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Learn English Through Listening

Discover Adept English, the modern way to learn to speak English. Our goal is to help you speak English fluently. The Adept English language teaching approach is to learn through listening. We publish two new English audio lessons, with full transcripts, weekly. Every one of our English lessons will help you learn to speak English in ways that are interesting and lead to success. We have lots of podcasts, at all difficulty levels, on many topics, suitable for all listeners, ready for you to listen too right now.


Popular English Phrasal Verb Pairings-Fall Ep 551 14:18 30/06/22
English Words And Phrases You Will Hear Working In The UK 2022 Ep 550 16:27 27/06/22
How To Speak English Clearly So People Understand You Ep 549 14:32 23/06/22
How To Get A Perfect IELTS Speaking Band Score Ep 548 13:09 20/06/22
7 Top British Cakes An English Listening Practice Topic Ep 547 15:09 16/06/22
English Listening Practice-Fuel Prices Are CRAZY Ep 546 14:49 13/06/22
What Hello Do I Use? - English Speaking Practice Ep 545 10:06 09/06/22
Learn English With A Conversation About Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Trial Ep 544 14:53 06/06/22
British English Listening Practice With Subtitles-Platinum Jubilee 2022 Ep 543 11:49 02/06/22
English Listening Practice-Forest Bathing And Walking Your Way To A Longer Life Ep 542 15:31 30/05/22
English Listening Practice For English Learners UK News May 2022 Ep 541 12:34 26/05/22
ESL English Grammar-The 4 Conditionals Explained Ep 540 13:26 23/05/22
English Listening Practice-A Trip To The Vet Ep 539 10:55 19/05/22
7 English Idioms That Use The Word Leg Ep 538 12:22 16/05/22
Yet Another Part Of Speech English Learners Struggle With-Homonyms Ep 537 12:40 12/05/22
English Listening Practice Talking About Empathy Ep 536 12:27 09/05/22
Parts Of Speech-English Modal Verbs Ep 535 14:37 05/05/22
If You Want To Speak English Fluently And Confidently-You Need To Listen Ep 534 13:07 02/05/22
Memorising Common English Vocabulary And Phrases Using Music Ep 533 11:19 28/04/22
British Accents vs American Accents As We Practise English Pronunciation Ep 532 11:34 25/04/22
Learn English Verb Tenses Needed To Talk About Your Plans With Others Ep 531 13:16 21/04/22
English Conversations For English Learners-Why Having A Big Brain Is Not Always An Advantage Ep 530 14:14 18/04/22
A Sensible Attitude To Achieving Your English Speaking Fluency Goals Ep 529 15:24 14/04/22
Learn To Pronounce And Speak English The Listen And Learn Way Ep 528 16:21 11/04/22
Avoid The Number 1 Barrier To English Language Fluency-Translating In Your Head Ep 527 12:12 07/04/22
How Learning New English Words Can Help You Form Better Relationships Ep 526 14:47 04/04/22
Improve Your Ability To Understand Speakers With A Strong English Accent Ep 525 15:59 31/03/22
PRESENT TENSE Fully Explained With Examples As We Listen And Learn English Grammar Ep 524 16:13 28/03/22
Anxiety In Language Learning And Tips To Overcome It Ep 523 14:09 24/03/22
English Listening Practice-Can We All Agree War Is Bad And We Should Stop It Ep 522 10:57 21/03/22