Values website:
71:22 30/03/2023
343. Parkour and Rough Play: Combatting the Over-Feminization of the West | Rafe Kelley
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, joined by movement and parkour expert Rafe Kelley, discuss the importance of rough-and-tumble play for developing children, how a lifestyle centered around movement can expand our grasp and involvement with the natural world, and why society should value masculine activities, rather than adhering to the push for feminization in all aspects of modern life. Rafe Kelley is an entrepreneur and advocate for a lifestyle centered around human movement. He suffered at a young age from ADHD, causing him to struggle in school. As it would happen, he came into contact with a mentor who recognized his need for play, encouraged time in nature, and taught him to productively roughhouse. This quickly resulted in Kelley advancing in his studies, launching him on his life path. In college, he studied anthropology and evolutionary biology, falling in love with martial arts and parkour along the way. He would go on to establish the first parkour gym on the west coast, Parkour Visions, before developing a new fitness lifestyle based on primal movement that Kelley calls “Evolve, Move, Play.” - Sponsors - Birch Gold Group: Text "JORDAN" to 989898 for your no-cost, no-obligation, FREE information kit. Hallow: Try Hallow for 3 months FREE:  - Links - For Rafe Kelley: Join Rafe on an Evolve Move Play retreat: Rafe on Instagram: Rafe on Youtube: 
135:12 27/03/2023
342. Regrets of a Trans-Care Specialist | Sara Stockton
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Sara Stockton explore her past as a clinician in the field of Transgender care, how she helped co-author the processes by which gender-dysphoric children are assessed for medical intervention, and why she wholeheartedly regrets it now.  Sara Stockton is a licensed marriage and family therapist, lecturer, researcher, presenter, and clinical supervisor of a psychotherapy group practice in Central New York. In 2012, she co-authored and published one of the first mental health assessments utilized to assess youth's readiness to begin medical treatment for gender transition. She spent the first part of her career as a clinician treating and advocating on behalf of youth and families surrounding issues with gender. Furthermore, she spent time traveling to teach medical facilities, physicians, and schools how to provide what we now refer to as “gender-confirming” care. Treating well over one hundred families, she also wrote many of the first letters that were used to approve gender transition surgeries on minors. However, due to many concerns with the treatment outcomes and how this ideology was being presented to children, she shifted her focus away from working primarily with this population. More recently, Sara Stockton was interviewed for a documentary to discuss some of the implications of what is happening developmentally to our children. Since appearing in that documentary, Sara Stockton receives constant emails and calls from medical professionals across the globe sharing their fears about speaking out and the lack of conversation around this serious topic.
132:30 23/03/2023
341. Jordan Peterson Interviews Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Vivek Ramaswamy discuss ESG investing, the culture wars, the upcoming US presidential election, and Vivek’s recently announced candidacy. Vivek is an American business leader and New York Times bestselling author of “Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam,” along with his second book, “Nation of Victims: Identity Politics, the Death of Merit, and the Path Back to Excellence.” Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, he often recounts the sage advice from his father: “If you’re going to stand out, then you might as well be outstanding.” This set the course for his life: a nationally ranked tennis player, and the valedictorian of his high school, St. Xavier. He went on to graduate summa cum laude in Biology from Harvard and received his J.D. from Yale Law School while working at a hedge fund, then started a biotech company, Roivant Sciences, where he oversaw the development of five drugs that went on to become FDA-approved. In 2022, he founded Strive, an Ohio-based asset management firm that directly competes with asset managers like BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard, and others, who use the money of everyday citizens to advance environmental and social agendas that many citizens and capital owners disagree with.
95:29 20/03/2023
340. Dutch Farmers: Canaries in the Globalist Coal Mine | Michael Yon & Eva Vlaardingerbroek
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Michael Yon, and Eva Vlaardingerbroek discuss recent events encircling the Dutch farmers protest, how their anti-globalist movement mirrors the Canadian Freedom Convoy, and how their message has resonated across the world despite best efforts to silence their voices. At age 19, Michael Yon completed Green Beret training. His Green Beret experience taught him the art of observing and surviving in the most dangerous environments on earth. Combining his skills as a writer and a photographer, and with the encouragement of fellow veterans, Michael began his correspondent career by traveling to Iraq in December of 2004. That was the first step in his nearly 20-year journey—traveling the globe to report on world events firsthand. He has traveled to more than 80 countries including China, India, Bhutan, and Vietnam studying issues from cannibalism, information warfare, insurgency, protests, migration wars, and more.  His most recent journey has taken him from Asia to Europe, America, and Central and South America to study the conditions for global famine. Eva Vlaardingerbroek is a Dutch journalist and host of the “Let’s Talk About It” program on the YouTube channel Riks. Vlaardingerbroek has published opinion articles in newspapers such as the Dutch weekly and Elsevier Weekblad. She has also appeared on programs like Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News. She advocates for a cultural return to faith, a rejection of the WEF manifested, globalist ideology.
95:56 16/03/2023
339. The Future: Vision and Invitation
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson walks us through the mission statement and goals for the newly formed Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC). The ARC hopes to find answers to the major issues facing our world, and they are now extending a hand for you to join! Find Information and board the ARC Here:  Take the ARC survey, give your opinions, and answer the six fundamental questions ARC is trying to tackle:
65:17 13/03/2023
338. The Epidemic That Dare Not Speak Its Name | Stephen J Shaw
Dr Jordan B Peterson and Stephen J Shaw discuss the Birthgap, a term recently coined by Shaw– and the subject of his new documentary by the same name. In this interview, they examine the long building but invisible causes of what may be the most pressing issue facing the western world in the next few decades. Worst case scenario: total societal collapse due to a lack of new children being born, and a rise in senior citizens living longer. Stephen is a British national who has studied and lived on three continents. He trained as a computer engineer and then as a data scientist before starting his first film project, “Birthgap,” at age 49. He is president and co-founder of the data analytics company, Autometrics Analytics LLC. Stephen holds an MBA graduate business degree from ISG in Paris, France, and is continuing his studies at Harvard Extension School.
101:10 09/03/2023
337. In Response to Netanyahu | Maajid Nawaz
Maajid Nawaz launches this in-depth discussion with a rebuttal to Jordan Peterson's prior interview with PM Benjamin Netanyahu. From here they discuss the affinities and gaps between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, and explore the origin of ideology, as well as the technocratic tower of babel we as a species seem to be constructing. Maajid Nawaz is a British anti-extremist, political commentator, activist, and podcast host. He was recently “released” from his LBC radio show for his views on the covid 19 pandemic, and has roots as one of the original named members of the supposed Intellectual Dark Web, along with characters such as Douglas Murray, Ben Shapiro, and Jordan Peterson. Genucel: Use code "JORDAN" at checkout for additional savings on your entire purchase!
95:46 06/03/2023
336. How to Educate Your Children | Jeff Sandefer
Dr Jordan B Peterson and Jeff Sandefer discuss the k-12 education machine, its origins and failures, and how the Acton Academies are making leaps to correct the system. Jeff Sandefer is an entrepreneur and Socratic teacher. He started his first business at 16 and graduated from Harvard Business School. Jeff has started and runs many successful companies, his most recent being Sandefer Capital Partners, an oil and gas investment firm with several billion dollars in assets. He has also started multiple academic programs and schools, such as the Acton School of Business, whose students were named the “most competitive MBA’s in the nation” by the Princeton Review. This has since extended into k-12 with the Acton Academy, a cutting-edge program that blends a one-room schoolhouse, the Socratic Method, and 21st-century technology to empower each student to change the world.
115:31 02/03/2023
335. Imposing Limits on the Woke? | Christopher Rufo
In this episode, Dr Jordan B Peterson and Christopher Rufo discuss the creative left, the world of documentary filmmaking, how ideology has seeped in and taken hold of academia, and how Rufo among others are taking an active role in fighting back through legislature.  Christopher Rufo is a senior fellow and director of the initiative on critical race theory at the Manhattan Institute. He is also a contributing editor of City Journal, where his writing explores various issues, including critical race theory, gender ideology, homelessness, addiction, crime, and the decline of American cities. Christopher was recently appointed to the Board of Trustees at New College of Florida by Governor Ron DeSantis. Every week, Christopher is creating new videos on his Youtube channel exploring these topics and more. You can find them at
95:38 27/02/2023
334. Covid 19 Mandates: Silencing the Opposition | Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
104:59 23/02/2023
333. Konstantin Kisin and the Counter-Woke Revolution
Dr Jordan B Peterson and Konstantin Kisin discuss western privilege, the self, the nature of God and religion, the necessity of religion for morality, and how we must combat the death of truth with cohesive principles. Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British satirist, social commentator and co-host of the TRIGGERnometry Youtube show. He is also the author of “An Immigrant's Love Letter to the West,” a Sunday Times Bestseller. He has written for a number of publications including Quillette, The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph and Standpoint on issues relating to tech censorship, woke culture, comedy and other topics, but currently publishes articles on his popular Substack. Kisin made headlines in 2018 when he refused to sign a "safe space contract" to perform comedy at a British college and again in 2023 when he participated in an Oxford Union debate on the motion of "This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far". His speech at the debate received viral attention and has been seen by over 100 million people around the world.
107:46 20/02/2023
332. Crony Capitalism and Female Soldiers | Tulsi Gabbard
Dr Jordan B Peterson and Tulsi Gabbard discuss her time in the armed forces, the concerns over women serving, crony capitalism, the Republican party, and the proxy war the US is waging against Russia. Tulsi first served in elected office in the Hawaii State House of Representatives when she was 21 years old. Due to the attacks on 9/11, she enlisted in the Army National Guard. In 2004, she gave up an easy re-election campaign and volunteered to deploy to Iraq with the 29th Brigade Combat Team where she served in a medical unit. After returning home in 2006, Tulsi worked in the U.S. Senate as a legislative aide to the late Senator Danny Akaka, who was Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. She then volunteered for a second Middle East deployment as a Platoon Leader. Having experienced firsthand the true cost of war, Tulsi ran for United States Congress at age 31, vowing to honor the lives and sacrifice of her brothers and sisters in uniform. She prevailed in a difficult election and went on to serve in Congress for eight years as a member of the Armed Services, Homeland Security, and Foreign Affairs Committees. Foregoing a run for re-election to Congress, she ran as a Presidential candidate in the Democratic Party in 2020. Tulsi puts country before party and approaches every issue, domestic and foreign, based on ensuring the safety, security, and freedom of the American people. 
79:43 16/02/2023
331. The Case Against the Sexual Revolution | Louise Perry
Dr Jordan B Peterson and Louise Perry discuss the current state of feminism, the corruption of porn, the gray areas of consent, and the failure of the sexual revolution.  Louise Perry is a journalist and author based in London. Her first book, “The Case Against the Sexual Revolution,” was published in 2022. She is the director of The Other Half, a new non-partisan feminist think tank, and the host of Maiden Mother Matriarch, a podcast about sexual politics.
99:24 13/02/2023
330. The Natural Order of Money | Roy Sebag
Dr Jordan B Peterson and Roy Sebag discuss financial investing, the intrinsic value of gold, and man's relationship to wealth and the natural world.Roy Sebag is a self-made entrepreneur who has innovated across multiple industries. He is the author of the newly published book "The Natural Order of Money" which is about the intrinsic relationship between people, money, and nature.
111:35 09/02/2023
329. The Models Are OK, the Predictions Are Wrong | Dr. Judith Curry
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
89:06 06/02/2023
328. Jordan Peterson's Psychological Tools | Dr. Daniel Higgins & Dr. Robert O. Pihl
Dr Jordan B Peterson, Dr. Daniel Higgins, and Dr. Robert O. Pihl discuss their early research and business ideas, the breakthroughs that led to their successes, the concept that entrepreneurial ability can be measured, and the beneficial truths that can be found in knowing yourself.Dr. Daniel M. Higgins has a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Harvard University where he studied the roles of cognitive ability and personality in predicting academic and workplace performance. With Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Robert O. Pihl, he has worked towards bringing efficient and effective psychological assessments and interventions to people worldwide, most notably, through the Self Authoring and Understand Myself projects.Robert O. Pihl is an American psychology researcher, professor, and clinician. He has worked at McGill University in Montreal, Canada since 1966, and is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and Canadian Psychological Association. Pihl has made significant contributions to the fields of clinical and health psychology in his more than 250 publications on various topics such as alcohol aggression, substance abuse, and pharmacology. In 2009, Pihl was awarded the Canadian Psychological Association's Gold Medal for Distinguished Lifetime Contributions to Canadian Psychology.
122:23 02/02/2023
327. Women, Pornography, and Sadism | Dr. Del Paulhus
Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Del Paulhus delve deep into the Dark Tetrad: Machiavellianism, Narcissism, Psychopathy, and the newly added Sadism. From these four traits, researchers can quantify much of the darkness of humanity, and begin to study it in a way that yields numerical results, and the potential to make substantial predictions. Dr. Delroy Paulhus is a personality researcher whose work in dark personality traits, via a variety of psychometric methods, has yielded measures of the Dark Tetrad. His work has also validated measures of socially desirable responding, perceived control, free will and determinism, and over-claiming. His work has been published in over 150 articles and books, and his current citation count exceeds 43,000.
104:13 30/01/2023
326. Israel, Russia, China, Iran: The World in Conflict | Walter Russell Mead
Dr Jordan B Peterson and Walter Russell Mead cross continents in a broad discussion over world affairs. They go in-depth on the state of China’s totalitarian regime, Vladimir Putin's plans for the war with Ukraine, the growing unrest under Iran’s iron fist, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, and how a push for American optimism is necessary to best face these emboldened challengers on the world stage. Walter Russell Mead is a writer, professor, and academic, focusing his efforts on international policy and affairs. He is the James Clarke Chace Professor of Foreign Affairs and Humanities at Bard College and taught American foreign policy at Yale University. Mead has worked as a columnist for publications such as The Wall Street Journal and was editor at large for The American Interest. His books include “Mortal Splendor,” “Special Providence,” “Power, Terror, Peace and War,” “God and Gold,” and most recently “The Arc of a Covenant.”
108:04 26/01/2023
325. The Downfall of the Ivy League | Victor Davis Hanson
Dr Jordan B Peterson and Victor Davis Hanson discuss the state of Ivy League universities, the rise of administrative exploitation, and the cost of our institutions losing credibility. Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, focusing on classics and military history. He is an accomplished academic, professor, and author. He has taught at Stanford, Hillsdale College, the US Naval Academy, and Pepperdine University. His books include “The Second World Wars,” “The End of Sparta,” “The Soul of Battle, Carnage and Culture,” the most recent being “The Dying Citizen: How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America.”
100:11 23/01/2023
324. The Protest in Iran and What It Means | Masih Alinejad
Dr Jordan B Peterson and Masih Alinejad discuss the current situation in Iran, the growing unrest as revolution beckons, and the need for support from the world stage. Alinejad recounts her personal experiences growing up in Iran, being exiled, and multiple kidnapping attempts orchestrated by the current regime.Masih Alinejad is an Iranian-American journalist, author, and women's rights activist. Alinejad is an outspoken critic of the Iranian government’s human rights abuses and its treatment of women and political opponents. She is the founder of the My Stealthy Freedom campaign against compulsory hijab. Since its launch in 2014 has become the largest civil disobedience campaign for women’s rights in the history of the Islamic Republic. Alinejad currently lives in exile in New York City under FBI protection since a coordinated kidnapping attempt by the Islamic Republic of Iran's Intelligence Ministry was foiled in 2021. 
89:56 19/01/2023
323. Unsettled: Climate and Science | Dr. Steven Koonin
Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Steven Koonin discuss the IPCC reports – the globally sourced research on climate change – and how policymakers take summaries of summaries from this to justify their green agenda, despite what the reports actually suggest. They also discuss starvation, obesity, green economics, and nuclear futures. Steven Koonin, a University Professor at NYU, has served as the Department of Energy’s Under Secretary for Science, as Chief Scientist for BP, and as professor and Provost at Caltech. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, a Governor of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a senior fellow of Stanford’s Hoover Institution, and a Trustee of the Institute for Defense Analyses. Koonin holds a BS in physics from Caltech and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from MIT. He wrote the recent bestseller “Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters.”
92:28 16/01/2023
322. College of Psychologists vs Jordan B Peterson | Mikhaila Peterson
Dr Jordan B Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila Peterson explain the current situation with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. They have presented Dr. Peterson with an ultimatum- take part in re-education courses aiming to correct his “wrongthink”, or lose his clinical psychology license. This is unprecedented, totally unjust, and will not be taken lying down. Mikhaila Peterson is a CEO and the host of “The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast.” As well as interviews, she hosts a series called Opposing Views, where she speaks to people with differing opinions on contentious issues to let listeners make up their own minds. She’s used a diet called the Lion Diet to heal from autoimmune and mood disorders and has educated people on that diet via TEDx and Oxford Union speeches. Mikhaila is also the founder of the upcoming online education platform Peterson Academy, an online education place devoid of ideology, launching in 2023.
77:58 12/01/2023
321. A Conversation So Intense It Might Transcend Time and Space | John Vervaeke
Dr. Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: Dr Jordan B Peterson and John Vervaeke discuss entropy reduction, incremental fact gathering, systems of complexity and the ultimate unity in the holy spirit. John Vervaeke is an Associate Professor in Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto. His work constructs a bridge between science and spirituality in order to understand the experience of meaningfulness and the cultivation of wisdom so as to afford awakening from the meaning crisis. - Sponsors - Hallow: Try Hallow for 3 months FREE: Birch Gold: Text "JORDAN" to 989898 for your no-cost, no-obligation, FREE information kit. - Links -For John Vervaeke:Episode One of After Socrates: - Chapters - (0:00) Coming Up(1:24) Intro(5:00) Entropy reduction(6:30) Friston, big picture cognitive science(9:00) Surprise and micro narratives(14:00) Domains of measurement(16:15) The problem with pragmatism(19:00) Incremental fact gathering(21:25) Spiraling pathways(24:38) Oneness, Piaget(27:25) Graceful degradation(31:30) Connectivity, network organization(34:00) Genome aging and mutation(36:00) Gist, mutual predictability(38:00) Nihilism, false arguments(41:20) Cartesian reality(43:30) levels of abstraction, meta games(46:45) Hierarchy of unity, internal dialogues(48:30) When a system complexifies(52:40) Overarching harmony,(1:01:00) Zombie complex, nature and function(1:03:00) The function of consciousness(1:05:00) Insight, relevance realization(1:07:00) Adverbial connections(1:10:00) God, Hermes, the burning bush(1:13:15) A multitude of goals(1:15:00) Acts of integration, profound synthesis(1:17:00) The ultimate unity as a spirit(1:21:00) Pluripotential Chaos(1:24:20) Pride and suffering(1:27:00) Self deception, heuristics(1:29:00) Cognitive evolution, static perfection(1:33:00) Distributed insight, humility(1:35:30) Zone of proximal development(1:37:00) The ides of the culmination(1:39:00) Generative being, logos(1:40:44) After Socrates(1:46:00) Conditions for relevancy(1:47:30) Practices of socracy(1:50:00) Profound emergence // SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL //Newsletter: // COURSES //Discovering Personality: Authoring Suite: https://selfauthoring.comUnderstand Myself (personality test): // BOOKS //Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life: Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: // LINKS //Website: https://jordanbpeterson.comEvents: // SOCIAL //Twitter: socials: #JordanPeterson #JordanBPeterson #DrJordanPeterson #DrJordanBPeterson #DailyWirePlus
114:48 09/01/2023
320. Climate Science: What Does it Say? | Dr. Richard Lindzen
Dr. Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Richard Lindzen dive into the facts of climate change, the models used to predict it, the dismal state of academia, and the politicized world of “professional” science. Richard Lindzen is a dynamical meteorologist. He has contributed to the development of theories for the Hadley Circulation, hydrodynamic instability theory, internal gravity waves, atmospheric tides, and the quasi-biennial oscillation of the stratosphere. His current research is focused on climate sensitivity, the role of cirrus clouds in climate, and the determination of the tropics-to-pole temperature difference. He has attained multiple degrees from Harvard University, and won multiple awards in his field of study such as the Jule Charney award for “highly significant research in the atmospheric sciences”. Between 1983 and 2013, he was the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at MIT where he earned emeritus status in July of 2013. - Sponsors - Exodus90: Is it time for your Exodus? Find resources to prepare at Black Rifle Coffee: Get 10% off your first order or Coffee Club subscription with code JORDAN: - Links - For Dr. Richard Lindzen: MIT Page: - Chapters - (0:00) Coming Up(1:19) Intro(4:40) Why you should listen to Dr. Lindzen(13:00) How Ivy league hirings work(16:00) Harvard or MIT?(18:00) Emphasis on racism in the sciences(19:22) Administrators outnumber faculty and students(20:00) Wasting time on a broken grant system(22:00) There is no money for questioning mainstream science(24:00) 1800’s science papers shock students(25:30) Scientific journals are not endorsements of the science they publish(27:40) 1970’s, they notice an increase in Co2(30:10) Classism and religious warping(33:40) Impoverishing ourselves for no reason(38:00) Objections to the narrative(40:00) Coriolis effect(45:48) Jordan plays devils advocate(50:05) Politicians base their policy on scientific summaries written by politicians(53:20) Bjørn Lomborg: even if they’re right, it’s not a big deal(54:22) Tipping points, how they actually work(57:00) Averaging anomalies(1:03:00) Climate threat still five thousand years away(1:08:00) Computer models, limitations and benefits(1:12:13) Fluid dynamics(1:14:45) Models on top of models predicting nothing(1:17:45) Where scientists actually agree(1:21:10) Money corrupts, “Climate Scientist” did not exist in the 90’s(1:25:10) Speaking for your values without asking you what they are(1:28:00) Gatekeepers holding back the world of science(1:32:20) Stoking terror, stifling science(1:38:30) You’ll falsify your own psyche if you falsify your words(1:43:00) Standing your ground, living toward truth   // SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL //Newsletter: // COURSES //Discovering Personality: Authoring Suite: https://selfauthoring.comUnderstand Myself (personality test): // BOOKS //Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life: Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: // LINKS //Website: https://jordanbpeterson.comEvents: // SOCIAL //Twitter: socials: #JordanPeterson #JordanBPeterson #DrJordanPeterson #DrJordanBPeterson #DailyWirePlus
104:17 05/01/2023
319. Detransition: The Wounds that Won't Heal | Chloe Cole
Dr. Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: Dr Jordan B Peterson sits down with 18 years old de-transitioner Chloe Cole. Chloe was indoctrinated, affirmed, and set on an irreparable path at the age of 15, and now finds herself abandoned by the community and the doctors that lead her over the edge. Chloe Cole is an 18 year old de-transitioner from The Central Valley of California. She started her transition at 12 years old, puberty blockers and testosterone at 13 and a double mastectomy at 15 years old. She is now a strong advocate against gender ideology. - Links - For Chloe Cole: Chloe Cole on Twitter: Cole on Instagram: Cole on Youtube: Help support Chloe on Donorbox: - Chapters - (0:00) Coming Up(1:00) Chloe's story, the beginning(1:57) Early puberty, negative emotion across gender(7:24) On the spectrum, the tomboy(9:00) Puberty, expectations and the shock of reality(10:35) Manifestations of negative emotion(14:30) Gender dysphoria, key traits(16:30) Ken Sucker, leaving kids alone(18:00) Homosexual attraction(21:30) Mentality, creativity, early interests(25:00) Image orientation, social media(27:00) Feminist ideology, the dread of womanhood(30:00) Negative emotion levels, societal hierarchies(32:50) Burying maternal instinct, the non-binary wave(35:10) Lacking community, the draw of LGBT+(38:48) Alternative pathways, therapy and deception(42:00) How therapy is supposed to work, the three questions(47:30) So-called therapy, affirming care(51:00) Flat out lies, “less than 3 percent regret rates”(53:00) Parents coerced(55:05) Speedy approvals for affirming procedures(57:08) Mentality through transition, 8th grade(1:00:00) Radical change over practical steps(1:03:50) Fractured sense of self, sexualization(1:06:00) Autogynephilia, fact of the fantasy(1:10:15) Androgens, testosterone, porn addiction(1:12:00) Complete disorientation, online dating(1:14:00) Effects over time, mental and physical effects(1:15:25) 15 years old, sexual assault, re-affirming(1:19:45) Chest binders, further steps towards the edge(1:21:00) Double mastectomy, “part of the process”(1:24:25) Suicide, medication and intense depression(1:27:00) Flocking toward surgery, pushed across age groups(1:28:50) Breast deformity, justification and denial(1:30:00) Sexualization by doctors(1:33:00) Removal of stitches, aftermath and horror(1:35:00) Regrowing nerve endings, mismatched feeling(1:36:10) Return of feminine characteristics(1:39:00) Tiffany fields, crucial contact(1:40:35) Regret, shame, the illusion breaks(1:44:00) 16, desire for motherhood(1:46:00) Play, chimpanzees and comparable gender affiliation(1:49:00) De-transitioning, lack of guidance(1:51:45) Hypocrisy in patient-led treatment(1:52:30) When the community turns on you(1:54:40) Core of Chloe's claim, malpractice and negligence(1:57:30) Lasting complications(2:00:00) The legal front, upcoming battle // SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL //Newsletter: // COURSES //Discovering Personality: Authoring Suite: https://selfauthoring.comUnderstand Myself (personality test): // BOOKS //Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life: Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: // LINKS //Website: https://jordanbpeterson.comEvents: // SOCIAL //Twitter: socials: #JordanPeterson #JordanBPeterson #DrJordanPeterson #DrJordanBPeterson #DailyWirePlus
125:01 03/01/2023
318. Autism, Academics, and Animals | Dr. Temple Grandin
Dr. Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: Dr Jordan B Peterson and Temple Grandin discuss the pros and cons of visual and verbal thinking, as well as categorization, animal welfare, targeted activism, and the importance of hands-on learning opportunities. Temple Grandin is a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. Facilities she has designed for handling livestock are used by companies all around the world. Her work has also been instrumental in implementing animal welfare auditing programs, now used by McDonalds, Wendy’s, Whole Foods, and many other major corporations. Temple has appeared on numerous shows across platforms, such as 20/20, Larry King Live, and Prime Time. Grandin is an accomplished author, with books such as Thinking in Pictures, Livestock Handling and Transport, and The Autistic Brain. A few of her other publications, Animals in Translation, as well as Visual Thinking, have even made it to the New York Times Bestseller List. In 2017, Grandin was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame, and in 2022 she was honored once again as a Colorado State Distinguished Professor.  - Sponsors - Black Rifle Coffee: Get 10% off your first order or Coffee Club subscription with code JORDAN: Exodus90: Is it time for your Exodus? Find resources to prepare at  - Links - For Temple Grandin Visual Thinking (Book): Grandin on Twitter: Grandin’s website:  - Chapters - (0:00) Coming up(1:00) Intro(3:00) Visual thinking and categorization(6:32) Thinking in words, comparative invention(8:50) Associative thinking, dreams(12:00) Thought process(13:00) Autism, things out of place(16:40) Skill loss, screened out(20:00) Two types of visual thinking(24:50) Skillsets geared toward visual thinkers(26:00) Grandin demonstrates associative thinking(28:15) Dreams and association webs(30:50) Cohen, shop taken out of schools(33:45) Virtualization, exposure learning(36:30) Removed from the practical(38:00) Citations, proof(41:30) Recommendations for visual thinkers(46:23) Working in tandem(47:50) Broad and pointed design(55:40) Gap between the practical and abstract(59:30) Competition, neuro diversity(1:02:00) Privileging of the semantic(1:04:00) Vintage textbooks, object visualization(1:07:00) Mechanics are not being replenished(1:08:30) Fragility of our power grid(1:10:40) Behavior of cows, follow the leader(1:16:45) Stopping cattle, novel attractors(1:18:50) Voluntary exposure(1:23:55) Humane slaughter, distress(1:27:00) How the plants work(1:28:20) Grandin on her early career(1:33:35) Animal welfare, targeted activism(1:36:40) Why cattle?(1:38:34) Facing fear and backdoors  // SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL //Newsletter: // COURSES //Discovering Personality: Authoring Suite: https://selfauthoring.comUnderstand Myself (personality test): // BOOKS //Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life: Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: // LINKS //Website: https://jordanbpeterson.comEvents: // SOCIAL //Twitter: socials: #JordanPeterson #JordanBPeterson #DrJordanPeterson #DrJordanBPeterson #DailyWirePlus #csu #coloradostateuniversity #autism #livestock #animalcruelty #motivation #visuallearning #dreams #education
108:35 29/12/2022
317. Radical Leftist turned Conservative Activist | Amala Ekpunobi
Dr. Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: Dr Jordan B Peterson and Amala Ekpunobi discuss her early life being raised in a far left household, the instances that caused her to question the all-encompassing ideology she had been fed, and her rise to providence as an internet and podcast personality, advocating for the truth across party lines. Raised in a far-left activist household, twenty-two-year-old Amala Ekpunobi was once a student organizer for the left. Unanswered questions–and a search for the truth–led her to a complete ideological transformation. Passionately sharing her new conservative values online, Amala became a viral social media sensation. Now the host of PragerU’s popular show “Unapologetic with Amala,” she inspires millions of young people every day to discover the truth, defend their values, and lead better lives. - Sponsors - Black Rifle Coffee: Get 10% off your first order or Coffee Club subscription with code JORDAN: Exodus90: Is it time for your Exodus? Find resources to prepare at Hallow: Try Hallow for 3 months FREE: Shopify: Sign up for a free trial: Shopify: Sign up for a free trial: - Links - For Amala Ekpunobi Amala Ekpunobi on Instagram: PragerU on Instagram: Amala's YouTube Channel: PragerU's Website: - Chapters - (0:00) Coming up(1:34) Intro(4:36) Amala and PragerU(9:00) Being a voice of reason(11:10) Notoriety helps(15:30) Viral vitriol(17:40) Pressure under truth(20:05) Ego and humility(21:00) Young Peterson and the NDP(25:00) Siren calls of the left(29:00) Fault in the ethos of compassion(35:35) Argument and affirmation loops(43:30) Bullies and reaction(45:50) The axiom behind pride(50:20) Greta Thunberg, making an oracle(53:43) Starting early, rise of the activist(56:56) Then and now, self verification(1:01:30) Knowing your thoughts(1:04:34) Argument and the cycle of growth(1:13:28) Peterson on managing his humility(1:17:00) Importance of reminders(1:20:00) Behavior and the public eye(1:24:00) Nobility despite tragedy(1:27:00) Trait neuroticism, Wim Hof(1:29:14) Accountability(1:34:46) Conflict delayed is conflict multiplied // SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL //Newsletter: // COURSES //Discovering Personality: Authoring Suite: https://selfauthoring.comUnderstand Myself (personality test): // BOOKS //Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life: Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: // LINKS //Website: https://jordanbpeterson.comEvents: // SOCIAL //Twitter: socials: #JordanPeterson #JordanBPeterson #DrJordanPeterson #DrJordanBPeterson #DailyWirePlus  #prageru #politics #psychology #criticalracetheory #pride #amalaekpunobi #podcast #liberal #conservative
99:25 26/12/2022
316. Parenting and the Narcissists of Compassion | Stephanie Davies-Arai
Dr. Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: Dr Jordan B Peterson and Stephanie Davies-Arai discuss parenting and the pitfalls of compassion when linked to trans ideology. Stephanie Davies-Arai is the founder and director of Transgender Trend, the leading UK organization calling for evidence-based healthcare for gender dysphoric children and young people and fact-based teaching in schools. She is the author of Communicating with Kids with a background in teacher training and parent support. She was shortlisted for the John Maddox Prize 2018 for the schools guide Supporting gender diverse and trans-identified students in schools. In 2020 Stephanie was an intervener in the High Court in support of Keira Bell and Mrs A, who brought a landmark case against the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service in a claim that under-18s are not old enough to consent to treatment with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. In 2022 Stephanie was awarded the British Empire Medal as founder of Transgender Trend for services to children in the Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours list. - Sponsors - Elysium Health: Save 25% off monthly subscriptions with code JBP25: Audible: Try Audible FREE for 30 days. Visit or text “PETERSON” to 500-500. Exodus90: Is it time for your Exodus? Find resources to prepare at Black Rifle Coffee: Get 10% off your first order or Coffee Club subscription with code JORDAN: - Links - For Stephanie Davies-Arai Communicating With Kids (Book): Stephanie's Website: Transgender Trend Website: School Resources: My Body is Me: An Introductory Guide to Sex and Gender:    - Chapters - (0:00) Coming up(1:27) Intro(2:40) When we dislike our own kids(4:00) The importance of duality in parenting(6:40) Optimal family dynamics(10:35) Post-Freudian world, the dismay in peace(19:43) Camps of discipline(24:55) Parenting books, lack of scrutiny(27:24) The terror in total freedom(31:50) Sam Brinton, subjective truth(40:00) Gender identity is the new counter culture(47:45) Creativity and negative flux(53:12) Twenge, self confidence, affirmation(58:52) The folly of self consciousness(1:05:11) Depression spirals(1:08:30) Demi-Boys and unstable categories(1:15:57) Anxiety, women, and social contagion(1:21:00) Objectification and over correction(1:27:55) The job of your therapist(1:35:08) Compassion and the lie of self harm(1:39:00) Facing the narcissism of compassion    // SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL //Newsletter: // COURSES //Discovering Personality: Authoring Suite: https://selfauthoring.comUnderstand Myself (personality test): // BOOKS //Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life: Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: // LINKS //Website: https://jordanbpeterson.comEvents: // SOCIAL //Twitter: socials: #JordanPeterson #JordanBPeterson #DrJordanPeterson #DrJordanBPeterson #DailyWirePlus
107:09 22/12/2022
315. The World is Not Ending | Bjørn Lomborg
Dr. Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: Dr Jordan B Peterson and Dr. Bjørn Lomborg discuss the present sense of impending doom that has swept the western world- and specifically today's young people. Together they break down the ideas of social credit and easy activism, and paint the picture of a world we can strive for, without the demonization and destruction of the one we currently inhabit. Bjørn Lomborg is a Danish author, having written numerous books on climate change such as “False Alarm,” “The Skeptical Environmentalist,” and “How to Spend $75 Billion to Make the World a Better Place.” He is the president of the think tank Copenhagen Consensus Center that focuses on doing the most good, for the most people, with increasingly limited budgets. Previously, Lomborg was the director of the Danish government's Environmental Assessment Institute.  - Sponsors - Elysium: Save 25% off monthly subscriptions with code JBP25: Hallow: Try Hallow for 3 months FREE: Shopify: Sign up for a free trial: Black Rifle Coffee: Get 10% off your first order or Coffee Club subscription with code JORDAN:   - Links -  For Bjørn Lomborg: Website: "What are the smartest solutions for the world?” We did a big book with 50+ teams of economists and several Nobel Laureates, but you can skip to the one-pager here: Thinking about climate, read my free, peer-reviewed article , or my new book, False Alarm"  - Chapters - (0:00) Coming up(1:30) Intro(3:15) Symbolism of the climate cult(13:35) Battle for balance(19:17) Don’t panic(23:20) the Messianic urge(30:00) When it’s the end of the world(34:00) Hyper simplified moralism(40:00) The correct use of science(46:00) The better solution, delayed gratification(51:33) The problem with “need”(53:45) Wealth for the typical person(58:00) Imposing degrowth, inviting totalitarianism(1:05:00) Flawed predictions, the real fight(1:12:49) The wrong comparison, the right idea(1:19:30) Indoor air pollution(1:22:00) Education, double for nothing(1:30:03) Zone of proximal development(1:34:12) Ethical wealth // SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL //Newsletter: // COURSES //Discovering Personality: Authoring Suite: https://selfauthoring.comUnderstand Myself (personality test): // BOOKS //Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life: Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: // LINKS //Website: https://jordanbpeterson.comEvents: // SOCIAL //Twitter: socials: #JordanPeterson #JordanBPeterson #DrJordanPeterson #DrJordanBPeterson #DailyWirePlus
105:51 19/12/2022