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Welcome to Country-ish! A weekly podcast by comedian Jon Reep and his pals from Hickory. Jon lived in Los Angles for 18 years, but after his dad suffered a stroke, he moved back home to take care of his folks in Hickory, NC. Jon has spent half of his life in North Carolina and the other half in California. He's the Urban Cowboy of podcasting. Each week Jon chats with his Hickory friends, his parents, other comedians & even celebrity guests. He has ongoing segments such as "Small Town News", "Good Will Hunting", "How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?", "Member Me", and "Jon's Journal”


Jon Gruden, Mike the Situation, Steve Gillespie, & Brutal Otter Gangs 94:59 15/10/21
Howard Stern, Bubba Wallace, Joe Biden, Dale Jones & Avalanche Hating Squirrels - COUNTRY-ish with Jon Reep! 95:08 08/10/21
Kelsey Cook, Maury Povich, National Sons Day, Bad Smiles & Funeral Home Fiascos 95:33 01/10/21
Trolling Harry Styles, Trackside Trivia, Defending Mayberry, & The Pizza Poop’n Peep'n Tom 76:19 24/09/21
Norm MacDonald, Mike Vick, Si Robertson, Reno Collier, Josh Blue, & Potty Trained Cows! - COUNTRY-ish with Jon Reep! 90:06 17/09/21
Drunk Zombie Airline Passengers, Bad School Pictures, Fair Fashion, Fake Vaccine Cards & Rich Shydner 88:08 10/09/21
Cam Newton, School Board Pranks, Residual Checks, and THE VOICE'S Avery Roberson! 77:45 03/09/21
Best of Country-ish with Bert Kreischer, Fortune Feimster, Ginger Billy and Leanne Morgan! 46:46 27/08/21
Rocky Dale Davis, Mukbanking with Mom'osa, Meme Me and Gary Busey Fish Teeth! 68:22 20/08/21
Juston McKinny, Dancing Cowboys, Cuomo, Karens, & Florida Food Fights! 82:12 13/08/21
Swingers Trailer Park, Frontier Air Fights, Cuomo, TRISH SUHR and Win Jon's Money! 115:02 06/08/21
Kentucky Crime Sprees, Simone Biles, Trolling Toby Keith, and the writer & director of THE EXCHANGE! 109:06 30/07/21
Etta May, Ice Cream, Amazon Spiders and Trolling Alan Jackson & Justin Moore 97:01 23/07/21
49 Winchester, Goose Poop Lawsuits, Trolling Richard Branson, Morgan Freeman, Toby Keith & Joseph Gordon-Levitt 109:51 16/07/21
Kristen Tuff Scott, Fried Chicken, Free Money & Homeless Homing Pigeons 104:24 09/07/21
Cherokee Hilarity, Paula Deen, Mike Speenberg, & McBomb Threats! 106:40 02/07/21
Gary Owen, Naked Sky Diving, & Transgender Transformer Beast Wars 98:08 25/06/21
Theo Von, John Heffron, Justin Clyde Williams, & Being Stuck In a Fan! 104:40 18/06/21
Billy Wayne Davis, Throwdown Jones, and National Donut Day! 84:01 11/06/21
Red Squirrel, Mukbang-ing, Residual Checks and Bear Attacks! 101:15 04/06/21
Cowboy Kent Rollins, the Tour of Destruction, and Chicken Brains! 107:05 28/05/21
Zach Selwyn, Austin Translation, Dirty Grass Soul & Flying Cats! 99:13 21/05/21
Chris Porter, Prego, Vegemite, Residual Checks & Emotional Support Pigs! 111:26 14/05/21
Ron Funches, May the 4th & 5th Be With You, and Escape from a Nursing Home! 104:14 07/05/21
Joe Rogan, Babe Ruth, Preacher Lawson & VHS Felons! 97:35 30/04/21
Thompson Square, ASMR, 420 Day, Mukbang-ing, and Dog Beer! 95:34 23/04/21
Ginger Billy, Johnson & Johnson, Residual Checks & Missing Lottery Tickets! 108:27 16/04/21
Jon Joins the BTS Army, Comedian Tim Gaither, and Don't Worry, Be Happy! 82:31 09/04/21
Easter Games, "Satan Shoes", and Comedian Aaron Weber 101:54 02/04/21
Mukbanging with Chelcie Lynn and Shrimp Tails in the Cereal! 114:57 26/03/21